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    Guys, you're missing the fun potential here! I loved Lawumps' post. It is exactly what the OP needed. Now for what his partner missed. How much fun it is to fly down and get involved in a rundown. No matter where the play is I want to get to where I can take over part of the responsibilities for umpiring a rundown. I'm sorely disappointed if a rundown does not last long enough for me to get involved. Coaches, players and partners are amazed when you bust down a line and jump into a rundown. It makes your crew look great when the HPU gets to where he needs to be and verbalizes, "I've got this end". The players are scrambling but the umpires are in control! Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Maybe the website recognizes you as a coach?
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    Yes, many of you are familiar with my SWMBO stories, and trust me, there are many MANY stories that don't make it to this forum. So the latest chapter unfolds as I'm going through the "end of summer" cleaning of the equipment bag and disposing of things that have been extended beyond their usefulness, as we get into "fall ball" mode. As I get to my (what I call) "ditty bag", I pull out 3 or 4 indictors, 2 plate brushes, some pencils, sun screen and a line up card holder (that has seen better days). Since SWMBO also wears the hat of my personal financial consultant, she also receives the emails from @JimKirk's team (because she has placed several orders for me). She mentioned that "our man @Scott Kennedy" just did a 2 minute review of a new magnetic line up card holder, and that I should order one. Well, needless to say, I just placed my order. Fella's, I wish that each and of you could have such a supportive SWMBO as I do (if the situation applies). Ladies, I just hope your "fella" is as understanding.
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    It's software that's designed to protect the user from attack by malicious outside software programs. But that's not important right now.
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    5.09(c)(2) approved ruling: (B) When the ball is dead, no runner may return to touch a missed base or one he has left after he has advanced to and touched a base beyond the missed base. PLAY—(A) Batter hits ball out of park or ground rule double and misses first base (ball is dead)—he may return to first base to correct his mistake before he touches second but if he touches second he may not return to first and if defensive team appeals he is declared out at first.
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    Had a coach not agree with one of my strike calls by giving me a very loud, "NO WAY! NO WAY!" I stepped out from behind the catcher, removed my mask and said, "WAY"! Coach said that was the funniest thing he'd ever seen or heard on a baseball field. Not sure if it was the strike or the comment, but we kept going.
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    My partner and I tried to squeeze in the 7th inning before it got too dark and only made it through half of it before having to call the game. The coach about to go to bat complained "But you said it was bright enough for them to hit?" Without missing a beat my partner replied "That's how Mother Nature works coach... it gets darker as the sun goes down."
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    Is that in the Casebook, Rich? Because it isn't in the Rulebook or Manual!
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    Maybe because I work with a lot of umpires who never leave the plate until it's time to go get a beer, this has been bugging me: why was the PU "still at home"? The OP's description (e.g., "at one point") suggests to me that this rundown had at least a couple of throws and runner back-&-forths, so, with only the one baserunner, what else did the PU have to do but come up to help?
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    Yes. It's an appeal, not a force play, and thus a time play. I think the site needs a banner with this play on it, which seems to be asked every 3 days.
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    Congrats. Though there looked to be a lot more "standing" than "working" in those photos.
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    As the base umpire, that is your call. In a two-umpire crew, on a rundown between second and third, if the plate umpire can get to the third base cutout he make take any plays (i.e. tag attempts) that occur around third-base. (Pro schools say the plate umpire would have anything within 10-feet of third base and the base umpire would "have the other 80 feet".) However, the plate umpire only has plays at third base when (1) he has actually gotten to third base (by the book, this means he is in the middle of the third base cutout); and, (2) he has informed you that he "has this end". Until he informs you that he "has this end," all plays that occur in the rundown are your (the base umpire) call. Since, in your post you stated that PU was "still at home", the play you posted is your call. Obviously, I did not see you officiate this play so I cannot provide any constructive criticism based on direct evidence. I can only attempt some feeble deductive reasoning in an attempt to flush out what may have happened. First, I can state that even the best umpires sometime get "straight-lined" and do not get a good look at a tag attempt. When this occurs, you really have to use good timing and make your call slowly. That is, take a second or two to read other clues that may help you make the correct call...before you actually signal and vocalize your call. I am going to guess, based on your description of the play, that a tag was not, in fact, made and that you got this call wrong. I base this on the fact that after this "tag attempt", not only did the runner continue to run, but the fielders continued to try to make a play against the runner. I believe, if you had taken a second or two to read the players' actions immediately after this tag attempt, you likely would have observed that all players (offense and defense) continued to play...at which point you would have obtained additional information to help you make the correct call, and at which time you should have given the safe mechanic while yelling "no tag! no tag!" Finally, as an aside, if the players are not hearing your calls, this likely means that you need to significantly increase your vocal volume.
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    I'm going to add my wife to the Ump-Attire.com mailing list. Dollars to doughnuts I get the "why the heck am I getting this now?"
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    A lot of stuff working against us... 1B having to go into the hole (looks like they might have had a shift on...hard to tell), a pitcher covering too late, and a fast runner. Others have already brought up expanding your field of vision. It starts with Pre-Pitch Preparation. Have you identified what the infielders are doing? Do you know the 1B is playing towards the hole (or in a shift)? Have you adjusted to this? Have you considered - if the ball is hit to him, the pitcher is going to have to cover? All of these things tell me to back up. By backing up and taking an initial position close to the grass/dirt line, you take a couple steps fair and read your pitcher. By reading the pitcher you now know he reacted too late and it's going to be tight...potentially a tag play. Stay back instead of getting sucked in. You should have a good field of vision to see the tag to the body and foot touching the bag. Finally you have to stay calm. A lot of guys tense up when a play like this occurs. Tensing up will lock your eyes and you'll get tunnel vision. That's easier said than done... The reality is this is an extremely tough call and it's the defense that screwed up, making my life difficult. So in those situations (when I just don't know) I'm going to error on the side of the team that didn't screw the pooch and let the chips fall where they may. None of us have access to replay on this play. So we have to go with what we see. We're going to get a visit regardless. I would take charge of that discussion (we know why they are coming out) by giving a quick explanation - either l had him touching the base before the tag -or- I had him tagging him before he got to the base. And then I would immediately offer to get with the crew to see if anyone had anything different. Get the coach back in the dugout and see if anyone has information for you. Now the coach can't come back out and we've kept the discussion to a minimum.
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    Aren't autographed hats and balls and the like supposed to just sit on a shelf anyway? Unless it's your step dad's Babe Ruth ball and your friends need a ball to play because the the beast got your last ball.
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    I have two lines from the same game. It was an NCAA Div. 1 game. Home team is getting roughed up pretty good by the visiting Air Force Academy Falcons. I'm the plate umpire on the Sunday game at the end of a three game series. The game was going long (time wise) and my partner between innings went over the AFA head coach to ask if the schools had agreed to a Sunday curfew so that AFA could make a flight at the airport. The head coach laughed, pointed to a dressed air force officer in the dugout and said, "our pilot is over there. You might have heard that we have our own airline." Game. Set. Match. Late in the game, I had a first-to-third rotation. I moved up the line, was standing in foul territory and had my nose two feet away from the tag attempt as the runner came into third base...and it was a whacker of a play. I called the AFA runner "safe". The home head coach comes jogging out and says, "What do you have there?" I replied, "that was a banger of a play, but he just beat the tag." Coach says, "there's no way. You missed that play." I said, "Coach, did you see where I was standing. I was in perfect position and I had a great look." He replied, "oh, I'm not arguing that you had great hustle. You were in perfect position. I just don't understand how an umpire can be in such perfect position and F*#King kick the SH*# out of the call that bad." He immediately turned and walked back to his dugout. I had to bite my tongue so hard. Not because I wanted to say something back, but because it was so damn funny. He was being a 100% serious, but the actual words he spoke combined with the way he delivered it resulted in one of the funniest things I have ever heard.
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    Very first pitch of the game... "Come on Blue you have to call it both ways!"