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  1. FLorida uses P/DH were the Pitcher can be his own DH. If he gets taken out of the game he can still bat. Rarely used.
  2. Yep picture sent and I got a new one.
  3. Always happens. People don't want to do the work themselves. If you want a team go for it. Don't be asking them to call you! And read the whole post!!!! Its says to contact the team directly on the email!!!
  4. I concur!
  5. Plenty baseball down that way.
  6. I like the idea.
  7. From: Denise Dye Email: Page URL: Message: Our team will be in Dream parks 7-8 thru 7-14. we need an umpire. Email the team above directly.
  8. Sweet
  9. Wish I had tried the UA ball bags. But I have always worn the dri-los. Once on each side. always wear 2!!!
  10. So what is the final answer for this one?
  11. Thats what I figured. But didn't think NCAA would have such an obvious question on the test. Thought it might be a trick question.
  12. "Coach, in my judgment this is voluntary release and therefore it is a catch." T or F
  13. Buy it and send me the pads! [emoji12]
  14. It is a good price