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  1. force play

  2. Thigh Protection

    What hex pads??? lol
  3. Hong's Poly-Wools

    GD PWs are also a bit more Poly. Less wool.
  4. Thigh Protection

    Uncomfortable and hot in Florida.
  5. Put ball in play?

    Simple answer. Put it in play.
  6. BALK

    Simple answer. Delayed.
  7. Bad throw to first, B/R misses first ....

    First base is not a force play.
  8. Cell Phones

    5th inning. Fouled back. Don't remember the batter swinging. Last thing I remember see. The mask on the ground and intense pain in ears jaw and massive headache.
  9. 2016 new balance base shoes

    Good first post. Welcome!
  10. Chest Protectors

    Gold bar none. Started with a Gold. Every time I try something different I go back to the gold.
  11. Cell Phones

    Is it hurting anything in my pocket?
  12. May have a broken arm

    Bases only!
  13. Foul or Fair?