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  1. you better be sorry. After 3 days (like 3 strikes and your out, or 3 days without water) I went into cardiac arrest. I told them what I thought was the problem on my last breath. They Narcanned me first. Then they took me to the ICU and put me on life support and also put me in someone's leftover hyperbolic chamber (they wouldn't tell me whose old one it was, but they did say there were some fibers in the chamber, that might allude to the fact that the previous person wore some kind of glove, or another theory, had a relative named Ted. Was it a catchers mitt, an outfielder glove, first base mitt, (ahh who cares) doesn't really matter. So, when word finally came that UE was back up, I was slowly brought back to life and into the real world. In the future. could i be put on the email list, for notices of important information that might severely hamper my r o u t i n e , "prior" to the fact. And, could I get $100 reimbursement for my episode. In lieu of the $100, you can have a plate game where every batter goes 3-2 and fouls off 5 pitches before walking. The score of the 7 inning game is 30-25 and lasts 6 hours. don't let it happen again. get those flowers for mothers day, or you will be taking over that chamber.
  2. here is another angle starting at :40 of the play.
  3. Well A famous HP umpire who later called Don Larson's perfect game in the 1956 World Series, decided this was not RLI, in the season opening game at Ebbetts field on Tuesday April 15th, 1947. Working with him was future Hall of Famer Al Barlick at 1B. It was the debut for the rookie umpire at 3B Artie Gore. Boston was ahead 3-2 going into the bottom of the 7th. The first batter, Eddie Stanky, drew a walk from Johnny Sain, and then the bunt by Robinson who was also making his National League debut. 3 runs were scored in the inning and Brooklyn went on to defeat Boston 5-3. Missing in action on this day was none other than Brooklyn Manager Leo, the lip, Durocher who had been suspended by the Commissioner (A.B. "Happy" Chandler) for the 1947 season, for associating with known gamblers. Enjoy
  4. up pretty early there on the West Coast umpstu. Very nice/concise response if you are still at the bar.
  5. Looks pretty good to me, courtesy of pitchf/x Now, of course the true high/low=principle of verticality that is not taken into consideration for each batter as Gil has mentioned (high/low=average batter principle of verticality) not withstanding, one would kind of doubt???(you never know) that these pitches this much above the bottom line would not fall into the true verticality numbers of a strike for this batter. Using the average batter high/low principle of verticality maybe low on Shack, Jabbar, Sampson, Bol, Ming, etc. etc. but not on Pederson, although not a Muggsy Bogues, is still only 6-1, especially without Herman Munster shoes on or something to that effect. Or is the new strike zone (did it pass) in effect at the 'top of the knees' and these pitches represented here are a ball this year???? What is that new numerical number for the bottom of the zone going to be now???? Give both numbers (the old and the new) that you use from that statistical chart. Has pitchf/x already factored that new number into the average square we see this year for the 'top of the knee' zone, if that new zone is being used.
  6. and this is not a ""help call"" anywhere other than MLB, which was also not a "help call" prior to IR. Segal up Sunday and Fagan up Monday as the first call ups put into action. Scheurwater on Wednesday. Lentz up Sat. 4/15 for Scott (concussion). Whitson up Monday 4/17. Basner up Tuesday 4/18. Ortiz up 4/19. And let's see if 2 brand new umpires given a number go up around 4/20 and 4/22 like Lentz and De Jesus respectively did last year. and Mahrley seeks to become one that does not receive an AFL assignment until the 3rd year of AAA, and then a ST assignment and hopefully a number and continue on to a future FT job.
  7. Since I do not control the TV at home and therefor only saw about the last 5 minutes of the Oregon game. By chance in the Oregon game last night. In the last 5 minutes, did I not see NC get fouled on a play and a player who was not fouled try and go to the line? Was the player anywhere near the action that tried to go to the line? Such as, an Oregon player actually fouling 2 players at the same time and neither player knowing exactly who the referee called the foul on. I could see that happening and of course the better free throw shooter would try to go to the line, but remember both players 'were fouled' simultaneously and the ref had to chose one or the other and neither player knew which it was. However, sometimes a player, who is lets say, in the vicinity, but not even remotely touched, tries to use unsportsmanlike conduct and go to the line as the better free throw shooter, hoping the refs do not notice. Does anyone have that last 5 minutes of the game that runs continuously rather than just clips which would leave this part out. The NCAA should cut down on this chicanery and tell the official to give a technical foul as soon as the unfouled player steps to the line. I heard a basketball ref say this is a coached (yea, the HC) unsportsmanlike tactic that is taught and sometimes players get away with. A couple of T's would nip that in the bud. I thought the NCAA was clamping down on bad behavior, including this type of designed and premeditated attempt to deceive the referees. Just laughing and putting the correct guy on the line does not get it. Give a T every time this happens and stop the shenanigans, and should be a points of emphasis. Now, with a foul on both players at the same time, I would assume the official announces loudly which player goes to the line so both players involved can clearly hear the referee individually pick them out, and tells the number to his partners also. I could see without loudly informing the players, that the players may not know and this could happen. However, when clearly and loudly identified, the shenanigans should be met with a technical foul given for the inappropriate player trying to take over the appropriate players free throws using unsportsmanlike conduct.
  8. And they already have a very good system for promotions. Show me how good you are in MiLB and earn a trip to AFL and ST. They are heavily scouted by the MLB supervisors to start with at the AAA level. If they are considered the greatest thing since slice bread, then they move them into AFL and then ST, although there is never any guarantee of a job. They are already seeing sizable crowds at many of the MiLB parks and see pitchers and other players that are moving up and down from MLB all season long due to rehab assignments. Remember, with only a about a half (65 games) AAA season under their belts in 2013, Gabe Morales and Pat Hoberg opened up in MLB at the beginning of the next season, 2014, with a 123 game schedule. Looks like they had pretty much been seen at the lower levels by MLB, or MLB had heard great comments on their work, and been tagged as superstars, and greatest thing since sliced bread, before they ever sat foot on a AAA field no less. And that was the quickest since Joe West was called up to AAA on August 18, 1976, for only 12 games and then worked September 1976 games in MLB as a, call up/fill in, at the ripe old age of 23 after only 3 full years, basically 1 1/2 A ball and 1 1/2 AA ball in MiLB. There are several MiLBU that are not on the ST list that show up in the Spring Training box scores that are getting that exposure mentioned. Now, talking about exposure and a little diversion here. Are the D1 Super Conferences or whatever highfalutin names given to those type conferences that use 4 umpires, giving their up and coming non-conference umpires that 3rd base slot in the D1 Conference games on weekends, to give them exposure while they are working on their PU skills in non-con games, or are they using only the Conference guys??? A nice way to get some Conference exposure without having to work the plate. Yet, you are being seen while working on your PU skills that just barely aren't quite perfect yet, for future promotion. But, if Trout thinks it would be great to let all umpires at all levels in the system work on the field for a ST game, and let the veterans help if needed, no problems with that either. But, they might want the guys who have a little better command of the Zone Evaluator zone, working the plate on those games, since everyone is trying to sharpen their eyes towards that zone before opening day. Maybe AA with a season under their belts and above can work some PU games, while below AA only the bases. Hey, exposure is exposure, working either professional players or amateur players. Seen yesterday in ST: Clay Park, Ryan Clark, Jason Visconti, Brian Peterson (Peterson just promoted from AA to AAA for the 2017 season).
  9. So when do the new "fill in" members get announced and their assigned numbers given out?
  10. Comes with the territory. Maybe some do not use Facebook, but do receive telephone calls. But, new technology and of course a 'rating system' fair or unfair, for everything in life, naturally comes into play. Here is one concerning a pro official who also calls amateur basketball players and owns a business. But back to basketball At 3000-4000 (encompasses all game fees and expenses) for top level D1 Basketball officials and many of the best are working 75-100 games, they could quit their day jobs and continue on, regardless or whether they own a business or work for someone. They can advantageously arrange their travel schedule on their games to pocket more of the money that would normally get eaten up on the expenses side of the equation. It would mainly hurt his employees, rather than hurting himself so much were it to affect the business. Maybe this will lead to others not becoming officials, you never know. The Soccer Official last night is being prominently mentioned for swallowing his whistle in the tie game with the US involved. Roll with the punches. And they can enjoy watching Higgins in the semi's.
  11. Well, since the ball hit the catchers mitt when the runner was still on the turf with both feet, the catcher certainly had the right to be able to squat down in front of the plate with the ball to tag the runner, I would assume in NCAA although I do not know that to be a fact. The obvious problem becomes the fact that the ball hit the glove and popped out, rather than popping out due to contact. So, popping out as the catcher goes to make the tag versus popping out due to contact from the runner becomes the question. Since by the box score, the Home plate umpire has worked the 1999 D1 World Series and other SR's and R's, and also has the best umpire in the crew at 1st base, who did not work a plate job in the series, and a former Arizona Fall League and MLB Spring training invitee at 3rd base to get "help" from, who are 90 feet or more away, just like a on pulled foot at 1st base and getting help from the PU who has to be 90 feet or more from 1st base at times, I see no problem with going with the umpiring crew on this call.
  12. Yep. He was trying to plant that seed. He was also trying to show his team he had their backs by staying as long as he could get away with. They have no idea many times what the coach is saying but perception is reality or seeing is believing.
  13. Just remember the old verbal judo works both ways. Some coaches do a darn good job of verbal judo with the umpires, and understand how to use the tactics of strictly working (think Billy Packer in Basketball terminology here) the officials/umpire or holding up/delaying the game, i.e., a strategy within itself. Sometimes you would not be looking for something else that might be happening. And the right hand is always watching what the left hand is doing as is obvious by the other coach chirping about the delay. That can also be a way of working the official, chirping about anything the other guy is doing. Mind games within themselves that umpires have to deal with, even the D1 guys and the D1 on the Super (whatever those actually are) Conferences, which all come under game management and situation handling skills. Remember, even the best are not immune from having something pulled over on them from time to time. In one sense, a lot of sports are games of "momentum" at times if you want to believe in the momentum theory, a theory unto itself. The coach could have just been trying to freeze the opponents pitcher a little bit or play head games about working the inside of the plate. If he was quickly trying to get a reliever into the game the next inning, talking to you about how bad his team is playing could be a way of getting the reliever some more time in the bull pen, because his offense has been having quick innings or giving his pooped out starter more time between innings. His comments could be thought of as having implied/inferred, very sneakily I might add, that you and your partners and other umpires were being cheaters and questioning your integrity because they are a bad team and that is the reason you do not give him the borderline calls. If they were a good team you would have given his batter the HBP. So, you make your calls, not on what they honestly really are in your judgment, but on how well a team plays ball, in essence saying you cheat for the better team, but not accusing you of being a homer. Billy Martin/Earl Weaver were always pining for the next call. And, have you ever been on a golf course and hit a really long shot into the rough. You went where you honestly saw the ball landed to you. You were looking 25 yards ahead of where your partner found the ball. How about the other way around. You were looking 25 yards short of where your partner found the ball. It's the same theory with time. Some things seem like only 30 seconds, but you spent 3 minutes discussing. Some things seem like 3 minutes and it was only 30 seconds. In the heat/or controversy of the moment, time is not your friend each and every time. And, if you had of deferred any conversation to between innings, make sure the coach does not distract you from his pitchers warm up count, to try and get extra's in/8 pitches or whatever, and hold the inning up from starting. Good luck.
  14. Doesn't look like you to the right. Are you sure that is not some local ball boy from your High School games that you hired for snow removal?