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  1. Erasing the catchers box...

    It was either Game 5 or 6 but just before the MGRs came out they were showing a shot from behind home plate (from the stands area) and the plate umpire was "erasing" the catcher's box. Why? Thanks
  2. How in the world can you change that call?

    Is there video available for this?
  3. Similar to Umpires here in Missouri. Take a written test and you are a certified H.S. Umpire. Though I'm not sure how else you could do it. If they were to make you take an onfieled test and evaluate game performance, there would be an even bigger shortage of umpires. Drivers license is the same way. Take a written test and you can drive a car without any regard to how well you can drive. Off my soap box now.
  4. Curious as to what a "Certified" CDP umpire is?
  5. Does the runner go back?

    OBR - R1 Classic situation where the batter steps out of the box with no time called and the pitcher stops his delivery. Right before this happened, R1 takes off for second and is about half way there. Since this is not a balk, do we just reset and have R1 return to 1st? Thanks
  6. Foul tip?

    So what was the result on this? Did they end up calling it a foul ball?
  7. Suggestions for a lightweight "jacket"? Closer to a windbreaker than a jacket. Thanks
  8. Lightweight jacket suggestions?

    I did say lightweight "jacket" in my original post but yea... a shell would be an apt description.
  9. Lightweight jacket suggestions?

    I guess I need to be more specific. I'm looking for a lightweight, non-convertible, jacket with the "stripes" on the shoulders. Thanks
  10. When To Call The Ball Dead After a "Completed" Play

    Only one way to learn and that's by asking questions. We all were new at one point in time.
  11. Does the runner go back?

    Thought so. Thanks
  12. stl_ump

  13. Strike 3 Mechanic

    If the coaches and players don't care then should we? He's a rec ball umpire and if that's what he aspires to then good for him. As long as his zone and judgement are good then I suppose his strike three call shouldn't be an issue. I umpired with a guy that had an "interesting" strike 3 call but he was also a terrible umpire. Terrible zone, terrible mechanics, no hustle on the field. his strike 3 antics just seemed to magnify his poor performance. That being said, his indicator is in his right hand and you can't punch out a swinging 3rd strike.
  14. Dropped 3rd strike - Interference?

    OBR It's probably around somewhere but after some searching I couldn't find it. Dropped 3rd strike and as the BR starts running towards first he accidentally kicks the ball. Interference? Thanks
  15. Dropped 3rd strike - Interference?

    So even though it was unintentional, if he kicks the ball out of the catchers reach (clearly hinders the catcher) then it would be interference. Thanks
  16. Dropped 3rd strike - Interference?

    Sorry.. should have said OBR.
  17. Last nights game STL vs. BOS Critical part of the 9th inning. Pitcher is set and remains in this pre-pitch state for seven seconds. (mostly looking at the runner on 2nd) Just before the pitch, plate umpire calls time. OBR 5.04(b)(2) Comment: "If pitcher delays once the batter is in his box and the umpire feels that the delay is not justified he may allow the batter to step out of the box momentarily." The batted need not request "Time." Catcher gets pissed about it, MGR intervenes to protect catcher and gets tossed. I've never seen an umpire call time like that before without the batter or catcher asking for time. Unusual?
  18. Batter didn't step out. Catcher didn't ask for it. Evidently the umpire felt it was to long and decided to call it on his own. That's what everyone was pissed about. Not to common for this to happen it appears.
  19. RLI Called in LLWS Regional Maryland vs DC

    He's rolling on the ground in agony and when he hears the call he all of a sudden stops and is like "What?"
  20. Seeds

    I go the gum route as well and have actually found it unintentionally useful in a couple of instances. After an inning where there had been a bit of a "discussion" about a safe and out call, I took up my usual spot about 10 ft up the 1st base line and watched the warm up pitches proceed. (I had the plate) Coach comes out of the 3rd base dugout and starts going on about that "play" He's yaking at me from the 3rd base side and with my arms folded, I just look at him as he is going on and proceed to blow bubbles with my gum. After about a minute, without a word from me, he stops and looks at me sort of quizzically and turns around and walks back to the dugout. I'm hoping my bubble blowing gave him the message. (go away, I don't care what you are saying.)
  21. Seeds

    I like it like that because then I don't have to figure out where to stand.
  22. My Fantasy Last Career Game

    I make an out call that invariably one of the coaches disagrees with. I change my call. Now the other coach comes out to disagree with that. I change it back. The other disagrees with that. I change it back. I let this go on for a bit and I finally say "Well you think he's out and you think he's safe. You guys figure it out. Have a nice day" And I leave.
  23. First Time UIC

    We had one of those guys at our park. Started when he was 14 and one year out of H.S. went to umpire school and made it all the way to AAA and lasted there for 3 years until they said his services were no longer needed. :-( Now's he's back helping us out.
  24. First Time UIC

    That team, and especially that coach, will be on the "not welcome back next year" list?