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  1. No More Plate Coats?

    Call them directly. They are available. 12 week wait.
  2. Tailored Shirts

    Yes , they can easily be tailored...
  3. please let me know...
  4. Delayed dead ball balk

    This sounds pretty stupid if you ask me. If you want to have a "warning" system, ok... its your tourney. However, you are going to punish the offense because a pitcher rolled through one? The rule of thumb is that if all runners including the BR advance 1 base you disregard. So why don't you just use that thinking and then warn? So lets say no warninghasbeen issued and a kid no stops.. youcall a balk and the batter hits a double. Just leave the runner @2nd and tell the pitcher that is your warning. If Iwas a coach and that happened to my team, Iwould be watching the rest of the game with binoculars atthe dorms!!
  5. WTB 13" Douglas WV

    Looking for 13" Douglas WV. email me at
  6. Shirt Alterations

    I have my plate shirts tailored in. I like it loose in the shoulders but tapered on the sides.
  7. Wow!!

    I'll take "I'm on crack for $600 Alex ......."
  8. Mizuno Umpire Plate Shoes size 10 UPDATED PICS

    Sold...lock this baby up!
  9. Mizuno Umpire Plate Shoes size 10 UPDATED PICS

    In a dress shoe I wear an E width. They do not specify on the shoe/box.
  10. Up for sale are a pair of Mizuno Plate Shoes. They are size 28 which equals a US10. I wear a 9.5 dress shoe and a 10.5 in a standard base shoe. These Mizunos fit perfectly. They are not new, but they are in good condition. If purchased new they will run you $270 shipped. Mine are $105 shipped to lower 48 states. Email me at if interested. PayPal only
  11. MLB speeding up games

    On all professional fields as well as most good college fields the ground around home is much harder than the infield. MidAm is correct...
  12. Legit Nike Mask??

    You are OK...
  13. Team Wendy's - Douglas Retrofit

    Even if TW still did is WAAAAAY overkill! Spend that $$$ on a weekend clinic....
  14. Foul Tip Mechanic

    The times I don't use it: Nobody on and less than 2 strikes. Even with 2 strikes and nobody on and and it's a cock shot foul tip straight into the glove I usually give a verbal" he's got it" with an out mechanic. There are absolutely times where it is definitely needed. I think I can get away with it cause I work a higher level and I " have a clue ". Unless you have "nailed" everything else in your game I would suggest you use the foul tip mechanic when it happens. It's like mapping pitches. I do it but I wouldn't recommend it to a guy who is a greenhorn... This is just my .2