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    I'm not qualified to rule on the latter.
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    Most policies can be summarized as: We Cover EVERYTHING!* * -- except what actually happens
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    Congratulations man, hope you have fun and I'll definitely be watching in they show your game. @tjohnson Congrats to all selected!
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    I had something similar in a Fed game this year. Chopper hit to F3 with F1 covering. F3 shovels the ball to F1 who mishandles it and it goes inside his jersey and he then steps on first prior to the BR. It took me a second to see that the ball was inside his uniform and then F1 even said, "I have it! I caught in my jersey!" Me: "Time! That's a lodged ball! You, second base!"
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    This is not a catch, as it is not held securely in hand or glove. When the umpire rules that the batted ball has lodged, it becomes dead (FED 5-1-1f, etc.), and can no longer be caught for an out (no longer a live ball in flight). Once dead, the umpire will make appropriate awards (differ by code). Referee's rulings have always been ... questionable.
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    I see what you did there @Razzer with the whole Ti versus iT thing...
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    Yeah, those darn Cliff Keen shirts...at least they're free!
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    1996 Douglas chest protector with added gap protection (Douglas did the biothane, I did the custom plates) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So you find your spot about 15 feet from 3B, several feet inside the foul line, and if there's an overthrow, you drop step left, cruise home, and get there in plenty of time. And, as a bonus, you can get in on the 3B end of the rundown, take a tag from a great angle, and not leave your partner to eat a sh!t sandwich while you're anchored to the plate, missing a pretty good game.
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