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  1. I am cleaning out the closet... 460 plate shoe 10 EE wore 2 times $65.00 460 plate shoe 10 EE new in box $80.00 950 mid base shoe 10.5 D. New in box $50.00 460 v3 2017 SAMPLES 10.5 D. Wore 3 times....low tops $100.00 all prices include shipping to lower 48 states only me at
  2. That IS a Nike Japanese mask..
  3. To get one of these harnesses custom-made for $30 is a steal. If somebody wants to buy the Force 3 because it's $10 cheaper more power to them. However, why would you not pay an extra $10 for a custom made product from a fellow umpire? It's a no-brainer ......
  4. Tomorrow @JimKirk will be running the Jos A Bank/ Ump-Attire Sale... my 1 Wilson Ti Mask at regular price and get 2 more masks FREE!!! Of coarse the new retail price on the Ti is $699!!!! LOL
  5. Good to see Panda76 at the camp this year!!!
  6. I have always liked low top plate shoes. The samples are a size 10 1/2 D and I would probably wear a 10EE if I went out and bought a pair. They are pretty comfortable. They do get a little dirtier because the mesh but it's manageable. It's a trade-off for a lighter shoe. I hate the 460...I have two brand-new pair sitting in my closet collecting dust ....
  7. Not sure if anyone here is going to the Black and Blue Umpire Camp next week but I will bring a pair of my sample NB low tops to view. I like them alot.....
  8. If you cannot provide a tracking number to someone who sent you $$$$ that is troubling ...
  9. Labor Day might have delayed things ...
  10. Did he get you a tracking number ?
  11. Look them up on Facebook then private message them… Easiest way to get a hold of them...
  12. That is a west vest mask circa 1998. They added the re-enforcement bars in the ears a few years after Joe designed it. I Frankensteined a Wilson Ti to look like a Riddell a few years back...
  13. I would contact BBUC. I am sure they can possibly find you a roommate. I look forward to see you in October!
  14. The Champion CP is a good protector for the $$$. If you are a HS guy it will do the trick. Get a Force 3 or All-Star Delta Flex harness from Ump-Attire. It will help. Good luck...