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    When it's a crew saver, don't worry about it being a faux pas. One of our association's top umpires was working the plate in a state final this year. U2 flat out missed an easy FPSR and PU came out big and made the call. OC was not happy, but PU was able to keep him in the game. The state representatives told PU after the game that he did the right thing by making that call. Crew saver.
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    Absolutely. In SC we play a best-of-three championship series. This year, I was CC and PU in Game 3. In the bottom of the first inning we had an R2 get in a rundown between second and third base. The rundown ended near third base with R2 getting tagged, falling to the ground, and then getting up and aggressively pushing the defensive player who had just tagged him. I came running up the line very quickly...at first just to make sure that a fight did not break out. Before I could get there, the third-base coach/head coach had already grabbed his runner by the shirt and aggressively walked him to their third base dugout. My third base umpire was working his first state championship. He is a real good young umpire, but was nervous (as you can imagine). He had not ejected R2. I felt that unless he had seen something that I had missed, that R2 had to be ejected. I looked at U3 and said, "I saw a clean tag, and then the runner got up and aggressively pushed the runner." My partner replied, "I have the same thing." I said, "okay, R2 has to be ejected." My partner said, "I agree." I went over to the head coach, gave a small ejection mechanic, and told the head coach, "your runner is done for the day." The head coach said, "I agree with that. He'll stay in the dugout the rest of the day." When I began to return to the plate area the other team's head coach was standing outside his dugout yelling, "he's got to be ejected!" I said, "coach, I've already ejected him. He's done." The defensive head coach said, "Oh. Okay," and he went back to his dugout. The point of all of this is to say, if R2 did not get ejected things could have gotten out of hand very quickly. The offensive coach knew his player had to be ejected, and the defensive head coach was ready to go nuts if we didn't eject him. With a month having passed since this game was played and now being able to replay it in my mind, I realize that this was the make-or-break moment for us as a crew. We were either go to assert our authority and settle the game down and control it...or the game was going to devolve into a rage of uncontrolled testosterone with each team trying to push the boundaries of what they could get away with in an attempt to win a state championship. By enacting a "crew saver" as the crew chief, I got both teams calmed down (the offensive team learned that there would be consequences for their actions, and the defensive team felt that justice had been property served), and, in fact, the entire stadium calmed down (we were in a minor league stadium with a large crowd). In fact, we didn't have any other issues the entire game. In fact, we finished the game in less than 1:30. :-) (BTW, this stuff gets noticed. Two weeks after this game, I was buying lunch in a sandwich shop when a coach of a high-school aged summer "travel ball" team came up to me. He was at this state championship game. He came up to tell me that we had done a "real nice job" of ejecting the player and keeping control of the game.)
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    Am I the only one that wants the Father's Day mask? I think it would be a great gift! @JimKirk any chance we will see it available for sale?
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    Me and my college fraternity brother, Kevin, "ejecting" Earl Weaver's statue before the Cardinals at Orioles game on Father's Day this past Sunday. Fun but ridiculously hot day at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. My first trip there. Loved it!
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    This play is a textbook violation, but he was already out so there was nothing else for the plate umpire to do.
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    Looks like a model violation of the rule to me. Catcher has possession of the ball and not blocking the plate, runner deviates from his path and initiates avoidable contact while still on his feet. Out. At the levels I work (below college), the out mechanic and the eject mechanic would be almost one motion.
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    Understood, but I would disagree based upon this wording: A slide shall be deemed appropriate, in the case of a feet first slide, if the runner’s buttocks and legs should hit the ground before contact with the catcher.
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    Funny, I was thinking blue mask with black harness and either black pads, or gray and black pads. At any rate, It's a bit too much blue in it's current configuration.
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    Yeah those turf fields must be rough on the white soles. Side question: was he out?
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    That would ruin it. I'm imagining it right now. No... no. His timing looks okay to me.
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    And I will bring the post game libations.
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    My guy did something similar. I'm on the dish, he's in A, deep fly ball to LF corner, so I'm locked on ball. I'm about 5 steps up 3rd base line as ball hits half way up the wall, 6-7 feet fair. I'm emphatically pointing to fair ground, then take a look at runner, he's cruising in to 2nd as throw is headed toward 3rd. I hear 3rd base coach shouting 'its all in front of you, take a turn and watch the throw." Where's dipstick partner?...STANDING with hands on hips, about halfway between A and F4's normal position. As ball gets back to infield, F3 is shouting "he missed first base". F2 turns to me and says "can we appeal that he missed 1st base?" (This one always makes me sad...most of these kids are used to FED rules, and don't understand how to make a live-ball appeal...I quietly said to F2 "I can't help you son, I was watching the ball." F2 then shouts to dipstick "Sir, he missed 1st base." DC is shouting to F1, "throw it to 1st, and Johnny you step on the bag". As F1 throws to F3, dipstick shouts "TIME", then signals SAFE. The crowd, especially those on the 1st base side, are howling "How can you call that?...You were not even watching." I have no idea if he touched or not, but based on what I'd seen of this idiot over the past few games, I'm quite certain that he never saw the touch or no-touch. After the game I told him "if you're going to be a spectator, you ought to buy a f***ing ticket."
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    That's why he was "ejected" by us post-mortem. I've seen the videos. Several retired MLB umpires have written about how much of a jerk he was. Had to get that EJ for all of us.
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    Did Cubs baserunner Anthony Rizzo's collision with Padres catcher Austin Hedges at home plate violate Rule 6.01(i), designed to prevent the frequency of such avoidable contact? The Play: With one out and one on (R3), Cubs batter Kris Bryant hit a line drive to Padres center fielder Matt Szczur,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    Nice job on the screen shot. That's a great one.
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    Again, your participation here is greatly appreciated, and a big reason why you are the industry leader!
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    I want one! Is this one aluminum?
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    I've stated this in a facebook post ............ I think it would look better overall with a standard black mask and harness, and just have the blue pads!
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    Listening...stay tuned.
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    I've had the pleasure of listening to Jim Evans walk us through this move as we watched his video. It's one of the few times he talks about an OBR FED difference. What I saw was F1 disengage from the rubber by stepping to 3rd and I don't care what happened next. The only way I'd ever get this wrong is misappling the OBR rule and then being unwilling to admit it. Maybe I'd want my crew chief to come to me on this to give me a way out. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    How bad of an umpire etiquette faux pas is it to ask about a possible misapplication of rules as a pretext to ask WTF did you just do and correct if possible ?
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    If you believe a rule was misapplied, then you should speak with the calling umpire (get the whole crew together) even if he doesn't ask for help.
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    Oh ...no doubt ....... I agree 100% and have no problem with that at all! As a matter of fact, I think that's why he called it a strike!
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    I had a great time too! Fun league, cool stadium, and a great partner made for an awesome night! Plus, I think I had more bangers on the bases in one game than I had all season...lol!!
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    I'm in no position to judge an umpire like Gibson, but my first impression was that it was a very quick strike three call. As you observed, Jeff, that pitch was wayyyyy inside.
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    They look really really cool. And they aren't as obnoxious as the pink or camo masks.
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    I think you misread. He's explaining why you cannot run on a U3K with 1B occupied and < 2 outs.
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    I had to read this over and over to be sure you said what I thought you said. Either I completely misunderstand you or you need to lean closer to your computer so I can slap you.
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    And I'm absolutely not trying to pick nits, but with two outs and an U3K, there certainly can be a force out on a steal. For SirLanzeAlott's benefit and perhaps a few others, I know very very few umpires who even understand the beginnings and evolution of this rule. I'll only delve into the more recent part (after catchers started wearing protective gear and crouched right behind the plate instead of 25 feet behind it). EDIT (for ElkOil): This would be our unfair situation if there were no exception for calling the batter out immediately with R1 and less than two outs: R1. 1 out. OBR. If the batter would take strike three and F2 intentionally (or not) dropped the pitch, he could fire to 2B and then F4 or F6 fire to F3 and get a "cheap" double play. So, instead of thinking of 2 outs being the exception, think of "Less than 2" being the exception … very similar to the philosophy behind the infield fly rule. With 2 outs, or any other time that 1B is unoccupied, a cheap double play cannot be made ... so ... with 2 outs and R1, whether he's stealing or not, an U3K creates a force at 2B. If bases are loaded, it creates a force at every base, and F2 may simply step on the plate (even accidentally) for the force out. It is utterly amazing to me how many HS coaches and umpires are either clueless or "iffy" on this rule. I really believe knowing the history and evolution of the quirky rules solidifies them in one's mind. 1) U3K 2) IFF 3) Intentionally kicking DP ball. 4) Runners may tag up on first "touch" of fly ball ... not the "catch." 5) Runners must return to vicinity of base after foul ball. 6) Intentionally dropped pop up or line drive after batted ball hits the glove. And many, many more .......
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    I had a similar play this spring. Partner thought runner awards were governed by TOBTOOP (Time Of Ball Trickling Out Of Play). This man has been to the State Tourney ... I told him that doesn't exist, he believed me without any fuss, and we fixed it. It's only the unteachable and stubborn partners that make me want to quit.
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    As a Bostonian, I can say we'd use a completely different phrase to convey the exact same thing. And since my mom's side of the family and my wife are all from New Jersey, I'm sure you are also familiar with what that is.
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    Something like this, I'm not ever letting it happen on a field I'm on. Maybe I'm a little tired of ignorant partners, (I've had my fair share this year). I'm telling my partner flat out, he's wrong, BR is out, end of discussion. I'd point to BR standing on 1B and say , You,OUT. I'm not getting into long discussions with my partner over applying simple rules. I had a partner misplace runners on an overthrow this year...R1,hit and run, GB to F6, throws it into DBT over F3's head, my partner says "You (R1) home, you (BR) 3B" I walk in to talk to him and tell him it's 2nd and 3rd, 2 bases TOP 1st play from the infield. He tells me, "NO, everybody gets this wrong, it's two base from where they are when the ball goes out of play. " I said again, No,it's 2 bases TOP on the first play from an infielder" He started saying something..I turned around and pointed the batter runner back to 2B, and the kid who just scored standing at home back to 3B and said, "now let's play."
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    I hate getting trapped in a sloppy pickle.
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    I used to own the Diamond iX3. Skip it. Hard shell ONLY. I recommend Champion. I've had it for two seasons and it's taken shots from 16U pitching - including a batted foul ball that went direct to my chest. I felt nothing. An inning later my partner comes in to talk and tells me my bottom shirt button is gone. The ball had shattered it and I found pieces of it lying behind the plate. Ultimately, take @kylejt's advice...find the [hard shell] CP that fits you. My other CP is Wilson Gold and the main reason I bought that instead of Wilson Platinum is I tried them both on at a retailer and the Gold fit me better.
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    Well, in Fed, F1 isn't required to break contact with the rubber if he actually throws to first, rather than feints. So the Fed interp has always been a little different.
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    IIRC, the runner occupies the base until he acquires a new base. This is why coaches teach F2 to throw to 2B on an U3K with fewer than 2 outs and R1. According to your partner, that would be a force out on a steal.
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    What ? Are you talking about the OP balk ? That was a fake to 3B (legal in HS). That move takes F1 off the rubber. From there he is another infielder and pitching rules (balks) do not apply.
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    WOW is that INSIDE for an MLB game! High School .... all day long .....however ...... that being said ...kicking your helmet will get you tossed every time!
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    I've been wearing the UA turf shoes for years. On the field, and even in Paris.
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    This is PU's call, and he may use all available evidence to make it. If he judges that the pitch hit bat then batter, it's a foul ball. If he judges that it hit batter then bat, it's a HBP.
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    I'm glad the word is getting out. I'm not sure that everyone understands the benefit of our new free returns policy. The free returns policy is NOT JUST that we don't hassle you about giving you a full credit on the price of the item when you return it. The returns policy (in the contiguous U.S) is: We WILL credit you for the price of the item and; WE'LL PAY FOR THE SHIPPING COST BACK TO US In other words, the risk of something not fitting or not being to your liking is ON US, not you. You guys get nickled and dimed enough. So take my new friend @SAEJohn and his situation as an example. He could order all 3 of the items we carry, try them all on in the comfort of his own home, pick his favorite and send the other 2 back. We pay for the shipping. He can easily print in less than 1 minute right from our returns page. And it's not just gear. It's shoes...shirts...pants...you name it. Not sure which size pant will fit best? Order 2 sizes and send the other one back. We know many of you don't have a store in your local area. So we want to bring the store to you. It's already on your mobile device, and now with free returns it's now at your home.
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    The upside to my recent weekend was working with a young, professional college conference umpire on Saturday. I think he was a bit cautious about providing advice, given our age differences, but as I broached questions during our two games, he opened up and was very helpful on some of the little things that help an umpire get better. I literally LIVE for those opportunities. Clinics can only offer so much, and can't possibly cover every little wacky game situation (and we had a few while we umpired two games where 48 +/- runs were scored). He seemed to be very willing to offer hints and advice after hearing my questions. One of my standard game routines is not to visit between innings. Sure, there are times when there should be some quick visits, but his routine was that he was fine with it. So it went, and each visit between innings was made worthwhile; there was no idle chit-chat about where to get a beer later or the weather, it was all situation and game related stuff.
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    different because he talks about that where the situation suits the explanation. Like I said ... the OP is looking for opinions on a visor, not WHICH VISOR to buy ....big difference
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    Oh, and I do wear sunglasses behind the plate, when needed. I like the profile and fit of the Oakley Half Jackets with Polarized lenses for plate work.