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    Remember that RLI has 3 necessary elements, without any one of which we properly no-call: Runner out of the lane by rule A throw to a fielder at 1B (not necessarily quality) Hindrance of the fielder taking the throw by the BR due to his illegal position The interp is based on the fact that, when the fielders play "inside" and the BR is "outside," his illegal position did not hinder the fielder taking the throw. If you want to read the case play as sneaking in the quality concept, that's probably not far off base. But it is firmly grounded in the baseball fundamental that no hindrance = no INT.
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    With the season winding down, I thought I'd post the TOP THREE DUMBEST ARGUEMENTS I have heard this year (NOT including the usual suspects...hands are part of bat, etc) 3. DC: "But an infield fly is automatically a dead ball." 2. OC: "If a players requests TIME you MUST grant his request." 1. OC: Hey, Blue; Courtesy runner for my catcher. ME: But there's nobody on base. OC: That's my catcher batting. Can't I run for him? ME: Sure you can, AFTER he gets on base. OC; So I can't sub him out NOW? ME: If you had an available sub (which I knew he did NOT) you could pinch-hit for him. OC; No, you don't understand. I want HIM to hit, but someone ELSE to run. ME; Come on, Skip. Certainly you know you can't do that. OC; But once he reaches, then I CAN run for him? ME: Yes. Batter hits one to gap in RC. As he's turning the corner at first, OC start's shouting "TIME. TIME. Courtesy runner for my catcher!" ME; (sigh)
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    Going back to the OP, isn't this poorly worded to simply state, " ... B1 is running in foul territory when F2, in fair territory, throws errantly and hits B1 in the back ... " I gather that the intent is to say, "B1 is running in foul territory to the right of the running lane." After all, the running lane IS in foul territory except for the foul line itself.
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    I'm a little confused by that -- not for FL (I'll assume you are right), but for NCAA -- the PDH CAN play another defensive position, as long as the change is made correctly.
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    yep http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/umpire-ken-kaiser-throws-a-fan-back-into-the-stands-after-news-photo/598119590#umpire-ken-kaiser-throws-a-fan-back-into-the-stands-after-the-fan-picture-id598119590
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    Just remembered another that certainly could have made the list: I'm on the plate, line drive down RF line prob would have scored 2 runs except it was foul by about a foot. 3BC: How can you call that foul? Everybody in the ballpark could see the chalk fly. Me: That wasn't chalk, Skip. It must have been dust or sand. 3BC; 200 feet away and you can tell chalk from dust? Me: Those lines aren't chalk, they're painted.
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    Well here is my initial response to the +POS COBRA CP First thing I can say was the communication was first class and I picked up the box 3 days after ordering. The box was very light..hope the cp was in it...lol After inspecting the rig I was pleasantly surprised how much thought and design went into the product. Very low profile Protective fit was ok "13 Harness is a good idea but in its current format it is gimmicky and could be improved or buy a after market product that will work. I really liked the breast plate and clavicle protection. When first tried on I noticed that the clavicle plastic was sitting to square at the top. I thought I would need to use the heat gun to form the curve better. I added a UL harness and it did the trick. The cp comes with 2 side wings and a neck pad...side wings work well but no need for the neck pad. Same thing on the Force 3 The Skeleton separates from the back pad so it can be washed. Padding Not sure what is used but my only concern is not enough or what are the properties of the foam used. I guess I am willing to try it in a game to know because overall this is a decent product. Shoulder caps Well made and better than the F3 which I own V1 Gap Protection Excellent Breast Plate Excellent What would I change I would add a "1/4 foam (Memory) Think blue camping mat roll encased in micro mesh nylon or polyester. Why? Just to give you that extra feeling you are protected more. Harness The UL harness transformed the fit and feel of the rig and that is what it is about...rig stays where it is supposed to be Last Thought +pos made a very interesting CP and as a customer I am overall happy with my purchase. I am not into endorsing but this unit has a chance if customers/umpires can over look some of the past mistakes + pos made in dealing with us I score this CP 8/10 on fit protection and design I give 10/10 on customer service Ray Umplife
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    Sorry man, sometimes I have a hard time telling on here. - the word EXPERT drives me nuts. Ex = something former, spurt = drip under pressure.
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    I know...I was attempting to be humorous.
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    "Expert" We just go out on all the fly balls and then work two man. "Expert" lol
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    When the throw crosses the foul line we normally wouldn't call RLI when the runner was out of the running lane but also out of the actual throwing lane: 2004 Interps SITUATION 19: B1 bunts and F2 fields the ball in fair territory in front of home plate. B1 is running in foul territory when F2, in fair territory, throws errantly and hits B1 in the back. B1 continues running and touches first base. RULING: The play stands. F2 made an errant throw. Although B1 was not in the running lane, his position did not interfere with F2’s throw. (8-4-1g Exception) But the OP has the runner so close to 1B so you would have to judge whether it was an errant throw that hit the runner or a catchable throw.
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    I don't know whether LL has a modification of straight OBR for RLI, but with F2 and F3 outside and the runner inside, pro umpires are not likely to call RLI on a bad throw inside that hits the runner. That's what I see in the still; I reserve judgment on the call until the video is posted.
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    Once disengaged he is no longer a pitcher, he's an infielder. An infielder can feint all he wants. An infielder cannot balk.This is the rule you want: 8.01 (e) If the pitcher removes his pivot foot from contact with the pitcher’s plate by stepping backward with that foot, he thereby becomes an infielder and if he makes a wild throw from that position, it shall be considered the same as a wild throw by any other infielder. Rule 8.01(e) Comment: The pitcher, while off the rubber, may throw to any base. If he makes a wild throw, such throw is the throw of an infielder and what follows is governed by the rules covering a ball thrown by a fielder.
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    Greatest National Anthem moment: Working an adult ball game one summer at Cerritos College south of Los Angeles. On the softball field, the college softball team was getting ready for their game. We are smack in the middle of the the 3rd inning. HELL, smack in the middle of an at bat! All of a sudden, the National Anthem starts to play over the speakers for the softball game. F1 steps off the rubber, removes his hat and stands at attention. Everyone else follows suit. It was quite an experience and helped me find a new respect for the Anthem and our great country.
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    Thanks. The MajorDave thing was just a joke at first. Remember Major Dad show? That show with Gerald McRaney was on when I was first promoted to Major and my ex and kids started calling me that and Major Dave. When I started doing the umpire forums not very many, if anyone, used real names so when I needed a forum posting name I chose my family's pet nickname. I do not use it to lord my former rank and status over anyone nor do I think I am better than anyone else because I once upon a time served our country. (Who really cares about or respects Majors anyway? The symbol of the rank is an oak leaf, similar enough to resemble a fig leaf and you know artists have emplaced fig leafs on pricks for centuries......hahaha!) I have taken the rank off and keep it off but I did not like the Wilson W logo and it just kind of came to me. The wings on the CP are rarely seen and are just something important to me. But thanks for the comment.
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    Nice! But the middle one looks out of place. Go ahead and just send it to me.