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  1. Pretty awful camera work too, trying to get so close up to see how badly he's hurt. what an embarrassment, except the vultures have no shame.
  2. J, Treat as an appeal. Will have to do some research on this one.
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. 1. Maven, we pregamed how to warn a partner if you had extra information for a partner on a play. I looked at both base umpires and saw no signal. 2. Ken, Yes it is a check swing appeal,. but more, which is why I did not make an appeal which i can legally do. I saw at least half the bat if not more, and it didn't move until after the batter got hit. I heard it hit the hands, and was sure the barrel did not move. that was enough for me to demonstrate no attempt. BU may be able to see hands and bat, but I am not convinced U1 or U3 could tell me if the bat moved because the batter was trying to get out of the way or trying to bunt the ball. 3. Like Maven said, if I am checking the swing I an conferring with both my base umpires. But after the enlightening discussion I am still convinced I did the right thing under the circumstances. It is my call, Its a HPB situation fiorst, not a check swing appeal, and in Fed I could make the call. My responsibility, own your call. .
  4. J, please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe NCAA added this as an interpretation a year or several years ago then put in the rule book this year.
  5. Yes, because it is not a scoring decision, it is a rule governing when a game or inning, or play ends. The note mandates that a certain action must happen on the field in order for a run to score, and it is not covered in rule seven or eight. If you want to keep the note there that's fine with me, but it needs to be added to the playing rules, not just the scoring rules. An analogous situation would be putting in a note that says if detached player equipment touches a thrown ball the batter shall be credited with a triple, and not put it in rule two as a minimum three base award.
  6. On a totally different issue with this whole problem; 1. I would bet you dollars to donuts that the crew was not sure of the rule because they work other levels of baseball where its only the Batter and R3 that matter in this case. So they had to call someone to see if the appeal was legal, which leads me to point two. 2. As far as I know this addition to 9-1-1 is the wrong place to have this note!!!! This is the only rule or interpretation in Rule 9 that I know of that applies to the way the game is played or the outcome of a contest. the rest of the rule is only about stats for the game. If FED wants this rule/interpretation to be applied in a proper manner according to them (i.e. all runners forced to advanced must touch the base they are forced to advance to), then it needs to be moved to rule 7 under appeals, or rule 8-2 or 8-4 (when the batter or runner is out). Rule nine is the wrong place for it. If this interpretation is in a different part of the rule book or case book, please let us know, and if there are other interpretations in rule 9 that affect how the game is played on the field please let us know.
  7. Really disappointed to hear this is the case. I've used Honigs for years, even got stuff at an NCAA meeting this year from them. If they are now web only, won; tbe doing business with them in the future.
  8. This is a very interesting thread, more than I expected. May I ask for opinions. Ohio District tournament game, I'm on the plate, 3 man crew with R1. Count is 0-0. Batter squares, pitch is directly at his midsection. Batter more or less flinches as the pitch clearly hits him in the right hand, bat never moved until he dropped it. I called the HPB, sent him to 1B. Here comes the HC. "John, I know the ball hit him but he offered at the pitch." "Sir, I'm sorry but in my judgment the bat did not move toward the ball and it hit his hand. He tried to move his body to avoid the pitch, but clearly there is no movement of the bat to the ball." "John, I think you are wrong, will you please check that with you 1B umpire?" "I understand your point, but in this case i am not going to my partner sir, my partner is not going to have a better view of the play than I had." Head coach walks back to the dugout, Two batters and one double play later the inning is over with no runs score. In NCAA/OBR I am checking with R1 by rule, but there is a gray area here. Can BU/U1 really have a better view than the PU on a ball inside the body frame of a batter to make a judgment call that the batter's bat is moving because his body is moving or flinching to get out of the way? Unless the bat was clearly moving at the ball, and I did not see the bat head/barrel move, it seems that BU/U1 has no way to make the judgment of a flinch vs. offer in that situation. After the game both of my partners said that from their view/perspective said i got the call right, the only thing that moved was the batter's body, not the bat. Still, maybe in retrospect I should have checked with my R1, but I was so sure of my call and it is FED, I didn't. As an aside, if I did go to U1 I really feel that a simple check swing would not be appropriate, I would have conferred with both partners. Agree or disagree? Thanks for your time. .
  9. Thank you for all the information, I appreciate it.
  10. Gentlemen, Sorry to interrupt your evening after a long day of umpiring, but I have a question about the holy grail of masks, the Nike Titanium. I am interested in purchasing one. An umpire who said he 'just bought this mask on ebay a week ago' said the mask did not fit his face so he is selling it. Since he said he had Team Wendy's in the frame it seems legit. So, I have to ask, is the Nike small as masks go? If you are comfortable with a Wilson Titanium will you be comfortable with a Nike? Is it more round that a Wilson, is it a regular frame or is it a 'new view' type frame? I have not seen any threads on this aspect of the Nike so I thought I would ask, if this has already been discussed, my apologies.
  11. PM Sent
  12. And size if they have multiple sizes like the MVP 1000 had.
  13. Brain disease is much worse than I thought, thank you for the shock therapy.
  14. FED only: R1, outs don't matter. F1 in contact with pitcher's plate in set position, drops ball. Immediate Dead ball balk correct? Unlike other codes you do not let the ball roll to see if it crosses foul line? After posting immediately goes back to hide in corner in the hope nobody notices who asks the question ......
  15. Dear Mods, respected men that you are;. please lock this up, due to lack of interest the items are going on the bay. Thanks for looking!