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  1. I am pretty sure that was the All-Star FM4000 Magnesium with Wilson memory foam pads.
  2. Hunter W leaves game

    After being hit in the mask with a warm up pitch in the 6th inning umpire Hunter W. had to leave the game. U2 had to get the gear on.
  3. And I would never flip another mans meat either........
  4. Navy mask harness

    Call All-Star and order one although LRZ has a great deal.
  5. New ATL stadium

    Can't say much about the walk. I would Uber. Go early and enjoy the area. They have really tried to give you a reason to be there and have fun. We ate at Sweetwater Brewing.
  6. Shin Guards

    IMO the best for the money are the Honigs K2010. The come in four sizes and are absolute tanks. They are a little bulky and hot but, you will not feel a thing from a bat or a ball and they are only $60.
  7. Has anyone used this website?

    I have used them in the past for some things. Never had a issue. Quick shipping and reasonable prices.
  8. Mask with Two Separate Pad Colors

    I bet he has a pair very similar home on his other mask.
  9. Still available?   Send me your PP info. Go Sawx!!!

  10. WTS Navy Jackets-price reduced

    @Thunderheads Please lock this down. All have been sold.
  11. Buying The Whole Schabang. Thoughts?

    There's the problem. A lot of the fit issues won't always reveal themselves in the dressing room. What seems like a mask that is not really heavy is an anchor by the start of the second plate of the day. That "MLB"cp that fit tight is now drooping and leaving you exposed at the neck no matter how tight you pull the straps. Those expensive shins are just a little too long and they spin when you run. Like I said, been there done that. At least if you buy from U-A they have free returns. Some retailers have lower prices but really expensive restocking fees.
  12. Buying The Whole Schabang. Thoughts?

    Buy the best equipment you can afford. You will only regret spending the money at the time of the initial purchase. As proof I have a eBay rating to prove the other side of how not to do it. Buy and wear what works for you. Dont get too caught up in what others are wearing. There is no magic cloak of invincibility. Best of luck.
  13. Best mask, pad, and throat guard color combos

    Silver Frame with Black Pads but I also do like the Black and Tan two tone pads.
  14. WTS Navy Jackets-price reduced

    Thermabase is sold and shipped. Still have the Smittys.
  15. WTS Navy Jackets-price reduced

    Price reduced $30 each shipped in US. PP F&F. PM me.