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  1. Where to place runner?

    Probably a better question I should have asked regarding CI would be what if we had a foul ball or no contact at all and the runner was stealing? Where does R2 go now? Is it still a choice?
  2. Where to place runner?

    So this isn't a choice issue? For instance if we have a runner coming home (because of the hit) on a CI and the BR is out at 1st... Then the MGR can pick to have the out and run or to have BR at 1st and runner back at 3rd.
  3. Where to place runner?

    With R2 stealing I’ve got catchers interference. (ball was hit to F4 who threw to F3 for the apparent out) Does R2 keep 3rd or does he have to go back. Thanks
  4. Legal feint?

    Ahhh.. I assumed once OBR / MLB makes a change as significant as this that everyone else would follow suit.
  5. Legal feint?

    Obvious from this thread but FED still allows the 3rd to 1st move? (I only do OBR)
  6. Majestic Windbreaker black or navy $10

    Can't find it...
  7. 3rd strike caught or not?

    Maybe you could explain it by asking him this... If a line drive skips off the ground into a players glove is that a caught ball? If a line drive goes into a players glove and then falls out is that a caught ball? Same for the catcher.
  8. What is a Balk?

    Good points all. Thanks
  9. Balk - not a Balk - Balk

    How about this...
  10. What is a Balk?

    When someone asks me what a balk is I tell them this: "It's when a pitcher begins something and doesn't finish it"
  11. Interference or nothing...?

    Well on second thought... I won't go with that. I'll go with-Rule 6.01(a) Penalty for Interference Comment (Rule 7.08(b) Thanks for the "update"
  12. Interference or nothing...?

    I'll go with that. Especially #2. Definitely could have made the play absent R1. Thanks!
  13. Interference or nothing...?

    Little pop up near first base in foul territory. R1 stays on bag so he won't get doubled up. F3 is running for the ball and his line to the ball goes through R1 on the bag. Interference? Thanks
  14. B.O.O. Who's out?

    OK.. then that's easy. Erase everything.
  15. B.O.O. Who's out?

    But would R2 be considered an advancesince he never made it to 3rd because he was put out? And backing up a bit. If the improper batter is out at first does that out stand?