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    I just want to put out a huge thank you to all of you for your support. January 1st marked out 10 year anniversary. Umpire-Empire wouldn't have made it without your support. So I want to thank all of you whether you were here for day 1 with me or just joined today.
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    I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the passing of Doug Harvey. I just wanted to share his HOF Speech because it shows his character and his respect for amateur umpires. NY Times Story: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/14/obituaries/doug-harvey-dead-baseball-umpire.html Baseball Hall of Fame story: https://baseballhall.org/discover/hall-of-fame-remembers-doug-harvey
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    On the left is Garret (my previous Jr. LL Umpire)/Legion umpire and on the right is our very own @HuskerUmp22 at the Wendlestedt Umpire School.
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    This is how I handle "sportsmanship" at the plate meeting. "Gentlemen, I'm required to mention sportsmanship at the plate meeting. I've just done it. Coach take us around (with the ground rules)."
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    Things weren't too bad. We lost power a few times briefly. It started out as heavy rain and fierce wind. About midnight it switched over to snow. The winds were crazy we lost a couple of trees. Overall about 6" of accumulation there were a couple of areas in my yard that was up to my knees, but the area behind some thick trees the grass was still peeking through. My creek froze over, but it looks really cool.
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    Look for firefighter hoods on-line. They're designed for cold, wet weather, long enough to fit tuck under anything, and they also come in black. I was never cold in them.
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    Made Logo for you Warren..congratulations
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    ...and a big thanks to the best umpire development group I've been a part of: Umpire-Empire itself. Honestly, I can't imagine how far UE has helped me become as an umpire. Couldn't have done it without all of you! But @Umpire in Chief in particular, thanks for coordinating this effort.
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    Know why these customization options are available? Do you know why Douglas CP's are so expensive? It's the same reason Force3 gear costs so much too... They're both made in the USA.
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    Hello, I'm an brand new umpire in Nebraska. I'm getting into this with my two teenagers. My son is 13 and my daughter is 15. They have both played baseball/softball since they were 6 or 7. They wanted a job that would help them make some money, offer flexibility around their travel ball schedules, and the cherry on top was they got to be involved with the game. I had previous experience and a contact with a local umpire association since I coached travel ball for almost 10-years. After attending the kick-off meeting I decided to join my kids in umpiring. I figured I have to take them to the training anyway and will probably have to get them to games as well. I could do some games myself and help out. There seems to be a shortage of umpires in our area. Right now we are looking at the gear we need. I've spent the past week browsing the equipment forum. I finally decided to sign up today. Can't wait to learn from everyone on this site.
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    For my patent leather shoes I use a mixture of 65% dihydrogen monoxide & 35% water.
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    This is inappropriate regardless of any other factor.
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    Finally received my All-American 15" CP that @catsbackr graciously gifted to me. Attached are the pictures of the results from a local upholstery shop that agreed to repair the foam cover. I am beyond floored. The only thing changed was she added new Velcro, and used 3/4" wide instead of the original "1 wide Velcro strips. I will be taking @catsbackr AA CP to them next to redo his padding cover.
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    Thanks guys - Aging called me yesterday and said he was going to do this - Thanks Bill! I am looking forward to this trip, I will try to post a schedule from there.
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    Got the gap protection and wing protectors added. I held off on the t-hooks. I like plastic clips. With Ray’s harness I can get it tight enough for my liking. Like I said, I hate that I waited this long to test drive one of these bad boys!
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    So far, so good with the golf pants. And good grief don't use the HIGH setting on your iron. You'll melt them. I'm at 2/3 heat. Go to a tailor, and the get travelers crease put in them. Men's Warehouse did mine. I'm so done wearing wool pants on an athletic field. All my Honig's/Hardwicks are gone.
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    Darn it... now I have another person to keep an eye our for. This is now three years in a row! Think they will put is UE handle up on ESPN so we all know who he is?
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    No. Only RLI requires the obligatory throw from generally behind the BR to generally in the direction of 1B, but don't get me started.
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    There now is evidence that officials with "baited breath" experience shorter on-field arguments with managers and pre-games with partners. .
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    @Richvee, how could you possibly not know that this is the FED ruling/interpretation??? Shame on you. I mean there is absolutely NOOOOOOO way a shmuck on the NFHS rules committee would have gotten this wrong! Impossible I tell ya! LOL. (Glad I wasn't the first one to respond to the OP. Phew, I missed looking like an idiot by thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.)
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    There is no one who has spent more time talking about and researching thigh protection for umpires with customers and suppliers than me. Of all items where there is a true need, this has been the hardest problem to solve over the last 5-6 years. Indeed, we have a whole shelf with samples of items that have thigh protection made for hockey, for football, for catcher's and even martial arts plus protypes made from companies who attempted to make an umpire thigh protection prototype at our urging with some type of hex pad technology. Here is what you'll find as I did: -No inner thigh protection where umpires need it most. -Additional protection where it's not needed such a outer thighs, hips and tail bone. -Padding too soft to make much of a difference. -Padding too hard to be wearable. The only company who really understood what we wanted and made it happen was Force3. Now the reviews are mixed. Most have loved them, but some have been disappointed. You can read them here: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Clothing-Apparel/Under-Apparel/F3-TIGHTS_Force3-Umpire-Tights-with-Kevlar-Thigh-Protection If there is something in particular you'd prefer out of the Force3 - compression fit, shorts version, more/less padding covetsge, etc, I'd be happy to share for a later potential version. For now, my research and work on this is that @bluejersey and the many that use the Force3 tights have found this is the BEST alternative currenty available. If there is something that some one discovers otherwise, do share.
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    I went to NB site, got froggy, loved the look of the shoes and went to the customized version because I did not like the white on the side/bottom between the shoe and sole and thought a silver N logo would look cooler than the white. Justification for spending $150 on base shoes: I haven't purchased new base shoes for several years. I still wear some awesome Puma Cell low cuts in full leather with white stripes I bought brand new, in-the-box from @Scott K 's professional umpire retirement surplus sale when he was coming off his AAA/MLB fill-in days and joining the college umpiring ranks in the now defunct SIUA(Southeast Independent Umpires Association) in Louisville, Kentucky waaaaay back in 2009 (Thanks Scott! Still LOVE those shoes). But, I need mid-cut on natural grass fields because I have very tender (read weak, girly) ankles from my youth and high school days. (over 20 separate ankle sprains from age 13 to 25 or so). Tell me what you think about these please. (still awaiting delivery). I know, I know.....way too expensive. But I learned a long time ago to NEVER CHEAT YOUR FEET!
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    Very good answers here. I'll add the copy from our buying guide with my thoughts on CPs thst provide protection via a hard shell top to bottom: Best Hard Shells for Taller Umpires: If you are a taller umpire, say 6' 1" or 6' 2" or taller and you want your ribs covered, some umpire chest protectors, due to their smaller size range, just will not do. In general, all Wilson chest protectors have sizes 13" or lower. Most likely a 14", 15" or perhaps more would be needed for taller umpires. (The Champion P2 17" is 4" longer than the 13" Wilson Charcoal) Below are the 4 umpire chest protectors options for taller umpires in a hard shell: Champion P2 Has 3 sizes inlcuding a 15" and 17" option, making it the longest umpire chest protector on the market without a sizing plate Champro Pro-Plus Plate Armor Has 3 sizes including two larger options - 14" and 15". Douglas 3 sizes including a 15" option All-Star System Seven 2 sizes including a 15" option For value, the Champro and Champion give you the additional length you are looking for at a much lower cost than the Douglas or All-Star.
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    I don't see a pertinent difference between codes. This is runner INT with a protected fielder, correctly called and enforced. There should be no difference for FED. But you asked how it would be called under FED. The primary difference in a FED game is the likelihood that an umpire will screw up the call or enforcement.
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    ESPECIALLY.............if it's Joe Buck
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    Are you guys going to try bidding on this for next season?
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    Just so you guys don't feel that I save all of my sarcasm for this site, you should meet my SWMBO. @maineump can vouch for our friendly banter taken to another level. A couple of years back, when doing a "self assessment" for my annual performance review at work........ My Director laughed so hard, that he forwarded it (without editing my input) to the VP. Under Languages spoken I listed "Fluent in Sarcasm & Tounge Fu". Yes, I received an increase. It WOULD appear that honesty is the best policy!
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    V3? Honestly I just keep a spray bottle of water in my car. I haven't had a problem getting dirt off so far. Maybe I'll try hand soap to see if it's easier, but typically I don't need anything other than water, a brush and a rag.
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    That looks great! @mbkcoach and I were talking about this very thing last summer, and I was pretty sure at that time that an upholstery shop is the way to go to get pads replaced or refurbished when you can't get the original manufacturer to do it. This is proof positive.
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    I had the opportunity to meet him once. My family was moving to San Diego and his wife Joy was our realtor. I was 14 and when she found out I played baseball she introduced me to Doug who gave me a MLB baseball. He was an incredible man and amazing umpire. He was...."God." Very nice tribute.
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    Hand soap and water. Don’t use chemicals, they will eventually destroy your shoes.
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    @maineump Congratz
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    congrats @maineump that's awesome. I love watching LLWS
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    Unfortunately, some might consider that one of the best parts of my officiating skills.
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    And here is the Pennsylvania (PIAA) reading requirement: "PIAA requires all registered sports' officials to enforce the sportsmanship rules for coaches and contestants. Actions meant to demean opposing contestants, teams, spectators and officials are not in the highest ideals of interscholastic education and will not be tolerated. Let today's contest reflect mutual respect. Coaches please certify to the contest official(s) that your contestants are legally equipped and uniformed according to NFHS rules and PIAA adoptions. Good luck in today's contest."
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    SH*# happens I guess. Maybe it only happens to me. Just wanted to share my personal experiences with the negative side of T-hooks. It still irks me every time I think of my brand new, first time ever wearing it Majestic convertible having a hole ripped in it right in the front lower chest/stomach. Don’t want that to happen to anyone else if possible. I actually prefer the side plastic buckles on my Force 3/Unequal. I am currently converting my Team Wendy upgraded West Vest Gold to allow side buckles and avoid any more jacket/shirt damage from the T-Hooks being hit by baseballs. I have no problem keeping the WV or the Unequal snug as I use a System 7 harness on the Force3 and an Ump-Life/Razzer harness on the TW WVG. To each his own a guess.
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    One thing is there are lots of holes there if you are going for a deep polish to be concerned about doing just right. But for a day to day cleaning and buffing, these start out "shiny", should stay that way and that is throughout the upper (no mesh, hence the holes for venting). This post got some conversation going in the office as well to make sure I had explained myself to you correctly. Hope this helps.
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    Gap protection for sure. I also recommend getting t-hooks for a more snug/slim fit.
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    I used to visit the other sites, but they were so incredibly negative. Participants showed absolutely no respect to one another. That is what (IMHO) set U-E apart. Respect and a GROUP effort to help everyone improve. For that, I thank you ALL.
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    Yeah I worked a lot of Freeman last year. It paid off this year though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Also add in the Schutt (despite the almost unusable yoke harness) as a CP that a taller umpire can use. I don' recall the exact measurements. Nor am I able to look at mine as it is currently in storage for the long winter. It also comes with a Velcro on extension for added length.
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    I like 'em! Silver N, why not? Maybe NB should hire you to become their next umpire shoe designer. Leave it to you @Majordave to do something "froggy".
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    My 2017 numbers are a little understated. It's probably more like 120 games, but I worked a bunch of "free man" games this fall that I didn't record. "Free man" as in, jumping on someone else's solo or 2 man game to work 3 man for little or no money. I probably worked about 40 3 man games in 2017 to gain experience to make a push to get invited to work D2 baseball. Hoping it makes a difference in the next year or two.
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    I got to wear the brown and the powder blue during my stint....not the white. The powder is my favorite, the brown was combined with an olive color and it was awful. but hey, it was the MLB logo so i'd wear any combo during that time as long as the direct deposit was hitting the checking account
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    Best shirt available are the new Majestic shirts currently being sold on umpattire.com.