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  1. Exactly! The latrine is what made me the umpire I am today!
  2. Really? No wonder Coaches get a bit peeved at some umpires.
  3. In defense of Joe Buck (he is from St Louis after all ) and other announcers who describe a foul ball in that manner. I think in that situation they are trying to paint a picture for the radio audience and "Foul tip back to the screen!" paints a picture of it going hard and straight back as opposed to a lazy pop up going back to the screen. Not technically accurate but it does give a pretty good description for the "non educated".
  4. Wow... they should just keep quite. And they finally read the rule book after 7 1/2 minutes of spouting nonsense.
  5. I know what you mean but on this field and this age and skill level...? Stress is the last thing that would be showing up.
  6. Nice! Great idea. Keeps out the Riff Raff too.
  7. Nice! I've done a few games at Ballwin and my kids played quite a few games there as well.
  8. No offense taken... Not sure how it would complicate the relationship with coaches but I've had several conversations with coaches as teams are switching over for the next game and they have all been cordial and good natured. Fall Ball here is very low key and relaxed and all the games are treated as scrimmages. For the most part everyone is out getting used to the new dimensions and rules for their age group. It's a very nice atmosphere. Regular season...? Now that's a different story.
  9. Yeah.. I know.. I know... It was pretty far down the line. This was 10u so not much of a chance of getting a ball down there but even if it did, they could get to the ball pretty easily. And besides, it's Fall Ball, the games don't even count.
  10. New complex? We've been here for at least 15+ years.
  11. Chesterfield - CBSA
  12. When I have 4 or more games on the same field, I set up camp down the 3rd or 1st base line. Whatever is closest to my car.
  13. OK... thanks. They probably aren't going to hear you because of all the commotion due to the hit so are you doing it in a "normal" voice or in your "selling the call" voice.
  14. I know it's a live ball but do you "yell it out" when it happens or wait until all the action is done and then announce it? Thanks
  15. Watch out for those catchers that try and fake you out by their tricky use of framing. I had a little guy the other day who would frame it no matter where it was and after one particularly egregious framing job I quietly asked him "are you trying to trick me?" He looks up at me with a sly little grin and says "maybe" See this video for framing info.