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    Honig's is on life support, and it's time to put them out of our misery. You need to find a way to be the new official supplier to Little League for 2018. Yeah, I'm not going to stop harping on this. Smitty needs to put their logo on their new golf pants (back, right hip for best visibility), and they need to be on ESPN/ABC live from Williamsport, so the largest umpire group on the planet will see them. They also need come up with a new jersey design or two, exclusively for LL. Oh, and you need to be the exclusive retailer. Signed, Every Little League umpire on Earth.
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    I've been using the same chest protector, a TAG Collegiate soft protector given to me, new, by a senior umpire during my 2nd season (while I was still using the balloon), 24 years ago. Finally, a broken harness buckle and stretched out elastic bands on the shoulder pads have me looking for something new. I'm so used to this one, and like its fit, that finding a new one is a fun task, especially since I've never worked in another one, and since there's not really a place to go try all the options on! Opinions and reviews are all over the place. About me: 6', hover between 200 and 210'...a bit of a belly, but not huge. I wear a 36-38 waist and a 43-44 coat. I work all levels of play, up to varsity hs...mostly JV and 16U. Summer and travel ball, both. After some research, I'm still torn about whether to go soft or hard shell. The ones I'm looking at are: Diamond DCP-iX3 +POS ZRO-G Champion Body Armor Schutt XV Keeping in mind the age groups I mention, that I'd like to stay under $100, and that, like my cars, I intend to use these things until they just don't work any longer, I'm turning to others to offer thoughts and maybe get a solid recommendation. Thanks, in advance.
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    I never got a bullet pencil where the eraser wasn't dried out.
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    I'd just hand it to the catchers.
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    #1 "I am 100% sure I had the call correct. We'll just have to agree to disagree." Any further response will be directly proportional to his response/reply to that statement by me. #2 Automatic ejection. I've had post-game ejections in the past; I'll have them again in the future, more than likely. That's part of the game. This one was a no-brainer, IMHO, as it violated one of the "P's". It was "personal" (the "P's" being personal, profane and/or prolonged).
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    Okay, so here's what I did: I combined the advice of several posters. I sent a text to the assignor. I began with the positives: that my partner was a "good guy", wanted to learn, seemed enthusiastic about umpiring, etc. I then said that I think you (the assignor) need to have someone evaluate my partner as I had some areas of concerns. I told him about his constant talking, checking his emails on his phone between innings and his significant struggles mechanically when a fly ball was hit with no runners on base. I ended by saying that my partner has great enthusiasm and thus should be encouraged, but that he, in my opinion, needed a few weekend camps/clinics to get some formal training. I also put in my text that I hoped that I was not over-stepping my bounds, but that I hoped that if he (the assignor) ever worked a game that my association assigned and he had concerns about his partner that he would reach out to me. The assignor thanked me, and told me they will definitely get someone to evaluate him, ASAP...Then, the next day, he sent out an email to all of his umpires about not using a cell phone on the field. LOL Thanks for the advice!
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    Oh, I knew what you meant. But that's not nearly as much fun.
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    What? Both catcher and umpire with the eyes closed?
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    @lawump, I do not have the skill or experience you have, so please take the following with a grain of salt. If there is something that is helpful, I glad I could share some ideas. I think the hard thing is if we only work with someone may be once in a year. We only see a snap shot of that umpire's development. As others have noted, you do not know enough of that person to work together and get better by giving constructive feedback. Yet, there are some things to try. I think the first thing is to model the professionalism yourself. Show your expectations. I will say to partners that I like to be alone between innings because it keeps me focused, or after the pre-game, I hope we don't talk again until after the game because it means we had a good game. Even, this is what we do between innings because that is what the association manual says. Model what you expect. Another option is to tell a story of how you got better. What helped you to elevate your game. May be talk about what you learned from an advanced clinic from a MLB umpire. Centre your small talk around umpiring. If that person is in a new level, it may be a chance for you in supporting their development. If not, at least you can informally negotiate your expectations through your stories. They may be defensive in the moment, but long-term they will incorporate the ideas if they are a team player. I think we have to be able to share ideas respectfully and constructively without it being taken personally. I may be lucky, but I work games with umpires from 17-71 and everyone is curious to learn, to better their best. We learn from each other. Everyone is different. I have cerebral approach and do not like small talk when I umpire. However, a part of me cringes when I hear the "partner from hell" stories, because of the passing of judgment that can de-humanize a partner. To other people, we could be the "partner from hell." People can have different styles, skills and temperament. But, what is important is that we do want to learn and grow collaboratively. I guess @lawump the only "partner from hell" is the one who does not want to learn.
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    Hmmmm.... I say "maybe". But more likely is that they changed manufacturers for the cost savings, and in doing so, found themselves with a product that was altered at the factory (using less and cheaper material) for the same reason : cost savings. The end result is a substandard shirt that slowly becomes recognized as such. Let's face it: most of the products we buy are made for a very small market. What I dread from year to year is changes in shirt styles, because it means one thing: another set of shirts to buy, and two or three more that won't be worn much again, if ever.
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    You can't Award bases as you see fit because of base touches/tag ups. R2 sees the ball down and takes off for 3rd. Umpire calls it no catch. Crew gets together, goes to replay, comes back and says catch. R2 never tagged up and cannot now legally tag up because the ball is dead. So if we place R2 on 3rd because common sense says that's where he would have ended up had we got the call correct to begin with, we either have to also say R2's non tag up is ignored because we screwed up and put him at a disadvantage -OR- we put him at a disadvantage once we put the ball back in play and allow the defense to appeal that R2 didn't tag up -OR- we out him back on 2nd and play on.
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    I haven't seen this mentioned before so I thought I share it here as it relates to rules. I haven't signed up for it (yet) but it does look to be pretty good. Looks like they have done a really nice job on presenting the rules in a way that everyone can get a good handle on them. They are even using the Pros to help explain things. Lot's of video too. Thoughts? https://baseballrulesacademy.com/ Use "KMOX" to get a discount if you are inclined to signup.
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    Nothing is ever out of the question...it's a matter of accepting the consequences.
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    Looks like something they used in the movie 'Braveheart'.
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    They'd look great on the wall for a man cave or game room.
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    Gil DIDN'T have it spot-on. He states that the catcher dropped the ball. Catcher didn't touch it, so it was a foull ball and that's why the batter remained at bat. If the catcher had truly dropped the ball it would have been a DP. And Scully NEVER said anything about a foul ball, in fact he stated that the catcher dropped it. I like Scully as much as the next guy, but the fact is he didn't really get it right.
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    The reason for all the confusion (I think) is because HPU called the ball fair. He must have thought F2 touched the ball. I did too until I watched it about a dozen times. Foul ball - no IFF.