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  2. moderators kindly combine this question from "ask the umpire" or move up to ask the umpire at your discretion.
  3. But now someone is going to use this interp from that bunt situation, for the hit and run, and the stealing runner is accidentally hit by the batted ball, because the 2nd baseman and 1st baseman make no attempt (chooses not to-) to "make a play", as being a reason not to call the stealing runner out. The fielders are choosing not to make a play many times because they have no chance to make a play anyway. They just luck up and get an out from the deal because the runner is hit, and is out per the rule. Better clarify.
  4. Boss says---not so fast with the computer/robo-ump baseball needs the arguments keep a few non-reviewable (new york) situations just so a manager with a horrible team has something to get tossed about 6-12 times when needed. Also good for 1-5 tosses for a guy running away with the title. check swings, balks, etc. or at least several that they can only huddle about on the field and then either manager can scream and get tossed when the call doesn't go their way.
  5. Beulah Ballbreaker, Jr. you are.
  6. don't worry. I have a feeling umpire in chief knows that it was a tongue in cheek response, whatever it was about, that I said. Somebody has to bust on him every now and again since I refuse to join the Earl Weaver fan club he is in.
  7. cripes. With you,,,,,the only person in the world who would have a full time job any more would be you yourself. Guess you could command that 60 billion (free agent) a year salary and all the time off you wanted to officiate under those conditions. love dd
  8. watch the video first with no sound. start at beginning (runners were on 1st and 2nd to start) and go to :12 second mark and stop. Lance Barksdale has runner on 2nd and 1st out for a double play (pumps out call on both runners with fist). What say ye?? then read article below about the play above that took 3+ minutes replay and review to figure out
  9. But where is the pitch fx for the Tiger game with Angel the other day to see tha at bat with Kinsler and to see for the whole game after Kinsler's monologue on USA today.
  10. Well you can lip read the phrase YGTBSM but that may have been after he was tossed and YGTBSM may or may not be a phrase that pays anyway.
  11. easy fix to this. MLB needs to come out and tell the umpires and players that the umpires will or will not move when requested. If MLB in its infinite wisdom, decides the umpires will move out of the position that the umpire needs to make the correct call, upon the request of a player, and if the umpire then misses a call due to the new positioning, it will not count towards that umpires statistical evaluations. This means misses for evaluation purposes from the statistics used to determine any of their normal evaluation ratings and for post season ratings. The call, only if missed, is just thrown out for all evaluation purposes.
  12. Who knows???? You are still in the hunt till you are out of the hunt even if you have been passed by others (Little, Hamari, Gibson, Wolcott and the famous class of 2009 with Hoberg, Morales and Torres), in your rookie MiLB class right out of the umpire school. In recent times it has never had to be the one with the most (seniority=time in the game or time of first selection to the call up list) or most call up games worked, that has to get selected to the next opening. If there is an opening for next year, it will come from (no doubt about it-from the list below), based on Managements judgment. Remember no umpire gets to pick themselves. Others (Management) pick them and I am sure the Commissioner could always invoke the "in the best interests of baseball" clause if needed to prevent someone selected by those that report to the Commissioner. alphabetically Additon, Barber, Basner, Blakney, De Jesus, Fagan, Lentz, Libka, Livensparger, Mahrley, May, Ortiz, Scheurwater, Segal, Whitson, Woodring. Most recently it looks like, a few candidates in the hunt have retired after not receiving a Spring Training Schedule after working an Arizona Fall League Assignment, or after receiving a Spring Training Assignment but not being put on the "call up" list and given a number. It looks like they took it upon themselves to get out of the hunt. Once again, since it appears from many readings in print that all MLB umpires and umpire candidates are lacking in the skills (judgment) needed to be a MLBU, and those yet to try out at the umpire school that will be 100% better than what is already there. It should be a no-brainer to go to the umpire school, and be working a 123 MLBU schedule on opening day at the start of your 6th season in professional baseball, like Hoberg and Morales did. Both never even worked half a season of AAA ball (in 2013) (70 games), which works out to less than 20 AAA plate assignments before getting the call to MLBU call up status the next year (2014). So go to the 2018 umpire schools and get started and be working AAA in 2022, and as a MLBU call up in 2023. Put that pitch fx box to shame, replay system to shame (for calls that may be reviewed and ones that cannot be reviewed even though they "the cannots" are also replayed on TV), and handling situations to shame. In situation handling, leave them laughing and smiling on their way back to the dugout with your words of wisdom in conflict resolution, and not having to eject anyone ever, unless they are, recorded, asking personally for the ejection and you oblige them.
  13. was this a one and done situation?? if so, you might as well delete from the database. And, do we have a crew change with a trade of Drake for Fletcher between the Davis/West crews????
  14. go down about 40-50 rows on this one. the line with the world series ring from Minnesota. There is a mud wrestling picture with a guy and 1 girl in the ring with the other girl outside the ring. He wrestled the Gonzo Sisters in a mud wrestling bout once. What do you think. too bad he is all muddy. with a clean face it would be easy. And of course he was the plate umpire in the famous Weaver/Haller video. condolences to the family.
  15. yep