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  1. WTB Lineup Card Wallet

    I used mine a couple days ago. It was awesome!
  2. FED Tests Poorly written for 15 years

    In FHSAA even the FHSAA board members are complaining about it he test
  3. I regret selling my old one.
  4. PU Covering Second Play at 3rd (2-man)

    New HS rotation this year has PU covering 3rd with no one on or R3 only.
  5. Tax Time

    Me too!
  6. Bunt on 2 strike count

    Send him back
  7. Calling a step balk from the B position?

    Judgement. If you see it call it. But better be 100% sure.
  8. Hard to believe...

    .0001" of snow here. It was devastating
  9. Missed base?

    Last time by concept?
  10. Pen or Pencil

  11. Facebook discussion: 1 or 2 ball bags

    I came up with 11 [emoji3] lol
  12. Facebook discussion: 1 or 2 ball bags

    I didn't say all
  13. Facebook discussion: 1 or 2 ball bags

    Always 2 Looks better. MLB uses one cause they have a ball boy handy. We don't.