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    Left hand doesn't agree with what the right hand is doing. That conflicts with PBUC/MLBUM in that year and with MLBUM this year. MLBUM even added a spectator interp this year which might help @timelydew with how to rule if the wall was low enough for a fielder to grab the stationary ball from the top of the wall. Added to the interp this year: "Unless otherwise provided by local ground rule, a fair fly ball striking the top of the outfield wall that in the umpires judgement would have bounded over the wall if not for the permissible action of a spectator shall be ruled a home run. A fair fly ball that strikes the top of the outfield wall and is picked up by a spectator while still in motion shall also be ruled a home run. A fair fly ball that lands on the top of the wall and is picked up by a spectator after coming to a stop shall be deemed a ground-rule double."
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    Nope! Any chance I get to show off "Schutt" instead of a big, obnoxious gold "W", I'm going to take it. The way to go, then, is to get a 2XL tech-shirt (UnderArmour, Nike, Champion, etc.) in black, dark grey, navy (if you're using a navy plate coat (which you should, if you're in a draconian state that still mandates HS ball wear navy, and endorse the sentiment that pullover jackets on the plate are a stupid look)), and get it in a V-neck if you must. Or, like @BT_Blue mentioned, get it in sleeveless. eBay is loaded with tech shirts in ... uh... "grand" sizes on the cheap. TJMaxx / Marshalls / Ross / equivalent places are options too.
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    From the 2013 Wendelstedt Rules and Interpretations Manual (p.139): The top of an outfield fence is out of play; however, any part of the facing of the fence is not. If a ball hits the fence, clearly on its facing, it is no longer in flight and the award would not be four bases. However, if the ball hits an area at the top of the fence, if it continues over the fence into a dead ball or spectator area, it should be adjudged as hitting the top of the fence. If, though, it does not continue over the fence, but instead, immediately returns to the playing field, it should be adjudged as never leaving the playing field. It would be left in play. If a fielder grabs a ball on top of the fence before it has stopped, or before it has continued into a dead ball area, the ball will be alive and in play. Should the ball stop on top of the fence, the award will be four bases, as the ball is out of play.