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  1. Maven, With all due respect, 'decades' might be a little too long. if I'm not mistaken the dead ball appeal made it into the Fed book around 1999-2001, after the Rules Committee had the good sense to get rid of the rule where the umpire called the missed base or left too soon call without an appeal by the defense, one of the worst rule changes in the history of Baseball on any level. I think it only lasted for four or five years before it disappeared.
  2. Frankly, If I had money and time I would find the perfect shoe to throw into the market, if the lasts still existed. It would need some updating but I think it would be a better shoe than any one the market.
  3. We really need another manufacturer of plate shoes.
  4. Not wanting to brag, but I got 98 the first time through and I think this is the question I missed (maybe), if the Senor is correct. But as Mr. M says I do not understand how this could be made out to be the 2nd trip for that pitcher, since he just came in the game, and PH has been announced. It almost makes me want to buy the 2017 BRD (RIP Carl ).
  5. Ah, With all due respect I disagree. If everyone stops who gains an advantage on the play? If you do not communicate so that everyone on the field and in both dugouts do not hear what you are calling, then you add confusion to the play, making everything worse. You still have a play going on, and if you do not make it clear you have OBS, INF, whatever, you are giving the defense the advantage when it was their error. If you yell and both sides stop playing you can let it go until the play ends then make the award. If you have ten guys watching a game with duct tape over their mouths and the dugouts 15 feet from the plate, just saying something might be fine. Use your voice and sell it.
  6. Ah men, I have a question. In FED that is catcher's obstruction not interference. May I suggest that in FED that yelling 'That's Obstruction!" or "that's Catcher's Obstruction" is the better way to sell the play? Yes, I know OBR defines it as Catcher's INF. However, many times we are not dealing with College, professional or adult players who know what Catcher's Interference is. Comments?
  7. What play was that?
  8. Back to the original play in question; In both NCAA and Fed I still have an out. In Fed, 8-4-2-h-2 says: "(Runner is out if he) is touched by a live ball securely held by a fielder or is touched by a fielder's glove or hand with the live ball held therein, while the runner is not ­touching his base.... 2. The ball is not securely held if it is dropped or juggled after the runner is touched. Neither criteria applies in this situation. Ball was not dropped by F2, ball was not juggled by F2. He took his hand out of the glove due to injury and the ball fell out of the glove after the act. You have an out. In NCAA, the definition of tag in 2-76 says... "the fielder shall maintain or regain control of his body and if he drops the ball due to his lack of body control or control of the ball, it is not a tag. A voluntary and and intentional release is substantive proof of complete control." I may be OOO'ing the definition here, but 'substantive proof' does not preclude other proofs of control. I have a very hard time saying that F2 lost control of the ball after getting spiked by the runner. He lost control of the ball after the tag and act of being spiked. He had clear control of the ball until he was spiked, I got an out. and while I admit this situation might not be analogous, what about the play Rick Ankile made what three or four seasons ago when he caught a ball, hit the wall or the ground with his head, and obviously concussed lifted up his glove and the ball fell out. I was sitting in Chicago when the NCAA leadership showed the clip and the ball falling out of his glove as he lifted his hand/glove to show he had the ball and saying that it was a catch even though the ball rolled out of his glove. Comments? .
  9. I also have the 18.5, they are great guards. But the WV's in either flavor are great too. If you can wear these shins, get 'em.
  10. I think what you are doing is great, good luck. I also think you should make every parent do one inning behind the plate in practice or a game situation.,
  11. Hi Noum,

    I teach an umpire's class that starts fairly soon, I can get rid of your indicators, brushes, and ball bags. What do you have, are they in good shape, how many and and how much?




  12. This thread says one of three things: 1. I am so old and outdated I have no idea how to umpire. 2. Some people are so bored or inattentive they need their hand held. 3. My biases are showing When I went to Harry's back in the stone age, it was expected that the use of signals would be 'as little as possible'. Seriously, how many signals do we need, and how often do we have to give them? Even in NCAA-level baseball, especially in a 2-man, how many times do you really need to make a signal? In three man, how often to do you need to, unless you are working with unfamiliar partners or different rotations, or maybe if you are in a packed house stadium and verbal communication isn't always possible? We have R2, R1, one out. Are we seriously saying that we need to give the INF and rotation signal every time it happens? Or are we so out of touch with the game we need reminded? If we are in 3 man, have R1 and a ball in the gap isn't just a vocal "I'm at 3rd Joe" enough from the PU, or do we really have have to give a rotation signal every time a situation changes? Do we really have too many umpires who can't pause, read, and react to a play appropriately these days and need their hands held? There were also times where PU's would have five dozen signals in a game, including "Jk, if I come to you on check swing and my palm is down that means he didn't swing. If it's up give me what you got." Really? I know there were a few angry plate guys when I rang up strikes on check swings they didn't want called. IMO, signals should be simple and only used once in a while. If you are a PU, do your job, hustle and use your voice. Then the crew does not need that many signals.
  13. Looking for high quality extended throat protector. Thanks!
  14. Wow, A majority of umpires in this thread actually agree on something? Thank you so very for all the replies so far. I have been very fortunate to be able to wear Carlucci's for so long that I lost touch with a few modern brands. In my career I've worn Rawlings, Nocoma, 2 +POS, 2 Honigs, Platinums, System Sevens, WV Pros, Bike (yes they did have shin guards at one time), Carlucci, Medialist (late '70's early 80's brand) and some hockey shins, so I've worn a few different guards over the years. Yes Mad Max, you have hit on an issue of significance that I am looking at. That is one reason why I came here looking for information. Jim, great to hear from you as well, as I was looking over the internet for reviews I ran into a thread or two about our meeting in Chicago in 2009, was it really that long ago? I had already read your buying guide before I posted yesterday. I still use the ball bags we talked about back then you were so kind to make me. D62, I've seen many people wearing Pro Nine and Champion SG's not real impressed by what I saw, they look good for HS and below, I am leery of using them above HS. STK, if the Douglas gear is as good as the original Douglas West Vest I had at one time, they are great SG's. I regret to this day selling it when I got my Carlucci gear, but a CP that good should not be hiding in a closet when some good young umpire could use it. I will report further on the subject later, but please keep passing recommendations on! Sincerely, jkumpire
  15. Thanks for the help! If you are short those 19" guards are way too long. The DLG guards are good for maybe HS ball, not real impressed with the padding or protection. I am glad to see a person working your level of BB on this site. I hope you enjoy it for years and move up if you want to!