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    ... except Fed has to / chooses to accommodate and include the least common denominator in its domain; not every field – Varsity, JV, Freshman or otherwise – is compelled to have the 45' running lane marked. More cans of sprayable chalk may be in order.
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    Late and close MSBL game. R2, R3, 1 out. I'm on the plate. Infield is in. Right-handed batter hits a hard ground ball right down the 1st base line. I clear the catcher to the left trying to get on the line for the fair foul call. F3 fields the ball right over the line. I point it fair as the throw is on it's way to F3 and I get blown up by R3. R3 is lying on the ground 5 feet from the plate as F2 walks over and tags him for the out. I could have backed up to 1BLX and tried to see through the BR and F2. I could have moved to 3BLX and set up for the play at the plate while living with a bad angle on the fair foul call. I just hustled myself into a bad and dangerous spot. The runner was going on contact and was watching the play by F3. He said he didn't see me until we collided. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    1BLX and take a step left or right, as necessary, to get a look around BR and F2.
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    Just remembered another that certainly could have made the list: I'm on the plate, line drive down RF line prob would have scored 2 runs except it was foul by about a foot. 3BC: How can you call that foul? Everybody in the ballpark could see the chalk fly. Me: That wasn't chalk, Skip. It must have been dust or sand. 3BC; 200 feet away and you can tell chalk from dust? Me: Those lines aren't chalk, they're painted.
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    I wear Oakley Radar Pitch with G30 lenses. The coverage is great, keeping dirt from getting to my eyes, and the G30's are the best all around lens I have used. I can wear them for a game that starts in sunlight and ends under the lights with no issues whatsoever. YMMV, but I am on the same frames I bought 10 years ago, and only on the 2nd lens. I just change out the ear socks and nose bumper twice a year for 14 bucks a pop, and they are like new again. Best sunglasses I've ever owned.
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    Would get too dirty, especially not good for wet games. I'd look at either clear lense or yellow lense sports glasses. I like the yellow polarized for evening games, mine are shooting glasses and really help pick up the ball better than I did with the clear. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    @Aging_Arbiter, it just comes down to finding and using any-and-everything possible to reduce the brightness, glare and heat hitting your face. Back in Wisconsin and New York, I'd affix visors in my mask to reduce the glare and give my eyes some degree of relaxation, so I didn't have to squint. The visor also reduced (or controlled) the dripping of drizzle or rain from my hat bill. Now here in Arizona, the sun is so pervasive, it is vital I have a visor, teamed up with nearly constant sunglass wearing. If I could wear a Coulee hat over myself, I would.
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    I always agreed with this until..... A couple nights ago I'm working at my favorite complex. Turf, close to home, good host organization, all that. Anyway, field 2 gets real nasty when the sun sets, moving from the left field corner all the way into left center and then FINALLY disappearing. Using my new Champro magnesium, thanks to @rjdakin, I actually had enough separation between my hat and the frame to where I could see over the top bar a bit. The sun was coming in right through the slits above that top eye bar and I caught myself thinking, "Man, a sun shield would be awesome right about now."