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  1. What, like when you are at a bar and glance up at a TV screen just in time to yell balk because you forget where you are and the old instincts come out. Just made that one up, but I bet it has happened when a bunch of you and your buddies have gotten together. But you forgot about that, didn't you. You better get back to the CPL. You must have liked Adam Clark, Clay Williams, Jordan Sandberg, Bobby Tassone, and Nathan Dietrich. Now that they are gone, you got to have that list ready for the next one.
  2. what is the difference in those pitching machine leagues. I think a player could get seriously injured by that stationary pitching machine that can't move out of the way and has no mobility. But, we use them in leagues anyway and ignore the serious injury "potential".
  3. looks like we got a finger into the chest of Miller. Don't you ever touch me seems to be what he is saying.
  4. CWS

    but you are not explaining why you are not there on the field right now so that there are no problems, since you are the best or very close to it. nobody wants the problems you have pointed out, but I just cannot imagine why you are not there. most states have public stations for their High Schools sports. Is there some footage on those public stations of you working games in baseball or any sports so we can watch and learn from. I am pretty sure somebody from your state told me they have a lot of High School games filmed and if you are an official, you can watch the games and pay attention to the officials. Would love to see a game of you working. I want to learn, even if I could never be as proficient. You have to seek the position, not the position seek you, just like looking for a job. And MidAmUmp has a great camp that has College supervisors that would love your passion, but mainly your superior abilities. That would get you hooked up with Rich Feitchet and you could be on your way to games in the Big 10, Big 12, American Athletic etc, which would be right up your alley due to your location. It is easier for the Major College supervisors to go to a camp where all the umpires are in one spot, than to have to supervise their own staffs every game plus try and find time to attend 60-100 high school games at the exact same time period with everyone playing on all the same days to find the best of the best High School guys. No, you just don't get a free call on the phone and a full schedule of D1 games due to a buddy in your association putting in a good word for you. That may have happened years ago, and there were problems with that system also. The guy recommended was not that good but his buddy wanted to take care of him. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not. So go to the MidAmUmp camp. No it is not free. But I would gladly trade 500-1000 worth of training for 10 years or more of 350-550 per game. And remember, since you are a very very good umpire, everyone will notice (believe me) a superstar and be begging that person to work for them. Who doesn't want the Babe Ruth of umpiring. I sure would since I would definitely know everyone on my staff was unfortunately not a Babe Ruth.
  5. CWS

    nobody said they were all that. so why the excuse about giving 30 years back. Every opportunity you would want to achieve has been there for the time span mentioned, both working towards a CWS or a WS in another arena. And of course just like all professions and every job imaginable. You will never find out who/whom are the best, unless each and every person tries for that profession or job that is being talked about. That is the only way to get the best of the best. And I don't see any film footage of all those mentioned in the OP who can do better so we can take potshots at all of them. Or since they are on the "How great thou art" team by proclamation, I guess there would be no need to review their work, either to critique or very possibly to learn from.
  6. CWS

    why aren't you there working the games then?????? Since they need help, when will we see you there?????? Give us a shout, as you know we will gladly watch someone from this forum.
  7. Cripes BrianC14, you had the 8th post about that incident back in 2010 on page 28 right now, under 'umpire news from around the web'. He, McDonnell, got 3 days for that one in the Big East tournament and missed the start of the Regionals. And I am sure you knew that all 4 umpires working that ejection game in the Big East Tournament in 2010, had worked the Regionals (Shields, Bennett, Collins, Mele), with Mele and Collins having worked a CWS within their careers, and Mele going on to become a MLB observer in New York at one time. And recently, McDonnell has gone on to sign a $1,000,000 per year contract ($325,000 per year raise) with Louisville in June 2016, which they did very quickly after Augie Garrido retired so that Texas did not steal him. And along with that 1 million this year, he just raked in a retention bonus of $150,000 this year just for staying, and will get another one in 2020, etc. etc. He had to go do something if he did not like a call or situation or just whining all the time in general, to make sure it looks like he is earning his keep. Articles do not say if he gets bonuses for post season play like the little angel with a halo, the coach at Maryland's contract is laced with.
  8. I will assume no dramatic bat flip having not seen the home run. Well, if nothing happens this afternoon, obviously we are now into the later this year part of the phrase or even the future reference part. Spring training has even been known as a place to settle some past disagreements from the regular season. Something situation like this on the bases or in the last meeting of a team for the year, and on your last at bat against a club in the 8th inning, you do a overly dramatic bat flip. The next time to show your displeasure with that act would be Spring Training, and elephants never forget.
  9. Let's see if a little chin music is in order tonight???? or later this year. keep this play in mind for future reference.
  10. another article to go along with your original that you might like. and another
  11. Thank you lawump. That was kind of how I saw it reading between the lines, even though I am blind in one eye and cannot see out the other. Wasn't trying to get you in any trouble. Hope you were not texting the above while driving to that Florence game to scout Caleb Stone and Zach Robbins. Happy Trails to you.
  12. Can't everyone just go to umpire school in 2018 so we can get rid of all the apparent bad calls and situation handling going into the future. It is a great job (i.e. salary and benefits). AAA in your 5th year, and full MLBU fill in schedule in your 6th year. Hired to the full time staff in your 9th year. Bare down. Let's go. Umpire school is only 7 months away.
  13. correct. At least by the box score in the 8th inning play by play section says it goes in the books as a stolen base.
  14. Late to the game here lawump. Just remember my sign in is very true. Just like FG (FG was played by Tom Hanks) was openly honest in one of his comments to Jenny. It hurts. However, at least in my own mind, I/dd will admit to being 50/50 good with finding those greasy spoon places to find sustenance. I have no idea how to handle the situation you were dealing with the absolute correct way. Say nothing and let it go on. Say something and try to say it constructively and concisely and hopefully positively, in words that the other party will know they are not being highly admonished or whatever the words are that make people go negative and want to jump off a bridge. What are the right words and what is the right thing to do. You lawyers are great wordsmiths in/with the English language or you are out of a job, and I use the word wordsmith in a non-negative way, but how do you really know I am being positive or am I trying to sneak in some sneakily worded cheap shot? Ya know, sometimes you just got to umpire. But, here is my problem with the situation. How does an umpire get this far with doing those "absolute no no's" on the field with decorum. The respect is earned not coddling or glad-handing, but in your on field umpiring and handling situations. Hustle, mechanics, confidant and concise calls, fair but firm approachable demeanor when needed exhibited by body language and voice. Although we want this to be about the umpire we just worked with, let's get a little more 'up the chain of command" (IMHO we don't move up the COC ladder to ask questions many times). Exactly where, when, how, why, did this person actually think any of this was even remotely acceptable. I am more inclined to blame those in a position to have this well-intended individual, to work at all, knowing they think this on field demeanor is an acceptable way to umpire as part of the Association/Assignor they are representing. This should have been squelched at the very beginning levels of any Association that is contracted to work. The Assignor and Association has to go look in the mirror and take the hit/good look at themselves for this, unless this individual suddenly just went rogue this one time. It seems hard to believe this was his first time to the rodeo. If, as an assignor or Association something totally out of my/our control happened and I could only embarrassingly send someone that I knew was out of their element and that we were working on, that had some bad habits, that they somehow see as acceptable (how in the heck did they acquire these after all our meetings/clinics in the room and on field demonstrations?), I (as assignor or Association) would be on that phone or on the premises myself to some how get a message to lawump and give a heads up on what had just transpired, even if I was an assignor from another group. (maybe a situation where 2 different groups assign 1 umpire each to a game.). So, my beef is with the association/assignor more so than the umpire. Phone in the game????? Give me a break. Only an absolute emergency situation like relative on their death bed, would even make me carry a phone on the field. What did we do prior to Cell Phones. We probably cancelled the game with the assignor and sat by the land line phone in the house or worked the game and ran back home to monitor the phone. I would also let my partner know that I had an emergency situation but I would only go for the message in between innings if??????????? I needed to. At least you would be aware of this. Remember, I believe I saw somewhere on the internet (maybe I dreamed it up) there was a guy, who in a pre-game with his crew-chief before a College game, openly admitted he was not as up to snuff "anymore" in the 2 man system as he would like to be. The umpire who admitted this, I believe, was negatively reported on by the CC, but I am not sure if with the negativity the CC asked not to work with him again since (at this moment I cannot find that old comment from an old article that I either dreamed or read the comment) (crew chiefs probably have to report whatever they got positive or negative on their partners). I also believe this to be a decent umpire even if rusty. I believe this umpire had to retire due to a back injury. Just some thoughts. How would each of us handle this situation. Let it go?, constructively inform?, who knows. Sometimes you just got to umpire, with either decision you make and let the chips fall where they may. Notice I played the old run away and hide game without stating a definitive answer. the coach is on my butt on balls and strikes. I clearly saw the batter go on the check swing but since they are on my butt. dd--- did he go???? law ump--Go where????? dd
  15. Fans come to see ejections, performed at times in the past by a Hall of Famer, the honorable Doug Harvey mentioned above, as one of the great historical reasons and pleasures of going to go see a baseball game, along with the peanuts, and crackerjacks. A regular guy/joe/manager gets to go chew somebody out for a perceived/or real injustice, get it off his chest, get the day off work, and come back the next day like nothing happened. Fans get to enjoy the histrionics, simple/or demonstrative employed, and scream at the evil Darth Vader/Lord Voldemort/umpire taking advantage of/bullying the beloved team while their Luke Skywalker/Harry Potter Manager defends them from the evil Darth Vader/Lord Voldemort/umpire. More and more IR=fewer and fewer ejections. More and more IR=fewer and fewer fans who get to see one of life's simple pleasures called an ejection, while attending the National Pastime .