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  1. stl_ump added a post in a topic Blocked View on Tag   

    WOW!  I had this exact situation last night but on the "big field" 90'  Just had time to take a step or 2 towards the play and had zero angle.  F4 is reaching out to make the tag but no sound of a tag, no abnormal arm or glove movement from F4..  I emphatically signal safe while verbalizing no tag.  I can't call what I don't see.  Defensive coach is asking (as usual) F4 "did you tag him?"  Of course F4 says yes.  I ignore them and the game goes on.  It is Fall Ball and nothing is on the line...
    I should have asked the 1st Base Coach if there was a tag. ;-)
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  2. stl_ump added a post in a topic Failed Pick-off scores two but...   

    For Fall Ball we go 1:45, DROP DEAD time.  Doesn't matter where we are in the game.  It's over when the timer beeps.  These are all just practice games with nothing on the line.  Sure makes for a nice pleasant evening.  I'm always home on time after these games.
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  3. stl_ump added a post in a topic Foul call... Whoops.   

    OK... sorry for the confusion.  I thought it was foul and hadn't realized it tipped off the pitchers glove.  So yes it was fair ball called foul.
    And as I pretty much figured out after the fact, there was no need to call it foul quite so fast.  Hopefully in the future, if I wait a little longer before I call it foul, my partner will signal fair and all will be well.
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  4. stl_ump added a topic in Umpire Mechanics   

    Foul call... Whoops.
    High pop fly about half way up 1st base line.  Pitcher comes over to make the catch and misses it and the ball bounces into foul territory and I call foul. (I'm on the plate)  We as it turns out he didn't miss it.
    BU starts to signal "tip" with his hands.  I go over to him and (off to the side, out of ear shot) tell him it's my call, I've called foul and we move on.
    So the question I have on a situation like this is what would be the proper way to do this entire thing to avoid me "blowing" the call.  I suppose I could wait longer to call it foul but if I don't have a touch how long would I wait.  Typically as soon as I know it's foul I call it. I mean there wasn't a chance that it was going to bounce back itno fair as there was so much spin on it that as soon as it hit the ground it "jumped" into foul territory.
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  5. stl_ump added a post in a topic Retouching after a dead ball.   

    So if I understand this correctly, runner can retouch during the dead ball.  Defense can ONLY appeal during live ball.  Once the runner has advanced to 3rd (or at least gone past 2nd) he can no longer go back and retouch?
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  6. stl_ump added a topic in Rules   

    Retouching after a dead ball.
    OBR / 1 out / R1
    Pop fly hit to center and R1 is off on the hit.
    Ball is caught as R1 arrives at second.  He starts to run back to first and is about half way there when the bad throw goes over F3's head and into the dugout.  I call time and send the runner to 3rd. (he was between 2nd and 1st when throw was made)
    R1 stops on his way back to 1st, turns around and heads to 3rd.  He never retouches.
    Legally he needs to retouch... can he do that when the ball is dead?  And would that also apply to the defense appealing the runner did not retouch after the fly ball was caught?
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  7. stl_ump added a post in a topic Light weight "jacket"   

    So there's really nothing that differentiates this jacket from any other "regular" jacket?  This could just be something you wear outside on a cool fall day.  NOT umpire specific then?
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  8. stl_ump added a post in a topic Light weight "jacket"   

    But... but... where are the white accent strips / trim / etc?  They are just plain black?
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  9. stl_ump added a post in a topic Light weight "jacket"   

    OK.. I guess I'm missing something... (but what's new there)
    This doesn't look like an umpire jacket.  No white strips or trim or anything.  Are you guys talking about a different jacket?

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  10. stl_ump added a topic in Umpire Equipment   

    Light weight "jacket"
    Suggestions for a light weight "jacket"?  A little more than a wind breaker but not an actual jacket either.
    Half zip style like this?
    (looks really long... though it could be just the picture)
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  11. stl_ump added a post in a topic This is a live ball right?   

    Concur with all that you guys said.  
    Thanks for the confirmation.
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  12. stl_ump added a topic in Rules   

    This is a live ball right?
    Ball hits infield umpire AFTER deflecting off the pitcher.  Ball is live correct?  Everyone reacts as if it's a dead ball.
    I'm not sure what he is signaling.  Doesn't appear to be "time" or "dead ball"
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  13. stl_ump added a post in a topic Why I stink as an umpire...   

    I wouldn't exactly call it a joke... more like a play on words.  But thanks for the reference and link.
    And one of his friends came back last night. Looked kind of like an albino skunk.

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  14. stl_ump added a post in a topic Why I stink as an umpire...   

    More or less.. yeah.  Ignore the skunk and the ball if it's hit out there.
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  15. stl_ump added a post in a topic Why I stink as an umpire...   

    Poor picture I know... But yes.  A skunk.  It had better be.  I'm not THAT bad.
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