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  1. WTB wilson gear bag

    I also have one sitting around. Make an offer!
  2. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    Don;t remember hearing him say that in Chicago though I could have missed it. I answered on my test ball is alive R3 out on tag, so maybe we are picking nits here. My bad. I can't get OBS on F2, period.
  3. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    However, this is the exact quote from the interpretation by Mr. Hiler on the video everyone listening at the NCAA meetings heard: "Wow, this is an amazing play...After watching all of these angles you may agree that if this official had it over again he would certainly call interference on the runner and I would agree with that..." Yes, he is trying to buy OBS, I thought that from the first time I saw the play on ESPN U. But as Mr. Hiler also pointed out it is the PU who has the only good angle to see the play, and get the crew together on it. He didn't tip U3 he thought is was INF or trying toget outside of his baseline, so U3 went with the OBS call.
  4. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    Extremely disappointing, only got 93% Must have blown three easy questions. This is a great test every year, I enjoy this very much, except for this awful score.
  5. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    With all due respect, ZM that was not the consensus in my group. Many of us saw INF or nothing on the play. The ruling was that INF by R3 was the better call according to Mr. Hiler, and I bought the DVD to hear the explanation again. . The answer choices for the question are irritating, The only choice for INF has as part of the answer is to get the BR runner out too, and impossibility on this play. so I picked the ball remains alive and he's out on the tag. Probably missed that one.
  6. Sure, tonight or tomorrow I will give you my thoughts.
  7. Now, this is a way to end the game!

    According to my 2009 copy of the MLBUM (all I have), on p. 31, discussing 4.11 it says: "OBR (sic) 4.09.b provides that when the winning run is scored, as a result of a base on balls, hit batter, or any other play with the bases full that forces the runner on third to advance, the umpire shall not declare the game ended until the runner forced to advance from third has touched home base and the batter has touched third base." I interpret that as saying the umpire can call the game over when both of those thing occur, as others have said above. In the game we are talking about the crew saw Cincinnati players walking off, nobody going for the ball, and so when both the batter and R3 advanced a base, that was it. You can see the PU see the touch and walk toward the dugout. Then the Cincinnati players get the ball from the field guy, whoever he is, appeal something at 2B, something at 1B, and something else at 3B. what they appealed I don;t know, and the crew is off the field when they did appeal, so I assume the crew used the note here to end the game, probably too soon, but used their interp. of 4.09 to get it right. And Cincinnati did not protest officially so they bought it too.
  8. Gentlemen (and ladies if any are reading the thread), At this point I am a minority of one (or almost one) on this mechanic, and in spite of Jim Evans, supposedly what pro schools teach, or other clinics teach, I believe it is a bad mechanic. A dropped third strike is a unique and different situation that any other situation, including a fair hit line drive to an infielder that a verbal catch/no catch call has to made on. I've done a lot of games with dropped third strikes in them and the fact I have not vocalized that the ball was dropped has never caused a problem for any F2 or batter-runner, or base runner. Unless someone wants for every detailed reason why I think it is bad, forgive me for not doing as the rest of you do, and if I get burned by it one day, so be it. Thank you for your kind responses to my disagreement with the mechanic, even if seemed irritable about it.
  9. Frankly, I misstated this badly, and I apologize. In lower level games like HS and below, if F2 makes the play on a foul tip I will say "He's got it" as a courtesy to the batter so he knows he is out, because there have been times in my career when I have had batters turn around and ask me "why am I out, I fouled the ball off?" Instead of telling them after they ask the question, I say it quietly so on the batter and F2 know the ball was caught.
  10. Of course notMid, and I explained that above. You are better than that, that has been a mechanic for a long with good reason.
  11. Old fashioned argument

    No. the manager is trying to win the game and let his emotions go too far. It happens. Professional baseball people know that they are doing in situations like this as opposed to lower levels who just fly off the handle and have no idea how to argue, dispute a call or when to get dumped when a team needs it. He earned his ejection, and next tiem they see each other it is likely water over the dam and forgotten.
  12. Because you are involving yourself in a play as it is still going on. That is a live ball, not a dead ball, foul ball, or safe/out at a base where a call ends a play. A vocal 'he's got it' on a foul tip or tough catch of a pitch by F2 is proper, because an out has been made. On a passed ball/wild pitch a play is still going on, unless there is less than two out and 1B is occupied. On a wild pitch/passed ball with an attempted check swing the PU needs to verbalize if there is a swing or not, after that it is the job of F2 and Batter to recognize the play and make it. Those are completed plays, not an uncompleted play, there is a difference.
  13. Completely different situation, you are dealing with a ball hit into fair territory where there is a big affect on any runners and the fielder making the play whether it is caught or not.. With an uncaught strike three you have no effect on any runner other the the batter-runner, or R3 if there is a force play at the plate with 2 out. Of course we do not say fair ball, no should we verbalize a dropped 3rd strike for the same reason we don't say fair ball, because the play is still alive. From what I see the PU is saying that's a swing on the pitch, has nothing to do with the dropped third strike.
  14. I have worked with recent pro school grads who did not use this mechanic. Are we going to start verbalizing "Fair Ball" on hits down the line? I have never seen or heard this in an MLB game either. This is an awful mechanic, and while I try very hard to use the latest mechanics I'll never do this.,
  15. With all due respect, when did vocalizing 'no catch' on strike three become and accepted mechanic? It is not correct to do IMO.