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  1. Had a very similar experience last Thursday. Had two 9 inning Legion district tourney games. First one went 6.5 innings on the mercy rule. This was the 4th game in 5 days for the winning team, who had to turn right back around and play another elimination game 45 minutes later. That one ended with 37 runs scored on 42 hits, and 12 errors. Both teams were obviously out of pitching, but it was also 100 degrees out, so like yours, it was a recipe for disaster. The only positive was that I felt pretty good about getting it done in 3 hours. I would like to see a few more days added to Legion playoff tournaments, especially with the pitch count rules now. The quality would be so much better, because the way it was this year was dreadful.
  2. The metatarsal guard on there is definitely Reebok. Can't say for sure about the rest of the shoe.
  3. Not even for those reasons. JW wears a Gold. As far as removing the billow, I did it with a plain ole stitch ripper from a sewing kit.
  4. An option to purchase just the lower profile replacement padding to replace the padding in our current protectors would be tremendous. *the statement above was provided by The Department of Redundancy Department.
  5. See what you did @MadMax?
  6. Whoa! Are you saying that Douglas will make a pad for a Wilson? That would be great!
  7. Thanks Jim, you're awesome man!
  8. Thank you, scubabob! I can't tell if it's a 3-2-2 but I went ahead and ordered one to try out anyway. I tried ordering 2, thinking I could save a little on shipping but they doubled shipping charges so that was a no-go. I decided to go ahead and get 1. It was 17 and change. Yes, a little pricey. But it might be exactly what I am looking for.
  9. As always, your response is much appreciated! Not that it changes things, but Markwort has a stainless 3 dial that's 4/3/3. What they don't have is one that is 3/2/2. The issue with the Champro optic 3 dial is not the "Balls, Strikes, Outs" lettering, it's the numbers on the dials themselves. The paint wears off the embossed numbers very quickly. I ended up repairing it with a sharpie, and that has worked better than the original paint job did. Thanks again for allowing us to get a peek behind the curtain from time to time, and keep up the good fight!
  10. 1)Sitting at desk at work, look at clock: "Dammit, I should have left work already!" 2)Hit every GD red light on my way to the freeway. 3) Get stuck in traffic on freeway because some a-hole decided to go 80 when everyone else was going 60, and rear ended someone. 4) Arrive at ballpark 20 minutes later than I wanted to, but not too worried because I still beat my partner. 5a) While getting things ready at the car, get greeted by some dad walking by, saying something he thought was funny and original, the only thing is that it was not funny, nor original, the other 57 times I heard it before. Politely smile and force a chuckle, then go back to getting ready. 5b)Rush to get dressed due to circumstances listed above. Get halfway to field before I realize I forgot (fill in the blank here), turn around and walk all the way back to the parking lot to get said item. 6) Hit the bathroom for one last pregame. 7) Get paid if it's a game that is paid at the field and not a RefPay game. Yes, always get paid before. Sometimes, the last place you want to be after a game, is hanging around the concession stand waiting for a the person with the checkbook. Especially when you just banged out the tying run for the home team on a close play at the plate to end the game. 8) Grab a bottled water from the hot mommy running the concession stand. "How ya doin?" 9) Enter field, talk sh** with the home team players and coach for a moment. 10) Ask for baseballs, get baseballs, tell them that's not enough baseballs, listen to coach say: "both pitchers each have one baseball as welll." Thank coach for that info then restate: "still not enough baseballs, (coach's name here." Hear coach make some comment about their skinny budget while handing you two more baseballs. Thank coach with a smile, then head to plate meeting with coach. 11) Upon arrival at plate, listen to coaches tell (lie to) each other how tough their seasons have been, and how they have no idea how they are going to make it through the rest of the season, even when both are playing above .700 baseball. 12) Start plate meeting. Point out to one of the coaches that he has two players with the same number. After his surprise, watch as he has to yell at one of the players several times to get his attention. Once he does, get ready for the confused look on the player's face when he is asked what his number is. The mystery is finally solved, but not until we have that player turn around so we can see what his number is. 13) Line up for anthem, hoping it's going to be the standard band rendition that lasts all of 45 seconds, but instead getting a recorded rendition of some pop star singing it at some big event in the past, that ends up going well past 2 minutes, because the dad in the press box thought it would be so awesome! 14) Say goodbye to the partner, greet the catcher, take a look at some warm up pitches, start the game 5-10 minutes late due in large part to the Case of the Duplicate Numbers, and Daddy DJ in the press box. 15) An hour and a half later: BOOM! OUTTA HERE! (If we're lucky) Somewhere in there, a real pre-game was probably mixed in, provided it wasn't someone that I've worked with a hundred times before. In between balls, strikes, and puts, a couple of silly questions from coaches were answered, and several funny things were heard coming from the stands from fans who came to the game fresh out of clues. Oh, I almost forgot! I also heard John Fogerty's "Centerfield" for the 4,357th time at some point during the game. Or was it the 4,358th time? I think that pretty much honestly sums up a day in the life of an amateur umpire in the middle of July.
  11. I grew up in California, and experienced a lot of earthquakes. Funny thing was, just about every one of them happened in the middle of the night. I too, was there for the '94 Northridge quake. I was in a am/pm mini market and gas station in Canyon Country just a couple of miles from where the I-5 and Hwy 14 meet. That was where it collapsed, tragically taking the life of CHP officer Clarence Wayne Dean, for whom the interchange is now named after.
  12. Yeah one of the other old time members here @JaxRolo @Umpire in Chief Or maybe @Thunderheads who I think was around at that time, might remember what company that was. This was around 2009 or 2010 IIRC. This particular company was closing and they were having a sale to end all sales. Stuff was ridiculously discounted. I'm pretty sure that UE members pretty much single handedly cleaned out their warehouse in very short order. The Champro magnesium mask was the "belle of the ball" that week, as guys were snatching up all they had. I may be off on the price, but I do remember it being pretty stupid at the time. Still not sure why I didn't pull the trigger on it, but I know I got a crap load of Smitty and Dalco shirts, and a few Smitty pullovers from them, at least one of which I still own.
  13. Was that one of the $7.00 masks that company that was closing was selling them for? I passed on those for some reason but got some great deals on $4.00 shirts and I also got a black pullover for like $12 or $15 bucks. Talk about a fire sale!
  14. Yeah i sourced that pic you posted and it goes back to midwest ump blog (I miss that guy and his reviews). It was the Mag-T that they sold for 99 bucks back in 2011-2012 or thereabouts. It sounds like it was the same as the Champro mag, just painted or powder coated in the silver. I wonder how I missed that back then? Oh well.
  15. I like the looks of that mask. Very sharp.