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  1. Hi Noum,

    I teach an umpire's class that starts fairly soon, I can get rid of your indicators, brushes, and ball bags. What do you have, are they in good shape, how many and and how much?




  2. This thread says one of three things: 1. I am so old and outdated I have no idea how to umpire. 2. Some people are so bored or inattentive they need their hand held. 3. My biases are showing When I went to Harry's back in the stone age, it was expected that the use of signals would be 'as little as possible'. Seriously, how many signals do we need, and how often do we have to give them? Even in NCAA-level baseball, especially in a 2-man, how many times do you really need to make a signal? In three man, how often to do you need to, unless you are working with unfamiliar partners or different rotations, or maybe if you are in a packed house stadium and verbal communication isn't always possible? We have R2, R1, one out. Are we seriously saying that we need to give the INF and rotation signal every time it happens? Or are we so out of touch with the game we need reminded? If we are in 3 man, have R1 and a ball in the gap isn't just a vocal "I'm at 3rd Joe" enough from the PU, or do we really have have to give a rotation signal every time a situation changes? Do we really have too many umpires who can't pause, read, and react to a play appropriately these days and need their hands held? There were also times where PU's would have five dozen signals in a game, including "Jk, if I come to you on check swing and my palm is down that means he didn't swing. If it's up give me what you got." Really? I know there were a few angry plate guys when I rang up strikes on check swings they didn't want called. IMO, signals should be simple and only used once in a while. If you are a PU, do your job, hustle and use your voice. Then the crew does not need that many signals.
  3. Looking for high quality extended throat protector. Thanks!
  4. Wow, A majority of umpires in this thread actually agree on something? Thank you so very for all the replies so far. I have been very fortunate to be able to wear Carlucci's for so long that I lost touch with a few modern brands. In my career I've worn Rawlings, Nocoma, 2 +POS, 2 Honigs, Platinums, System Sevens, WV Pros, Bike (yes they did have shin guards at one time), Carlucci, Medialist (late '70's early 80's brand) and some hockey shins, so I've worn a few different guards over the years. Yes Mad Max, you have hit on an issue of significance that I am looking at. That is one reason why I came here looking for information. Jim, great to hear from you as well, as I was looking over the internet for reviews I ran into a thread or two about our meeting in Chicago in 2009, was it really that long ago? I had already read your buying guide before I posted yesterday. I still use the ball bags we talked about back then you were so kind to make me. D62, I've seen many people wearing Pro Nine and Champion SG's not real impressed by what I saw, they look good for HS and below, I am leery of using them above HS. STK, if the Douglas gear is as good as the original Douglas West Vest I had at one time, they are great SG's. I regret to this day selling it when I got my Carlucci gear, but a CP that good should not be hiding in a closet when some good young umpire could use it. I will report further on the subject later, but please keep passing recommendations on! Sincerely, jkumpire
  5. Thanks for the help! If you are short those 19" guards are way too long. The DLG guards are good for maybe HS ball, not real impressed with the padding or protection. I am glad to see a person working your level of BB on this site. I hope you enjoy it for years and move up if you want to!
  6. What else have you worn the past five years?
  7. Gentlemen and Ladies, This summer and Fall has been a physical disaster, starting with a severe case of Sepsis in May I am still trying to recover from. I need to shed some weight from my gear so i can try and find a little more speed in the Spring, because sadly I am not a spring chicken anymore either. My old Carlucci SG's need new straps, and they do not fit great, I had a pair on System Seven SG's that did not last long. I tried some hockey shins that were ok until I had an F2 ole a HS fast ball that caught me directly on the lower leg and I still have a bruise 10 days later. Yesterday I got out a pair of Wilson Platinum WV guards, which are fine, but maybe on the heavy side. Many lightweight shins look great for Little league and FPSB. Anyone have recommendations for light shin guards that can stand up to upper levels of play? Just browsing around recently I saw that the Force 3 and System Seven are close to lightest of the serious shins, do they breathe well, do they protect well? What I am looking for: 1. Light weight 2. Superior protection. 3. Breathability/'Comfort 4. Durability 5. Easy to clean Thank you for the help!
  8. After taking a moment to look at this again, the BR dumped himself. However, I wish the vid went on a minute longer. If the PU is wise IMO, he and his partner would meet on this one, and in fact I think they are heading to do exactly that when the vid ended. It is the PU's call, but I would bet real $$$ that the BU had a better look at what the BR did than the PU. If I was the BU and PU the conversation would go something like this JKPU: "JK, we obviously have INF and we both used some screwy signal to call the ball foul before we killed the play. What did you see the bonehead BU do? I saw arms move and he really buried F1." JKBU, "Nice call JK, I agree with you. I saw the arms move forward, possibly to protect himself, but i don't know what the mind of the BR is here. When the shoulder moved down into the chest of the F1 In my judgement it's not a train wreck, that's Malicious Contact, and he dumped himself. I'll stay close until the conversation is over." JKPU, "Great, thanks for the help. I agree, and since the coach is a nice guy I won't have many problems explaining this. Are we eating steak or pizza after game tonight? Let me know sometime." JKPU quietly dumps BR, and then dumps HC who had a bad day at the office before the game. Crew eats pizza later, since the game was over in 1 hour ten minutes and the buffet was still open.
  9. But isn't the old FED DDB signal done with the left hand, not the right?
  10. Keep it simple: If you can hear it, it's a strike. If you feel a breeze go by it's a ball. If you hear a thump and feel something hit your gear or your pants get dirty it's foul. If you perceive a batter scratching a line in the dirt it's an ejection. If you are on an all turf field ask F2 what it was. If he's not sure ask the manager or head coach.
  11. Thank you very much for your replies. Please feel free to continue voting and sending comments. The results are quite interesting.
  12. If you want to give the count ask your assistant official to do it:
  13. Use this: or this:
  14. Just curious as to what you do, or see/hear your partners do. Is it a growing trend, or are only a few doing it? My impression is that a few do, most do not, and those who do tend to work on higher levels of play. Thanks for your help and opinions, please share why your do, or do not, and in your opinion is it a good idea,