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  1. I gotz the skillz! It was a pleasure doing business with you my man!
  2. @ThunderheadsLock it up!
  3. Sold @wolfe_man a Douglas Chest Protector. Smooth transaction. I've done a couple transactions with him now, one as the buyer and one as a seller. Would not hesitate to do business again. Very good dude to deal with!
  4. Thanks to @rjdakin I am all set! I would also like to thank @Jimurray and @BT_Blue for your willingness to help
  5. PM sent.
  6. @wolfe_manHoly crap dude, you're on a roll!
  7. Holy smokes a 17" would not only cover my ribs, I probably wouldn't need a cup either!
  8. Oh yeah I hear ya. I guess what I was trying to say was that the Gold is the latest version and shares the same DNA as the Power, since both are Joe West direct designs. I'm still learning a little here and there about the power. I wish I could find more data and historical articles and what not on it, It fascinates me how something that hasn't been made in so long is still so prevalent with MLB umpires.
  9. I see what you mean there, and while it is the same concept that Cowboy Joe came up with originally, I would say the West Vest Gold is closest to the Power as far as design. The plates are almost identical. The champion in the picture is one of the old models that they had to stop making due to the trademark that JW and Wilson own. Oh, and the padding in the power is just fine, you wouldn't believe how light they are. I've never seen the weights, but I would guess around half the weight of a platinum anyway. The only thing they lack is gap protection, but that can be easily fixed.
  10. Okay, thanks Jim. We'll see what Arik comes up with. I appreciate all the help from you two! Greg
  11. How about a pic of 2 shovels?
  12. Lol, I wish!
  13. Hey thanks man I appreciate that!
  14. Wow. Makes you wonder what happened. They were once King Kong of the gear and uniform market for pretty much all sports. Ump-Attire has a lot to do with that, I'm sure. 10 years ago honigs was the end all be all, and little startup UA was just trying to get going. The difference, from my perspective, is that Jim has always listened to us and made adjustments accordingly, where as Honigs always seemed to act like they knew what was better for me than I did. Just my experience from the office I dealt with, and they always got my product to me very quickly. I've just always felt more comfortable dealing with UA. It's still sad to see long time institutions on the decline though.