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    FPSR is especially perilous, as the Runner may drown. If you see a splash, it's not a catch. Catchers may have to have snorkels attached to their masks. Kayaks, as seen at such waterfront venues as San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh, are allowed in the outfield. While we do want to keep to a brief Plate meeting, the ground rules may take awhile to explain. The phrase "fishin' for a call" becomes, suddenly, very appropro.
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    Send it to Douglas. They will create a custom pad for you. It will be half as thin as what Wilson makes.
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    Oh that's not so bad... just get the Diamond Dry. It's somewhere in the shed... which now seems to have floated away....
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    "Ball, Outside. Outside, Ball. How's that?" (the ",asshole" after the last question is implied)
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    It's here! Finally after almost a month and a half of waiting. Guess my Wilson Ti is going to have to find a new home. My Mizuno isn't going anywhere.
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    Maybe, but for me it was learned through experience. When I first started umpiring, I fell for the old "nothing can happen without the ball" adage that traps many of us. As I grew more comfortable on the field (and also as I got caught missing things), I learned the rhythm of when to quickly shift my eyes to see a touch and when to peek ahead at the "lower priority" runner to make sure he's not cutting a corner by ten feet. I learned how to recognize a fielder that was about to camp the inside corner of a bag to obstruct a runner. Mostly, I made mistakes, I hung around at the park after my games to watch other guys work and ask questoins, and I read stuff on this site about other people's mistakes, and I learned what I could from all kinds of goofs
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    So yesterday it was TEAM ONTARIO. Today it was the Ontario Expos. 18u Wood Bat World Championship. Game 1, mostly uneventful with the exception of the Expos' catcher telling me three times to "call it both ways, Blue." I told him if he wishes to exit early, just keep defining the zone, and he knocked it off. 5th inning, Expos on defense, down 4-1, R1 & R2 double steal. Batter steps backwards and falls to the ground realizing his mistake. Runner's safe. No INT called as the throwing lane was never blocked. Batter stands up and says, "Sorry catch, I tried to get outta the way." Expos' catcher says, "Stay in the box like you're supposed to ... don't F--- with me." I called time, told the batter that "While our catcher is extremely rude and disrespectful, he is technically correct — the best thing you can do in that situation is hold your position or go straight down." I got nothing but "Yes Sirs" from the batter and eye rolls from the catcher. Expos Coach then pulled his catcher from the game without explanation. Final 4-1 Game 2, time had already expired in the bottom of the 5th with Expos down 7-5. Expos have R2, 2 outs, batter has 2-2 count. Batter swings at a pitch up & in, pitch hits his hand, he drops the bat and sprints to 1B as I call, "TIME! Strike 3. Batter's out. Ball Game." (Yes, we are instructed to say that here in tournament play.) So ... ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE BETWEEN THE COACHES, PLAYERS, and PARENTS/FANS. One coach semi-politely asks, " Did that hit his hand or the bat?" I said, "His hand. Judging by his sprint to 1B, I think that's confirmed." I gathered my gear and my cooler as my partner started to walk in to meet me, and I looked up and was surrounded by the other two coaches and about four or five of the players pleading their case that it was a foul ball. To the HC I stated, "The batter swung and was hit in the hand. That's a dead ball strike. It's also strike 3. The game's over." (And then in happened .......................... ) "WHAT DO YOU MEAN? IF IT HITS HIS HAND, THAT'S A FOUL BALL!!!!" I asked, "Coach, are you serious? Please tell me you didn't just indirectly say that the hand is part of the bat." "WHEN HE'S SWINGING, IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I said, "Coach, all y'all need to learn the rule, eh?" Then player #6 shouted, "Why don't you learn to call balls and strikes before you talk about rules! You don't even know how to do your job behind the plate!" "Coach, #6 is ejected. He sits next game." I'm out. I'm moving to another 18u Tournament that starts tomorrow. After that, I'm going to start a petition to build a wall ... only to keep out Ontarian baseball coaches and players ..... and make them pay for it ....... UPDATE: I have now been told by guys still calling that tourney with the Ontarian contingent of 5 teams that the TD wants the umpires to respect their culture, that they may have a different level of "tolerance" where they come from, that it's not our job to change their culture overnight, and we have to remember they are our "guests." TRANSLATION: The TD is a WHORE. He's a $1,250-per-team whore. (Yeah ... I said it ... )
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    This broken record drives me, as a UIC of a youth association trying to develop young umpires, nuts. 1. We, as umpires, do not umpire to the court of public opinion; we umpire by interpreting what we saw. 2. Unless all of you at the game have 10-12 cameras and a control centre in New York, what makes you think you saw the play any better? Did you see what happened or what you wanted to see? HTBT. 3. This is not a misinterpretation of the rules, this is a judgment call. No umpire by her/himself is going to overturn a judgment call after listening to the peanut gallery. That is just a nightmare waiting to happen. 4. If it is a misinterpretation of the rules, protest the game. As an association UIC, I don't want any coach or parent or spectator telling a developing umpire (who are usually working this level) what the call should be. 5. To #4, at this level, we have our entry level umpires who are probably 12-13 years old and in their first year. At this level, I don't care if they call your batter out on a Scooby Doo, the play stands. In protecting younger umpires from being bullied or intimidated, our provincial code states all calls on the field stand at this level. The coaches should contact the UIC of the situation if it is such a misinterpretation of the rules. It is my responsibility to tell the young umpire there is no Scooby Doo in the rule book, not the coach. 6. This situation in the OP is probably due to bad positioning or mechanics, again that is something a UIC should work with the umpire, not the coach. Bottom line is this. I don't tell your infielders how to field after they booted five ground balls and turned a inning in 34 C (92 F) into 30 minutes of horror. Don't tell my 13-year-old umpire that in a rundown between 1st and 2nd and the ball gets thrown out the play, R1 should be on 2nd base (1+1).
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    We talk about it at the Mid-American Umpire Clinic, September 7-10 in Springfield, Missouri where there are only a few spots available. (Was that too shameless of a plug?)
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    Indeed, the Majestic 2016 Panel -style shirts are the beez-kneez, the Ay-Number-One, Top Dog, Creme De la Soul best, lightest, and most breathable umpire shirts on the market. A noteworthy runner-up is TOC's UltraTek fabric, used on select colors of their 2010 Vertical Stripe -style, Camo, and new Roughneck shirts. Majestic's prior shirt, the 2010 Vertical Stripe, was hefty, by several ounces. The TOC PebbleKnits were noticeably lighter and more airy. Majestic did change their blend to the current fabric, releasing it as a technical exercise in 2015 as the 2015 Solid Black. No detailing, no trim lines.
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    Whoa! Are you saying that Douglas will make a pad for a Wilson? That would be great!
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    Do the make floaties in mlb blue? Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Please see the attached document for a FREE MLB Umpire Camp in Louisville, Ky on July 29th from 9a-1p ET (check-in 8a-9a). We, at Ump-Attire.com, are excited about the opportunities to promote the MLB Umpire Camps. This clinic is for all ages, shapes, sizes and umpiring aspirations. MLB Umpire Camp staff WILL be looking for candidates that qualify for their scholarship opportunities to attend one of the pro schools in January. (More info explained in Louisville) The cost is FREE - ANY umpire, baseball or softball - can attend the clinic. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian consent to sign a consent form. You don't need any equipment, but I suggest bringing an umpire mask if you have one. IF THERE'S A PIECE OF EQUIPMENT OR APPAREL that you'd like to see at this clinic, please email me: scott@ump-attire.com -- any other questions, please let me know. FREE t-shirt for each one that registers and shows up. You can PRE-REGISTER to Raquel Wagner (MLBUMPIRECAMPS@MLB.COM) Load the car up, make the short commute to Louisville & see Ump-Attire.com in action with MLB !
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    1)Sitting at desk at work, look at clock: "Dammit, I should have left work already!" 2)Hit every GD red light on my way to the freeway. 3) Get stuck in traffic on freeway because some a-hole decided to go 80 when everyone else was going 60, and rear ended someone. 4) Arrive at ballpark 20 minutes later than I wanted to, but not too worried because I still beat my partner. 5a) While getting things ready at the car, get greeted by some dad walking by, saying something he thought was funny and original, the only thing is that it was not funny, nor original, the other 57 times I heard it before. Politely smile and force a chuckle, then go back to getting ready. 5b)Rush to get dressed due to circumstances listed above. Get halfway to field before I realize I forgot (fill in the blank here), turn around and walk all the way back to the parking lot to get said item. 6) Hit the bathroom for one last pregame. 7) Get paid if it's a game that is paid at the field and not a RefPay game. Yes, always get paid before. Sometimes, the last place you want to be after a game, is hanging around the concession stand waiting for a the person with the checkbook. Especially when you just banged out the tying run for the home team on a close play at the plate to end the game. 8) Grab a bottled water from the hot mommy running the concession stand. "How ya doin?" 9) Enter field, talk sh** with the home team players and coach for a moment. 10) Ask for baseballs, get baseballs, tell them that's not enough baseballs, listen to coach say: "both pitchers each have one baseball as welll." Thank coach for that info then restate: "still not enough baseballs, (coach's name here." Hear coach make some comment about their skinny budget while handing you two more baseballs. Thank coach with a smile, then head to plate meeting with coach. 11) Upon arrival at plate, listen to coaches tell (lie to) each other how tough their seasons have been, and how they have no idea how they are going to make it through the rest of the season, even when both are playing above .700 baseball. 12) Start plate meeting. Point out to one of the coaches that he has two players with the same number. After his surprise, watch as he has to yell at one of the players several times to get his attention. Once he does, get ready for the confused look on the player's face when he is asked what his number is. The mystery is finally solved, but not until we have that player turn around so we can see what his number is. 13) Line up for anthem, hoping it's going to be the standard band rendition that lasts all of 45 seconds, but instead getting a recorded rendition of some pop star singing it at some big event in the past, that ends up going well past 2 minutes, because the dad in the press box thought it would be so awesome! 14) Say goodbye to the partner, greet the catcher, take a look at some warm up pitches, start the game 5-10 minutes late due in large part to the Case of the Duplicate Numbers, and Daddy DJ in the press box. 15) An hour and a half later: BOOM! OUTTA HERE! (If we're lucky) Somewhere in there, a real pre-game was probably mixed in, provided it wasn't someone that I've worked with a hundred times before. In between balls, strikes, and puts, a couple of silly questions from coaches were answered, and several funny things were heard coming from the stands from fans who came to the game fresh out of clues. Oh, I almost forgot! I also heard John Fogerty's "Centerfield" for the 4,357th time at some point during the game. Or was it the 4,358th time? I think that pretty much honestly sums up a day in the life of an amateur umpire in the middle of July.
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    we all complain about how thick the foam is in the gold and platinum but has anyone tried to pull out the foam and replace it with .5 inch? Is the foam glued in or can it just be switched out?
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    Well whose fault is that?
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    I have the 2015 solid black Majestic. Great shirt, super material, extra long tail. The only problem is no one else has it[emoji54] Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Can you provide me a list of what you have available? Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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    The 2010 Majestic is heavy. Granted I have a size too large but it's not a light shirt. The 2016 Majestic is in a league of it's own. Except for possibly TOC, as I only own one TOC shirt and rarely wear it.
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    Ok great! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has thought of doing this.
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    You're reading this wrong. It's not one sentence. It's separated by semi colons. After every ";" is a new unique situation of when a runner is out. The "returning to base" sections refers to when a runner would be out on an appeal returning to a base. That's why it directs you to the appeal rule. As the next piece is about being hit by a batted ball....all different situations of the main scope of rule 8-4-2...."A runner is out when......... Bottom line is a runner can't hinder a protected fielder's initial attempt to field a batted ball. The pieces of the rule that pertain to your sitch are ....he hinders a fielder on his initial attempt to field a batted ball..... and 1. If two fielders try to field a batted ball and the runner contacts one or both, the umpire shall decide which one is entitled to field the ball and that fielder only is entitled to protection. If a fielder drops a batted ball and contact with a runner occurs during a subsequent attempt to field the ball, the fielder has the greater responsibility for avoiding contact. Note this rule says nothing about a runner's advance or retreat on the base paths. It's your judgement if F6 is the protected fielder or not, but the contact is something. Not "just a baseball play" You came here and asked the question, and many very knowledgeable members have given you the answer....." it can't be nothing. ". You can choose to take this answer many have given, or continue to argue your side. The question now is, did you come here to learn if your call was right or wrong, or to see if your call would be supported by others?
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    I'm actually making my own vest. I bought a memory foam mattress pad, some wicking sports material, and some wicking mesh. I'm going to re-engineer my padding altogether. If you can wait a few weeks, I'll tear apart the interior of one of the vests I'm cutting apart and will let you know what's possible. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    It was a joy to work with. The local teams were their usual morons/ejections/"TD, you better get over here"'s, but these kids were truly great kids.
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    "Y'all" refers to some group of people. It could be a subset of a larger group, while "all y'all" would refer to the entire group. And it never hurts for dramatic purposes to really draw out the "all." Something like "Awwwwwwll y'all." Add finger wag with a hand on your hip and a head bob for special emphasis.
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    Didn't Paronto agree with Hernandez call? " Quote: Originally Posted by umpjong The NCAA rulebook has the similar wording, but in reviewing the 2009 Study Guide for NCAA that is put out by Referee magazine they have this rule interpreted as a base coach or another runner physically assisting him being grounds for an out. An e-mail has been sent for clarification since there is no interp citation of either a NCAA rules person nor a cite that it comes from MLB. Will post (or JJ will) when an answer comes in. This is interesting since according to the study guide another base runner cannot physically assist while on the base paths. Hopefully this is not the authors own interp and we can track down the origin. Otherwise we are still where we are now........ Its unusual that an interp in this book is not cited by either a NCAA person or MLB. Jim Paronto (NCAA) and Kyle McNeely (FED) both came back in agreement with the MLB call of out. Since the runner who scored is no longer considered a runner and he clearly assisted a runner who was making no attempt to return home, the runner is out for assistance. JJ"
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    I'm no expert on the Southern dialect, but isn't "Y'all" singular and "All y'all" plural? So if you are from the South and ejecting more than one Canadian, shouldn't the proper phrasing be, "All y'all are ejected, eh?"
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    OBR, we would have to wait until @JonnyCat checks his notes or @Umpire Training Academy chimes in as agreeing with Hernandez and the WUM. NCAA we would have to wait until @grayhawk or @MidAmUmp checks with the Bruns, the current rules guy or with Paronto, the previous rules guy as to whether the quote attributed to Paronto is accurate.
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    Here is one more umpire feature to get you through the remainder of the All-Star Break. Last month, ESPN joined Mike Winters' crew behind the scenes as they discussed their pre-game routine, and UMPS CARE Charities experience at a Children's Hospital in St. Louis. Mike Muchlinski, the plate... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    Do they ever hold these clinics in the SE PA area?
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    Umpires needed to Fix it............and take the deserved crap for neither of them noticing......................nothing of real consequence has occurred, return R2 back to plate with one strike.............. If there is a pitch count, you'd probably have to erase those pitches from the log.......to return to square for everyone...........
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    Lately he's posted mostly questions. How do you agree with a question? (noumpere will be along shortly, quote my question, and post: "I agree!")
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    We have one HS league assignor who posted our games back in April for...wait for it...2019! He's taking a heck of a chance assigning games to me at my age.
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    I do indeed have the Champro version of this. It's a black frame. It looks the exact same though, and it's SUPER light. I love it
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    Yeah i sourced that pic you posted and it goes back to midwest ump blog (I miss that guy and his reviews). It was the Mag-T that they sold for 99 bucks back in 2011-2012 or thereabouts. It sounds like it was the same as the Champro mag, just painted or powder coated in the silver. I wonder how I missed that back then? Oh well.
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    Now that, my esteemed fellow gear-nut, is the +POS MAG-T. Magnesium alloy. Or, that's at least the planform of one. @Stk004 has one (or he might have the Champro version). It's entirely possible that the mask in the photo is a hollow steel model, given that there are a pair of ferrules on the tubes, indicative of hollow-tube welding (the gases have to have someplace to go, so you leave that joint for last). That same planform – the squared-chisel chin guard, oversized ear guards, squared wicket and bullring, extended crown guard – is the basis for the Magnesium masks, which I'm shocked that they're still not for sale.
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    I like the looks of that mask. Very sharp.
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    I was enjoying this thread more when it was tPOS.
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    I'm on the verge of doing so, but was waiting out someone to give feedback on sizing. Reading back in this thread (ha! pun!), it looks like these 2016 Panel -style shirts are sized for plate... so I'm leaning towards a Large. I gotta look like a slim'n'trim umpire, dontchaknow.
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    Unless they change something drastically, you're right, we could be paying $60 or more for the UA logo on our shirts. If there were ever a time for a company like TOC to really get rolling, it's now.
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    But the upside is that shirts will be at UA prices. Oh, wait.... darn it.
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    *sigh* If only they could be had. UA, and pretty much everyone else, is out of all sizes in the blue. They do have most sizes in the black though. The irony in the smitty shirts, is they come out with the most breathable umpire pants to date, but the material for their shirts is still not up to par. What I would like to see is for the companies to get away from "jersey type" materials, and start using the types of material used in real golf shirts. I'm sure people will bring up the durability factor, but if they last a few seasons (normal seasons, not @MadMax seasons ), then I'm happy. And cooler too! Bottom line, I'd like to see, softer, thinner, more breathable and moisture wicking material, with crisp collars that don't curl up, or look frumpy.
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    @Umpire in Chief If my timing is correct, this should be right about the 337th post in this string. I think that speaks VOLUMES for @JimKirk and the new pants. Is this some kind of record for discussion topic threads? Just curious. Topic has been hot for quite a while now.