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  1. I found a Mizuno on Amazon. I wish I could find one line Alfonso Marquez has during the Rangers game right now. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  2. From the rubber one, from the field two. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  3. I believe U1 was looking at the feet and missed the tag attempt all together. My guess would be the manager came out and mentioned the tag and U1 admitted not seeing a tag attempt and was then somewhat obligated to go for help. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. Timing...timing...timing. Oh yeah did I mention timing?
  5. My first and only was in a high school game. R2, R3 no outs. Line drive at F6's knees. Catch, tag R2, throw to F5 for third out. Funny thing is; the team that turned it is probably the worst around.
  6. I try to arrive 45min-1 hr early for High School games. For college games, they want us there 1.5 hrs early. Friday our crew was there 2.5 hrs early because the coach failed to update the game time in Arbiter.
  7. First college game is Mar 8 at this moment. Hoping to get some more games from the local college. Scratch that...I just got a call for a double header on Feb 11 and a tournament the next weekend.
  8. I would guess there was a discussion about what happened the night before in the pregame. So as soon as it happened, Bill just reacted. The pitch was WAY inside. I know it was after the ejection, but watch how the catcher bounced out and got between the two. He knew what was going on. Probably a little quick on the trigger, but if a warning was the only thing that happened, then there is another HBP and the benches clear, the warning is not enough. In my opinion, after the episode the night before, an ejection was used to put out the smoldering coals before they ignited.
  9. If you watch the last replay from the outfield fence, you can see U2 about 1/3 of the way to 1B and running towards 2B for the play. Looks like U2 drifted to 1B and then came back.
  10. There were 5. Bellino got Bochy. Fairchild launched Baker. Holbrook sent Corrales(Nationals Bench Coach). West ejected Johnson. Miller ousted Quade. I wonder what the record for ejections in a day is not including fights or HBP where you get a two-for.
  11. When do you consider R2 has "passed" R3? Would R3 have to make a step towards 2B?
  12. I've got nothing. The fielder booted the ball and it was out of a step and reach so no INT. The runner was on top of the fielder at the moment the ball was booted. The fielder can't disappear, so I have no OBS either. On the tag, it looks like the BR didn't touch the base til late. He slid sideways, his feet never touched and his hands were on the other side. If he slides "normal", he is safe.
  13. I think he was blocked by both the runner and the pitcher. His angle wasn't very good either. Not sure if the angle would have helped. I think the only way he sees the tag is from behind or foul side. F3 and F1 screwed him on this one.
  14. Zipper is a necessity if you're going to change out during the game. I just tried swapping out my officially cool and it can be done through the neck hole. With one person it is a chore. With two still not easy. Zipper would be MUCH easier. The problem isn't getting the old one out, it is putting the cold "frozen" stiff charged pad in.
  15. Tell you what: after an ejection of a player or coach, let's charge them 1000 dollars for every minute they remain outside the clubhouse. THAT will be considered "getting their money's worth"'ll see Land Speed Records as they sprint to the tunnel... You'll have to up the per minute rate or change it to a per second rate. $1000 per minute for 3 minutes=$3000 That is like 30 bucks to you and me.