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    An option to purchase just the lower profile replacement padding to replace the padding in our current protectors would be tremendous. *the statement above was provided by The Department of Redundancy Department.
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    Of course I disagree with it. A coach of Ives' ilk will berate the umpire, but here's a little nugget he doesn't know: BOO rules -- like a missed base, not tagging up and the like -- are designed to ensure the coaches keep their heads in the game. Umpires are not to initiate action and have to wait until a coach brings it to their attention. In addition, there are game tactics at play regarding when a coach says something to the umpire about BOO, so it would be senseless to give the umpire any responsibility for calling attention to it or acting upon it. It keeps the coaches coaching and apparently some of the coaches take issue with that.
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    I'm with you, Rich. Unless there's a scoreboard with the batting lineup on it or I know 100% #21 is due up after #6, there's no reason the umpire should recognize this.
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    One of my favorite stories I've read here on U-E was written by MidAmUmp. A batter started to draw a line and MidAm informed him that he could stay in the game if he dragged that bat on the ground all the way to the dugout. If the bat left the ground, he would be ejected. Must have been the longest line drawn by a batter in baseball history.
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    at home, on my sofa. Locally, our coach pitch is instructional. We do not officiate this level.
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    Working an Intermediate (50/70) LL State Tournament last week w/6 umpire crew. Had a great week getting to know players and coaches from across the state. R1, R2, 1 out. F9 was playing a little deep and had to run and dive for a fly ball. I'm U1. Apparently, when the runners (and BR) saw that F9 had made a miraculous catch and had the ball in his glove, I watch R2 tag to advance to 3B, R1 retreated to 1B, BR retreated to get his bat and headed for the dugout. THEN......F9 hits the ground and RF umpire (U6?) comes up with "no catch!". It would appear that the impact of hitting the ground had dislodged the ball from his glove. I hear him and give a quick glance to see the mechanic as well. F9 gathers himself and throws the ball in to F4. This particular F4, realized what had just happened. He stepped on 2nd for the force and U2 declared R1 out. He then jogged over to 1B and stepped on it, I called BR out. He tosses the ball towards the mound and heads for his dugout with the rest of the team. AC (at 1B) says to me very politely "Blue, do you mind if I ask you a question?". I replied, "absolutely not coach". He then asks "what just happened?" I offered up a quick "after 3 outs, you switch sides"...........and with the deer in the headlights look, I knew I had to explain the whole situation.
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    You painted those gray? That looks awesome Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Here's my mask again, this time with grey pads Nike pads. I painted them with counsel from @HCueds, and they turned out alright. I wanted to do something different and I think I accomplished that. Thoughts?
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    Thanks for alll the ideas. I will share them.
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    1) Look to your left. If the base is empty, run toward it. 2) If you go out, stay out 3) If you partner goes out, revert to two man (I will add, that if you are new to 3-person, you should be working the plate, not U3. PU's responsibilities are nearly the same, and you can watch and learn from the other umpires.)
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    When U1 is on the wing (which will be most of the time) and the ball is hit, read your partner. You need to know if he's going out or not.
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    Max, who's learning what? These players are 6, 7 and 8 years old. I've done everything but duct-tape the bat to their hands. I'm just trying to keep my rookie Umpires alive out there. And we don't generally call batters out for throwing the bat (although we've got a League rule that says we could if we had to). Coach Pitch Leagues are not for real. They're not supposed to be. They're just places for little kids to have fun running counter-clockwise, and for rookie umpires (13-years old) to learn basic Umpiring skills and get hooked on Umpiring.
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    A couple of important 3-man tips are: 1. Communicate with each other - Communicate - Communicate 2. Understand 2-man very well, as any time U1 goes out, you may need to slide and cover 1B.. 3. Get to where you need to be, but remember you will still have outfield responsibilities. Never get caught just 'standing around'. 3-Man has a lot of movement for U3.
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    It's another drop step. Crossing over will move you along the dirt cutout and straight line you into the play at first. Think of it as your normal drop step to open to the play at first. But you don't cross again to gain more ground.
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    Groundhogs Day was a highly underrated comedy.
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    "Oh yeah, don't drive on the railroad tracks!" "Uh, that's one I happen to agree with, Phil."
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    My favorite line from this film...
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    "I'm a god, I'm not the God." - Bill Murray as Phil Connors in Groundhog Day
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    You can pay in September. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just wanted to join the crowd posting Airplane! clips. Oh... and both are done.
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    Anyone else disagree with this? Are we really responsible for knowing who's due up, who's coming in to bat off the bench if we're not informed?
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    I'm with Arik on this one. We encourage people to use the search feature for "common" questions, and he had something valuable to contribute. In other situations, when you do offer your knowledge and rules application to a senior umpire, they'll hit you with the "I'm going to overrule you" and there's just no response to that. Sure, you can plead your case, offer what you saw and repeat your rules knowledge, but you can't exactly break into an argument with your senior partner on the field. And, before you get on FED's case for making PU god-like (paging @MadMax), I was PU. And it was an OBR game.
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    I let one line go one time. Good third strike on the corner. Batter takes end of bat and draws a line that touches the side of the plate.
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    So that's where they're learning it. That's what our Little League does at one level; we only provide umpires for their end of season "fun" tournament, at which point I hustle league gear out to those fields and have them work standard one (or occaisonally two) person mechanics.
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    I ordered this indicator from a different site than above as the price and unfamiliar brand made it worth exploring. I'm going to suspend my policy of NOT talking bad about products we do not offer, but this indicator is a No-Go. It came shrink-wrapped in a thin greenish plastic, I wasn't sure if it was intended to stay on or not but the plastic easily started to come of in places. I attempted to remove the plastic, but I was not able to get the all the plastic off. A sticky residue and marks were left as well.
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    I'm going to the 3-man camp in Riverside this year and really looking forward to it.
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    Good question. We will soon be meeting with their new person in charge of the team gear line that includes umpire gear. Our suggestions we will be emphasizing are harness improvement, a lower profile memory foam padding and longer chest protector options. These will most likely not happen for spring 2018 inventory but we are hopeful for fall 2019 for at least the first 2 suggestions. Any other suggestions, do not hesitate and will pass them along.
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    Yeah, let these things go. What could go wrong? Here's one idea:
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    My experience was just slightly the opposite of yours last weekend... I am the plate guy for the RBI Juniors Championship game being played at Santa Ana Valley High School in, you guessed it: Santa Ana. 4 man, 7 inning 9:30am start. Game is moving along ok... 2 hour mark and we are hitting the 7th with the visiting LA Dodgers trailing the AZ team 3-4. Bases loaded and the home team walks in the tying run but the Dodgers can't get over the hump to take the lead... Home team goes down in the 7th and we move on to extra innings... Pretty exciting for a Championship so far. Bottom of 10 and we are still going and getting close to hitting the 3 hour mark. U2 has to leave due to being the plate guy on another field for a 1pm game start so we go to 3 man. Seniors game on the adjacent field ends and now we have a BIG crowd... both of the other teams have moved over to watch plus the majority of their fans as well... that game ended in a 1-0 score in an hour 15-30 so not a lot of drama. Other than getting noisy the fans are actually being supportive of both teams which was refreshing. 12th inning my buddy who worked the Seniors game jumps into our game as U2 (pretty senior Varsity guy in our HS association) so we are back to 4 man. He makes the most brilliant suggestion that if we end the 12th with no winner we take a 5 minute siesta (got to go man!) Home team gets bases loaded with no outs in the bottom of 12... All I am thinking is... hit the ball! Batter hits an amazing dribbler to F1 who throws home for out 1. F2 then fires to F3 for out two... not looking good here! Batter comes to the plate I ring him up for strike 3 on nice breaking ball over the inner half of the plate. Time for the 13th! Come back to the field after a 5 minute restroom break... start the 13th... nothing. 14th inning and we are at the 3:45 mark... visitors go down 1/2/3. Home team gets up... first batter gets out. Batter 2 is HBP. R1 steals 2nd. Batter drills one to left center... watch R2 round 3rd... here he comes. Here comes the ball. There goes the ball up the line. R2 touches home. 14 full innings... 4 hours. Damn... that was a Championship game. Nice part was a couple days later we received an email from the Angels RBI organization who hosted the tournament... they offered 2 tickets to all of the umpires who worked games... the wife and I took the seats and got to watch Trout hit one out on Wednesday against the Nationals.
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    Nothing specific to PS but schools in general... Be quiet, listen and learn. Let the show off's be the show off's. They may have more experience and look great the first couple days but when the courses get past the basics and they get called out for doing evolution's wrong they look foolish. The humble student who makes errors, is corrected and then demonstrates proficiency and the ability to be taught will then look like the super star in the eyes of the instructors. Be confident but not cocky... And actually have fun...
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    This needs to be a symbiotic relationship, and like all relationships sometimes it needs compromise. Tournaments need umps. They also need teams. No teams, no money, can't pay umps. Does the tournament need umps more than the umps need the tournament? Perhaps. Maybe umps get assigned somewhere else, maybe not. No, you have to accept some culpability here too. The simple response to the coach is "I've made the ruling, if you think I'm wrong file a protest and it will be resolved right away" and walk away. Attempting to show up the coaches, especially attempting to undermine them in front of their players, will never end well. Do you like it when a coach tries to show you up, or publicly undermine you? And adding "eh" to your snark was ignorant. You did that for no other reason but to get a reaction. Would it be appropriate for a Canadian ump to make fun of the way an American coach talked, whether it's a southern drawl or an "all y'all"? No matter how awful that coach is acting? You can argue "they started it" if you want. That would be just as childish as your response. You are supposed to be the bigger/better man. Take the high road. "If you think I'm wrong, file a protest". The TD director was right in that regard - get in get out. You let your ego get in the way and you decided to bait them. People who truly aren't intimidated walk away. You let the behavior of a different team spill over to your perception of this team. Then you let a catcher dropping an F bomb at another player, not you, bother you further. The TD comment about culture is bullSH*#, no question. Bad behavior is bad behavior. But YOU are the one who tried to douse a fire with gasoline. You may as well have pulled your Johnson out and asked for a ruler.
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    The offer is for this year only @BT_Blue shooter.... And the jaws theme is playing for you. @HCueds send me a personal message and I can give you all of the details. We have had several guys come to our camp prior to pro school I'm happy to say that almost all (save 1) has gotten a job in professional baseball. There are several factors to look at now in pro ball which I'm sure billy would be more than happy to talk to you about.
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    On the upside, he did add to the conversation with a legit question. It is better than someone just adding an answer of "no" or something like that.
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    We had one of those guys at our park. Started when he was 14 and one year out of H.S. went to umpire school and made it all the way to AAA and lasted there for 3 years until they said his services were no longer needed. :-( Now's he's back helping us out.
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    'Twas similar to the beginnings of some of VolUmp's defenseless rants & ridicules. Thank you for clarifying.
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    I'm going to turn this around – why not the conference? Does it matter? I didn't get a chance to follow up and debrief the crew on that situation because A) it was 112° out on a blistering Arizona midday, B) that was that crew's last game of the weekend, and it itself went into extra innings, putting me and my partner into a waiting position at our field for the winner of that game to take on the top seed for the game we were about to start, and C) they, as a crew, got the call right. My philosophy is – you succeed as a crew, you fail as a crew. I will never slight a crew, or any member of that crew, for getting together so as to get a Ruling corrected or verified. Conversely, if I find that a crew(member) misapplied a Rule because he was so sure he was right, but didn't want to consult his partner(s), there will be some very harsh criticism. The PU in this instance – "V" – may have not seen the ball hit F2's glove first before redirecting into his armpit. I certainly couldn't tell exactly from being behind the backstop. Or, he had a moment of inspired thought, and thought, "Hey, there's a rule about this very thing, but because it happens so rarely, let's just make sure I'm not doubting its existence." Either way, when you've got around 80 people surrounding you, on a hot July day, in a semifinal game, you rely on your team for support. So, he asks his BU partner (not lackey, or underling, or sidekick) – "J", in this case. J's a good kid. Young, in his second year with our group here, but an up-and-coming umpire. Whatever V and J discussed, I trust that V steered it in an effective way, because it didn't take long, and as I said, the resulting call was right.
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    Unless the PU is a U-E member, me thinks it'll probably remain unanswered.
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    The "is this a strike" barrier should include various age groups to ensure we're all calling an age appropriate zone.
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    This is downright oppressive, @Umpire in Chief, especially when you're on a public hotspot or AP which changes your IP# every few minutes... ... which is what being a wandering Road Umpire is all about. I mean, the least you/we could do is have it query us with "I'm not a robot" and then show us a photo of a pitch, and ask, "Is this a strike?". At least make it relevant! If I have to identify apartment buildings one more time...