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    Not sure how/when this is happening. On batted balls? If so, clear the catcher before taking off your mask. You should be moving out from behind the plate on batted balls. If there's runners on 2nd and/or 3rd and you need to stay at the plate, keep the mask on until you back up a step. There's no rule you can cite to justify an EJ for F2 throwing his mask off.
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    Here we go, this pic is much clearer:
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    Try and keep your mask on until the catcher throws or drops his. That way your face is covered. Not so sure I would have threatened an 11 year old catcher for throwing his mask. It's not as if it were a bat.
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    I'm sitting in a Texas Roadhouse after calling 9 baseball games over the past 3 days in 117°+ Arizona heat, watching the Mets get shellacked yet again by the Dodgers, when I notice the camera zoom way, way, waaaaaayyyyy in on Travis d'Arnaud and the Force3 Defender mask he's wearing. Travis is new to the Defender TM, having previously used the Mizuno Samurai HSM. The Samurai is one of the most thoroughly padded HSMs on the market, but doesn't get enough play besides the sleeker, more sculpted All-Star System 7's and Easton M-series. With the camera zoomed in on the telltale, trademark springs of the Defender, I begin reading the closed captioning of the two ESPN broadcasters discussing the details of the mask, and how it is progressively suited to reducing impact force and the likelihood of concussions. The camera pans to show all three spring points, and even shows the profile shape, with the broadcasters pointing out the standoff distance. They go on to say several catchers in the league are now using it, and there is now a hockey-style version on the market (the Defender HSM). In a move of directorial brilliance (the guy in the truck should get an Emmy nomination), the camera then pans to zoom in on Lance Barksdale as PU for tonight's game... wearing a Wilson Titanium Low Profile... with Wilson leather wraparound pads... Sigh. Facepalm. The broadcasters then contrast the Defender TM against the Wilson TiLP, and how little protection it affords the umpire. Barksdale's nose is on the verge of poking out of the eyeport, and the mask is nearly flat on his face. One of the broadcasters laments, "I never saw the point of that mask". #TimeForChange #GetWiseOffWilson #OtherOptionsExist #HeadInTheGame
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    I thought it might take longer to find this. But here's the slide from the rules meeting back in 2013.
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    If F1 goes to his mouth and fails to wipe before he grabs the baseball or engages the rubber I'm calling time. We're changing baseballs and F1 and DHC are getting an explanation. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Proper call for PU would be "foul" assuming proper criteria. Proper call by BU if PU didn't have it would be "time" if PU did not see it although most of the time as BU you could safely call "foul".
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    That's for sure. Another example: I placed an order this morning for a few odds and ends; certainly not a huge order by any stretch. Within a minute I had an auto-email that confirmed the order and everything in the order was listed. Less than an hour later I had another email that confirmed that the order was being processed. About an hour after that I received another email that the order had been shipped, and I was provided with a USPS tracking number. That rates an A+ for service in my book. Thank you, ump-attire.com
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    Should umpires consult with crew-mates on instant replay plays before going to Review? It's Gil's Call. When should an umpire confer with his crew?Ask an umpire, and the answer is "yes." That's the process, always has been, always will be. More on that later. Ask a skipper on the wrong side of the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    I agree with [mention=2599]madmax[/mention] on his suggestion. I have placed several orders this spring from Dan with no problem at all. I too saw no order on my order history the day after. The next morning I have a email with a shipping notification from Dan. That happened on 2-3 orders. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It looks badass. Tan TWs would make it even more protective. Is it just me, or should they have used blue-sea digicamo instead of green? Eh, @BigUmpire, @JaxRolo?
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    Yes, or worse... that the offender reaches base on a hit, and a DT fielder decides to take him down a peg with an elbow or other cheap shot, and now we have benches emptying. This is game management 101. "See a problem, fix a problem." Bye bye, have a seat.
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    Dang...it would be a pretty quick sell out. It's incredible.
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    I didn't start this thread to say he is a bad umpire. I just notice how his strike mechanic was different and he was very fast on his delivery of strike calls. Some of the other guys that I seen at CWS, took a second to call a strike and their mechanic looked sharper to me. Was just throwing it out there to see if anyone else had noticed it as well
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    It's not a balk. FED rule 6-2-1 Illegal acts: (e) e. bringing the pitching hand in contact with the mouth without distinctly ­wiping off the pitching hand before it touches the ball; PENALTY: (e), a ball shall be awarded each time a pitcher violates this rule and subsequently engages the pitching plate.
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    I completely disagree with "ignore everyone else." Your manager or head coach is responsible for "everyone else", hold them to controlling their dugouts and personnel.
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    The Douglas padding is a little more dense than the champion, and slightly hotter than the champion. The champion is a little bit more comfortable to me due to the breaks in the plates and the t hook location vs the douglas. I just finished HS age double header summer league and the Douglas was first and Champion second if I did both plates. I have had solid hits in both, both have held up. Get an umps life harness for the champion, it will improve the fit. Don't worry you have a solid back up now. I had a Wilson Platnium, which was a horrible fit, the Douglas 15" is my favorite followed by the Champion 15".
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    No no. Rest assured, @blue32, I only use black, navy, or charcoal ball bags (and charcoal only when the shirt color is determined at the last minute, and it's a tame game (LL, etc.)).
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    Well I can't wait for tomorrow, because I get better looking every day.
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    Did my first all star tournament game the other day!! It was a district tournament game for Little League Intermeiate 50/70 division
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    I'm assuming this 11U catcher is wearing a hockey style mask? Or at least a mask attached by snaps to a helmet? We're not talking about a mask strapped over a skull cap here. Maybe it's a HTBT sitch, but how does an 11U catcher fling off a HSM with enough velocity to hit an umpire in the face - multiple times?
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    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't come on here like this and tease!! You just can't!
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    maybe without the "flinch" it wouldn't be as bad?
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    Hmm, one of my friends in college said he woke up, looked in the mirror and said "damn, why'd God have to make me so beautiful!" One of you is doing it right
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    I was watching the game too and saw the springs! I said "hey, I wear that mask!"
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    I can't compare as I haven't worn anything else, but it's hot. It's perfect for early spring and fall here in the Pacific NW, but I'd be thinking about something with better ventilation if I was south of here. I actually picked up the Schutt for the summers here. Just have to finish modifying it for a better harness.
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    You really don't have a leg to stand on for disciplining the catcher. Also sounds like you may have jumped the gun EJ'ing the dad because I think he was right. You should man up. No one's going to be "riding the pine." You're wearing a lot of protective gear for a reason, so use it like it was meant to be used and let it protect you. You said in your post that you're "sick" of getting hit in the face since it happens so many times. Personally, I've never been hit by a catcher discarding his mask, so I'm not sure why you're experiencing so many incidents. Perhaps you're a mask magnet. At any rate, don't let what seems to be a personal issue get the better of you and look for reasons to over officiate. Yes, it's good to mention it to the catcher and maybe the coach, but don't make it about you when you do, and don't get upset if things don't get better. These kids are only 11, and as you said, they play pretty bad baseball.
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    Welcome Chris, no chance to stay cool here in AZ[emoji41] Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    The Arod situation was way different. He swatted the fielder's glove to knock the ball loose. In your OP, R2 could (and should) be ejected. What a jack wagon.
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    Including things that make them belch. Bears repeating.
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    My my my, how people soon forget the pioneers. Behold: I've been rocking this custom powder coated Bay Blue Metallic mask since the top of March! I wear it any time I've got a Sky Blue or Bermuda Blue shirt on. And yes, I wore it on Father's Day. Yes, that's an Aluminum DynaLite (nicknamed "DynAlum"). Notice the rounded ear guards. I'm taken plenty seriously as an umpire. There's something to be said about complementing and completing the details of the style you're projecting in regards to game management and aptitude. If I show up in faded combo pants, no plate shoes, shinguards with big toe caps on them, one "utility" ball bag, a Ping powder blue golf shirt, and a royal blue catchers mask (double-wire eyeport and big square earguards), like my neighbor PU did at the complex the other day, I may have problems being taken seriously – by coaches as well as fellow umpires. If I was a HSM-wearer (which I'm not and like never will be), I would so get the All-Star System 7 in digital camo black-n-grey. That'd be a badass look for an umpire. Tasteful line? I think it looks far more garish to see black masks and black pads teamed with navy shirts! Thus, so long as navy shirts are still in active use, then such masks as the one that is a member of my arsenal of masks will still have a, rather tasteful and appropriate, purpose.
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    Really...? I remember military-themed caps but not camouflage pads. Interested to see what that looked like.
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    Batted ball hits batter while he is in the batters box. The ball is dead right? Not foul? The proper verbage is "Time"! Not "foul"? Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    I would use some quotes from J/R or Evans or Wendelstadt or whoever that show that "when a batter is hit by a batted ball in the box it's a foul ball, even if the contact occurs in fair territory" to show that THIS rule is the exception, and, thus, "a ball on the ground in the box" is NOT the exception.
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    Not unless they have spares ready to go for just such an occasion.
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    Thank you!!!
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    Mark Uyl didn't look happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's always at our umpire camp I attend in February, and MHSAA officials director ....
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    I have to reiterate what @kylejt was stating to @JimKirk that this (in my opinion) may be the most opportune time to make the move.
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    That would ruin it. I'm imagining it right now. No... no. His timing looks okay to me.
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    And to follow-up the kudos above, the goods arrived today error-free, and just three days from the day I ordered. Thanks again to Ump-Attire.com !
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    That's a wonderful first Father's Day gift!!
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    OMG that is absolutely adorable! Happy Father's day! Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Hmmmm.... I say "maybe". But more likely is that they changed manufacturers for the cost savings, and in doing so, found themselves with a product that was altered at the factory (using less and cheaper material) for the same reason : cost savings. The end result is a substandard shirt that slowly becomes recognized as such. Let's face it: most of the products we buy are made for a very small market. What I dread from year to year is changes in shirt styles, because it means one thing: another set of shirts to buy, and two or three more that won't be worn much again, if ever.
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    Don't discount Smitty's shirts based on their older designs. I have one in the 'vertical stripe' design that I just bought and it is one of the best in the collection that I have, including a Majestic (black with vertical stripes).
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    I agree with you. Comments and chants directed at an opponent only lead to poor outcomes. Shut it down early and often.
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    True. However,the wheelchair MUST be motorized.No larger than 30 horsepower and may not be supercharged, unless local rules allow.