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  1. LL has it.
  2. Not relevant. The inning was still in progress in the example. The key here is that apparently EVERYONE thought the inning was over. You can't abandon after the inning is over.
  3. Maybe. It's interference by the runner if the ball was misplayed and is less than a step and reach away from the fielder. If it is farther than that from the fielder it's obstruction. by the fielder.
  4. Only 2B is centered on the point. The rest are within the 90' (or whatever) square
  5. Gee - where do you think I got my comment?
  6. That's managing the game.
  7. and pitch up to the whole daily limit for the new day, not just the remaining number of pitches from the previous day.
  8. I don't remember ever seeing a ball hit with that much backspin.
  9. A novice reading the thread could read that HP is a base thus think a ball hitting it is fair. We need to be careful answering questions.
  10. A batted ball hitting home plate is NOT automatically fair. Hitting 1, 2, or 3B IS automatically fair.
  11. The rule book. See the scoring rules.
  12. He has to believe he was out AND progresses a reasonable distance to the dugout or his position.. MLBUM.
  13. (1) If, when pitchers are changed, the count is 2 balls, no strike, 2 balls, 1 strike, 3 balls, no strike, 3 balls, 1 strike, 3 balls, 2 strikes, (1) and the batter gets a base on balls, the official scorer shall charge that batter and the base on balls to the preceding pitcher, not to the relief pitcher. So now you know who gets credit for putting the runner on base. Now you know who gets charged with the run. Now you know who gets the potential loss.
  14. Regulation VI
  15. Actually he can. Only protocol prevents it.
  16. Were they discussing wedding gifts?
  17. Rule 6.01(a )(10) Comment (Rule 7.09( j) Comment): When a catcher and batter-runner going to first base have contact when the catcher is fielding the ball, there is generally no violation and nothing should be called.
  18. The OP says " a batter on-deck between innings"
  19. Mr

    It's A tip swing or not.
  20. It's not a rule. Who told you to enfoece it?
  21. Nope. Twice. There in NO "timing" rule. The first batter of the inning is allowed out of the dugout and may practice swing.
  22. But the runner makes his own.
  23. AND he didn't do either one.
  24. As described it's nothing.
  25. Coaches can - players sometimes can't. Found myself yelling "that's only two" too many times. Kids!