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  1. Smitty Convertible Umpire Jacket

    Certainly with it as you please.
  2. Smitty Convertible Umpire Jacket

    I had the chance to connect with Jim at this weekends NCAA clinic in Nashville where he had the Smitty pullovers available for try on in sizes S,M,L. In the Majestic I wear a size M, which fits me slightly big. The Smitty size M was a perfect fit. The arm pit measurement of the smitty was about 24" (pit to pit) and the majestic measures 25" for the same measurement. The smitty M also in my opinion had slightly shorter sleeve length which for me was a perfect fit. It is definitely sized for the plate so If you are ordering it just to wear on the bases. I would size down from your base shirt size. Thanks again @JimKirk for showing A+ customer service!
  3. Smitty Convertible Umpire Jacket

    Thanks Jim!
  4. No More Plate Coats?

    How much did it cost you?
  5. Smitty Convertible Umpire Jacket

    Jim, Can you being a few of these to Nashville? Preferably a size S, M, and L? This would be a good chance to check out the sizing.  
  6. An umpire's perspective on Star Wars

    These shirts seem to be pretty good. I ordered both a long sleeve and a short sleeve and the quality seems to be consistent.
  7. An umpire's perspective on Star Wars

    Hey! just passing along a good thing..... :)  
  8. Umpires Eject Cancer Campaign

    If you are interested in these two shirts they are available for 9 more hours. (at the time of this post)
  9. Umpires Eject Cancer Campaign

    I know some of you could care less about supporting the pink cause, but for those that do, here is an umpire t-shirt available on Teespring that supports breast cancer research. I reached out to the owner to find out how much is being donated and the reply was based on the amount of shirts sold the seller will be donating 20%-50% of the profits. I have been pubing this shirt of FB so some of you have probably seen it. If you are interested in ordering, see the link below. The seller also has a pretty cool "Umpire Strikes Back" that is available.  Me being a Star Wars fan...i had to get 2 of these! One long sleeve and a short sleeve! lol ***FYI....both shirts are only available for the next 5 days.***  
  10. Chest Protector Covering

    Do something like this.....   
  11. PU covers 1B

    This is always the BU's play back into first (in a 2-man system). BU should be reading the BR as well as having an understanding where the fielders and the ball is. If the BR makes a hard turn, the BU should be prepared to take the BR into 2nd. If the BR slams on breaks and there is a play back into 1st, the BU should drop step back in the direction of 1st and stop in the cut out for the play. This type of play is exactly why we don't  "stare down" batter runner touches of first. If the BU is simply looking for the touch and only watching the runner, the BU may miss the backdoor play.
  12. Who says i'm going to update it? :-)
  13. This list is almost 3 years old. I am 1000000% sure it doesn't reflect the current MLB full time and call up roster.
  14. I try to let the play dictate what mechanics to use. Remember that our "safe mechanic" has many meanings....."Safe", "No catch", "that's Nothing", "balls in play" etc. To everyone else (Players, Coaches, fans) , safe mechanic only looks like safe. So I try to use it only when the situation calls for it. - On DK3 I will give my swinging strike Mechanic (pointing strike mechanic) with arm extended. - If it is unclear to the off. or def. that the ball was dropped (i.e. short hop), i will also give a verbal "No Catch" - I take a read step right or left as needed to see the possible tag attempt. - If TAG is made, I give a verbal "On the tag" and ONLY give my OUT mechanic - If BR runs to first or a TAG is attempted and MISSED, I will give the SAFE mechanic. - If no TAG attempt is made, and Batter does not attempt to acquire 1st, I will leave my right arm extended (pointing strike mechanic) until runner steps out of the dirt circle....then give my OUT mechanic Here is a video of me using this method....    
  15. D1 and MLB

    I'll offer my $0.02... since I am in the middle of this very journey as we speak. YMMV... Q: Do you need Milb experience to work D1 baseball? A: No....but it certainly helps. As  Milb umpire you get game speed and game management  in heavy doses. Your job is umpiring and you get anywere between 80-160 games in a season based on your level. For a non Milb umpire it may take a few years to reach equivalent game counts. Yet in still a newly released  Milb umpire doesn't  just walk straight onto a D1 field. Most Milb umpires need some sort of "deprograming" in order to work collage baseball.  The game at the pro level  and the Ncaa level is not the same. The game management, ejection triggers, warnings use of language etc are all different. So most Milb umpires will work a few seasons of lower level college  ball before breaking into major college conferences. However that journey  can be a relatively short path. For the non Milb umpire the path is different  but the end goal is obtainable. It is certainly  a process. And keep in mind you will be competing against Milb umpires that have lived ate and slept baseball for years. Pro school helps, but it is in no way a golden ticket. Good core training regardless of where you get it is a must. Once you are ready to break into college ball the first thing you need to do is Inventory your look… Dress like the level in which you are trying to achieve. If you don’t have poly wools go out and get some. Make sure you get them tailored properly. Make sure your uniform is “TV-Ready”. Keep your shoes shined, pants (and caps) creased, and shirts wrinkle free. Chances are there will be no more parking lot dressing, so make sure you have a gear bag with wheels that you can easily go from car to locker room. Be prepared to travel a lot your first few years…. Expect to work a lot of Juco, NAIA, and DIII level games your first few years. Work every game with the utmost professionalism. Treat every game like it’s the 7th game of the world series. Coaches in these leagues can either jump start or break your career. Unlike high school, these coaches have been hired for the sole purpose of running the baseball program. They are not teachers and they don’t care about lesson plans. They care about wins and losses, plain and simple. If you have a good game, they are not afraid to let you know about your work. If you have a bad game they are not afraid to let you and your assigner know about it as well. So work hard, look good, hustle and above all else know the rules! Find out who the top assigners are in your region… All of the top D1 conferences in your area will have a conference assigner. Most of these guys will also assign smaller NAIA, DII, DII conferences. Some of these assigners will use these conferences as feeders for the D1 conferences. Get to know these guys. The top Coordinators will usually promote try-out camps and clinics through your local assigner. Advancement happens in the summer, fall and winter.… The best way to move and get seen is during the summer and the fall. Find out if there is a college summer league in your area. It will be easier to work with some of the D1 guys during the summer. The D1 guys will have great feedback for what it takes to work at the D1 level. Also if you do well, it can help you get on the radar for getting assigned to some higher level games assigned by your association. Also the summer is usually a more relaxed environment. Plan to attend a College camp or clinic in the fall….. Usually these camps are attended by assigners responsible for D1 Non-conference assignments, as well as conference umpire appointment. Most of these camps/clinics will have cage work, rules application, and live games. Same rules apply just as they do in the regular season…. work hard, look good and hustle when it’s your turn to shine. Attend your Local NCAA superclinic…. This will ensure that you are up on all mechanic changes and rule changes for the upcoming season. This is also a great opportunity to network with all of the Top college umpires, assigners, and evaluators in your region. Don’t be afraid to talk to and introduce yourself to them. This clinic is also required for post season assignment for all of the NCAA divisions. Once you complete this in year 1. Wash, rinse, and repeat." As you do a good job coaches notice. ..they will tell your assigner. You may get asked to work higher level games with some of the better umpires in your group. Remember  every game is an audition... if your progress  continues you will be work D1 in no time.