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  1. Here we go. Hurray for Arkansas. Let's here from other states. Many, many more games all over the country in amateur ball than pro ball. You got the feeder system with softball. What about NCAA D1 and the softball feeder system. Where is that recruiting arm. How actively are all Professional umpires associations of amateur baseball players recruiting other Lauries. Where are you dads supporting your little girls with equal opportunity, equal pay, no glass ceiling, to be the best they can be since all men's sports are considered the pedestal for officiating, and provide the highest levels of financial gain for those opportunities and hard work. Wouldn't you be proud to see your daughter at the NCAA D1 baseball world series, High School State Finals or the highest level. MLB. Where are the dads of the daughters and their little girls. Crank up that recruiting end. It says there are not enough officials in many areas. More than one article over the past month about lack of umpires. Why were they rolling their eyes to start with. What is it with you guys. Once again congrats to Laurie.
  2. Why did they role their eyes??????????????
  3. I thought (SSS) Skin So Soft will cure anything that ails you including this. Or maybe a little SSS mixed with tobacco juice.
  4. Piazza better be there. Never would have sniffed HOF if not for a favor to his father who was a friend of Tommy, that took him as the last round (62) draft choice of the Dodgers in 88.
  5. The old cheap shot as your turning to walk away, so everybody will scream the umpire has rabbit ears and should just let it go, if he (manager/player/coach) is turning to go to the dugout and gets tossed. This is a designed and premeditated strategy used simply for one and only one purpose, which is to make the umpire look like the arrogant aggressor for tossing a manager who now has his back turned, after making the quick over the shoulder derogatory and ejection worthy comment. Show some intestinal fortitude and say all you have to say directly to his face and accept the consequences, get tossed and then walk away.
  6. ""Hey, can someone grab that?"" And what if they don't???????? Just asking.
  7. Boy, the teams in the Northeast, (Washington and Boston) are very critical on umpire strike zones the first 2 months.
  8. Got to remember Geren and Mattingly go back to the days when both played with the Yankees. They probably know how each other thinks about intentional brushbacks, or beanings and they may not agree now, or ever agreed as teammates on how the other one thought about those situations. Don Drysdale, I will get 2 of yours if you get 1 of mine. No win situations for the umpires, that is, if your idea of umpiring means somehow winning (whatever that entails) in all these situations. Even players and managers strongly disagree with each other on many of these situations, even when they are not in the heat of battle. Like being dissed, everyone has their own opinion of what is a diss and what isn't, and "how to" settle/even up/impart equal justice for all in this matter. Sometimes there is (to others) no rhyme or reason, it is just like the parent's, "because I said so" type issue. Everyone has different ideas about the when, where, why, just like how, what, when, where, why, do you start doing OBAAT, and stop stealing as the score gets farther and farther apart during a game. Few are in agreement on the exact black and white specifics (running up the score) of that issue either. Good to see or maybe that isn't good, but some old day squabbles with old teammates out there protecting turf, right or wrong for their players and teams and getting appropriately tossed. Seager broke "the code" with the Marlins down 5-0 in the 7th by swinging at a 3-0 pitch. What inning and score makes the difference in a code violation??? As mentioned above no clear and concise rules, just seat of the pants reasoning/dissing or because I said so.
  9. Interesting. Class of 86. 2 umpires that started together, Tim Tschida and Dale Scott full time in the AL in 1986. Here is the quote from Tschida's retirement. TT: I’ve had some concussions and some upper-neck injuries over the years. I’ve spoken to a couple of experts who’ve said, “You’re one hard foul tip away from quality-of-life issues.” Looks like Scott will go out for about the same reasons. And, of course the 2 NL umpires that started full time from 1986, Greg Bonin and Tom Hallion, in which Bonin had to leave the game for about the same reasons as Tschida and Scott. Only Hallion left of the 4 full time hires in 1986.
  10. As you well know, it all starts at the top. The game is only as good as the way those at the top back the officials when they make those difficult calls concerning sportsmanship and deportment, up to and including the possibility of ejections, and even game suspensions or forfeiture as the case may be. And this goes for any sport.
  11. You do what this umpire did and let the chips fall where they may. If you work again, fine. If you don't work again fine. Although you hope to never have this happen, the rule is clear. Enforce the rule. If the powers that be want to write the rule differently, then by all means let them. Just do your job and go home. Let bygones be bygones. Let the higher ups handle things after the game is called. Let the State/NF whoever/whatever cower to their own rule if they want to. They put the rule there for a reason. If that reason happens, the rule defines what to do. They were not punch drunk when writing the rule. The wording was designed and premeditated for the rule and its enforcement, upon that situation/rule actually happening.
  12. Right handed batter squares to bunt. Being a goofball and not knowing how to properly hold the bat, the batter grabs the bat with his whole hand facing the pitcher with all the fingers butted together. No way a pitch could hit the finger ""and"" the bat at the same time. As an player or umpire looking in from B or C you say, that is a great way to break a finger/fingers. So, here comes the pitch, and definitely without a shadow of a doubt, the batter starts pulling the bat back just a fraction before the pitch drills the middle and ring finger straight on and everyone in the ball park can clearly see it, players and umpires included. Pitch was just 1 inche off the plate for a ball and would have been called a ball had the pitch not hit the fingers grabbing onto the bat, which is why the batter started to pull back at the last second to start with. No way the ball hit the bat. Does the batter get a HBP or does he get a foul ball???? Wouldn't something like this still be a great call for either manager to get tossed on since so many things are basically up to IR. Is this an IR'able call and do they still count towards challenges allowed by a manager in the game or did the number or challenges rule go away.
  13. Although I hurled all over the keyboard from motion sickness, the plate umpire Anthony Inzero is a former NYP and South Atlantic League umpire. Looks like 1B umpire Ian Kelly is a 2014 TUS/UTA graduate--and of course there could be another Ian Kelly's out there that went and not this one, and Tim McCaffery working 3B. Still no matter what you do, the center field camera-is set up way to the side of the pitchers right butt cheek for the zone-since they cannot put the camera right at catcher's helmet height looking dead on, straight down the the chute, of the mound due to the pitcher being in the way for normal televised games. And with the umpire mask camera being in the slot, the camera is not right down the middle of the plate. Camera should be on catchers mask and that only works when he sets up dead middle of the plate. This only works for catching the horizontal inside/outside of the plate and not the vertical.
  14. Good for her and yes, great start for Emma in MiLB. But"""" here was a former phrase used in a situation. "She claimed that an umpire supervisor for the majors once said publicly that a woman would have to be twice as good as a man to work in the majors, and that clubs would have to provide separate dressing facilities to hire female umpires and that would be too expensive". +++++++++++ I would imagine that in litigation circumstances this comment above would not be very wise, nor just, not just in the situation above but in anything with anybody in life. And here is the one used in the above football article. Yes, I loved the article, but??????? Does she have the capability? Yes. Is she getting better every year? Yes. Does she fit in and do the right things on and off the field with the crew? Yes," Carollo said. "Now, are you better than the next guy? You've got to be a little bit better than the next guy because people are going to say she got it just because she's a woman. Not a good comment to make IMHO. IMHO this is telling women, or any other entity that the man will be chosen "every single time" all things being "equal", rather than the women getting the job with the same talent level for some of the job openings. And, once again, this could be said about any competitive situation with all types of circumstances, but that when things are equal, one specific entity type always wins the day in an "equal situation" while the other entities always lose. That is not a good situation. I wish I had not read that.
  15. Nobody touching this with a 9 foot pole. Ok Let me know when the article says "Female-umpire-begins-journey-in-Major College-D1-Baseball Conference(Conference games on weekends, not non-Conference schedule). Or same quote for Major D1 Basketball Conference. They already have a D1 feeder system for women officials with D1 Women's Softball and Basketball, to then move over to the men's game. Plenty of men work in D1 women's Major Conference softball and basketball also.
  16. Does the ball become dead (at :20 and 1:06 when Carrapazzi raises hands) as soon as the contact occurs on the obstruction without a tag being made? Or, do you let the rundown continue and give the offense a chance to draw a throw that goes OOB and the runner would get third base, since no actual tagging action (just chasing action) on the runner has occurred? The teams practice these rundowns (tons of times) and "peeling off """"immediately""""" after releasing the ball (i.e.--making a "hard" left or right turn out of the way as needed) in spring training so the old guy that went to the school said, so the umpires in no way could call an obstruction. Earl Weaver just rolled over again on that poorly done run down that scored an extra run.
  17. Maybe a little seed was planted not just to the teams by the League Office but also into the umpires ear. And, an intentional hook just to let you know it isn't over until I say it is over would be the way to go. I believe some pitcher use to say if you get one of mine, I get two of yours, and everyone thought that was great and funny. But the war never ends that way, until everyone considers things even steven, and that is hard if one person says 2 to 1 is even.
  18. thunder or moderators doing old research and somehow re-posted in error. Moderators please move back into 2010---old ancient news. thanks dd (proved it once again)
  19. Get in good with Richvee in Jersey. Or!!!!!!! (using a little googling geography here) step up your game to NCAA D1 and move to UMP45 territory in Greensboro, NC to maximize your abilities and earning power even if you could care less about money with plenty of NCAA D1 within 200-210 miles. NC, NC State, Duke, Wake Forest, UVA, VTech, Elon, East Carolina, UNC Charlotte, UNC Wilmington, UNC Greensboro, NCA&T, ASU, Davidson, Campbell, High Point, Radford, Gardner Webb, North Carolina Central, Wofford, Furman, VMI, Winthrop, Presbyterian, Liberty, Longwood, James Madison, East Tennessee State and probably others, (UNC Asheville, URichmond, VCU, Coastal Carolina, USC). The majority of the schools above are assigned through the ACC assignor or designated assistant assignors (non-Con) for the ACC assignor.
  20. All right. Let's say everybody here and their brother goes 50 50 on this call. Absolutely happy either way it is called. Which side is it better to err and take crapola on. Calling the infield fly and getting the guaranteed 1 out and no more. Or, no call and the chance of having all runners be safe and no outs at all. Or a very possible double play. Or a weird triple play as happened here. Or, the guaranteed 1 out by calling IFF, but the runners still making more outs when they see the ball fall to the ground and leave their bases and are tagged while off the bag. So once again, if you had to err on one side or the other on this play, would it be to err on the IFF call or on the non call??? You are going to catch crapola either way. And with the wizard = caught by an infielder (not average infielder as is now) with ordinary effort, , you might want to err on the side of an IFF or there are going to be a lot of double plays once he catches on to the more lenient interpretation. That running sideways and seeing most of the front number but not seeing the total back of the jersey like running directly towards the wall, was a guaranteed money in the bank catch.
  21. Well A famous HP umpire who later called Don Larson's perfect game in the 1956 World Series, decided this was not RLI, in the season opening game at Ebbetts field on Tuesday April 15th, 1947. Working with him was future Hall of Famer Al Barlick at 1B. It was the debut for the rookie umpire at 3B Artie Gore. Boston was ahead 3-2 going into the bottom of the 7th. The first batter, Eddie Stanky, drew a walk from Johnny Sain, and then the bunt by Robinson who was also making his National League debut. 3 runs were scored in the inning and Brooklyn went on to defeat Boston 5-3. Missing in action on this day was none other than Brooklyn Manager Leo, the lip, Durocher who had been suspended by the Commissioner (A.B. "Happy" Chandler) for the 1947 season, for associating with known gamblers. Enjoy
  22. you better be sorry. After 3 days (like 3 strikes and your out, or 3 days without water) I went into cardiac arrest. I told them what I thought was the problem on my last breath. They Narcanned me first. Then they took me to the ICU and put me on life support and also put me in someone's leftover hyperbolic chamber (they wouldn't tell me whose old one it was, but they did say there were some fibers in the chamber, that might allude to the fact that the previous person wore some kind of glove, or another theory, had a relative named Ted. Was it a catchers mitt, an outfielder glove, first base mitt, (ahh who cares) doesn't really matter. So, when word finally came that UE was back up, I was slowly brought back to life and into the real world. In the future. could i be put on the email list, for notices of important information that might severely hamper my r o u t i n e , "prior" to the fact. And, could I get $100 reimbursement for my episode. In lieu of the $100, you can have a plate game where every batter goes 3-2 and fouls off 5 pitches before walking. The score of the 7 inning game is 30-25 and lasts 6 hours. don't let it happen again. get those flowers for mothers day, or you will be taking over that chamber.
  23. here is another angle starting at :40 of the play.
  24. up pretty early there on the West Coast umpstu. Very nice/concise response if you are still at the bar.