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  1. The first post gives who suspends. I would assume this article below answers who assigns/hires and who fires, as those decisions are not handled by each individual umpire on the staff. http://www.bcsnn.com/sun-belt/253-sec-and-sun-belt-team-up-for-baseball-umpire-consortium.html and How quickly we forget is below. Not the first time to the rodeo for this team and coach. https://www.theadvertiser.com/story/sports/college/baseball/2014/05/02/sun-belt-suspends-umpiring-crew/8630217/ http://espn1420.com/sun-belt-suspends-all-three-umpires-from-ul-vs-tx-st-series/ http://espn1420.com/lessons-in-accountability-from-the-birds-nest/ And I will let you find out from all your connections, how this (2014 incident) all played out in the long run for those involved (umpires) as in the Jimmy Buffett (you will never work in this business again), as it is obvious that the coach is still in business. added 3/2 you can click on the link and when the page comes up look to the Feb 25 game and click on that. Start the game and drag the time bar to the bottom of the 7th at the 2:20-2:25 mark of the game with 1 hour left to go. See the home run/double as to weather it hit off the top of the wall and bounced back in or hit the pine tree behind and bounced back and the argument that ensued. Also watch the 9th for another double/home run and then the last play of the game and the way the crew gets their ear bent leaving the field. All calls above were judgment calls. Replay of the game may not be up much longer. https://www.ragincajuns.com/index.aspx?path=baseball another replay of the ejection call
  2. You might enjoy

    there is a whole page of these from UCU on you tube if this post is somewhere else, moderators please delete.
  3. New hires

    And here is the first official piece i have seen from the press, although the unofficial/inside scoop came from ccs already. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2018/02/23/stu-scheurwater-becomes-full-time-major-league-umpire/110748236/
  4. Not that there has to be, by any stretch of the imagination, but noticed there were no first year AAA or half year AAA like Hoberg and Morales were in this point of their careers, that received invitations from the IL or PCL.
  5. Erasing the catchers box...

    So, why does lawump say they do this, either from hearing or learning about it from the school, or when he was working MiLB on the field, if he actually did or did not do the above with the lines. This is not condoning or discondoning the practice, or saying it is either legal or illegal, or should or should not be done at all.
  6. Correa HR

    And the umpire makes no excuses for the miss. Twins had an opportunity the very next year to even the score with the Yankees. Oops. Soundly thumped by the Yanks and knocked out in 3 straight. And this year again in the Wild Card, soundly thumped. And the umpire from that game will be seen tomorrow night. Congrats. http://www.nj.com/yankees/index.ssf/2009/10/politi_umpire_who_blew_call_in.html
  7. I think by now you probably know that baseball, from all indications, is much more reactive than pro-active. They need someone like you, that would not be totally off the wall with "what if" plays, to sit down with them and use that legal mind of yours in a pro-active way with the writing (concisely), on the rules and examples of those rules as written, as well as situational IR examples and implementation.
  8. WS crew..

    Could have been. But they did suspend Joe over the Papelbon incident in late September 2014 and he still received a post season assignment. And of course the press would have been all over his comments again, just like they were all over DeMuth last year for his comments about drilling the runner in the back to get the RLI interference call going to first and taking all doubt away, and DeMuth did not work the playoffs. Or, are they just giving some guys a rest every year so they can get the next group of umpires ready or more ready for future post season assignments? However, although all umpires would probably love to be chosen for an assignment most years, IMHO at this point in the game for most senior umpires, it would seem like they would be extremely happy to see members of their crew receiving assignments regardless of whether or not they receive one every year or not.
  9. 6-Man Injury

    In the first example it looks like LF umpire moved to the infield and RF umpire stayed put. In the second example it looks like RF umpire moved to the infield and the LF umpired stayed put. 2008 AL LCS Umpires: HP - Derryl Cousins (left in the 4th inning), 1B - Tim McClelland, 2B - Sam Holbrook, 3B - Brian O'Nora, LF - Brian Gorman, RF - Alfonso Marquez; Tim McClelland moved to HP in the 4th inning; Sam Holbrook moved to 1B in the 4th inning; Brian O'Nora moved to 2B in the 4th inning; Brian Gorman moved to 3B in the 4th inning 1992 NL LCS Umpires: HP - John McSherry (left in the 2nd inning), 1B - Randy Marsh, 2B - Steve Rippley, 3B - Gary Darling, LF - Gerry Davis, RF - Ed Montague; Randy Marsh moved to HP in the 2nd inning; Ed Montague moved to 1B in the 2nd inning
  10. WS crew..

    Davis just completed his 34th (1984) full time season (fill in/call up--for 82, 83). He has worked a total of 35 Special Events (i.e. ASG, WC, DS, LCS, WS) in that period of time. Since Jim Honochick worked his 6th WS in 1972 only 3 other umpires have accomplished that feat. Ed Montague, Joe West and now Gerry Davis. Pretty neat career.
  11. American Legion Rule Changes

    But, since he seems like a nice guy of outstanding character, if he can keep the POG like he did in game 6 of the tournament, I would gladly be willing to watch him a full 9 innings all year long. Now, let's see when they go to 5 inning games somewhere, which would give pitchers a great chance to get complete game victories not only in Legion, but in many more organizations that play baseball.
  12. American Legion Rule Changes

    And from that recent realistic tournament photograph that was finally provided, you were obviously in the first regularly scheduled 9-inning game in the 92-year history of Legion baseball. Well you know what they say, 92 is the new 50.
  13. Cannot say for sure, but maybe he was just following the recommendation/advice, for the reasons mentioned in the article below. He might have read the article in the paper last year, from the CC working the current Yankee Series, and with the future possibility of working his 6th World Series, to tie for the lead in WS appearances over the last 30 years. I would imagine this is a given, or maybe they figure it out on their own, as one of their (player) options to use ""if"" they feel it would work better. http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2016/04/05/dana-demuth-do-it-throw-it-into-the-runners-back/
  14. could we get the pitch fx boxes with the pitches that were missed by close call sports analysis circled. No comment on the pitches are necessary, just the ones missed circled that are counting towards towards the missed/not missed game percentage. Thanks. dd
  15. Appeal of pulled foot

    Let's also mention that there are some older guard and newer gard who just seem to get straight-lined much to often and the only time they call a check swing a strike is when the bat practically wraps around the body, almost like a true non check swing, almost as if to take away the heat from them and put it on their partner. From what I can see, both sitches above happen.
  16. Little and Nauert already beat Joe to the punch earlier in the year with the call on this as you are well aware, but of course Joe gets mentioned as the big bad Wolf. and, from the neck of the woods in this country that you are in, i thought you were going to make some reference about wiping the dew off the lilypad. and I am still look'in for that guy who licked the red off my sucker, but I will find him. probably hiding in the hen house with the fox.
  17. New Feature - Member Map

    Try Skull Island. It is on Google Maps now.
  18. Farewell for now

    So you will be living in Carmel--hugh. Much easier to see a lot of pro-sports (than in Dillsburg) with the Colts and Pacers and of course the AAA Indians will make you feel right at home as the Pittsburgh Pirate affiliate. Not to mention the WNBA, NASL, USHL, ECHL and of course the Indy 500 as well as good ole NASCAR. It is the headquarters for the NCAA and NFSHSA. Looks like D1, D2 and D3 baseball in the area. And look, for baseball umpiring , there is the D1 Horizon League Headquarters right there in Indy. And oh my, the Commissioner should be looking for you since he is a former baseball collegiate D1 player from online articles. Looks like 'plenty of sports to keep you occupied' anyway you would like, whether it is officiating or just watching. Looks like plenty of non-sports activities to keep you busy also, should you chose. Definitely more than Dillsburg. Enjoy and good luck.
  19. congrats. list of all winners 2010 Blake Davis 2011 Ryan Goodman 2012 Chris Gonzalez 2013 Ronnie Teague 2014 Sean Allen 2015 Reid Gibbs 2016 Patrick Sharshel 2017 Mike Rains
  20. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1994-06-23/sports/9406230193_1_bruce-froemming-umpire-obscenity http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1994-06-23/sports/1994174147_1_wilkins-pitch-froemming http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1994-06-24/sports/9406240255_1_umpire-bruce-froemming-jeremy-hernandez-lightning-rod 12th paragraph in article below- jerry grote and Bruce http://www.fangraphs.com/tht/card-corner-1971-topps-jerry-grote/
  21. Best lines you've heard or used at an umpire?

    and you can hear all about it on Dick Howser Goes Nuts!! on you tube. warning!!!! laced with profanity. or The article http://www.upi.com/Archives/1984/06/25/Kansas-City-manager-Dick-Howser-says-he-knows-his/2406456984000/
  22. Nice Rotation PU to Third

    But did he play in the CFL and Grey Cup along with going to the NHL Referee School?
  23. Best lines you've heard or used at an umpire?

    If you have heard the whole list, retirement should be just around the corner. The Big List of Umpire Heckles Posted in Famous Big Lists, Umpires | 10 comments Blue Ump Umpires I didn't know we were golfing today, I would have brought my clubs! You drop more calls than AT&T The manager called, your uniform is ready Did you star in "Weekend at Bernie's"? Hey blue, that call was a get outta here quick call! I thought only horses slept standing up! That was higher than a t-shirt at Mardi Gras! It's against the law to make prank calls! (Hold up cell phone) Is this your cell phone? Because it has three missed calls! That pitch was like your last date, you didn't want to see her or call her. To batter as he steps into the box: "You better be swinging. You're standing in the strike zone." He was as out as a deaf kid playing musical chairs! After the ump has dusted off home plate: "You're gonna make someone a great wife someday! You're not gonna sleep a minute tonight because you've slept all game. Is your rule book written in braille? How's he going to learn if you keep giving him the answers? (to Ump after appeal) That's why they shouldn't let umpires date the players. I didn't pay 35 bucks to watch you call strikes! Hey Ump, how can you sleep with all these lights on If you're just gonna watch the game, buy a ticket Stevie Wonder could see that one Flip over the plate and read the directions You couldn't call hogs! Keep calling em like that and you'll be bagging groceries by September. Get a hammer and some nails, the plate is movin' around! You call more strikes than a union delegate! Did your glass eye fog up? Have you lost your strike zone in the lights? Now I know why there's only one eye (I) in umpire You couldn't get a pitchout right You're making more bad calls than a telemarketer! How about some Windex for that glass eye! The French judge says it's a strike! How can you eat with those hands? Hey ump, diarrhea has more consistency than your strike zone ! You need to go to confession after that call! I've seen better Blues in a box of crayons! Don't bother brushing off the corners, you're not calling them anyway! We know you're blind, we've seen your wife! They're putting your strike zone on the back of milk cartons! Mix in some consistency once in awhile! You must be losing them in the lights! Why do you keep looking in your hand...do you have a map of the strike zone in it? I'll take three pencils! Hey blue, that's not a 5 iron he's hitting with! (on a low strike call) How do you sleep at night? I was confused the first time I saw a game too I've gotten better calls from my ex-wife! Good thing there is not three choices! Hey ump is that a dinner plate? Apparently it has no corners! Admit you lied! Why don't you get your Seeing Eye dog to call it for you? I forgot the Milk-Bone for your seeing-eye dog! Can I pet your seeing eye dog after the game? When your dog barks twice, its a strike! Kick your dog, he's lying to you! I'm gonna break your cane and shoot your dog Be careful when you back up, so you don't fall over your dog! Did you haul in your strike zone on a tractor trailer bed? Hey Blue, if you had another eye it would be lonely! I've heard better calls at a square dance! I've heard better calls between two tin cans and a piece of string! Hey Blue, were you looking for the curve? So which one of you is the designated driver? Move a little Ump, you're growing' roots! I've seen better blue in a toilet bowl! What's a matter you Gotta Broken Arm? Look through the mask, not at it! It really is hot today - that strike zone is melting! Wrong! You couldn't call a cab! The circus is in town and the clowns are wearing blue! Its a strike zone, not an end zone! You really shouldn't be in the game until you get warmed up! Come on blue, turn that mask around and get a GOOD look!! You can go home blue, we'll take it from here! How'd you become an umpire? Flunk out of tollbooth school? How about asking the audience? Do you want to use another lifeline? 3 Blind Mice, 3 Blind Mice, What were you, a lookout.. on the Titanic? How many fingers am I holding up? (For an umpire is slow getting in position) C'mon blue, put the Snicker Bar down. Sweep the plate! It's the least you can do! Move around, you're tilting' the infield! Move around Ump, you're killing' the grass! It sure sounded like a strike! How'd you get a square head in that round mask? Have they stopped printing the rulebooks in Braille? Don't donate your eyes to science, they don't want em' Does your wife let you make decisions at home? Pull the good eye out of your pocket Wipe the dirt off that called strike! Sure you don't want to phone a friend? You can open your eyes now! Do you get any better or is this it? You're blinking too long! Do you travel with this team? Come on, MCI doesn't make that many bad calls! You couldn't make the right call if you had a phone book! You couldn't make a call in a phone booth! Do you take Visa or American Express? Leave the gift giving to Santa! Take out your glass eye and wash it! OK....the next call should be ours! Guess again, the last call was wrong! Who signs your game checks? Is that guy your nephew Ump? Do you feel guilty? If the pitcher is throwing too fast for you, we can ask him to slow it down Your strike zone is a moving target You're getting better, you almost made the right call that time Punch a hole in that mask, you're missing a good game Hey, Sleeping Beauty, wake up! Hey Blue, Magnum P.I. called, he can't find your strike zone! I've seen potatoes with better eyes! Looked pretty good from up here ump! Do your sleeping at home ump! For a guy that only works 2 hours a day, you're doing a pretty bad job! Hey blue, if you had one more eye you'd be a Cyclops RING..RING....Wake up call ump! You couldn't see the plate if your dinner was on it! Wake up Ump, You're missing a great game! Somebody call the law, this guy is impersonating an umpire! Ump, you're calling a worse game than a NFL ref! Now I understand why you and the other manager look so much alike! You're like a bat without sonar! Here's a quarter, go buy a strike zone! Hows work experience going ump? He must be wearing a (visiting team) t-shirt under that jersey. Keep making calls like that and you'll be demoted to the pony league! Somebody get the ump his prescription mask! Sit down, bus driver! You flipping coins? Is that your final answer? Take off that welding mask What's your magic word? What's the count Blue? Dog Robber! (classic) Lenscrafter called...they'll be ready in 30 min. Open your good eye! Next time buy a ticket if you're going to watch! Can I buy you another beer? Eat a salad!
  24. New ACC coordinator

    Congrats to Troy http://www.dailypress.com/sports/dp-spt-troy-fullwood-acc-0825-story.html
  25. New ACC coordinator

    Looks like the Sun Belt goes from Thompson to Paul Guillie now, although the article is a month old. http://sunbeltsports.org/news/2017/7/31/sun-belt-and-sec-to-partner-on-baseball-umpire-program.aspx