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  1. With or without a hat

    So you are going "commando" under the helmet huh?
  2. Retouching 3rd after crossing home.

    So if I understand what iis being said, a runner who crosses home CAN go back and retouch / tag up unless a following runner has also crossed the plate.  If that is the case he can't.  If he does do this it wouldn't count and he could still be called out on appeal? Thanks  
  3. Retouching 3rd after crossing home.

    OBR Once a runner crosses home, he can not go back to 3rd to retouch for either missing the base or leaving to early correct? So what happens / what should be done if he does do this?  No one knows that he's not supposed to do this and now he ends up back on 3rd?   We don't call him out because no one is making an appeal.  But he's not supposed to be there.  Do we say something or just let it go just like we'd let a miss base go?  
  4. Everyone Wrong but Partner and I

    I've had luck with this but only do it for Coaches who are open to it. I tell them I'll e-mail them the rule.  I've done this on several occasions over the last few years and just about every time I get positive feed back from them as well as our UIC who usually gets copied in on the e-mail in both directions. Now if this is one of those coaches who is a total jack wagon and has no interest in learing then I don't even bother, but from your description of the situation, these guys seem open to learning.  I try to educate whenever possible.  
  5. When can you appeal missed base?

    So one step passed and he's liable to be put out? But if no one is appealing then he can come back up until he gets in the dugout? Thanks  
  6. When can you appeal missed base?

    So this probably only applies to base on balls but assuming we've got a bases loaded walk and R3 misses home plate, when can he be tagged for missing the home or when can someone step on home plate to appeal the miss? Would it be the second he misses it or after return to the dugout...? Or somewhere in between those two extremes? Thanks  
  7. Balk?

    OK... another opinion. I need more input.  
  8. Balk?

    That's what I thought. Coach was calling it an "inside" move. "What is an inside move?"
  9. So I've got a batter swinging on the 3rd strike but the pitch is inside and it's a direct hit right on his hands.  Not even a question if it hit the bat or not. So what's the proper mechanic / verbiage for this? "Time. Strike 3. Batters out"? And then of course you'll have to explain it to someone why he's out and it's not a foul ball or a hit by pitch. But that's kind of beside the point. Thanks  
  10. Balk?

    R1 and RHP Instead of doing the typical jump / spin move to first by turning to his left, this pitcher pivots to his right like he would as if he was going to throw to 2nd and keeps going until he ends up finally stepping towards 1st.  He never put his foot down until he stepped towards first. Balk? Thanks  
  11. Strike or Ball?

    I've always wondered about this... if he sticks his bat out there... and leaves it there, why isn't that an attempt?  We know if he pulls it back he didn't want it so to speak but if he just leaves it there?
  12. Turner's slide...... helmet.....

    The helmet wasn't attached. If his shoe came off and it was on the base he wouldn't be safe would he?
  13. Blocked View on Tag

    WOW!  I had this exact situation last night but on the "big field" 90'  Just had time to take a step or 2 towards the play and had zero angle.  F4 is reaching out to make the tag but no sound of a tag, no abnormal arm or glove movement from F4..  I emphatically signal safe while verbalizing no tag.  I can't call what I don't see.  Defensive coach is asking (as usual) F4 "did you tag him?"  Of course F4 says yes.  I ignore them and the game goes on.  It is Fall Ball and nothing is on the line... I should have asked the 1st Base Coach if there was a tag. ;-)
  14. Failed Pick-off scores two but...

    For Fall Ball we go 1:45, DROP DEAD time.  Doesn't matter where we are in the game.  It's over when the timer beeps.  These are all just practice games with nothing on the line.  Sure makes for a nice pleasant evening.  I'm always home on time after these games.