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  1. I remember that! I got a Magnesium Mask that I still own
  2. I haven't ordered anything from +Pos in years. Tried to order a shirt. Paid through Paypal was charged. The order did not go through. Nothing shows in the order History. Had to submit a dispute with Paypal. I should have know better.
  3. Ok people I'm taking donations. I will be the guinea pig and test one out.
  4. Where can I send my money???
  5. I heard of them but heard nothing bad.
  6. I heard there is a lawsuit against the maker. An Umpire got hit and the nutty biddy cracked. Caused damage to his "boyz"
  7. Give the coach a little leeway but you gave him to much. Don't put up with it.
  8. Love mine!
  9. Good Call Blue!
  10. Stuff happens!
  11. Good stuff right here!
  12. From: Wayne St John Email: Message: My team is searching for an umpire for week 1 of the 20017 season at Cooperstown Dreams Park. Please let me know the availability of any umpires. Thank you, Wayne St John Louisiana Black Bears
  13. Absolutely no need for coaches to be outside the dugout. Period.