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  1. If I understand what you are saying is that even after a deflection the fielder still has the "right of way" but if the ball hits the runner it's nothing? Thanks (I blew that one)
  2. OBR, R1 Line drive bounces off pitcher and is heading to F4. R1 runs into (unintentionally) F4 as he is going for the ball. Interference or nothing since it deflected off the pitcher? Thanks
  3. "and almost simultaneously"... to me that sounds like it is all happening at once. I'd need two separate "events" to rule a HBP. Otherwise I'm going with a simultaneous occurrence of these two things.
  4. A small point of contention on this statement... I don't believe enforcing the rules is ever taking something away from someone. A player hits a home run and misses a base during his home run trot. The miss is appealed and we call the out. We enforce the rules. The BR did it to himself.
  5. A few years ago I brain cramped a call that was rule related and had nothing to do with judgement. The two 12u travel teams involved were "regulars" at our complex. I made sure to e-mail both teams as to what should have happened so there would be no confusion should this play happen again. I received email back from both coaches. This was from the coach who the call went against. "I'm watching you, you are watching the boys and the boys are watching all of us, parents included. The players must learn how to argue a point without incident, on and off the field. I think they saw a good example of that last night. After the game, I spoke with the boys and several made comments about the call. I explained that you admitted to your mistake and it takes an honorable man to admit such a thing. The boys clearly got the message, especially after I had to admit I made a coaching error by having a player bunt with 2 outs. Live and learn, the best we can do is to try and limit our repeated mistakes. Although this is 'Just Little League Baseball', it is a big deal to those involved and I appreciate you treating it as such. I will pass along your comments to the boys and parents. I promise you, I harbor no hard feelings in this matter." This was from the coach who benefited from the call "Awesome. Thanks for the follow up. That's very humble and professional of you. I actually thought you were just feeling sorry for us since we were playing so poorly :-)."
  6. Another reason for it... Bad pitch (way high / inside) and it's obviously a ball to all who have eyes. During the batters attempt to get out of the way the ball "tips" off his bat. You call him out without the "tip" mechanic and there will probably be some discussion, if not worse. And here's the same question asked waaaaay back when by me. 2013
  7. ...or that a runner stealing on a foul tip had to go back since it was a "foul ball" Had that one too.
  8. Is this a reply to my semi off topic question?
  9. In a semi related question... OBR - Batter drops the bat after an uncaught 3rd strike and the bat (unintentionally) hits the ball. Nothing?
  10. Well I'll ask... what is "the hybrid position"?
  11. So how did we get to Plate shoes? Looking for field shoes.
  12. Thanks... size 10. Not a fan of the zigs. I'd go with my original Magistrates but my size has been gone for quite awhile now.
  13. The problem is that I'm not my size.
  14. So what's being worn (and liked) for a field show these days? My Reebok Magistrates (3rd pair) are coming to their end of life and I need to replace them. Suggestions? Thanks
  15. So MadMax is INCORRECT one the dead ball part? (I know nothing about FED)