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    Working an Intermediate (50/70) LL State Tournament last week w/6 umpire crew. Had a great week getting to know players and coaches from across the state. R1, R2, 1 out. F9 was playing a little deep and had to run and dive for a fly ball. I'm U1. Apparently, when the runners (and BR) saw that F9 had made a miraculous catch and had the ball in his glove, I watch R2 tag to advance to 3B, R1 retreated to 1B, BR retreated to get his bat and headed for the dugout. THEN......F9 hits the ground and RF umpire (U6?) comes up with "no catch!". It would appear that the impact of hitting the ground had dislodged the ball from his glove. I hear him and give a quick glance to see the mechanic as well. F9 gathers himself and throws the ball in to F4. This particular F4, realized what had just happened. He stepped on 2nd for the force and U2 declared R1 out. He then jogged over to 1B and stepped on it, I called BR out. He tosses the ball towards the mound and heads for his dugout with the rest of the team. AC (at 1B) says to me very politely "Blue, do you mind if I ask you a question?". I replied, "absolutely not coach". He then asks "what just happened?" I offered up a quick "after 3 outs, you switch sides"...........and with the deer in the headlights look, I knew I had to explain the whole situation.
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    Got them today man are they cool! The one pic is next to F3 shins that are size 16.5. They look around the same size as them.
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    We talk about it at the Mid-American Umpire Clinic, September 7-10 in Springfield, Missouri where there are only a few spots available. (Was that too shameless of a plug?)
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    I agree with @MadMax and @Kckumpire about knowing the rules. Also, spend the money and get current copies of Wendelstedt manuals, BRD and Jaksa/Roder. Read them thoroughly as they are great learning opportunities for yourself. I also will take the pdfs of our national positioning/mechanics manuals and Provincial youth rulebook to printer to set printed and binded. I am lucky because most of our rules are OBR based. The great thing about having these in print is that it will make it easier to get old dogs to learn new tricks. If you show the umpire what needs to be done, rather than telling him not to do, it not a power issue between the two of you. If you frame the interpretation, positioning and mechanics in terms of what is expected of all umpires, including yourself, then it is not about what I tell you to do, but this is what is expected of all of us.
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    RF Umpire is designated UR; thus, LF Umpire is designated as Wally.
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    I have...a thing...for transit. Gilligs and Orion Flyers at the barn. Taken by former operator Gillfoto. An express bus's time stop at the university. A vaguely threatening New Flyer lurks at the Downtown Transit Center. Downtown Transit Center at sunrise, with all four morning weekday routes ready to go outbound. The lit room in the corner of the center is the driver's breakroom. Our new (now old) Gilligs arriving at the barge docks in 2009(?). Taken by former operator Gillfoto. Longtime operator Hal drives inbound in the snow in one of the last Orion Flyers to be used in Alaska. Taken by former operator Gillfoto. Hal, in blue, recently promoted to Lead Operator, walks with another Lead to return to the bus barn after monitoring from the DTC. Newest operator JR answers a passenger's question. Edited. An inbound passes through the cruise ship docks of downtown Juneau. A New Flyer and a Gillig wait for their operators in the early morning at the Downtown Transit Center. Note the "buses only" signs. Operator Ray waits for transfers at the federal building. Operator Matthew who lives up to his name's meaning of "god's gift" laughs at the comment of his new trainee before boarding his usual rig, New Flyer 51. Potentially the most famous Capital Transit photo, two brand new Gillig low floors with the rarely seen "Capital Transit" sign and completely new decals wait at the DTC. Taken by former operator Gillfoto and used on the paper timetables. The last night run to Douglas Island waits for it's operator in the February darkness. An evening run to the Mendenhall Valley being prepped by it's operator. A New Flyer turns through a downtown intersection. This photo was taken at about 4:50PM. My last visit to the local bus barn. Four out of use New Flyers sit sadly in the yard, up for auction.
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    We had one of those guys at our park. Started when he was 14 and one year out of H.S. went to umpire school and made it all the way to AAA and lasted there for 3 years until they said his services were no longer needed. :-( Now's he's back helping us out.