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    What's the first rule of Fight Club? NEVER talk about fight club! What's the first rule of Crossfit? NEVER shut the F*#K up about Crossfit! Hahahaha. You're welcome.
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    Boom. This bad boy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes, it's an illegal pitching position. My state wants this enforced in every game at every (HS) level. I teach a 2 step procedure: 98% of the time, we can address the problem in warmups: let coach know he's in the "hybrid" (in my state, all coaches have heard about this ad nauseam), and have coach address it (usually, "get back on the rubber, Bubba"). If he suddenly starts using the hybrid, address it when you see it. It's not illegal until the pitching motion begins (often a rocker step), at which time we kill it and award a ball to the batter. We don't have to assume. The set position is clearly defined and requires the pivot foot to be (completely, entire foot) on the rubber OR in front of, touching, and parallel to the rubber. In either case, the entire foot (more or less) needs to be within the 24" length of the rubber. The hybrid does not satisfy either requirement. But yes, if he's not legal, first motion is an illegal pitch, and with runners on that's a balk. I get this question all the time. The answer is: I can see his feet. If he's not clearly illegal, then he's legal. PU/BU is immaterial, no protractor required. I've already addressed this, but since you asked, it's worth adding that the position is not illegal until he pitches from it. Being on the rubber in the hybrid is not in itself a violation. If he disengages and fixes it, then he's legal (no matter what the opposing coach says). And the time for me to fix it expires when the ball becomes live. In theory, yes: the windup (let's say) yields a better pitch, and the set yields a better pick (in FED, the only legal pick). If F1 gets to have both, or the appearance of both, then that's an advantage. Why bother with 2 pitching positions in the first place? Could be: usually the issue is a huge hole in front of the rubber, and they end up not completely inside the length of the rubber. I let that slide, but there's no prospect of ending up in the hybrid from doing that. On what? You've asked about several dimensions of the pitching restrictions.
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    Just got mine back from cobbler. Hope he gets @MadMax seal of approval. I wanted real leather straps. And the double rectanglular hoops hold the DF straps pretty good.
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    It's true they're only .500 this month, but really, who could avoid fading after the start they had? Oh, sorry, I thought it said, "Blue Jackets Fading." My bad.
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    I have never had a problem wearing turf shoes on grass, even wet grass.
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    +POS ZRO-G, Charcoal w/ Tan TWs, Smoke-silver sun visor +POS ZRO-G, Bay Blue (Sky, custom) w/ Black TWs, Spectrum-blue sun visor All-Star FM4000, Black (custom) w/ Tan TWs Honigs K-4, Navy w/ Navy All-Star LUCs, Smoke-silver sun visor Yes, when you do 400+ games per year, across all levels, all four masks are used on rotation.
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    Going to need to make one in Navy for backward states like Georgia.
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    @The1yankee said: "Only stings for a minute, lol." Good luck with that. When/if you start calling college baseball I want you to hit me up after you take one off the bicep or wrist or elbow or gut or inner thigh and tell me it only stings for a minute. I took a foul ball off my left knee two days in a row in the same spot. My old Wilson DaviShins didn't do their job. I literally cried, couldn't stop the involuntary pain tears that second day, second hit. Limp-Walked all the way to the right field foul pole and back trying to walk that one off. Bought my Force 3 Shins that evening from my phone in the parking lot before I left the game site here in KC. Hahahaha!
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    True, I have found the ones I don't use much look much nicer.
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    I don't use them. Keeps them fresh.
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    Thought you'd gents would appreciate this. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/22835004/inside-mask-umpire-crew-chief-mound-visits-mad-managers-having-your-call-overturned
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    Ah, yes the All-Star CPU30. I’m surprised, with a name like that, Lucasfilm hasn’t descended upon All-Star and cited them with a C&D writ for trademark infringement. I guess, though, that because the CP looks nothing at all like the intergalactic protocol droid, it’s not such a big issue. This softshell has been discussed before (we even have a Mike Taylor ( @mstaylor ) and Mike Prince ( @Mike Prince ) sighting!) here: There’s also a Review article for it here, but it lacks user feedback: The whole point of this, like any softshell from All-Star, Diamond, Champion, Champro, Schutt, TAG Sports, MacGregor, or Pro-9, is to offer protection to umpires reflective of the level of batsports being called, while – this is key – reducing bulk, weight, and cost while increasing breathability and dexterity. Granted, not all softshells are classified the same. Some amount to little else than a foam washboard and two shoulder caps. Would I take one of these into a baseball game? No. Softball at best. But upper-tier models, like the All-Star CPU30, the Diamond DCP-iX3, or the Champro Pro Plus CP14, are using foam laminates (that means modern, advanced foam of multiple types), encased in technical mesh skins, with strategically placed (embedded) plastic “blast” plates (most often over the sternum and at the clavicle sections). The Force3 UnEqual follows this perspective, but as @tpatience points out, it is not a typical softshell, nor does it outright belong in the Softshell class. It is more of a hybrid. What makes it so? That answer lies in the cost, wherein Force3 uses Kevlar – perhaps the best energy absorbing fabric on the market – as a major component of its laminate sandwich. Due to user feedback, Force3 further installed plastic blast plates to give the Kevlar more structure and to further disperse the impacting energy laterally. Also, due to user feedback, the harness was updated to a Flex-style harness, further improving the rather conforming fit. The UnEqual represents one of the “latest and greatest” pieces of protective gear available to umpires. But is it for everyone? No, and certainly the outright cost dissuades many, but also the unfamiliarity with the Force3 brand and the context within which it’s going to be used – eg. an UnEqual would be utter overkill for a season of LIttle League baseball, Minors or Majors. Do softshells have their place in the baseball landscape? Certainly! If they didn’t, why would Wilson debut the softshell Wilson Guardian? I mean, they make the (supposed, purported, ballyhooed) “best” hardshell CP in the market with the WV Gold and Platinum, don’t they? I’ll tell you this, the latest top-tier softshells – like I listed above – are years ahead of the WestVests in materials and technical practices, will give better performance (that’s weight + fit + breathability + protection together), and be a better value for your money at time of purchase. So, to bring the discussion back to the All-Star CPU30, this is a very capable softshell that has been waiting “offstage” for its time to shine. Might it change further, or become something else in a few years? Possible. Its role is very easy to define, because it isn’t trying to compete with or replace its more capable sibling, the System 7 CPU4000. The vertical sizing / coverage might be a bit limited, at 13.5”, and if you’re getting a softshell, you may opt for more torso coverage (“might as well”) and consider a Diamond or Champro, both of which are taller. Would I get one? Kindly, no, because I have no need of one. I already have a light, Advanced-foam, low profile, extremely well ventilated hardshell CP at a killer price point that I can take into any and every type of baseball game... ... I have a Schutt XV. However, if I keep getting these Little League Minors Games dropped on me, I may consider getting a softshell, just to take the wear-and-tear off my XV before I go to Independent league ball. So too, I would also use an inexpensive mask so I don’t risk chipping or bending my primary gamers, along with some black steel toed work shoes (what coach cares about how my shoes look in local kiddie ball???) so my New Balance 460v3’s don’t get stepped on and filled with dust, dirt, and sand.
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    I've commented on this several times, but since you ask... The hybrid absolutely should be addressed with no runners on. As others said, try to correct it in warm ups if you can. If not, then grab it as early as possible. Here's the problem: If you let it go with no runners, what do you do when F1 uses the same stance with R3 only? You have given implied approval that his "wind up" is legal all game, and now you are balking it when he thinks he can use the same stance with a runner on third base (or bases loaded, or R2 & R3 only)? Not good.
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    Lots of overthinking here. Find your length, and if not spot on, then go UP to the next size. 5’9, 5’10 heights would in most cases put you at 16.5 for Force3.
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    The guys I was referring to primarily, are some guys (not all) with '30 years' under their belt, but, as you said, were never REALLY trained, but they're still very passionate. And in their passion, coupled with their 'experience', not only reject instruction in many cases (not all), but insist on pushing their way as THE way in spite of new standards and philosophies that are required for guys to grow and advance. It's frustrating to go to a collegiate clinic, learn, implement, and then get rebuked (take that literally) by one of these guys in a high school game, and actually instructed to do something incorrectly. Our area has some good clinicians, with lots of experience, who are still eager to grow and learn, but they are far outnumbered by guys who think they've arrived, and will not hear anything that didn't come out of their own mouth. Again, I don't want to 'over-generalize', this isn't every 'experienced' umpire, but it's a bunch who simply fail to realize that things have changed. That said, I am the first one to submit to the older/wiser/more experienced, and I've made it a habit to ASK THEM for advice and counsel, as I truly appreciate their accomplishments and experience. Finally, to answer your question, my frustration is that there isn't much happening in our area in regard to training for HS umpires. When someone DOES put on a clinic, attendance is usually not great. And the philosophy of accountability in scheduling is non-existent for the most part. It's a function of numbers, and the numbers of umpires simply isn't there, I guess...
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    Echo the Honigs harness. It’s logo’d but solid color as the straps so can’t really tell it’s there. Also has hidden tunnels to keep the excess straps contained.
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    If two are making problems then eject both problem children. If you eject just one then the you will become the issue, not the idiots who are creating the problem. I don't give two cents about two grown adult men wanting to fight in the parking lot, that's game admin's problem.
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    Here's my primary mask: For the general election, I prefer this one.
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    I rotate, with color coordination: School navy: Diamond AL silver with All-Star navy 2-tone pads, and Honigs Navy harness and 4 inch TG, Diamond visor Spring/fall black: Wilson AL black frame with Wilson Charcoal/black leather 2-tone pads, and Wilson Harness and TG Spring/fall jacket weather: Diamond AL black frame, Tan Wilson Leathers, Diamond harness and visor, Honigs TG Powder Blue and Cream: Plus-POS ZERO-G frame, black TWs, Plus-POS harness and TG, diamond visor Summer Heat: Plus-POS AL frame bronze, harness and Visor, Tan TWs, Mizuno 6 inch TG I like leather pads in cold weather, TWs in warm. Take off my leathers by end of May, and store them until October. Will throw TWs on my frames to rotate in the summer. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Different strokes I guess. I introduce myself to the starting F2s every game if they don't do so first. I try to make it a point to call them by their name and it's refreshing if a high school kid remembers mine and uses it.
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    Maybe "widely" around you...Never have I heard this term. I urge you to read the above case play. On a ball hit out in front of the plate, if the batter starts running, and catcher moves to field the ball, barring one of the two pushing, grabbing, tripping, etc. the other, it's tangle/untangle. Play on. Neither INT nor OBS.
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    I have nothing. Throw hit the runner before the running lane. BR can run anywhere the first 45 feet as long as he does not intentionally interfere. Here's your case play for FED. (Your imaginary NCZ notwithstanding) 8.1.1 SITUATION R: B1 hits a fair ball in front of home plate. Both the batter-runner and catcher make contact while trying to complete their respective responsibilities. RULING: If either player attempts to alter the play, interference or obstruction shall be called depending on who violates the rule. If neither player attempts to alter the play, no call shall be made. My take on this. Same in all codes. If both are doing what they should be doing, and don't intentionally interfere or obstruct, it's nothing. The key is doing what they should be doing..that includes the batter RUNNING to 1B. IMO, if the batter hits the ball out in front of the plate, doesn't attempt to run, and by standing there interferes with F2, I have INT. In your case,it sounds like nothing to me. Not necessarily in front of home plate..see case play above. Happens more often than you think.
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    I have never, and never will, bring celery onto a field
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    Had a similar play as PU once. R1 went out, I take BR and get an angle on the SS side of the 2B cutout because there's going to be a play. F9 throws a bb to 2B. BR stops in his tracks and retreats, getting into a rundown between first and second. My partner had the play back into first from the outfield side, as I covered the second base side from the infield grass. Looked real good. Almost like we knew what we were doing.
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    Force3 v2. Black with tan pads. Bought from somebody here on U-E.
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    I haven't tried the new one yet, but pics I've seen of the new version don't look like its changed yet. I'm sure someone will argue, if you just stay upright then those are fine where they are now; however, if you lean forward in your stance at all, then the tops of your shoulder(s) are left open to damage from a foul ball or uncaught pitch. I guess it's a personal preference thing... to each their own.
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    My personal opinion and @MadMax original MaXV has the epaulets moved upwards. I think the shoulder gap coverage plates (epaulets) are too low. If you move them up, it provides much greater protection in my opinion. Max uses the existing upper hole and it becomes the bottom hole, then he drills a new hole for the upper bolt/Chicago screw. It looks great too when completed. Here is one Max did for me.
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    Schutt Comfort Lite magnesium frame, TW pads, +POS sunshade, Wilson harness, Mizuno composite throat protector.
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    (2) +POS Zero-G's Silver frame- Honigs Navy Pads Silver frame- Honigs Black Pads
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    Force3 Defender mask in both frame colors. With one set of black and one set of tan pads that I exchange between the frames. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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    I've got both, but use the Zigs sparingly. I don't care for the soles, as they clog with dirt and mud. Both are fairly comfortable, and protect as well as any plastic toes shoes can. I don't think latest NB are that good looking. Neither are as classy as a well polished +POS low top. But one +POS weighs as much as a pair of either, so.........
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    Little League Big league game, I ask the catcher, 'got your cup?'....he answers....'OH right....(yells to the bench)...Who has THE cup??"
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    I fully endorse Spence on this one, primarily in rarity factor. The Zigs were an ideal design – light, responsive, and with a really nifty, low profile metatarsal guard. Indeed, their demise wasn’t due to a flaw or deficiency, but because Reebok’s parent company, Adidas, doesn’t understand baseball and doesn’t care about umpires. In fact, Adidas pulled Reebok out of all Team sports and confined its focus on CrossFit. Ugh. CrossFit?! Really?! If you have access to a pair of Reebok Zig plate shoes in your size, I say get ‘em. If they don’t suit you – which is why I’ve not owned Reebok myself, as they don’t fit my arches – then you still have NB’s available... at least until 2019 and the inevitable UnderArmour models.
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    My two cents... If you have the chance, go with the Zigs. They're the most comfortable shoes out there. I can't confirm this next bit but I've been told by MiLB umpires that the V3's have a tendency to tear and fall apart.
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    I'll take the blame, if it's warranted! One thing you, my fellow umpires and colleagues, must have picked up – I'm quite thorough in my descriptions and explanations. I don't want anyone to feel duped or blindsided in their purchase choices. You wouldn't be making a bad choice of either of those, @Tborze. The Champion P2xx is a very solid, protective piece of gear, and both of them – the Schutt/Adams and the Champion – are both tremendous values at their price points. Same could be said for the Champro, or the +POS, or the All-Star. And yes, the Douglas and the Force3 are a high price point, but at the end of the day – and this is applicable to all seven CP's I just listed out – do you want to be paying your money to a company that will progress and improve their gear, and invest in using new, modern materials, or, at the very least, try to keep production and employment here in North America? The alternative is paying for a CP that uses arcane design practices, outdated materials, produced overseas but priced so as to maintain a Big League (exclusive) license. Sounds appealing, doesn't it? But hey! The Big League guys wear it, so it must be alright... right? There are no longer any secrets to modifying the XV in this latest HDX variant. Schutt actually observed, addressed and progressed their product as it was in use in the market – they just never publicly acknowledged it, nor privately thanked guys like me and @Razzer who made modifications on their own, likely inspiring or motivating Schutt to make those improvements. To wit, there is no longer a need to remove the default Y-yoke harness and install D-ring anchors and rigger straps on the shoulder arch plates so as to use a Flex-style harness. It now has rather streamlined bicep guards (if you're into that kind of thing), and also continues to include and allow the attachment of an abdomen extension. To really achieve a close fit, I would recommend busting out the hairdryer and heating up the shoulder arch plates and chest plate and heat-shaping them.
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    Thankfully, those reports end up in front of the same people who are creating the video.
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    Alright guys, here we go. The kids are ready to play ball! And so am I! 10U, wow!<Wouldn't say that. Probably?
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    At my age it's refreshing if I remember my name.
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    So did I, and for the same reason: it's the most correct (and least incorrect) of the available responses. It is not, as we know, the credited response. Back in the day, I got paid (pretty well) to create questions for the GRE. I would not have been paid for that kind of question.
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    I put A, because the batter is not out if a runner interferes with a fielder on a foul fly.
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    Not sure about softball, but in baseball, the defense needs to appeal the missed base before the batter/runner returns. Once the batter/runner returns and touches, no appeal would cause him/her to be out. Codes vary as to if we, as umpires, should call the runner safe once they past the bag, or call nothing as we do when home plate is missed and no tag is applied.
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    @Stk004 and I have been going back and forth sending each other pics of guys now using the Mag. Even Greg Gibson got rid of his bucket and is using the Mag.
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    Exactly. That's why on a force play, even if the fielder is attempting a tag, the runner needs to slide legally, OR avoid contact. If he does neither, and it alters the play,we have a FPSR violation. (even though the out attempt was a tag)
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    You really don't have to answer these types of questions. Hand the coaches the card and leave.
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    But film review on where yur set up in regards to catchers head n if yur movin on pitch, YOU WILL SEE IT! I'm just gonna take my tablet with me for scrimmage and let one of the other umps in my class film my parts of the scrimmage. Heck ya. Love when an idea comes together, thanks for putting thought in my head to link with video at scrimmage NOTE TO SELF: take ump equipment AND fully charged TABLET to scrimmage!!!!
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    So far I've had: 20 pitches with just mask, indoors behind a net 20 Batting practice, pitcher with pitchers fence but live situations minus the pitchers protector out there. I ran about an inning Frosh, Scrimmage on 21st with our oshaa metro Toledo class of 11 men 1 female. First game 26th JV But yes totally Dave! I feel comfortable back there, not much worried with taking a pitch on the flesh, similar to a street fight, most or lot of people are afraid to get punched, hence they get nervy lil flinchy, same with behind the plate. Do yur job, n if yur in good position, not flinchin or moving when pitch comes in, 98% of those shots you will handle. Only stings for a minute, lol.