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  1. Is C actually a rule? The question is on rules.
  2. Spoken like someone who doesn't know the LL rule about preventing protests. Would you let a catcher or batter use an illegal helmet?
  3. His manager didn't notice and stop him? The ump didn't notice and stop him before he got into the box?
  4. Person dependent - not universal
  5. LL Rules: Home wins in a 6 inning game. Suspended game if it's a 7 or 9 inning game.
  6. NCAA and OBR have the "in the act of fielding" bit. FED does not. Don't use an "all codes" analysis.
  7. I think things are actually better today. A lot of win-at-all-costs actions, both in sports and in life, have been legislated away, and most of the old ways have become unacceptable even without the revised rules.
  8. The throw leaves the hand when it's nearly overhead. You probably haven/t even noticed the batter there yet.
  9. Ask your physics teacher. Once the ball leaves the catcher's hand no more force can be applied to the ball so nothing he does afterward (including shortening his follow through) will affect the ball.
  10. If there was no hesitation or altering of the catcher's movements then there was no interference.
  11. It should be noted that if the pivot foot comes off the rubber as a follow up to a throw or feint the pitcher is thus no longer engaged.
  12. Mr

    NY doesn't use the mercy rule. Don't know about other states.
  13. Mr

    Once lost a game when leading by 10 with two out in the last inning.
  14. Mr

    It was 24-2 in 7 innings. The problem was discovered in the 5th.
  15. I would apply this: Rule 5.10(d) Comment (Rule 3.03 Comment): . . Any player other than a pitcher substituted for an injured player shall be allowed five warm-up throws. (The other option is to discuss allowing warm-ups with th umpire long enough to let the sub warm up.)