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    You had better luck than I ever did in that area.
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    I have the baseball PRIZM glasses and like them for the bases. I don't wear glasses on the plate. I do want to get lighter lenses for cloudy days or if the game is played later in the day or in low light. Do you remember any of the reasons he gave for non polarized?
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    I’m big on Oakleys, mostly for aesthetic reasons, but as far as i know polarized lenses offer better glare resistance. I got really into the prism lenses though. For plates I’ll wear the prism golfs, and bases either the prism infield, or daily. It’s probably just personal preference
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    It's still wrong. It's still antiquated. It's still unfair to the offense. How about addressing it much more strongly with the lazy and incompetent FED Officials? I watched a kid hit a ball over the home run wall with two men on base this past season, and it sickened me that I'd already called the balk. He harmlessly grounded out and ended the inning. That's 3 runs off the board, and a 3-run homer the kid will never have on his resumé.
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    Thank god the season is pretty much over. They were running out of room.
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    Am I allowed to deduct points from @MadMax for not reading my post just above his that says o have the exact same set up on my Maskit-ed Diamond? If so... -500 x2 for not remembering I am looking for the Mizuno Shovel and not the Zett Push for the fact that the Big W does kind of suck. But the memory foam pads are great. P.S. I will get my "white whale" gosh darn it! Someone will sell me one, I will convince the gentleman (why can't I find his darn name) to give me another chance at one when I finally attend a BBUC came, or someone on here while get so sick of me bringing it up that they will sell me one of theirs. Lol
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    I have the Davis-by-Fecheimer pants. They run a tad small. I sizes up one size for mine.
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    I don’t know. I was brought up different. I’m a Baby Boomer, born just after a war, and was brought up to know that there’s a “right” and a “wrong.” Even through the 60’s and 70’s, things were the same; what you did was “right” or what you did was “wrong”. Now it’s a mess; the lines that I was brought up with are being deliberately blurred. Kill your parents? “Not your fault, it’s because you weren’t breast fed”. Kill your ex-wife and her boyfriend? “Not a problem, one of the cops used the N-word 5 years ago”. Try and take the gun from a police officer? “not your fault, your great-great-grandmother may have been a slave”. For crying out loud, you can’t even call your son “he” anymore, without being called a “bigot and Dr. Suess is a white supremacist!”. It seems that virtually everything in the country that’s designed to bring us together is being deliberately cast side. No longer are we “Americans”. We are now, “---------americans (small “a”), “------privileged americans”, “rich” “marginalized” “fascist” and “supremacist”. We’ve been broken up into parts to be eliminated one at a time. It seems that everything that’s supposed to keep us together is being cast aside as “old”, “antiquated” and “racist”. Now we’re looking at symbols of America. First, it was “the confederate flag”. “Racist, gotta go, tear them down”. It then morphed into “confederate statues”. “Racist, gotta go, tear them down”, Then, it was Jefferson, Washington, Columbus. No one is safe. Where does it end? Now we’ve gotten into sports. The one thing that brings us together. A guy in a Raider shirt can sit next to a guy in a Charger shirt, and, (aside from a little good-natured ribbing), together watch a competition away from work, politics or just “the real world”. And the competition starts with everyone standing together, hands across hearts and TOGETHER hearing that we are one nation. We’ll break up into Patriots and Jets later, but, for now, we are one…. Now it’s changed. The National Anthem is being discarded as “antiquated”, “obsolete” and “racist”. Burning, spitting on or turning your back on the symbol of the country is now considered “courageous”. Holding your hand over your heart is now “promoting white supremacy”. Right is now wrong and wrong is now right. What is “legal” but “wrong” no longer matters, as long as its “legal” IMHO Screw legal, can we do what’s RIGHT?!
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    I'd encourage you to think about body composition, not just weight. That means the mirror is more important then the scale. Also, if you don't include exercise in the plan it's difficult to retain muscle which burns calories. If you restriction calories too much you lose a higher % of muscle which can make it more difficult to continue to lose fat with the same # of calories. If you reduce your calories to about 20% below what your burning and you do strength training you'll lose fat and retain lean body mass. You'll look better, move better and overall be healthier. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Mine is a bit more unique, and I'm known for it at the various venues I've called games at, from Cooperstown, NY all the way to The Oven's Gate Phoenix, AZ. I modeled it after Bruce Froemming (from my hometown) crossed with a hockey goal horn. "sTREEEOOOOOOOOOOOk!" is the best way I can approximate it. I'm a side-shooter in my mechanic (you'll never see a hammer in this hand), and evaluators, trainers, and professional umpires have all given positive (sometimes, glowing) feedback about it. A professional umpire actually pointed out to the fellow camp umpires that "this guy's call is not one we want you doing, but pay attention to his timing and his projection, because he does it really well". I do call Balls, and vary the volume in accordance to how close. Obvious misses (i.e. to the backstop), there's no reason to say anything. Ball 4 is an enunciated difference, "Ball. Four." There is no pointing or indicating (mechanic) to send the B/BR down to 1B. Swung strikes are a silent, relaxed side-shoot. Swung 3K (caught) is a curt out-fist-clench at a 45º in front of me. 3K looking? Oh, those are fun... "sTRIKE! THREE!" accompanies a chainsaw-pull-cord straight back. EDIT: Reviewing the OP and the answers, part of the question is "How did you develop the voice projection... ?" Well, a few things: 1) I played Flugelhorn, and then Tuba in marching band, 2) I was a catcher in baseball, and I would have to make a great deal of the deployment and relay calls to my teammates, but I was a small kid, so I really had to put everything I had (at the time) into it, 3) I come from a very loud family, 4) it was imparted to me to be definite in your calls. On that 4th point, so many new umpires lack experience, and therefore, lack the all-crucial timing that is vital to calling Balls and Strikes convincingly. They're sometimes calling "Ball" or "Strike" before the pitch even enters the mitt! And, they're trying to produce this bellowing "STRIKE!" call to suit it. Any evaluator or trainer is going to promptly "bolt" them down and have them stay down and sit on pitches for moments after the ball is in the mitt, then "call it". But then, all that zeal, all that fervor, all that impetus is gone and out comes a weak "strike"(?) (sometimes, you can even hear them questioning it, because they don't want to be wrong in front of all these people). Then, a substantial number of "first few games" are 9U ball, where the little tykes get intimidated by a towering umpire bellowing strikes, even on their swings! So, these umpires get asked by coaches and parents, who are only sitting 8-10 feet away, "Can you dial it down a bit, Blue?" In my case, I reserved my strike call to just that – called strikes – and just owned it. In fact, I had a coach tell a 9U player, "If you don't want to hear him call that, then start swinging!"; by and large, though, these same 9U (heck, I get it at any age clear through high school) players and fan-friends can be heard imitating my strike call in the dugouts and throughout the park! So my advice is – be definite, and let that confidence well up from the root of your spine, stand upright and erect, and then... let everyone know it's a strike. One of our colleagues here ( @KenBAZ knows of him) has an even more signature call than me, one that I cannot hope to eclipse in terms of uniqueness and popularity. It's a "HEEEE-YYYAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhh!" and it rolls through a park complex like a tsunami. Ken can tell ya, when that guy and I are on adjacent fields... it's a riot.
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    While I'm not in great shape I'm in better shape than I've been in years. My weight is steadily going down. I'm down almost 20 lbs in the last 6 months. While there are people who loose 20 lbs in 2-3 months that isn't my primary focus. My focus has been to get stronger, have better endurance and be more fit. Here's what I did at the start and now. Used Fitbit & My Fitness Pal to track and log my activities and eating Now I must admit I'm not as good about logging my food as I was, but after a few months I got a good feel for what I was eating and how many calories I was taking in. Like Rich said counting stuff sucks--- but it works. This said, I am more consistent with my weight loss when I actively track. I still enjoy my beer and ice cream (ice cream is my ultimate food weakness) but I am better able to moderate when I have the bad things. Make smarter food choices. Includes basically eliminating fast food. But when eating on the go is a must make better choices. Be more active. I did join Planet Fitness for a few months. I started out on fire going 5 days a week.- Then reality set in that and I was going less and less so I ended up cancelling. Take walks - My neighborhood is a figure 8 shaped with a 3rd loop within the bottom loop. The top loop is just short of 2 miles, the bottom loop is a perfect 3.2 mi (5k) and if I add the 3rd inner loop of the bottom loop that's another mile. I try to take the dogs when I do the 2-3 mile and they love it. I think of all the time I waste on the couch watching TV and it makes me feel guilty and I sometime get up and take a walk. Find an outdoor hobby or passion Last year I got shamed into registering for the Tough Mudder - And I loved it. By the end of this year I will complete 6 obstacle course races. (4 down 2 to go - The Spartan is next Sunday in Fayetteville) I also want to try kayaking Being active and outdoors benefits by not only being active but you won't pass by the fridge or pantry and eat unnecessarily. Drink water I spoke with a fitness nut friend of mine and SHE could bench press 2 of me. I told her I'm not ready to live in the gym but want to improve. She said: Drink water a minimum of 64 oz a day but the more the better Never drink calories Ditch sodas - even diet ones. Eat your veggies - get a wide variety bold colors in your veggies. Avoid starches and carbs. The never drink your calories has been a big eye opener to me, and yet it seems like pure common sense. Take the stairs vs elevator whenever possible Also try the Ease into 5K App I'm not a runner, but this got me into decent running shape and has helped me build endurance. What I give the most credit to in my quest to be fit is Burpees. These will kick your ass no matter how fit you are. And you can do them anywhere. I highly recommend for getting into shape. If you fail a Spartan obstacle you must do 30 burpees. ( I anticipate doing b/t 120 & 180 next Sunday) I am building my self up to do the pyramid and reverse pyramid 10 burpees (1min rest) 9 (1min rest)... then when you get to 1 you go back from 1 to 10. that's 110 burpees. You are a god among men if you can do that. I haven't been able to complete the 1st pyramid yet. I'm at 10-6 (40) before I'm beat. Over the winter I'll obviously be somewhat less active, then I'm going to focus on calories and weight loss. One of my 2018 goals is to complete 8 OCR including the Spartan Trifecta (5 mi Spartan Sprint, 10 mi Super and 15 mile Beast) and Tough Mudder. Best of luck!