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  1. The level plays a role in the fielder's ability. Just as with "ordinary effort" for an IFF.
  2. Needs to get warned first. If the ball was dead there is no violation anyhow.
  3. No. Just go back to first.
  4. Tell him you are sticking with the call, to go sit down. and let the protest committee handle it if he wants to file the protest.
  5. It's been a foul ball for 150 years. Accept that.
  6. Varsity and up the fielder should be able to handle it. Below that might be interference.
  7. Mr.

    There are no foreign objects in fair territory. Play the bounce.
  8. Foul ball - because the batter is in the box.
  9. Getting there and missing it is not the same as not getting there in the first place.
  10. LL rules do not allow playing with eight. LL rules in this case say to suspend the game and let the board decide the next step. 4.17 if you want to look it up.
  11. runner interference is scored as a hit.
  12. Hurdling is legal in LL. Head first slides advancing is not. This would be an out for the head first.
  13. This is obstruction in LL rules. The catcher doesn't have the ball. There is no "act of fielding" provision in LL. There is no "allow access" provision in LL.
  14. No Attempt = no strike. I see no attempt here.
  15. No. The only people who may wear a glove/mitt are fielders. See rules 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15