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    If the ball/strike calls were computerized ... Siri: strike three Pedroia : DA FAQ YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU ELECTRONIC POS. THAT PITCH WAS LOW AND INSIDE. Siri: You sound a bit tense. May I suggest a cup of herbal tea. I found two coffee shops within 5 minutes of your location.
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    The other part of the problem is that everyone wants computer umpires...until they don't want computer umpires. Coming from a big Red Sox family, my phone/facebook page was lighting up about this play and "how awful the umpire(s) were". When I pointed out that Wegner (1) had correctly called the strike three to Pedroia according to the "computer", and (2) had the best game of any plate umpire in the playoffs to that point (97.1%)...they suddenly didn't believe the computer anymore. LOL. I heard, "a pitcher struggling that much shouldn't get that call," and "there's no way you throw out a manager in a game this big, especially when you choke on the call." Sigh. Gotta love baseball fans. "We need computer umpires!!! Except the computer was wrong on that pitch to Pedroia." Its tough when one realizes that one's family is no better than any other group of insane baseball fans. LOL
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    That pitch changes direction... conveniently... at a point where the bat was in its arc so as to make contact with it. This is one of those events which Instant Replay was implemented for. I suppose that if PU doesn’t have contact (a clean swing), then there’s not much that the other 3 core umpires can help on at 100 feet away. If, though, PU is acknowledging contact, but is under the belief that it is a valid Foul Tip, he’d be mistaken, and an umpire conference, or a video review, would/should reveal that Contreras trapped that in his armpit.
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    On B and C, BR returns TOI. On D, since there's no infraction, the ball remains live, so BR gets what he gets (even if he gets out) On A, in OBR the ball becomes dead and BR is placed. In FED, the ball remains live (see the answer for D)
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    When a fan believes something, no amount of facts or real evidence will sway them from their opinion. The fact is that Wegner nailed the pitch, and Pedroia set events in motion that required Farrell to save him KNOWING that he was going to be ejected in the process. Absolutely 100% of the blame is on Pedroia for the entire situation. All in the second inning of an elimination game for the Red Sox. Your family should be praising Wegner for keeping Pedroia in the game.
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    Do not engage the coach until you have finished your mechanics. Of course, if the coach says something ejection worthy while your executing your mechanics, finish your mechanics then turn around and toss him.
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    I personally find it funny. It is definitely a new one to me. However, it absolutely deserves an immediate trip to the showers/bus.