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  1. It's the correct ruling and can be found in the MLB Umpire Manual.
  2. Bad has nothing to do with the umbrella org - if there even is one.
  3. No. Out is 4U and a hit IS credited to the batter. See 5) in the rule posted above.
  4. If the batter wasn't upset and asking for time why should the PU interject himself into the game? Cards were right to be POed.
  5. Did the batter step out. If not the rule doesn't apply. Mattheny was a catcher. He knows what he's experienced.
  6. Because it wasn't fair or foul yet.
  7. It's COULD BE caught with ordinary effort. Running away from the ball doesn't change the "could be". Changes what the coach says to the player though.
  8. Nothing yet. Has to go by 1B or be touched before it's determined.
  9. That's different. This play was about securing the ball chest high.
  10. You are reading too much into it.
  11. Where is the violation? Did he do it order to initiate contact? No. He did it to avoid contact.
  12. Read the OP. F5 "caught" it chest high. I'm not throwing to 1B if I catch a ball chest high. I will if I know it bounced. If an umpire blows a chest high catch he deserves whatever the crowd yells at him.
  13. You didn't get slammed for the rule - you got slammed for saying the ump was in the bag.
  14. Bigger clue - F5 would not have thrown the ball to 1B if he knew he caught it for an out.