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  1. Gentlemen, Sorry to interrupt your evening after a long day of umpiring, but I have a question about the holy grail of masks, the Nike Titanium. I am interested in purchasing one. An umpire who said he 'just bought this mask on ebay a week ago' said the mask did not fit his face so he is selling it. Since he said he had Team Wendy's in the frame it seems legit. So, I have to ask, is the Nike small as masks go? If you are comfortable with a Wilson Titanium will you be comfortable with a Nike? Is it more round that a Wilson, is it a regular frame or is it a 'new view' type frame? I have not seen any threads on this aspect of the Nike so I thought I would ask, if this has already been discussed, my apologies.
  2. And size if they have multiple sizes like the MVP 1000 had.
  3. Brain disease is much worse than I thought, thank you for the shock therapy.
  4. FED only: R1, outs don't matter. F1 in contact with pitcher's plate in set position, drops ball. Immediate Dead ball balk correct? Unlike other codes you do not let the ball roll to see if it crosses foul line? After posting immediately goes back to hide in corner in the hope nobody notices who asks the question ......
  5. Dear Mods, respected men that you are;. please lock this up, due to lack of interest the items are going on the bay. Thanks for looking!
  6. I call it copper, but it's close to bronze.
  7. Here is the mask:
  8. Just for fun, here is the Carlucci gear if anyone is interested. I also have a pair of black ball bags too. They are not as nice as the modern ones, but they work and it's Carlucci!
  9. Here is a picture of the Force 3 Bag with the pant and shirt cases i will send along! One picture has the old broken zippers, will have ones with new zippers later!
  10. Hello Friends and buyers! (errr.... I hope!) There are some items I must make disappear from my home, hopefully you have the magic wand. Make offers if you think it is not the right price. 1. Force 3 Ultimate Chest Protector, v. 1: Everything is there, worn 25 games or so. Asking $175 shipped. 2. Powder Coated Mizuno Mask with Wilson padding and Mizuno Harness: I purchased this mask two years ago from an outstanding member of this site. The color is great! However it is a flat-view mask and I can't use it because I use an 8 stitch hat behind the plate. Used 5 games, padding and harness are good, and if you buy it you will enjoy it. I will throw a mask bag in with it. Asking $150 shipped. 3. Repaired Force 3 Roller bag, with good zipper pulls! This is the older model Force 3 bag that had the miserable zippers that did not work without bending and breaking off. I took it to a shoe repair store and the great owner replaced the tabs and pulls on the bag and a minor repair. I am getting rid of it because it is not big enough for my gear, size 15 feet and long shin guards do not a happy Force 3 bag owner make. Asking $70 + shipping (I am going this way on price because the last time I sold an equipment bag it went a long distance and I ended up losing money on the sale. Free shipping if we can meet somewhere near Columbus, Ohio). 4. Brand New, Never Worn Reebok low-cut Plate Magistrate shoes, Size 15. I have never worn them, and while I hate to get rid of them I will probably never use them except in case of emergency. But since big sizes were always hard to find in Reebok shoes it's unfair of me to let them sit in my house. Asking $105 shipped. I have other items heading toward ebay because nobody on here would want them, including some XL and 2XL shirts, a carry bag made by Cece Carlucci including shoe bags, and maybe one or two sets of Carlucci ball bags. If interested, let me know. Pictures going up late tonight after Ash Wednesday service. 10% of sales will go to charity. Thanks for reading and looking! Here are the Plate Magistrates!
  11. Maven, With all due respect, 'decades' might be a little too long. if I'm not mistaken the dead ball appeal made it into the Fed book around 1999-2001, after the Rules Committee had the good sense to get rid of the rule where the umpire called the missed base or left too soon call without an appeal by the defense, one of the worst rule changes in the history of Baseball on any level. I think it only lasted for four or five years before it disappeared.
  12. Frankly, If I had money and time I would find the perfect shoe to throw into the market, if the lasts still existed. It would need some updating but I think it would be a better shoe than any one the market.
  13. We really need another manufacturer of plate shoes.
  14. Not wanting to brag, but I got 98 the first time through and I think this is the question I missed (maybe), if the Senor is correct. But as Mr. M says I do not understand how this could be made out to be the 2nd trip for that pitcher, since he just came in the game, and PH has been announced. It almost makes me want to buy the 2017 BRD (RIP Carl ).