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  1. Kids are so proud of their parents at games!

    BTW... what in the heck kind of uniform is this? Something from some German youth camp?
  2. Stealing a Bass. What's the call?

    "That will set the tone... " I see what you did there.
  3. Getting Coach to replace Catcher

    Call more balls until the get the hint.
  4. botched tag

    Same here... I'm calling safe and almost in the same breath "UNDER THE TAG". Very rarely do I get any major blowback after a call like this.
  5. Interference while IN the box?

    No confusion any more. Once that ball gets to the catcher that batter better not move or he could be in big trouble.
  6. Interference while IN the box?

    I'm assuming this " or making any other movement that hinders the catcher’s play at home base" applies to being in the box as well correct?
  7. Interference while IN the box?

    Interesting... if that's the consensus here then I've learned something new. Thanks...
  8. Interference while IN the box?

    Thanks everyone for your comments... (except noumpere ) What I'm thinking of is a situation where we have a R2 stealing and F2 throwing to third, Aside from an overt act can the batter still do something so that interference could be called? Say he takes a 1/2 or so step back but is still in the box. Not trying to interfere (in my opinion) but not being a motionless statue either.
  9. Interference while IN the box?

    Aside from an overt action where the batter tries to interfere with a throw to third base (while in the box), can you think of an example where interference could be called on a batter staying in the box? Thanks
  10. Runner Doesn't Slide

    In other words if he slides he's OK and if he goes in standing up it's INT. So we have a "slide rule" then? :-0
  11. Runner Doesn't Slide

    I get what everyone is saying about the fielder having to alter what they are doing. Let's change it up a bit and say the runner DOES slide right at the base and not to the side. A perfectly legal slide. The fielder, as he is stepping on the base, realizes he'd better alter his path because he sees he's going to get tangled up with the sliding runner. How is that different from him altering his path due to the non sliding runner?
  12. Runner Doesn't Slide

    So you are saying that if he his just running to the base and he doesn't want to slide he has to get out of the way? How is he supposed to get to the base if he has to alter HIS path to accommodate the fielder?
  13. Runner Doesn't Slide

    How does one define interference on this? If he is just running to the bag and doesn't slide AND doesn't do anything intentionally, would that be interference? Is he required to get out of the way so the fielder can make his throw?
  14. Rough game at the office

    That our local park rules. Works pretty well. Happens very rarely.