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  1. They should replace the Velcro, refurbish the pad foam and replace rivets if needed.
  2. Send it back to Douglas. They will refurbish it for you.
  3. Play at the plate... Discuss All rule codes OBR, NCAA, FED
  4. Here are the Top 2 of the power 6
  5. Didn't look like BR had made it to first yet.
  6. Check out the video at 0:38 sec.........Does anyone have RLI on that Play at first?
  7. Can someone post pictures of their davis polywools next to their Honigs Polywools? Maybe specifically a picture of the front and back belt loops? Thanks in advance
  8. Yes, it is to see ball in glove and to clear the throwing lane.
  9. No problem... All of my uniforms, all 5 sets of them, come from GD. So I know them very well.
  10. I would say ordered the same size as you do for Honigs. I have a Gerry Davis jacket in size M. it is comprable to the fit of a Honigs jacket I have in the same size.
  11. I probably wouldn't go, it puts you further away from the playing action down at first, two, you may get straight lined by the runner running to first and could miss the pulled foot/swipe tag. Clearing to the right on D3K gives you a look at the possible tag attempt by F2 and puts you in good position to see the complete play.
  12. I try to let the play dictate what mechanics to use. Remember that our safe mechanic has many meanings....."Safe", "No catch", "that's Nothing", "balls in play" etc. To everyone else, safe mechanic only looks like safe. So I try to use it only when the situation calls for it. - On DK3 I will give my swinging strike Mechanic (pointing strike mechanic) with arm extended. - If it is unclear to the off. or def. that the ball was dropped (i.e. short hop), i will also give a verbal "No Catch" - I take a read step right or left as needed to see the possible tag attempt. - If tag is made, I give my OUT mechanic. - If tag is attempted and missed, I will give the SAFE mechanic. - If no tag attempt is made, I will leave my right arm extended until runner steps out of the dirt circle then give.a casual "no catch" mechanic. Here are a few video clips from one of my recent games of the mechanics mentioned above.
  13. I personally like this look....
  14. Can someone post pictures of the Davis pants next to honig's pants?