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    Next month I will be launching a series of weekly YouTube videos. These will be short videos to help umpires develop. I already have over 100 topics on my list and have created nearly 20 which are ready to be launched right now. What I'm looking for from you is your ideas for topics. Your honest feedback on the videos as they come out or other pertinent feedback. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!
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    Needed somebody that could speak kid.
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    While not too far from the truth........I thought y'all might enjoy this.
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    Voluntary release is one way to judge if a catch has been made. In this play , 2 outs, R2. The guy caught the ball, slammed hard into the other outfielder. Didn't move after the collision. R2 and batter runner circled the bases. Outfielder stayed motionless , ball in glove. Confirmed by U1. Voluntary release or voluntary showing of the ball is not a prerequisite for a catch. Just indicators that can help us determine if a legal catch has been made. A ball secure in the glove a motionless body would also indicate a legal catch has been completed.
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    A misspelled name results in no penalty. It's not batting out of order, because the right player is batting. Fix the card an move on.
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    In my NSHO, if you're ultimate goal is MiLB, the time to go to Pro school is now. You may be perfecting non-PBUC mechanics. 3-man will do diddley for you at pro school. If need be, the extra year you'd spend now can be used to repeat pro school if you're close but not close enough to make it to the PBUC qualifying school.
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    I took the survey. My issue would be that on close plays whether or not it lit up, buzzed or honked there will be those that disputed which came first...........then we would still need super slow mo cameras to "check the checker"
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    @BCBrad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx9A0qTeJ-8&feature=youtu.be
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    Autumn, It was very astute of you to post this on this forum. There is a wealth of knowledge and skill here and more wiser sages than I. I am just lucky if I comment on something and it makes sense. I think what would be helpful is to know what our process is when we make safe and out calls. For example: try to be 90 degrees to the throw on force plays and 90 degrees to the tag on tag plays. On force plays listen and see. Dont jiggle the camera when taking your mental snapshot. Knowing an umpire's positioning, mechanics and reasoning on these plays may assist you in designing a tool that would complement umpires on these types of plays.
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    JUST on this product. Not on my shirts. The Smitty convertible jacket is cut pretty big. Thanks!
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    So the players have to take the device out of their shoe when they go on defense? I agree that I don' see this as a practical system. I applaud the forward thinking, but I'm skeptical.
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    Mr. Jimurray, the cite you referenced from the 2012 edition of the BRD was replaced by this one in the 2016 BRD (section 151, p. 115): Official Interpretation: On visits to the mound, only one manager or coach may be in attendance. While other members of the defensive team are allowed to confer on the mound during the visit, they must vacate the mound when the visit concludes. Once the visit ends, no further discussion with any defensive players may continue. (Wendelstedt, email to Childress, 7/13/12) And here’s an official interpretation for the NCAA about the use of translators (2016 BRD, section 154, p. 116): A sign language interpreter may accompany the coach to the mound for a conference. However, a player who cannot speak English will not be cause enough for the umpire to allow an interpreter to accompany the coach to the mound. If the player is a full-time student at one of our colleges or universities, he should be able to converse in the English language. (Paronto, Arbiter Hub Mar 2015 #1)
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    Major League Baseball adopted a regulation in 2013 that allows a translator to accompany a manager or coach to the mound. Here’s what the MLBUM (2015 edition, p. 42) says about the regulation: “Standards and On-Field Operations Regulation 2-2 (Occupying the Bench) provides that a full-time interpreter is permitted to enter the playing field during a game to translate for a coach or manager on an official visit to the pitcher as well as for the evaluation of an injury of a player. Interpreters are not permitted onto the playing field under any other circumstances, including when a catcher and/or infielder(s) visit the mound without a coach or manager.” Heaven help you if you disagree with this regulation--just ask Red Sox color analyst Jerry Remy who just this past season (in June, I think) voiced his opposition to interpreters being allowed on the field during a game against the Yankees and caught hell for it.
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    I remember playing against a team in community ball that had, if memory serves: Kayley Kailey Keely Kylie Hailey (x2) Hayley I would blow my brains out if I was that team's coach.
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    I'll take the survey, but how does it know who's foot touched the base first? Also, with all technological advances, if we rely on it, we will lose that skill when the technology fails.
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    I have no idea of the Simpson's schedule, I hadn't seen the show in years .The first time I saw it was on Fox network on Friday (10-20)... before Astros/Yankees Game 6 ... that's how I found it. I recorded the rebroadcast on Monday 10-23 on Fox Sports 1. It is still available on my On-Demand system.
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    And in baseball a legal unreported sub. Most softball codes get upset about unreported subs and penalize in some way as shown in ISF. HS coaches who go back and forth between BB and SB get frantic when they think their pinch hitter didn’t check in on the BB field.
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    Tha'ts easy ....2 words .... PLAY_ON ..... Smith, Smyth, SMithe, doesn't matter ......especially if you have a correct number. My God, a mis-spelled name? Please! Choose your battles and play the flippin' game
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    My 2012 BRD has a cite from Fitzpatrick (OBR) that only allows one coach on the diamond for a visit. Which, I believe, is why the MLBUM added an interp to allow a translator to come out.
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    The survey needs work. Q.3: "What field position do you typically monitor as an umpire?" I don't know what that's asking. If it's asking whether we work bases or plate, we all work all positions. Q.4: "During a baseball game, have you or one of your coworkers ever had to made a call based on inadequate information?" This question won't yield interesting data. Almost every game has one or more calls based on less info than we'd like. Q.9: "How often do you feel umpires must make decisions based on limited information?" Information is always limited. What would be the contrast class, unlimited information? The "inadequate information" question was more apt. Q.10: "Do you or other umpires currently use any device to assist in make accurate calls during a game?" I hope all the HS umpires are answering "no" to this, or else they need to look at FED 10-1-5. I am skeptical. As it is, our brains have to integrate a great deal of sensory information, much but not all of it visual, before we rule on tag plays. Having to wait on a device to register won't improve the situation much, if at all. This device offers additional sensory information to integrate, and moreover mostly redundant information. Also, it seems like an expensive solution to an uncommon problem, given that we usually have sufficient information to make a correct call. Beyond that, I sincerely doubt that you'll get FED to buy into this, if it's a real proposal and not just an MBA exercise. Also, Autumn, I recommend NOT posting your school email address on the internet! If it's in your profile, folks can contact you, and you won't draw boatloads of spam.
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    TASO is just for scholastic games. However, our chapter uses it as a pool for umpires for other games as we are in a rural area and there are not many umpires. We just don't fall under TASO umbrella unless doing school games. The ones I know of in bigger cities are specifically school games. The lower level is typically another association and assignor. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
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    20+ years in the US Army from flight school to trite fool: party-pax, DUI test pilot and utility player.
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    MSgt, USAF, retired after 21 years of service. Aircraft Avionics Technician
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    Army - Finance Specialist. Fort Benning, GA 1976 - 1978.
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    Propose to get rid of the award during the rules summit that comes up after all of the awards are released.
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    "Rose goes in the front Big Guy"
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    When was breathing through his eyes like a Mayan.............or was it Aztec?
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    Yours is made in USA or made in Mexico?
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    You mean that wasn't the Home Run Derby portion?
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    Do you not have a smartphone, Warren?? ESPN App streams the World Series feed for free!! We get to hear the best voice in baseball (currently), Dan Shulman. Only downside? Aaron Boone flapping his gums as a former player. Dan Shulman at the top of the 8th inning – “This is insane.”
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    This is a great part of this forum. I do think it should be posted every year, on the anniversary of losing Mike, a profile of this great man. Some new members should know who he was. He had no equal on this forum.