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    If anyone has one (46 Long for Honig's) in good to excellent condition they are willing to sell, please PM me.
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    i I am looking for a gray that matches my pants. The black in the picture is a moister wicking shirt. Anything other is too hot on most days. I don't like the look of my WVG TW under the PC with no shirt, but to each their own.
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    Short version: Yes. Yes. Expanded version: Yes, of course. Yes, don't get straightlined.
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    Some guys stay too long, others leave too early. I've quit officiating both baseball and basketball twice over the years because it had become a grind; I finally got the right work/life balance down and enjoy working both sports right now. I've found when I work too much I start to get tired of it. I've seen older guys (70's) who can still call a great game and others who should have retired years ago. There is an umpire in my area who is pushing 80 and still works a full D3 college and HS schedule every year. He can't move as well as he used to but he still gets around well enough and calls a really good game. His mind is still sharp and he knows the rules better than anyone around here. He should absolutely still be working if he wants to. He gave up varsity basketball about 10 years ago because he felt like he was no longer able to work that level effectively anymore; he still works jr high and jv games in basketball. On the other hand I've seen a few other guys in their 70's who clearly can't call a game anymore. Things just move too fast for them and they get confused; they can't move well enough to be in good position. It's sad to watch those guys and even sadder to work with them; most of them don't know they do a terrible job because nobody tells them. I have an agreement with a guy who is a good friend and also my baseball partner for many of my games. We've both always been brutally honest with each other about our performance on the field. We've both agreed that when the time comes where we think the other guys skills have declined to where he's starting to embarrass himself we will tell him he needs to hang it up. I'd much rather have a friend and fellow umpire tell me I stink and need to retire than make a fool of myself on the diamond. That said I hope to stay healthy enough to work games long past my retirement from my real job (another 9 years). I lift weights, run half marathons and stay active so I see no reason I couldn't umpire well into my 70's if I'm still enjoying it. I think umpiring will be even more fun when I no longer have to get up and go to work in the morning after working a doubleheader the previous night.
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    You and me both brother! I have a Zett. I like it.