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  1. They need to concentrate on Umpire's abilities not his accessories.
  2. It's a shame these things have to happen. RIP
  3. No
  4. Out
  5. Why chop??? No real purpose for that.
  6. No Cafe yet
  7. huh?
  8. I have a partner that could possibly die. That's not what you are seeing! You bet your ass I will be demanding.
  9. Like I said it was like 3 years ago. But you are right. Same people same problems.
  10. have someone video your game then evaluate yourself.
  11. Exactly. And if I was demanding so what???? I was looking out for the health of my partner. If any of you was the one having health issues I would hope that you would want someone helping you out.
  12. Always have mine in mu pocket.
  13. What you guys are missing is the tone I used. I was demanding or pushy. It wasn't like YOU NEED TO TAKE HIM OUT NOW!