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  • How did you hear about Umpire-Empire?
  1. Are they an adjustable waist band? If not they are Honigs Poly-wools. If they are adjustable then they are Ump-Attire that Harwicks made for them a few years back...
  2. I am looking for a pair of 10.5 all
  3. These are the actual hook clips that Riddell used. Get rid of those metal ones!! lol
  4. Blue32, please PM me the info of the guy @ Riddell. I have 2 friends that have Powers and they need some fixin'
  5. Major Dave, add this to your iron and you will NEVER burn your pants.....
  6. Great question... I use to do the hidden stitch. Now I go to my tailor for the straight stitch. Now here is the key.. you need to take your pants to Jo-Ann Fabric or your local store that stocks a sh!t ton of thread and match it up. Then take the thread to the tailor. Tailors have 2-3 shades of grey and they will try to match it up but sometimes its not 100%. On the new Smitty pants due to the stretch element of the pant I would go with a straight stitch but I would match the pant to the thread.... I AM THE MARTHA STEWART OF UMPIRING!
  7. I would also recommend if you buy these new poly spandex pants is to go to Men's Wearhouse or Jos a bank and have them put in a travelers Crease on them. It's 10 bucks a pair but it's a great investment… Come right out of the dryer and you shouldn't have to iron them...
  8. I use a Rowenta steam iron and I put this universal iron shoes on .... it's a great investment because I have never ruin a pair of pants… Steam go through but doesn't burn clothes...
  9. Depending on the condition maybe 50-60 bucks...
  10. Can I see some pics? I would be willing to trade some NB plate shoes...
  11. Take your pants to Jos a Bank and for 9 bucks they will put the crease in....
  12. Honig's new poly wools do not have the perm crease either..
  13. Here's the funny thing, I am scrolling through the post and the first thing that pops in my head is that BT Blue is gonna ask to buy the throat guard separately!!! I never disappoint myself!!! Lol
  14. No