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    To all the brothers here in Umpire-Empire, I wanted to thank you for all of the help over the years, ...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! I wanted to pass along that I was selected to work the MHSAA Semi/Finals this year. What an honor, privilege,.... and what an experience!!! One of the best things about it was that my crew comprised of 2 other partners that I work with regularly during the season, one of them being our own @Jeff C. I had 3 games ... 2 semi finals on Thursday, and one final on Saturday. My rotation was the plate first game out on Thursday ..... 10 innings later .... WOW! We rotated like normal as MHSAA goes 4 man from the Quarterfinals onward. The experience of learning the system quickly and catching on with the rotations was a blast! A special thank you to @Jeff C. also for being a great umpire, a great partner, and a great friend .... it was an honor to work with you sir!! My U-E brothers .......... Thanks again for the years of experience, knowledge, and of course, the comradery of the brotherhood!
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    Over the years I have come to accept the FED rule, for the reasons explained above by Mr. Maven. I no longer think it's a FED rule that needs changing. I've seen many varsity umpires have trouble with batter interference rulings, runner placement on overthrows etc. Asking them to learn all the nuances of the OBR/NCAA balk rule would be,dare I say, futile. The vast majority of varsity umpires do not devote time to rules knowledge or even refreshing their own rules knowledge. We, my Umpire-Empire brethren, are the minority.
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    The OBR balk rule is rather complicated to enforce, with many different conditions and scenarios. FED has far, far more officials and a much wider range of officiating ability than any other rule set, and so among their priorities for rules in all sports is ease of enforcement. The simplified balk rule is a result of that priority in action. The VAST majority of HS players do not go on to play NCAA, much less pro, baseball. The few who do are generally so dedicated to baseball that they have time in their lives and can pick it up as they go.
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    now, lets take into consideration the level of "judgment". Would I trust most of the guys on this site to make the correct call, probably. Would I trust the umpire in a previous 7U post to understand what intent means. Absotively posolutley no.
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    Umpiring 7U baseball. What does one do to deserve that punishment?!
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    Your response here is 'absolutely, you are correct sir. I wish to file a protest for a misapplication of the rule, please put a P in the book' and then walk right back to your dugout without another word. Give him zero ammunition to eject you, do it right in front of the scorekeeper so when this comes to the protest group, they can be witness that you said ZERO to the umpire with a power trip and a poor grasp of the rules he is tasked with enforcing. Walk back to your dugout and play on.
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    Different rule sets treat balks differently, though in this case the outcome is the same. Under FED rules.(High school rules), the ball is dead the instant the balk is called. It's no pitch regardless of what happens on the pitch...The pitch doesn't count even if the batter hits it out of the park. Under Official Baseball Rules (OBR), the balk is enforced unless the batter and all other runners advance at least one base on the pitch. In your example, as soon as the ball is caught for out by F8, time is called, and the balk is enforced. (batter did not reach 1B on the pitch). All runners move up one base, and the pitch does not count.
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    If the pitch was in the strike zone and the batter leaned into it, then it is dead AND a strike. If PU judges that the 1-1 pitch was similarly leaned into, he has to call the pitch as well. That was the error in the scenario you describe, as far as I can tell. Perhaps after the error he made at 1-1, he remembered that he does in fact have to call the pitch. Next time it happened, he did.
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    I'll see your Elbeco, and raise you a raft. (but still wearing the golf pants)
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    Was the runner stealing or did something like breaking hard or anything else that reasonably could have made the pitcher think he was stealing? If so, then it's fine - you can't throw to an unoccupied base UNLESS it's for the purpose of making a play on a runner or driving him back.
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    Any pitcher (right or left handed) need not step off the rubber to throw to first. I think a coach does a right handed pitcher a disservice to not teach him the proper way of using a jump turn vs stepping off the rubber to throw to first. I will be honest and tell you I am having trouble visualizing how a RH pitcher could throw to first without moving his pivot foot. Did he require an EMT after he did it?