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    You know that wasn't even on our radar. Will add to the consider list. Some are different sizes due to different elastic thickness and/or widths....so that could make things more complicated. Will add to the "Research/consider" list. Thanks for your question.
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    ...and keeps me from losing my mind when guys are grabassing in line and then make the same mistakes we addressed 15 minutes ago. #learninline
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    Because silo shots (straight up) typically start to arc back towards the plate, or, if otherwise uncaught, carry enough spin such that they take bounces to the foul lines. I actually commend the PU on “reading the field” – skinned, probably hard-packed, grassless infield and an artificial/portable mound are ingredients to bad hops. If the ball had not been touched, and bounced-or-rolled foul, would it not have been a foul ball? So why not tack on “... if fair!” onto the verbal declaration?
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    Look, let's be honest here. You young bucks are interchageable in our old minds. Lol
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    Always played outside as a kid. We had the proverbial sandlot diagonally across the street from my house, always full of kids playing something. When I mis-behaved my punishment was my mother sat me on a chair in front of our living room window and I would have to watch all the other kids playing outside. Not being allowed to play outside with my friends was worse than any spanking (yes, there were spankings back then!).
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    My guess? Their price exceeded their perceived value, in light of Force3 Ultimates’ technical brilliance and Wilson Gold/Platinum’s marketing saturation dominance. The Douglas shinguards are exceptionally good, design-wise, but they’re still using sofa-cushion foam while Force3 is using Kevlar and advanced technical foams. Then, when put side by side with the Wilsons – which, too, use sofa-cushion foam – the Wilsons “win” on price-versus-cost (because Douglas is made domestically in the States versus Wilson made overseas) and market exposure (“It’s got the MLB logo on it, so it must be right for me!”). Now, Douglas might have a new design in the works, and with how little volume of sales they do in shinguards, they might be selling off the existing model, completely, prior to introducing the new model. We can only hope on that. Force3, Douglas, and All-Star “do it right”, by only doing one model of shinguard, and then optimizing its features and offering it in a range of sizes. We could say that if Force3 was to offer Ultimates in 2 more sizes, such as a 17–17.5, and one size shorter (for short, junior, and women umpires), it would be appreciated. Wilson making four different models of shinguards is just... ludicrous. And of the four, only the Guardians reflect any modern design practices or sense.
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    ^^^ This. Then paint the new ones with clear polish. Or, stop sweating so much!
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    Coach loses his SH*# and wants interference called on the grounds crew for placing the mound in that exact location...and then tells F5 he is an idiot letting it all happen. Since his son is F1, coach blames F5 for everything, including the fact that F1 walked the bases loaded. Also, logs into to GameChanger that night and edits the play to reflect E5 to ensure that his son's ERA isn't impacted. Coach and son spend the remainder of the season telling everyone how the ump screwed them over. And that's the way it is.
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    Well the 2018 LLWS is in the books. This has been a very busy 10 days but was a very cool experience. I checked in a few times late at night after a day at the complex. I saw a few questions that came up, but don't remember them. If anyone has questions about how things work during the series, please ask away. I will be on the road all day Monday, but will try to sign in Wednesday to answer stuff for you all Thanks for following along ( if you did) and call em like you see em.
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    @MadMax, I didn’t have a direct line to you to seek council and advice, so i had to pull the trigger quickly. I did notify @tpatience of the find and luckily for me it turned out to be the real unicorn you speak of. (Mask on the right) I’ll be hanging on to these till I call it a career or I fall on hard times.
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    Did it say anything about Jesus being able to hit a curveball?
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    I’ll take a stab^ proper mechanics and as u can see from the situation, if the ball dosn’t hit f5, it’s likely a foul ball.
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    I'm sure you've heard this before on here but speaking from going to Jason's camp a couple years ago, get in reps while you're in line watching other guys work. It goes a long way.
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    1) I didn't have to do that 2) Kentucky Ave. is, but it's not anywhere near $500 3) Me too 4) I always thought the capital of Kentucky was 'K'
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    This is happening more and more with you. Lol @Umpire in Chief, can we get @MadMax a "stinkface of loathing jealousy" option on the pulldown menu along with ththe "thanks, Haha, confused, sad, like" options?
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    Online? Heck, I found a brace of six of them on the shelf at a Big Five Sporting Goods in Phoenix for $30 ea. The pads were awful, but the frame is a standard FM25 and the harness is a for-helmet DeltaFlex. Sell the harness to a local teen catcher for $10 (heck, sell the pads too), order in a new set of pads and a for-hat harness, and you’ll have yourself a really reliable, durable rig for $50! Know another good one? The Diamond iX3-Pro (for catcher). The aluminum construction never appealed to catchers, because of their propensity to hurl masks into gear bags, lockers, and dugouts, or pitch them to the ground repeatedly. But it works great for umpires, who should never let their masks hit the ground... ... especially prior to a plate meeting.
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    We are simply discontinuing them from OUR selection...we move things in and out all the time depending on factors too numerous to mention...nothing more complicated than that.
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    Nice!... he says as we all go searching eBay for used Wilson masks. Lol
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    Nope. 1bx was what the individual umpires did on their own. We were told to do what you do at home. I used 3bx into the wedge on my plays at the plate. I was asked by the other guys how to do it. During the week, the guys would talk and try to learn from each other.
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    I know if you have a Douglas, Jeff will send them to you if needed. Also, Douglas changed my shin guards to plastic clips last year ...VERY nice!
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    Hoping for sometime in September.
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    I’m trying to find the “tie” in the rule book. It’s not there! A runner is either safe or out. If there were ties, then the call would be “yer tied, do it over”.
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    It shouldn't, he's a PAC-12/WAC/MW umpire. Great guy, too. Also, I was the first base umpire calling "out" on today's #1 play on ESPN SportCenter's Top 10 (even though I was mostly blocked out by a pole on the camera shot). Now that was cool. The "fake pickoff to second base" was #3.
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    By Rulebook definition there are no ties...they are either safe or out. There is no third option.