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  1. We had one of those guys at our park. Started when he was 14 and one year out of H.S. went to umpire school and made it all the way to AAA and lasted there for 3 years until they said his services were no longer needed. :-( Now's he's back helping us out.
  2. That team, and especially that coach, will be on the "not welcome back next year" list?
  3. So we got guys who retired because of health and one guy back in '85 who was fired for lack of mobility. Still doesn't seem like getting around is a major criteria for continuing to umpire. But as STK004 said, with 4 guys it's not as important on a 2 or 3 man system.
  4. Runge's was drug related. How about just physically unable to perform? Don't they have any standards?
  5. That being said.. how are some of these guys able continue to be MLB Umpires? You've seen how they move, or should I say don't move. The lack of mobility of some of these guys is pretty surprising. Once you become an MLB umpire do you have life time tenure?
  6. I believe you are correct! nice. On a completely unrelated note, did you see that West took his mask off with his right hand right before the picture.
  7. So a straddle would be considered NOT blocking the plate?
  8. Me too.. but not Fed.
  9. Curious as to why you would call an out on a swipe tag if you didn't see the tag? Any chance to get with your partner to see what he might have seen?
  10. A bat is a club... A mask is... well just a mask. I don't think anyone is going to get knocked silly by an 11u kid tossing a mask. And as the poster said, this is bad, 11u baseball. It happens. A lot. I work a lot of those bad baseball games when I work with 1st year umpires. It goes with the territory.
  11. Yes... but telling a coach it's it's interference may confuse him into thinking that the batter is out regardless as to the number of strikes. Similar to how they sometimes say it's interference when they mean obstruction. Or to a lesser degree when someone says foul tip when it's really a foul ball.
  12. Actually on your play above this isn't interference. Rules 6.03(a)(3) and (4) Comment (Rule 6.06(c) and (d) Comment): If a batter strikes at a ball and misses and swings so hard he carries the bat all the way around and, in the umpire’s judgment, unintentionally hits the catcher or the ball in back of him on the backswing, it shall be called a strike only (not interference). The ball will be dead, however, and no runner shall advance on the play.
  13. HOLY SHIMIT. What a shot. I never seen one that bad even in baseball. At least the ones I see the runners has some time to prepare.
  14. I haven't seen this mentioned before so I thought I share it here as it relates to rules. I haven't signed up for it (yet) but it does look to be pretty good. Looks like they have done a really nice job on presenting the rules in a way that everyone can get a good handle on them. They are even using the Pros to help explain things. Lot's of video too. Thoughts? Use "KMOX" to get a discount if you are inclined to signup.
  15. Thanks for the clarification.