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  • How did you hear about Umpire-Empire?
  1. If you cannot provide a tracking number to someone who sent you $$$$ that is troubling ...
  2. Labor Day might have delayed things ...
  3. Did he get you a tracking number ?
  4. Look them up on Facebook then private message them… Easiest way to get a hold of them...
  5. That is a west vest mask circa 1998. They added the re-enforcement bars in the ears a few years after Joe designed it. I Frankensteined a Wilson Ti to look like a Riddell a few years back...
  6. I would contact BBUC. I am sure they can possibly find you a roommate. I look forward to see you in October!
  7. The Champion CP is a good protector for the $$$. If you are a HS guy it will do the trick. Get a Force 3 or All-Star Delta Flex harness from Ump-Attire. It will help. Good luck...
  8. Dremel with round cut-off disk and eye protection...
  9. Call them directly. They are available. 12 week wait.
  10. Yes , they can easily be tailored...
  11. please let me know...
  12. This sounds pretty stupid if you ask me. If you want to have a "warning" system, ok... its your tourney. However, you are going to punish the offense because a pitcher rolled through one? The rule of thumb is that if all runners including the BR advance 1 base you disregard. So why don't you just use that thinking and then warn? So lets say no warning has been issued and a kid no stops.. you call a balk and the batter hits a double. Just leave the runner @ 2nd and tell the pitcher that is your warning. If I was a coach and that happened to my team, I would be watching the rest of the game with binoculars at the dorms!!
  13. Looking for 13" Douglas WV. email me at
  14. I have my plate shirts tailored in. I like it loose in the shoulders but tapered on the sides.