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    On his hands and knees gasping for breath....
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    This is one of my pet peeves, partners who are lax on putting the ball back into play. IMO it's always important to do, but with a runner(s) on it is critical. And I do put the ball in play at the beginning of each half inning.
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    Apologies in advance to the forum for this personal observation. Many of your posts follow an unproductive pattern. You raise a rule interpretation issue that isn't one. When told that there's no issue, you complain that the rule is vague. When told that it isn't vague, you complain that it's different from some other code, and therefore bad. When told that different codes have perfectly intelligible reasons for their differences, you announce that you just don't like it. I suppose we land at de gustibus non est disputandum, but again, that seems an unproductive use of the forum.
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    It that were to ever happen, you can argue that the dropped ball is in freefall even while it is moving upward; Free Fall -- the fall of a body such that the only force acting upon it is that of gravity.
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    Latin is useful if you want to be a doctor. If you want to be a veterinarian, you should learn pig latin.
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    We were taught at umpire school to point and say "play" every time the ball became dead with runners on base, and at the start of every half inning. Now, when I'm evaluating rookie umpires, I ding them if they don't do this. With that said, when they get to MLB...where they change out the baseball after every pitch (ok, not quite that much)...it may be different. Some umpires make it to the majors and they continue to do what got them to the show. That is, they continue to use textbook mechanics. Others, however, get to "the show" and either get an ego or go on "cruise control" and they stop doing the things that go them there. Long time MiLB umpire evaluator Dick "Sarge" Nelson used to tell us, in the locker room after a game in which he had evaluated us, that proper mechanics were so, so important. I remember him telling my partner and I once that he would get so frustrated with some MLB umpires who would call him and ask, "did you see me last night (on tv)? What did you think?" and he would be forced to respond, "you looked like sh!t. You stopped doing the things that got you to the major leagues!" I don't know if that is what is going on with putting the ball back in play or not, I have no idea. But, I'm sure it is driving Sarge crazy!
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    This is going to sound a little snarky, and I don't mean it that way. But, this is one example of a concept that the NFHS looks at in the rules making -- if you (and I don't really mean you specifically) can't get this right, then how can they expect umpires to get all the other stuff right unless it's "dumbed down." See: dead ball balks, pitching restrictions, etc. FED tries to remove as much judgment as they can from some of the rules. And, yes, you are to be commended for seeking the right answer -- but the vast majority of umpires wouldn't.
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    Common sense has nothing to do with it (and my common sense says that drop means to lose one's grip on). It's a balk when F1 drops the ball while engaged, even if he catches it before it hits the ground. And we don't need (nor does FED require) an interpretation of every word in the book.
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    Forget the dropping. Did the fielder have secure possession when he made the tag? If the ball popped loose when he made the tag then it wasn't secure was it? Not secure = not a tag.
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    Drop = lose secure possession. Ground is irrelevant.
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    I agree -- I think it's more that most of us who have been on these forums for a while are just tired of the fight and recognize that railing against it here is just too frustrating. It's been proposed to the rules committee, it will continue to be proposed to the rules committee, and until one of us is on the committee (or whoever it is here wh is on the committee can prevail), there's just not much point in getting too worked up about it here. Life is too short.
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    If only I knew what was expected....... Slacks, dress shoes and a polo/button down shirt w/ no tie. Sports coat and note pad ready if you want to impress and are going for a job (hint coordinators will be there). Also I'd suggest shooting BBUC an email about the 3man camp.... Or maybe talk to this Mike Blinci feller that Stu was talking about... He may or may not be at this "local clinic" in Santa Barbra. Just my $0.02
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    I disagree with this approach. You should only call, "Safe, off the bag" when you actually see the foot off the bag. If you make that call without seeing it, and then go to your partner for information, you look foolish when you change it to an out because it looks like you're guessing. Conversely, if you call the out and then go to your partner, it's more credible to tell the opposing coach that you were straightlined and that your partner had a better angle and was 100% sure he was off the bag.