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    I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the passing of Doug Harvey. I just wanted to share his HOF Speech because it shows his character and his respect for amateur umpires. NY Times Story: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/14/obituaries/doug-harvey-dead-baseball-umpire.html Baseball Hall of Fame story: https://baseballhall.org/discover/hall-of-fame-remembers-doug-harvey
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    For my patent leather shoes I use a mixture of 65% dihydrogen monoxide & 35% water.
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    This is inappropriate regardless of any other factor.
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    Hello, I'm an brand new umpire in Nebraska. I'm getting into this with my two teenagers. My son is 13 and my daughter is 15. They have both played baseball/softball since they were 6 or 7. They wanted a job that would help them make some money, offer flexibility around their travel ball schedules, and the cherry on top was they got to be involved with the game. I had previous experience and a contact with a local umpire association since I coached travel ball for almost 10-years. After attending the kick-off meeting I decided to join my kids in umpiring. I figured I have to take them to the training anyway and will probably have to get them to games as well. I could do some games myself and help out. There seems to be a shortage of umpires in our area. Right now we are looking at the gear we need. I've spent the past week browsing the equipment forum. I finally decided to sign up today. Can't wait to learn from everyone on this site.
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    Finally received my All-American 15" CP that @catsbackr graciously gifted to me. Attached are the pictures of the results from a local upholstery shop that agreed to repair the foam cover. I am beyond floored. The only thing changed was she added new Velcro, and used 3/4" wide instead of the original "1 wide Velcro strips. I will be taking @catsbackr AA CP to them next to redo his padding cover.
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    Thanks guys - Aging called me yesterday and said he was going to do this - Thanks Bill! I am looking forward to this trip, I will try to post a schedule from there.
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    Got the gap protection and wing protectors added. I held off on the t-hooks. I like plastic clips. With Ray’s harness I can get it tight enough for my liking. Like I said, I hate that I waited this long to test drive one of these bad boys!
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    So far, so good with the golf pants. And good grief don't use the HIGH setting on your iron. You'll melt them. I'm at 2/3 heat. Go to a tailor, and the get travelers crease put in them. Men's Warehouse did mine. I'm so done wearing wool pants on an athletic field. All my Honig's/Hardwicks are gone.
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    Darn it... now I have another person to keep an eye our for. This is now three years in a row! Think they will put is UE handle up on ESPN so we all know who he is?
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    No. Only RLI requires the obligatory throw from generally behind the BR to generally in the direction of 1B, but don't get me started.
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    V3? Honestly I just keep a spray bottle of water in my car. I haven't had a problem getting dirt off so far. Maybe I'll try hand soap to see if it's easier, but typically I don't need anything other than water, a brush and a rag.
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    That looks great! @mbkcoach and I were talking about this very thing last summer, and I was pretty sure at that time that an upholstery shop is the way to go to get pads replaced or refurbished when you can't get the original manufacturer to do it. This is proof positive.
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    I had the opportunity to meet him once. My family was moving to San Diego and his wife Joy was our realtor. I was 14 and when she found out I played baseball she introduced me to Doug who gave me a MLB baseball. He was an incredible man and amazing umpire. He was...."God." Very nice tribute.
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    Hand soap and water. Don’t use chemicals, they will eventually destroy your shoes.
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    @maineump Congratz
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    congrats @maineump that's awesome. I love watching LLWS
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    In FED only the umpire should judge if the interference prevented F2 from possibly throwing out the stealing runner. If the umpire judges F2 had no chance to throw out the runner, sans INT, the runner is returned, and no additional out is charged other than the strikeout of the batter. [Personal note] In actuality, for me, R1 better be almost standing on the next base when F2 catches the ball, or I'm getting the out. R1 and R2, double steal, the runner F2 was trying to make a play on is out, the other runner returns TOP. If the umpire cannot determine which runner F2 was going to play on before he was interfered with, the runner closest to home is out. 7-3-5 penalty..........If the pitch is a third strike and in the umpire's judgment interference prevents a possible ­double play (additional outs), two may be ruled out *7.3.5 SITUATION D: With R1 on first base and R2 on second base, one out and two strikes on B4, R1 and R2 attempt a double steal. B4 swings and misses the pitch and interferes with F2's attempt to throw out either R1 or R2. RULING: If in the umpire's judgment F2 could have made a putout on the runner(s) but cannot determine where the play was going to be made because of the nature of the interference, the umpire will then call out the runner nearest home plate, which isR2.
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    Wasn't the count 3-2 ? Swinging pirouette in front of F2 is strike 3. And in Fed, we get the runner too...end of inning.
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    On the left is Garret (my previous Jr. LL Umpire)/Legion umpire and on the right is our very own @HuskerUmp22 at the Wendlestedt Umpire School.
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    This is how I handle "sportsmanship" at the plate meeting. "Gentlemen, I'm required to mention sportsmanship at the plate meeting. I've just done it. Coach take us around (with the ground rules)."
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    There now is evidence that officials with "baited breath" experience shorter on-field arguments with managers and pre-games with partners. .
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    Good video - even found something I really need to work on (preparedness in the pre-game meeting). Thanks!
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    Be careful with di-hydrogen monoxide. I hear it is a major component in acid rain, can scald you severely in its' gaseous form and if inhaled can drown you.
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    I'm pretty excited because I got some new equipment in last night which (I hope) will help me make better quality videos. Especially in the audio and lighting areas. Plus I'm not going to be using my webcam so I will be able to escape from my computer to make them. I have a couple already done and scheduled to be released through YouTube. I'm debating re-doing those before moving forward with new ones. And I hate to beg but here it is straight forward. One of my goals with the YouTube Channel is to monetize for income. That said Tuesday (1/16/18) YouTube changed it's monetization structure (the snowflakes in the YouTube community are going Ape$h1+). Now to even be considered for monetization you must have: 1000 Subscribers 240,000 minutes of viewed content I'm just starting out so I'm NOWHERE near those stats, and I was nowhere near the previous requirements but here's how you can help: Subscribe (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0vV4nQjnhngh6dXcMQol_w) - And if you have multiple gmail accounts subscribe through all Watch all the videos in their entirety - Even if you just go to the channel and select videos --> Play all and just let them run in the background. Like the videos if you find them useful. Share (as long as you think they are worthy). Finally - Give your input and feedback especially on topics you'd like to see. Do I actually think I'm going to be the next PewDiePie or Smosh or anybody else - No, not at all. But I do believe I can produce some videos which have solid value to the umpiring community. So your help and support is greatly appreciated.
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    In the play, the pitch was in the dirt. In general, yes, a foul tip would be a live ball, and batter INT would still be a possibility.
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    The big issue here is the umpire who threw his partner sous le bus in a language his partner didn't speak. Geez. But no, were I able to translate and doing so, I would not volunteer anything unless asked specifically as an umpire by my partner. The tricky part would be resisting the urge to add on to the translation. "He said there was no way that was interference, and that your mother is a favorite of the sailors."
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    I just want to put out a huge thank you to all of you for your support. January 1st marked out 10 year anniversary. Umpire-Empire wouldn't have made it without your support. So I want to thank all of you whether you were here for day 1 with me or just joined today.
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    John, that CP looks awesome! I love the thought that it will have new life, too!
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    AMEN!!! Many moons ago, when I first started, I can still recall one of the most impactful pieces of wisdom that my mentor uttered in a post game. Surprisingly enough, not only do I still use it, but I hear it from others. Learn to umpire WITH the rulebook, not BY the rulebook. This too referring to different POEs as @wolfe_man had mentioned.
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    Congratulations! @maineump Now, to quote every booking secretary in history, "Don't suck!" Just kidding, you'll do great! I can't wait to watch you.
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    The first clinic I ever attended was in Portland, Maine for a weekend. It was an LL clinic and not only did I not live in Maine I didn't do LL (Ripken around here) but I sent an email asking if I could attend anyway and they were very welcoming. The clinic was great. Rock On @maineump!
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    well done! @maineump
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    bat·ed ˈbādəd/ adjective adjective: bated in great suspense; very anxiously or excitedly. "he waited for a reply to his offer with bated breath" Otherwise, I picture you dangling a little tiny fish in your mouth.
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    Want to do something like this...
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    This is also probably my favorite clip ever. Not only because it was my introduction to the Wedge (and the umpire community as a whole I believe). But it was made by one of my favorite umpires. Also doesnt hurt that it helped lead to title #2 of three in 5 seasons for my favorite team.
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    You will love it! I went and thought it was awesome. I did the International Camp too.
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    I think these may be the old Spot-Bilt shoes. If I recall, Saucony (parent company of Spot-Bilt) was purchased by Payless and the Spot-Bilt brand was sunsetted. However, someone who worked at Spot-Bilt started up Pentagon. http://www.umpire.org/vb/archive/index.php?t-5951.html I still use a Spot-Bilts for the HS season. PIAA requires that shoes be all black. Figure I will use them until they wear out. Use the NB for summer ball.
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    The "Shamu" reference was to the very first iteration of those shoes .....the ones pictures are the 2nd version w/ the stripes much more low-key
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    @wolfe_man, even though I had reservations regarding the shine, I too will echo @tpatience. BEST plate shoes I've worn. In regards to the shine, I used to have a pair of patent leather plate shoes. That had me spoiled, period, the end. Seeing is that UA has upped their minimum buy to $129 for free shipping (I get it, when you're world class, you still need to make money), these shoes and any subsequent return of them is FREE shipping. I mean, think about that. That's my favorite dinner, my favorite adult beverage, etc........FREE.
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    Whose feet? Fred Gwynne or Herman Munster? I would check an industrial safety shoe company for something that size.
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    They are the best plate shoes I’ve ever worn.
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    I like the part where you indicated you'll be doing individual reviews like "our man @scottkennedy"
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    assigner – a person who assigns, allots or apportions. assignor – a person who legally transfers to another some property or right.
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    A seam ripper would likely do less damage if you are heavy handed. And it should only cost $2 at your local fabric/sewing store.
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    I see no redirection. I see a legal block in both NCAA 2017 videos and the illegal OBR:/MLB OP which would be legal in NCAA. The redirect video is not the current interp as far as I can tell.