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  1. Coach much? The 4 hitters in MLB hit .290 The 4 hitters in LL hit .650.
  2. Should the base umpire intervene?

    I'd also suggest that if he expects every call to be meekly accepted he's in the wrong business.
  3. triple play???

    There is no tag-up to appeal.
  4. BUT it's not that simple. If the fielder knows it's foul he can allow it to drop so the run cannot score. Watch the fielder for clues. I'd argue that F9 was going to let it fall if I was the defensive coach so the run should not score..
  5. Momentary adjustments

    Actually it's legal in LL.
  6. If he stepped directly to 1B it's legal. Disengaging is not required.
  7. Tag runner on half-off helmet - out?

    "Completely off" was the situation presented and to which I responded.
  8. Dislodged base

    Caution. The OP was LL. In LL the runner can use either the spot or the dislodged bag.
  9. Tag runner on half-off helmet - out?

    It's off. Where is the doubt?
  10. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    Which is why I said "don't be OOO about it."
  11. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    No. In my post above I said "Don't be OOO about it." and listed examples of why. I guess saying don't be OOO is wrong then.
  12. Umpire tells defense to appeal

    How did the protest committee rule?
  13. leaving base

    Yes. He's only protected if he's returning to the base.
  14. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    Well duh - the rule says what it says and my examples all violate it. You picking which parts to enforce?
  15. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    Don't be OOO about it. That prohibition would prevent a bathroom trip or even being on the way to the bullpen. Kinda precludes a batboy also. Or the trainer attending an injury. Or someone bringing water to an umpire.
  16. Most likely obstruction.
  17. Home run, fake throw, passing

    I've had therm freeze. They get going again because I just yell "run" instead of all that other stuff. Don't ever remember one retreating in this situation. And we always remind them that there are "two outs - run when it's hit" before the pitch. If the scene happens it's on the coach.
  18. BR Reverses Direction to HP, Baseball

    Touching HP isn't the rule. reaching the plate is.
  19. Home run, fake throw, passing

    Why would R1 freeze with two outs? And if he thought the ball was caught that would be three outs and there would be no retreat.
  20. Wrong Balls

    Why didn't anyone notice sooner? Pitcher? Catcher? Umpire? Why? Fix it and move on. Unless you think the HT did it on purpose which is a whole different thing.
  21. Wrong Balls

    In most LL's around here the league provides the balls, not the teams. If the teams supplied the balls in this situation ask why the teams even had the tee-ball balls. I suspect the umpire grabbed the wrong ones on his way out to the game. And yes, the pitcher and/or catcher should have noticed.
  22. Hit by Batted Ball

    It is a safe haven in at least some softball rules but not in any baseball rules.
  23. drop 3rd strike ruling

    If I thought it was obvious I would not have asked.
  24. drop 3rd strike ruling

    Are you trying to say he is correct? He is.. Run doesn't count.
  25. An Error ?

    Not if it's done to prevent a run. It can be in other cases.