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    Voluntary release is one way to judge if a catch has been made. In this play , 2 outs, R2. The guy caught the ball, slammed hard into the other outfielder. Didn't move after the collision. R2 and batter runner circled the bases. Outfielder stayed motionless , ball in glove. Confirmed by U1. Voluntary release or voluntary showing of the ball is not a prerequisite for a catch. Just indicators that can help us determine if a legal catch has been made. A ball secure in the glove a motionless body would also indicate a legal catch has been completed.
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    20+ years in the US Army from flight school to trite fool: party-pax, DUI test pilot and utility player.
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    MSgt, USAF, retired after 21 years of service. Aircraft Avionics Technician
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    Army - Finance Specialist. Fort Benning, GA 1976 - 1978.