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  1. Doesn't look like you to the right. Are you sure that is not some local ball boy from your High School games that you hired for snow removal?
  2. More of a comment on the under the microscope situation and the perception is reality situation for Joe's crew. That situation shows the perpetual problem of MLB to be reactive (let sleeping dogs lie until we have to deal with it, or basically the it will never happen theory) with the rules, rather than being proactive on a rule and making a change before it happens in a major situation, which it did. And not having umpires on the committee back then did not help IMHO. However, isn't it amazing what 1 crotchety old geezer/miser/cheap skate/ can get put into the rules by being on the rules committee. And there had been upheld cases on this that we are not privy to. you can go up and down in the pages below. griffith on official baseball rules committee&f=false And from an article below by Dick Kaegel-I took out owners name mentioned in parens and team name in parens. "FYI, the 18-inch rule came about in 1955 because some club owners, led by owner (I will let the owner remain anonymous here, but he did have a HOF player with 573 home runs-dd) of the old (anonymous-dd) team, were losing too many baseballs because of pine tar smudges from bats. In those days, owners coveted and counted the balls in stark contrast to today when they're routinely tossed into the stands". Joe's first year as crew chief, if the stats are right, as he had been working under Marty Springstead for years. And I don't want I want to pick on the man from Myrtle Beach down in your neck of the woods who was in on this. Ruling on the field should have been upheld, and then in the very next sentence immediately been changed using the clause "in the best interests of baseball" until the written rule could be changed or clarified more the next year by the rules committee and written into the 1984 book. Enjoy your upcoming games.
  3. ************Beware************ I am going to be, oh so mean to you now. Do you get your name and others their name plastered all over the newspapers throughout the country, for this "misapplication" of the rule (DDB table) in the rule book, and your reputation sullied all over the place like the guys in the George Bret incident or the Fieldin Culbreth situation. What is the penalty for this misapplication of a rule in the (DDB table). This is not a judgment call situation, it is a misapplication of the new rule in the DDB table. So, how much is the fine and how many days off/suspension for this discretion. Inquiring minds want to know. My only hope is that you can keep your sense of humor concerning this post.
  4. Well, the old guy I met used that term and I did not ask him to explain further. I guess I figured if he wanted to elaborate on the subject, he would have, but I just listened and let him talk. Not being in the know, I would just try and guess it would be like the regular world of work and what questions to ask or not ask in an interview. I would also assume asking some type of question that puts the instructor in a 'show me up type' situation question would not be good either. Maybe one of those dream play questions with 10-20 coulda woulda shouldas added into the question, that some smart aleck might try to ask would qualify. I am sure, since I see the SCUA listed as an association in your area, that Clint Fagan who works some clinics for the SCUA, could inform you exactly concerning what that terminology the old guy used would mean, at least in his mind and be glad to elaborate on that question. Also, a former MLBU from Louisiana that injured out with a concussion could probably elaborate a good deal on the subject if you were to run into him. I am sure others on here could give several examples that they have heard of, that are right in the wheel house of the question you posed to me, If?????, they decide to answer.
  5. Does this make you feel younger????? Since you are one of those in the know. Is this veteran at 1st base being brought in by the NCAA to help the young buck whipper snappers, like this umpire on the plate, with the high strike that is mentioned in another Topic post in this Collegiate category??????
  6. Post retirement interview
  7. Yes. And that does not mean some oblong type egg shaped zone either. All those outlier squares inside the zone, on those strike zone batters charts that Ted Williams says will make you a below the Mendoza line hitter, should not be exempt either. If the pitchers hit those spots (strikes), those go too. Wish there were just Collegiate shots through the whole film rather than bring in MLB, but anything to help works. And No matter how you define the strike zone, to some, a good pitch at the top of the zone, just barely inside the square, will look just barely outside the square, to some umpires. Same with a low pitch or corner pitches, a pitch that is barely outside the zone anywhere will look just barely inside the zone to some umpires and vice versa. Nice film to help illustrate what the NCAA wants called. Just make sure no one is penalized for calling such pitches, and make sure umpires are backed up when calling these pitches, even when they result in chirping on that pitch, and then that chirping leads to an ejection, that would not have resulted in chirping and an ejection before. No lowering of an umpires rating or schedule for enforcing the zone the NCAA puts a film out on, no matter whether it is a Big 5, 6, 1,000,000 Conference, or whatever, with the coaches or evaluators.
  8. Get out that O2 tank you wheezer, geezer. Time for you to go to the land of newly weds and nearly deads in good old St. Pete. Here is your article. oh, but look, you can still umpire while wearing your O2 tank Maybe you and SWMBO can team up with KenBAZ and his new? SWMBO and take turns visiting each other over a toddy and a vigorous game of shuffleboard. Or maybe, SWMBO will just turn you in for a newer model. You better git to exercizin.
  9. The Big South, where the 2016 reigning CWS Champions hang their hats this year, after defeating teams from those 3 sissy Conferences you must be referring to from last year. Maybe the "power" button that must have short circuited last year, will return for the sissy's this year.
  10. here is an old one (mask) and I see nothing wrong with it, if this guy could wear it. And he wasn't just seeing puff balls, with Nolan Ryan, J.R. Richards, Dwight Gooden, Randy Johnson, Rob Dibble Take the outside of the chest protector and do the breast stroke into the arm straps and bring your hands down to the middle on the chest protector at the bottom. Now spread the hands about 4 inches apart at the most, or they can be butted together and dig the fingers into the bottom 1/4 of the bottom part closest to your mid section and of course make sure your elbows are in tight. No chicken wing elbows exposed. Pull the protector tightly under you chin. Set up right in the middle of the plate. When the batter hits the ball, slide the right arm out of the strap and reach up with the left hand to take the mask off, without the hat coming off, and tuck the chest protector under your left arm and against the left side of your body. Do not throw the protector on the ground when going to third. Keep it tucked under all the way to third. Watch the play and if you have to give a safe call, this is when the protector strap will slide halfway down your arm. You can keep it tucked with the out call. Tuck it back under your arm to jog back to the plate. Or, you can cheat and just use the strap in the middle the best you can. The above was the way it was taught apparently at the schools years ago, and that was what you had to do. Remember, you still had to take the mask off without the hat coming off. Of course nowdays, with the concussion issue, right over the middle of the plate would probably not be in the best interest of places to be. Probably an inside position like using an inside protector but using the outside protector. Cheers.
  11. I cannot help with some recommendations of people to call. Hopefully someone who lives in Florida can give you some contacts. But Right in Boca Raton (Palm Beach County) is the East Coast umpires associaiton. Go north of Palm Beach County to Brevard County and you hit (don't know where the boundary line with Boca Raton umpires is ) the Midcoast umpires association. Go south of Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale (but I do not know where the boundary line with Palm Beach County umpires is) and you hit the Broward County umpires association. Sorry for no help with a name or a recommendation of which might be in your best interests to give you.
  12. Yep and when Joe hits the field as a "full time" umpire on either Sunday or Monday of the opening games of the season, he becomes the only umpire to work 38 years as a "full time" umpire on the field. If he works 121 games like last year he will pull within 100 games of Bruce Froemming #2 spot for games worked in a career. On the last year of the current contract 2019 he will have 5305 games worked and pull within 70 games of current leader Bill Klem. If working into 2020 as the third umpire to work at 68 years old after HOF Hank O'Day and Froemming, he will catch Klemm in late July or early August of 2020. If he would like to retire on his "first game as a call up"/first MLB game, birthday so to speak, that day would be September 14, 2020. He worked his first NL MLB game in Atlanta with the Houston Astros in town. His crew chief was Paul Pryor (and future apparel bag businessman, Paul Pryor travel bags), a North Carolinian like Joe, with the other crew members of John McSherry and Art Williams. Joe had only been working MiLB since 1974, so he only completed 3 full years of Minor League ball before working his first "call up" at 23 years old in late September.
  13. I think this photo answers the question.
  14. I think that headache while working 3rd base yesterday might have gone away, although 10 innings at home with one of the former CWS champs (who lost) giving up an unearned run in the top of the 8th, causing the game to go into extra's and a game time of 3:25, is not the way to come out of that headache. He should have, the rubber game???, if the home team wakes up today, of the match on Sunday. 2-26-28 updaye oops--that's a 4 man crew rather than a 3 man so opening at 3rd base does not a plate job make under normal circumstances, unless jumping over yesterday's 1B umpire to get the plate today. May be a precautionary situation for the headache.