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    I received my 2018 NFHS Casebook. And...R1 means runner on first at the start of the play, R2 is runner on second, etc. And it appears that all of the plays throughout the Casebook have been updated accordingly. We (NFHS) are now in agreement with all other casebooks.
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    ....but he can bypass his mouth and adjust his cap...that doesn't simulate the same motion.
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    For the shins, do yourself a favor and get the Force3. I like all of the Force3 line, but can certainly understand the pros-and-cons of the chest protector and mask. For shin guards, there is nothing else comparable.
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    Next month I will be launching a series of weekly YouTube videos. These will be short videos to help umpires develop. I already have over 100 topics on my list and have created nearly 20 which are ready to be launched right now. What I'm looking for from you is your ideas for topics. Your honest feedback on the videos as they come out or other pertinent feedback. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!
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    Needed somebody that could speak kid.
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    "Going to the mouth while in contact with the pitcher’s plate is a balk, not because the pitcher goes to his mouth, but because the action simulates the start of the pitching motion." They can't let go of that one, can they?
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    Probably so he wouldn't trip on it.
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    The award is based on umpire judgment, as it must nullify the act of OBS. Without video, we cannot legitimately comment on the correctness of the judgment call in a particular case. As a general rule, if a runner is tagged out on a close play after having been obstructed, he probably should have been awarded that base, all else being equal. If the awarded base is 2B and the runner advances beyond that base, he advances at his own risk. Any outs made at bases beyond (or even back into) the awarded base will stand.
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    While not too far from the truth........I thought y'all might enjoy this.
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    Voluntary release is one way to judge if a catch has been made. In this play , 2 outs, R2. The guy caught the ball, slammed hard into the other outfielder. Didn't move after the collision. R2 and batter runner circled the bases. Outfielder stayed motionless , ball in glove. Confirmed by U1. Voluntary release or voluntary showing of the ball is not a prerequisite for a catch. Just indicators that can help us determine if a legal catch has been made. A ball secure in the glove a motionless body would also indicate a legal catch has been completed.
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    I gotta say, I enjoy your website. Some of the stuff on it is brilliant. This award, and the award for "worst umpire", are NOT two of the things I enjoy on your website, however. Honestly, I feel they significantly detract from your website.
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    "Look, I'm just here for the kids." (I don't know the rule or interpretation you're trying to explain to me, and I'm sure as hell not going to take the time to learn it, so I'll do my best to shame you into thinking you're taking this too seriously.) "Control the things we can control ... don't worry about the stuff we can't." (The Plate Umpire sucks. Deal with it.) "Come on, Blue, call it both ways." (Blue, I really don't want you to give the opposing team that call, but my son's pitching, and I expect 4-5" off the plate to be a strike.) "Balk? What'd he do?" (I can't stand umpires who enforce balks ... they don't enforce them in MLB, so why should I learn the balk rules.) "Interference? He was trying to get out of the way!!" (F2 was throwing to 2nd) (I hate the interference rule, mostly because I don’t know it.) "Blue, that's Interference! He didn't even try to get out of the way!!" (F2 was throwing to 3rd) (I hate the interference rule, mostly because I don’t know it.) "It's not where he catches it, Blue ... it's where it crosses the plate!" (I don't really know what that means, and I can’t see anything from here, but I've heard my husband say that 1000 times and it sounds like it raises my “Baseball IQ.”) "Appeal 1B ... he missed 1B!!" (That 3-run bomb is really gonna hurt.) "Blue ... is he coming set?" (I can't stand umpires who enforce balks ... but I think I can piss this guy off.) "What do you mean he was out for running lane interference???" (Ball was bunted right in front of the plate) (What's the running lane???) "Why isn’t he out for running lane interference???" (Ball was hit to F6). (Blue just changed the running lane rule.) “What do you mean Obstruction on my 1st Baseman? The batter ran around him ... he was out of baseline!” (Ball was hit to the RC gap) (What's Obstruction???)
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    A misspelled name results in no penalty. It's not batting out of order, because the right player is batting. Fix the card an move on.
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    In my NSHO, if you're ultimate goal is MiLB, the time to go to Pro school is now. You may be perfecting non-PBUC mechanics. 3-man will do diddley for you at pro school. If need be, the extra year you'd spend now can be used to repeat pro school if you're close but not close enough to make it to the PBUC qualifying school.
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    USMC 1984-1996 East Coast, Left Coast, Okinawa, (Saudi/Kuwait/Iraq) Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
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    Another great transaction with@Stk004 .. He got the mask shipped super quick, and I was able to try it out in my last two plates of the year. Always a good transaction with him! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Propose to get rid of the award during the rules summit that comes up after all of the awards are released.
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    OK Right tone ? Your description of what you mean by ”How ‘bout that?” reeks of sarcasm. I'm not skilled enough in the art of deception to make that response not sound sarcastic. Sarcasm is an escalation trigger. The point being, use whatever response that you need to: 1. not escalate the situation; 2. not give the coach any ammunition to keep the discussion going; 3. end the conversation ASAP; 4. get back to baseball ASAP.
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    Truly sorry if that’s the way it is where you work. Not the case here. In fact, our State Director preaches repeatedly, “If you guys go by the RuleBook, we can back you up every time and we won’t even entertain Ccoach complaints. “Vary from the RuleBook and we have a hard time supporting you.” Coaches have been disciplined for trying to vote out (blackball) an official from a postseason District Tourney for being “too black & white by the book ... e.g., delaying the game to put the kids in the dugout ... making cheap INT calls ... calling balks that didn’t deceive anyone ...” These coaches are usually told, “Ya know, it’s a privilege to play, and especially to “host” the postseason tourneys. If you’re gonna knock one of my best umpires for going too literally by the book, all that means is you don’t like the rule ... it tells me he’s doing precisely what he should, and what a lot of guys refuse to do. Lodge a written complaint about the rule ... not the man who enforces it.”
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    I just got off the phone w/ Honigs. They have about a dozen black plate coats left and they are going to be placing an order for about another 40 or so real soon. I got the last 42 regular they had. Sorry guys.
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    "Son, if the catcher can reach it, so can you."
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    And Rich, you're taking the entire post too personally since you're a coach. I'm just here for the kids.
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    "No one paid to see you, Blue. You're not bigger than the game." (I really don't like having an umpire who has the guts to properly enforce a rule...and award the proper penalty for a rules violation against my team...late in the game.) "That'll (pitch) get you 20 (wins) in the big leagues." (Why yes, I can see the outside corner better than you from my position over here in the dugout.) "Throw it there again!" (Are you f*****g blind, blue?) "Blue, can you get help on that?" AND/OR "Blue, you don't have to get help just because he (the other coach) asks you to get help." (I only want you to get help when the initial call goes in favor of the other team.) "We've been doing that all season." (I am a liar.) or (We've had crappy umpires all season who don't enforce this rule.) Truthfully, either could be true. "I'm not talking to you blue! I'm talking to my pitcher!" (I'm acting like I'm in kindergarten by pretending I'm talking to my pitcher when I'm really arguing balls and strikes from the dugout.)
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    Nice post Warren. If last night wasn't a testament of how calling strikes can get hitter to swing the bat, I don't know if a better example exists. Miller put on a clinic last night.
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    This is brilliant. Someone should make a TV show about it.
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    Well, geez... it seems that everyone is already coming on here and saying how awesome the UmpLife CP harness from @Razzer is.... Should I bother adding to the litany of praise? Yeah, I'm gonna..... The harness came personalized exactly as I asked, the straps are plenty long (and I'm a pretty large dude) for my WestVest Platinum (as reportedly the DeltaFlex is not) and comfortable (as is the center triangle), and it seems quite well-made. I paid him via PayPal last Wednesday, and it arrived one week later (yesterday). I am GREATLY looking forward to getting some work in while wearing this. Fan-freaking-tastic. THANKS, RAZZER!
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    Call TIME quickly and prevent the WTF crowd from gathering any momentum. The longer you take to kill this, the harder its gonna be to sell whatever you are selling... ... easier said than done though, when you're included in the WTF just happened crowd.
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    And for the question everyone is thinking... Will there be a "Third Team" special this year? Two year cycle broken last year.
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    Yep -- stay if I can; be very apologetic (and as specific as possible as to the reason) if I can't. It goes a long way toward getting assignments and being seen as someone who the assigners and teams want on the games.
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    Okay...I need to revise my initial post. When I read the play I missed where it said that the throw went to the plate. I thought the throw from the outfield went to 3rd and was having a hell of a time wondering why you guys didn’t think that was an appeal with R3 retreating and F5 catching the ball in contact with the base. I went back and re-read the original post and now see... I agree that it’s a Had To Be There situation. I’d want to see how the 3rd baseman reacted when he caught the ball in contact with the base. I would agree that the act of catching in contact in that situation does not, in and of itself, constitute an appeal.
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    Mr. Jimurray, the cite you referenced from the 2012 edition of the BRD was replaced by this one in the 2016 BRD (section 151, p. 115): Official Interpretation: On visits to the mound, only one manager or coach may be in attendance. While other members of the defensive team are allowed to confer on the mound during the visit, they must vacate the mound when the visit concludes. Once the visit ends, no further discussion with any defensive players may continue. (Wendelstedt, email to Childress, 7/13/12) And here’s an official interpretation for the NCAA about the use of translators (2016 BRD, section 154, p. 116): A sign language interpreter may accompany the coach to the mound for a conference. However, a player who cannot speak English will not be cause enough for the umpire to allow an interpreter to accompany the coach to the mound. If the player is a full-time student at one of our colleges or universities, he should be able to converse in the English language. (Paronto, Arbiter Hub Mar 2015 #1)
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    I'll take the survey, but how does it know who's foot touched the base first? Also, with all technological advances, if we rely on it, we will lose that skill when the technology fails.
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    The survey needs work. Q.3: "What field position do you typically monitor as an umpire?" I don't know what that's asking. If it's asking whether we work bases or plate, we all work all positions. Q.4: "During a baseball game, have you or one of your coworkers ever had to made a call based on inadequate information?" This question won't yield interesting data. Almost every game has one or more calls based on less info than we'd like. Q.9: "How often do you feel umpires must make decisions based on limited information?" Information is always limited. What would be the contrast class, unlimited information? The "inadequate information" question was more apt. Q.10: "Do you or other umpires currently use any device to assist in make accurate calls during a game?" I hope all the HS umpires are answering "no" to this, or else they need to look at FED 10-1-5. I am skeptical. As it is, our brains have to integrate a great deal of sensory information, much but not all of it visual, before we rule on tag plays. Having to wait on a device to register won't improve the situation much, if at all. This device offers additional sensory information to integrate, and moreover mostly redundant information. Also, it seems like an expensive solution to an uncommon problem, given that we usually have sufficient information to make a correct call. Beyond that, I sincerely doubt that you'll get FED to buy into this, if it's a real proposal and not just an MBA exercise. Also, Autumn, I recommend NOT posting your school email address on the internet! If it's in your profile, folks can contact you, and you won't draw boatloads of spam.
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    Army (National Guard) 2000-present. All-Source Intelligence Analyst (now Senior Sergeant.) Can't tell you much more than that. We did the longest combat tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and because of my civilian education and roles, I've had the opportunity to work on some very-well known things that I can't discuss. This is me making a mud angel in southern Iraq on New Year's Eve 2006.
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    Yes it is. It's that same mask that I bought from you. I couldn't get my pictures to upload so I "borrowed" your picture of the mask
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    Get the new Smitty "golf" pants, in plate and base. They're revolutionary.
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    Type in the model of mask into EBay. I also have found them while searching "throat guard" to see if I can track down my white rhino.
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    It is not a new notion that "encouraging" batter's to swing (calling lots of strike) makes for a better game. Should the PU be "blamed" for causing one of the most entertaining WS games in recent years ?
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    You mean that wasn't the Home Run Derby portion?
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    From CCS: Rule 6.03(a)(3) & (4) Comment ("If a batter strikes at a ball and misses and swings so hard he carries the bat all the way around and, in the umpire’s judgment, unintentionally hits the catcher or the ball in back of him on the backswing, it shall be called a strike only (not interference). The ball will be dead, however, and no runner shall advance on the play") makes no exception nor allowance for any issue... This backswing (follow-thru) OBR rule is the kind of lowest common denominator rule (and official interp) that the Fed would create. When contact occurs from a backswing (follow-thru), umpires can't be trusted to distinguish between [6.01(a)(5)] interference, a dead ball strike non-interference and "that's nothing".
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    Yes, different model than the 2qa-122 which is more what we’re used to seeing from Ted Barrett.
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    Yea, I don't think it's reasonable to ask for extra on something unforeseeable like this, though I don't think you should feel guilty of declining if the reschedule is so different that you reasonably can't make it because of later plans. If you have a 'conflict' 3 hours from 1st pitch, that's not reasonable. But if it's 5 hrs from the scheduled 2nd half of a DH and now they want to flip the 1st game to the 2nd? Well, that's more understandable. All of that is out the window if it's just something like the coaches rescheduling the game beforehand but not bothering to tell you...screw them, then, but weather/field/other outside circumstances, I think we have to be reasonably flexible and accept this kind of thing as the flip side of the 1 inning rainout/1:15 run rule/etc. The philosophy I've always tried to stick to - and I created this all by myself - is that you take the good, you take the bad, you take them all and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life.
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    Yes, it would be nice to have a copy of the Jim Evans Annotated but it isn’t necessary to research the evolution of baseball rules. One can simply search the term vintage baseball rules or the term 19th century baseball and find several interesting sites. One of the best ones is found at 19cbaseball.com and here is what it says about the history of chalked foul lines and the batter’s box: “Beginning in 1861, the rules required that Foul Ball Lines be marked on the playing field. They each began from the center of Home Base and ended at the 90' mark at first and third base. This aided umpires in determining fair or foul batted balls striking the ground near Home Base. “The ‘Batter's Box’ was first instituted in 1874. It was six feet long and centered to the middle of Home Base. It was one foot from Home Base and three feet wide over all and required to be marked with chalk. The batter was required to be within the lines of his position during the act of striking and if contact was made and the batsman was outside the lines of the box, a foul strike and out was called and the ball was considered dead. Three foul strikes during a Batsman's time at bat put him out.”
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    I bought the throat guard from him and he said he would ship it out on 10/11. I haven't received the item and he hasn't responded to my messages.
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    What if you are scheduled to work a 12 and 3 and the first game ends up going 14 innings? Are you not going to do the 2nd game?
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    A seam ripper would likely do less damage if you are heavy handed. And it should only cost $2 at your local fabric/sewing store.
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    Going off DL1430 topic about taking a break I thought I would post my own opinion here and give a little background on what Ive been up to since I know you all miss me terribly (ya right). This past spring I cut way back on umpiring for a number of reasons. First off I was injured for a good portion of the winter (which stopped my basketball officiating very abruptly) and spring. I got my foot run over by an uber and ripped a couple of ligaments that left me in a walking boot for the majority of the HS season. Also, I had a couple family health issues, I graduated college, got a full time job that comes with the commute from hell included. Something had to give for awhile and for me it was umpiring. While I have missed umpiring the number of games I used to, the world didnt stop spinning. Im fortunate to have a good job out of school, be in a good relationship and start my adult life. I was able to umpire occasionally but my numbers dropped form 10-12 a week to a double header once every 2 weeks. Something had to give and for me it was officiating and being on UE. Ive always said that when officiating stops becoming fun Im out. I did not reach that point, but instead I just discovered there weren't enough hours in the day. So for now, I will continue to do my occasional games which Ive found when they are fewer and far between are much more fun and allow me to keep doing what I love on a smaller scale. I still have aspirations for my umpiring career and lofty ones in fact. But for the time being Im going to continue as is. What I miss most is the camaraderie amongst officials. And while I don't see myself experiencing that in terms of a 5 game marathon with a partner I enjoy working with, I do want to make a commitment to being back to my usual active self on this site because while I have read from time to time I do miss the rules discussions, informative posts, and good natured ball busting that led me to enjoy this site tremendously. @Umpire in Chief once the next month of business trips calms down I will get back on track with doing the interview articles I had promised, and I look forward to being back in the swing of things with all of you guys.
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    OBR: This is type 2 OBS, the penalty for which is to award bases to nullify the OBS. If the umpire judges that the BR would have gotten to 3B without the OBS, then he'll kill it when the defense begins to play on the BR between 2B and 3B, and award 3B, advancing R1 to score. More likely on such a play (at least in pro ball), the umpire will judge that no award is required to nullify the OBS between 2B and 3B, because the BR couldn't have reached 3B safely (not least because R1 is standing on it). In that case, the BR is advancing at his own risk, and the results of the rundown will stand. If the defense tags both R1 and BR on 3B, the BR will be out. FED: When BR is obstructed between 2B and 3B, he must be awarded a minimum of 1 base beyond his last legally touched base. So he'll get 3B at the end of playing action, and R1 will advance and score.