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  1. In my opinion, that's a tired umpire being caught in a situation that you rarely see.and he missed it. If that happened in April or May he gets it no problem.
  2. PM sent
  3. Fed 7-6-2: "When a referee recognizes stalling occurring at any time and in any position, the offender shall be warned and thereafter violations shall be penalized when stalling recurs. These provisions require the referee to penalize stalling without hesitation. Stalling shall be penalized in accordance with the Penalty Chart ("Table" above)." First a warning, then one penalty point, one penalty point, two penalty points and disqualification. Oops, sorry that's Wrestling.
  4. I think that's the case but I'm not sure. I hope I'm wrong. I'm sure not planning to find out for sure.
  5. dumbdumb, With all due respect, I went to pro school in 1985 and keep up with rules and mechanics. The volunteer strike and its usage is nothing new and I regret bringing it up now. As to the FED case play, I spent fifteen minutes on it it at a local rules meeting I am involved in, is that enough? If not please let me know.
  6. Of course you are correct, but relief from guilt was a ll I remember later. What would be a really interesting case would be what my partner would do if the defense protested the game, since in our state protests in HS games are not allowed. What if he refused to accept the protest???????????
  7. I am the local HS rules interpreter, it is my job to make sure umpires are up to speed on it. But we have very, very few OBR games anymore and I did happen to bring up the FED case play this season in one of our meetings. However, unless the BRD has a ruling that says the Voluntary strike is able to be used in FED, most of our area umpires will never have a rule set that can use it.
  8. Yeah, I can see that, and that's why in one case I didn't use it when I probably should have. But since nobody in my area understands or even heard of the rule and I don't want to eject 5 guys over it I didn't use it. .
  9. thank you for the reminder Senor, just needed to jog the brain a bit.
  10. Plate man in Cleveland on July 4th had something similiar to it. On a totally unrelated issue, the crew had a picture taken of them together after the pregame before the Indians came out. Is that normal procedure or was it the first game or a special game for one of the crew members? You had Joe West @ 2B and Hunter Wendelstedt @3B, w/ Alan Porter at HP and Nick Wentz at 1B (2 guys I know nothing about).
  11. Quick question: OBR, no runner on or runners on, check swing on 2-2 count. I remember years ago in some manual used by MLB or MiLB that if it is a check swing with a possible play after it, (i.e. on a passed ball, wild pitch, or a steal attempt in some situations) when an appeal is likely the BU can ring up the batter without a direct appeal by the PU. Is this just a fantasy, or is it still in use? In FED there is a sprt of similar case pay in Rule 10 that says in this situation (2 strikes passed ball, 1B open, appeal by F2) the BU calls a strike on appeal and the BR is called out at 1B jogging down the line assuming it was ball 4 the crew can overturn the call and award the BR 1st because of the fact the appeal did not allow him a chance to get to 1B (10.2.3i). There have been a couple of times this year in OBR games with a passed ball on a check swing, once with 2 out, where an early call by me as the BU might have made a difference on the play. And yes, the obvious solution is to go with your PU's call in cases like this and say no swing, but sometimes that might cause a problem. Please feel free to ask questions if my post is not clear. Thanks!. 10.2.3 SITUATION I: With a count of three balls and two strikes on B1 and no runners on base, the pitch is made and the batter takes what appears to be a half swing. The plate umpire calls ball four as the ball gets away from F2. B1 trots to first base and F2 throws the ball to F3, who tags B1 prior to his reaching the base. F2 asks the plate umpire to check with the base umpire to see if it was a strike. The base umpire indicates that B1 did swing at the ball. RULING: If, in the judgment of the umpire-in-chief, B1 would have reached first base before the throw if it had not been called ball four, the plate umpire can award B1 first base. The umpire-in-chief can rectify any situation in which an umpire’s decision has placed a batter-runner in jeopardy. Advances and outs made by runners following a reversed call stand, if the call that was changed clearly did not place them in jeopardy.
  12. Fleas, I hope the camel population doesn't shrink anytime soon... I had the same thing happen in a college/adult summer league game recently. The game was straight OBR, but my partner works only FED, and he didn't know that it was OBR before the game started. I was in A, it was a LH batter and my PU missed the swing, it was clear to everyone in the park, including the batter that he offered at it. The PU refused to check with me when F2 asked, when the manager came out and asked, even when I tipped my hat (pregamed signal for 'I have extra information you need'). It was real hard not to walk in and get involved in the discussion, but I did it. Thankfully after the batter walked he was erased on a double play. because if he scores and there is a protest I would hate to be on the losing side of it and pay a fine (and before you ask, I only found out after the game he did not know it was an OBR rules game). He is a guy that does not usually ask in FED if the BU is in A with a LH batter, or in B/C with runners on, another issue entirely, but I digress. It is hard to do, but there are times when you just have to stay out of the way and let your partner take his medicine.
  13. Ah, with all due respect, not necessarily; see FED 10.2.2 and the old standby OBR 8.01(c), NCAA also has coverage. In fact I sat in the stands at Progressive Field on July 4 when crew chief Joe West stopped the Indians-Padres game, called a policeman out on the field and demanded a fan who reached over the fence to snag a bouncing fair ball be ejected. The policeman did exactly what was requested of him. If I saw things correctly it wasn't much of reach over the railing to get the ball, but whether he leaned all the way over the fence to the ground to trap the ball or not, the umpire demanded his ejection and got it. Obviously for us on the HS/college/summer ball level it is not a good idea to acknowledge the fans, even when they are being abusive. IN FED it is our job to call game management and direct a person to be removed from the vicinity of the field if they are causing problems in the stands. What if game management is not available? Last week I was the PU in a high school league summer game. A man didn't like a pitch call I made while he sat in the stands. The pitch was so far inside at waist level it almost doubled the batter over. I was called a cheater and other things, and my base partner saw who it was. The next inning on a wacker play at 2B on a Force the same man started on my partner, with 4 letter words included, and my base partner correctly dumped him. Excuse me; that is wrong, My base partner recognized the man did not want to stay and watch the game so he fulfilled the man's request to eject himself. The point of the matter is there are times when an umpire has an obligation to take care of fans in the stands, especially in lower levels of baseball or when game management is not available. I'm sorry I've seen too many young umpires get trashed so badly by people in the stands or by coaches that once they leave that game site they don;t come back. And if Baseball is a game to teach kids how to act and to allow them to have fun then it is an obligation of an umpire to eject people. Are you really saying that an umpire who hears a fan calling them or someone on the field an MF in a HS summer game can simply get away with it? If so, why are we playing Baseball? What are we teaching or condoning?
  14. Brian, Not in my experience with them, though I have not measured them. After almost a season wearing them I like these pants. but the reason why might be simply because my old Honigs Polywool's are wearing out and the new ones I got this year are very, very disappointing. Obviously they changed manufacturers, and the quality of the material is awful. If I knew who made the older pants i would see if I could purchease directly from them.
  15. FYI, I was told by a friend of mine who has good sources in MLB (that I am not comfortable speaking about) who said two crews are wearing the Smitty's as a test this season. They started wearing them in Spring Training, and I guess they are also wearing them during the regular season as our poster writes. It will be interesting to see if they decide to use them across MLB.