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  1. Don't be fooled...

    Watch out for those catchers that try and fake you out by their tricky use of framing. I had a little guy the other day who would frame it no matter where it was and after one particularly egregious framing job I quietly asked him "are you trying to trick me?" He looks up at me with a sly little grin and says "maybe" See this video for framing info.
  2. How wide should your strike zone be?

    We get paid by the strike right?
  3. Whoops

    Hey you just get to use it twice as long before having to wash it. 1 day right side out then the next day inside out. Saves time and money. Same goes for underwear but you can go 4 days on those... But I'll let you figure out how that works out yourself.
  4. Only the Umpires Can See the Plays

    "It's not about you." One of these days I going to call time, walk over to the Coach and ask him exactly what does that mean that?
  5. Mound meeting won't break up...

    So what would the guidelines be? After a second "warning / reminder"?
  6. Mound meeting won't break up...

    So... After what I figure is a decent amount of time I head to the mound to break up the meeting of the coach and players. "OK guys, let's play ball" Coach makes no acknowledgment that I said anything (players looked at me so I know I was heard) I say the same thing again and this time he looks at me but keeps on yapping. "Time to play" a little more forcefully and he says, "yeah, yeah, yeah. Just a minute" Just as I'm about to get really loud they break it up. This got me to thinking what would you do if they pretty much ignored you and keep on yakking.
  7. 2 runners miss bases

    But this is all dependent on it being R1 and R2 or R1 and R2 and R3? In other words a force situation right?
  8. 2 runners miss bases

    OK... How is an appeal of a missed base a "force" play? You mean this isn't STRICTLY a timing play? Thanks
  9. Such a great great game.....

  10. TOP or TOT

    On a typical double play attempt (F6 - F4 - F3) is the throw by F6 considered the first play and the throw by F4 considered a 2nd play for purposes of placing runners or is it all one play? Thanks
  11. I posted a similar question here --> R2 is attempting to steal 3rd. If the catcher has dropped the ball, eventually gets it and throws down to 3rd, is interference by the batter handled the same way or does it now need to be intentional? Thanks
  12. He just had to have his ball - so he got to go home

    Just tell him no... use what you got. That's what I would do at least.
  13. He just had to have his ball - so he got to go home

    I don't suppose this game had a time limit did it?
  14. Balk or walk?

    OK... that's what I was originally thinking but thought this was a new revelation. So if we have R1 then the BR would go to first on ball 4.
  15. Balk or walk?

    Interesting... So with R3 and ball 4 the runner would come home AND the batter would go to first? Or would it just be BR goes to first?