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    We have a job to do. We should ignore obnoxious fans until we can't: when they start to become a distraction and to impair the performance of our duties, then they lose the privilege of shouting their mind. Ask game administration to warn, then eject. One of the reasons I stopped working youth baseball was my diminishing tolerance for asshattery from the stands.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb here................and say.............the pads are definitely Nike.
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    If it's bothering you, you can bet it was bothering others. People like this ruin other fans' enjoyment of the game and distract players. In an instance where someone is over the top, there's no shame in asking the game admin. or the head coach of the home team to address the fan directly. And if he keeps up, ask them to remove him from the facility.
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    should have brought out the balloon edit: My only experience with a 'throwback' uniform was when I was playing in an American Legion game and the umpires came out wearing these bad boys. They said "we're going old school today"
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    It's a Nike Titanium, one of the earlier "pure" ones. How can you (well, I, in this case) tell? It is the iconic planform. Arrowhead < > earguards. Curved chin guard with next-to-nothing forward rake on it; it is nearly straight down. Blunt-cut, solid-wire construction (in this case, titanium). Hollow steel has to be plugged and/or crimped. Uniform wire gauge used throughout (less earguard struts). The latest renditions on the planform have varying gauges. Gentle curve on the 90° bend at the upper corner of the earguard. Hollow steel will have a crimp. Lesser-quality shops will aggressively wrench that corner hard. The welds are so gorgeous, they're practically invisible. Latest renditions have sloppier welds as the shop is trying to meet quantity requests by a deadline (that's my professional guess). That you bought it in what amounts to be a glorified sports equipment pawn shop shouldn't besmirch what this mask is. Buying it in Oregon is akin to buying a box of cigars in Miami and questioning whether they are Cubans or not. If the wrapper on the cigar says "Made in Havana", it probably was. Now, I understand the skepticism. It seems that over the past 2-3 years, with UnderArmour ramping up its involvement in baseball, the other Big Brands are starting to get nervous. There has been such a mudslinging campaign against titanium, undeservedly, that Nike has likely scaled back its requests to the Asian (it may be China, it may be Taiwan, it may be Japan... don't exactly know) fabricator who holds that planform. With reduced work orders, that fabricator has likely entertained work orders from Adidas, Reebok and Mizuno, anyone with deep enough pockets and a fairly secure legal department (for contracts). Do notice, that we haven't seen this mask sold on the retail market. We see it supplied to various athletes or institutions so as to showcase the brand, and then from there, it hits the open market. The one you bought, @BT_Blue, was either hot or one some College catcher or team equipment manager had "lying around" and wanted the extra cash, selling it to Play-It-Again. How fortuitous for you. Now, why you didn't ask your good buddy Mad Max first, I'm surprised, but not hurt; why you didn't buy two of them and ship one to Mad Max... I'm gobsmacked.
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    While I don't personally agree with a few points in VolUmp's post in this thread...I can chop up most of my disagreements to "different strokes for different folks"...and respect that he got out of his situation unscathed. What I have quoted above, however, is what I can't look away from. Maybe VolUmp got away with granting a "free visit" in a MS game, but if you give "free" trips in a higher level game you are going to open up a can of worms and/or a world of hurt (i.e. a lost protest) for yourself. Depending on the rule set, if you allow a coach to make a second trip to the mound in an inning, or make the fourth defensive conference in a game (FED), and you allow the pitcher to remain in the game (assuming no prior visit(s) was due to an INJURY), then you are going to have an apesh!t opposing coach on your hand. You have no support in the rules to allow a "free visit". If that pitcher remains in the game after he was required to be removed (solely due to the fact that you gave a "free visit") you are almost guaranteed to lose a protest should the opposing team lose. [Maybe things are more "relaxed" in VolUmp's middle school league, but this technique can get you into big trouble.] If it gets to the point where you have to call a coach over during that team's defensive inning, you need to tell him to take care of his pitcher or you will...but that if he goes out to the mound to "take care of his pitcher" it will count as a visit/conference. Personally, if it arises to the level that I feel I need to talk to a coach during the team's defensive half inning...I'm not talking to the coach. If it has gotten to that point, it means that F1 has continued to behave that way after either (a) I warned him, (b) F2 warned him (after being instructed by me to go and warn F1), or (c) both. At that point, you can forget me calling the coach over...I'm tossing F1. If the head coach argues the ejection, I'll tell the head coach that F1 was ejected "for arguing balls and strikes despite having been warned (insert number of warnings) times." If the coach says, "you should have let me handled it." I will respond with, "coach, (# of warnings) warnings from me should have handled it; especially when he's not even entitled to any warnings for arguing balls and strikes."
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    Consider making this in your zone. It's difficult enough to see the outside strike, and if you're able to determine it was only an inch off the plate, you're better than most, so use this to everyone's advantage because nobody else will have an opinion on it being outside.
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    Timing, timing, timing and more timing. PU was entirely too quick. It's the same principle at work when we go to call a strike too quickly, then pretend to scratch our chest instead. Slooooow down. Someone here said that the faster the action, the slower our timing should be. Also, we are all professionals on the field. Whether we are paid or volunteer, professionalism should be top of mind when we're out there.
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    Might I add number 5 5) never felt showed up by a middle schooler. Also, I love number 2
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    1 Because I don't agree that 8 times is too many. 2 Because I rather enjoyed letting a cocky kid make as a$$ of himself. 3 Because I was giving the catcher and the coach first opps to fix it. 4 Because it doesn't intimidate me or make me alter the strike zone to punish him.
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    When I find these tricky kind of situations, I often find it helpful to go back to 'first principles', the definitions. From 2.21, ART. 5 . . . Backswing interference is when a batter contacts the catcher or his equipment prior to the time of the pitch. So we have a clear time element involved, prior to TOP. That isn't the situation we're dealing with here. Now, granted the definition of follow-through interference does say after a "swing", which we don't have here, but it's within the spirit of that and certainly within both the spirit and clear text of 7.3.5, IF we have a play: ART. 5 . . . Interfere with the catcher's fielding or throwing by: c. making any other movement, including follow-through interference, which hinders actions at home plate or the catcher's attempt to play on a runner, If the ball is in the catcher's control in his mitt, the pitch is over. The batter must control his bat, but he didn't. If the runner was *already* stealing and this hindered a potential play, then it's a clear case of BI, but the OP doesn't really describe that. So killing it and halting further action seems appropriate, but not based on backswing interference but rather a general "hold on guys, something unusual happened". If the OC doesn't like that, the other option is calling the batter out for BI. I suspect he'll take the stoppage. This is a long-winded and pedantic way of saying I pretty much agree with where you ended up.
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    These guys are weak-sauce. Oh sure, they had the best of intentions in the spirit of a throwback game... ... but it's being played on turf. Sacrilege! That suit ain't tailored, and he's wearing Nike Air Somethings. Come back when you go all-in.
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    You betcha. This is a case of the team being smarter than the umpire and having a firmer grasp on the rules. We never want to be in this position because if you "reset" this play, you're wrong. The coach is going to argue, and I'd even imagine an EJ isn't far behind because once he realizes the umpire has no idea what he's seeing, he'll be incensed and hit the roof. Now what do we have? Trouble on top of trouble and the association has a lot of egg on its face. I'm on my association's Board and have seen the fallout from an umpire mis-applying or mis-interpreting rules, then ejecting a coach for arguing about it. It never goes well. I'm very glad for the sake of the guys who didn't know about this play until now that they've had the benefit of this thread. Take this information back to your association. Share it with your partners when you pre-game. Doing so may very well be the best preventive umpiring you can employ.
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    @conbo61 @BrianC14 Hi Guys, im doing well. Not umpiring much right now. In Southern AZ teaching leadership skills, tools and techniques to Army Civilians. Caught a couple of AZ Wildcats baseball games in Tucson last week and a D-Backs game in PHX this past Saturday. Also met up with @MadMax and watched him work a couple of field innings and a couple of plate innings during a 14's tourney at Papago Park in PHX then had a beer or two with him and @KenBAZ at a sports bar in downtime PHX after the D-Backs game. Love meeting other members and sharing stories. Thanks for asking. @BrianC14 I may be in either Denver or CO Springs area for a short bit this Friday or Sunday if you're gonna be around. Not sure if plans yet. See below. @kylejt I am considering coming to SanDiego this Friday and catching a Padres game spending the night and then hanging around a few hours on Saturday before heading north to LA to catch a Dodgers game on Saturday night. If you're gonna be around let me know. @grayhawk @Kevin Finnerty Will either of you be around and want to catch a Dodgers game Saturday? Nothing final yet but fleshing out my week depending on several factors. edit: any other San Diego or LA area members who are available to meet up on Friday or Saturday let me know.
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    He has to return to the same spot in the batting order, what position he plays is of no concern, provided he meets the requirements of 3-1-2 as you noted. The coach was wrong. Shocking, I know.
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    I had this this year in a HS varsity game. I threw my hands up as soon as it happen, processed it(which too a few seconds bc this isn't something you see everyday), pointed to my partner and ask if he step off, then made the call. No argument from anyone, but I did almost call batter out instead of runner.
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    That makes since. I once had a 15" black one and sold it. Been wearing my 13" Grey with Team Wendy Retro and @Thunderheads gap protection and T-hooks the past month. I have lost about 35 lbs since the start of the year and the Douglas fits me much better than it used to. Still rock my Team Wendied Gold, but I forgot how much I like the Douglas as well. I love great gear.
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    This is the most annoying thing about umpiring youth games - the adults both coaches and parents. In a recent experience I had one parent who was being a jerk and before too long he incited others to join in. In my HS association we also have to do youth rec we can't say only assign me HS games or we'd get nothing. Now there are some benefits. It helps us develop umpires, you see things on the small fields which you will never see in "real" baseball and it makes you learn how to umpire. I believe it comes down to weak coaches and weak youth league "leadership". I've told this story before I'll try to keep it short and sweet. My daughter played volleyball on this one team for 4 years. Year one all year long we never even placed in any tournament we went to until the last one of the year, then we came in 2nd place. Year 2 we placed in a few, we even one a couple. Year 3 we were dominate. Year 4 (to be fair we didn't go to half as many tournaments as we had before for any number of reasons) but we were insanely incredible and never lost a single set the entire (yet limited) year. The coach was an absolute class act. In each and every one of his parent meetings he brought up parent behavior. 99% of the time it wasn't needed. In his parent meetings he was absolutely firm, that as parents we had 3 jobs: Pay our dues, get our kids to practice/games on time, and cheer like hell for our kids. He had us sign an agreement that for our kids to play on the team we had to abide by his rules. Rules were separate form our jobs. But his rules included Absolutely no disparaging remarks to the officials, to our team, the other team, their parents/fans. He would constantly say we are better than these behaviors or even reacting to others when others weren't so kind to us. He admitted there will be bad calls by the officials and while not intentional, but he'd handle those situations and we'd never lose a match over any bad calls, so there was no need to get worked up about it. In 4 years he only removed 1 person from our team. First they made comments about another teams players, next they started screaming at a ref (they were only using 1) for a in/out call which was very wrong. We had an emergency parent meeting after one of the practices where the coach stated Mr. & Mrs ______ are no longer with the Red Hots. We will miss (the girls name). But there will be no further discussion about this. Then he went on about parental behavior our next Tournament etc...
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    Everything about it looks right except for the color, but maybe that's just the lighting or something? That's a great find if it turns out to be genuine.
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    if he's communicating by electronic means he's "taking part in that game" and should be subject to further consequences. Furthermore it's obviously within the spirit of the rule that if under suspension, that the rule should still apply.
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    The curve of the frame is more than most masks on the market, and it does change how it fits your face. Its that curve that deflects the baseball and in my opinion, reduces the impact. I have owned Nike's, Wilson, and others, this is the one that protects me the best, so I have always hung on to the 4000. I did receive a mild concussion with my Nike Ti last year, but that was more about how I was hit and not the frame. I reach for the 4000 most of the time. JMHO
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    Oh and number 6...I'll let the next umpire take care of it. I don't care if he is a MS player or not, handle your business.
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    LMAO!! I'm glad you took that the way it was intended ...it was indeed in jest! I scored it first,...w/ a carpet knife carefully, ...it took a long time, then you could actually use snippers to finish it ...then sand it. PM if you want to discuss.....as you said, don't want to hijack this. Sorry @BT_Blue
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    I went on Ebay and found a cheaper pair of the Nike Dri-Fit golf pants. The color is a lighter shade of charcoal (matches up pretty well with an older pair of charcoal Honigs combo pants I have). Another plus is they come with the length/inseam already tailored and included in the price. The fit, comfort, stretch, and air flow in them are as good as it comes when it comes to wearing in heated conditions. My 1.75" belt does actually fit into the loops of my pants, so I maintain the professional look. I'll use these as backups to the Smitty poly spandex base pants, and who knows, maybe more.
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    It's been a while since I have encountered some jack wagon like this, but when I did, I'd always look to see if it was my assignor.
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    YES! Outstanding use of a most appropriate term! Well played, sir!
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    foul ball as long as bats still in hand and batter is still in box, basically the same as it hitting his foot while he is still in box.
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    I have no problem with what @VolUmp did.....I don't have any 1,2,3, step program in how I handle my game. I feel like with my experience level, I'm the best judge of how to proceed. I certainly don't have any problem with ejecting a miscreant......if they got to go..........., they go.... Some days I just may be a bit more tolerant than others...... When the pitcher had an open negative display on a called strike, I think my tolerance level would have been exceeded as well....@VolUmp handled it....
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    I think Harry was talking about a pitch that bounces behind the plate. If that the case it can be called a strike if It crosses through the zone. But at higher levels i will not give that. I'm not going to call a pitch a strike that the catcher butchers. Its his job to make me look good. At younger levels get a strike where ever you can.
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    If that's your ruling, give him 1B. Permitting the pitch to hit him does not require movement by the batter, it requires intent. People look for a shortcut to making a judgment call, or a way of writing/fixing the rule to minimize the role of judgment. This is especially the case when the rule asks us to judge intent (HBP, INT with a throw, MC, etc.). IMO that's a mistake: we will always have to judge the batter's intent for this call, which is fine. Benefit of any doubt to the batter (keep your pitches out of the batter's box if you don't want him getting an award).
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    middle school is 12-14 y/o, not always the best at controlling themselves, Volump showed a lot of parental style patience, too much???, that IDK, as a Coach I would have addressed it after I saw it a second time.
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    Hey guys, there are a lot of members here who are mask addicted so I just thought I'd post some weights of some of the popular mask frames and accessories that I have, have had or tried. It might help you choose a back-up or lighten up your current rig a little. Every little bit helps. Though I can't attest to perfect calibration on my scale, I am using the same scale for each item so the differences in weight by comparison should be very accurate. Everything here is listed down from lighter to heaviest. Also, if you guys want to 'weigh in' your own items that aren't listed here, feel free. Frames Nike Titanium - 11.1 oz Rawlings Titanium - 11.5 oz +POS ZeroG - 12.5 oz All-Star FM25 Hollow Steel (with vinyl coating) - 14.6 oz Wilson Chrome Moliben (without vinyl coating) - 15.2 oz Wilson Dynalite Catcher/Umpire (with vinyl coating) - 18.7 oz Pads Diamond Quik-Dry Vinyl (Not 50/50 pads) (upper) - 0.9, (lower) - 1.3 oz +POS black mesh (upper) - 1.0 oz, (lower) - 1.4 oz +POS smooth tan leather (upper) - 1.0oz, (lower) - 1.4oz Nike (upper) - 1.1 oz, (lower) - 1.8oz All-Star Mesh (upper) - 1.6 oz, (lower) - 1.4 oz (Yep, I checked it twice, the upper is heavier than the lower pad) +POS new Classic Brown Leather (upper) - 1.4 oz, (lower) - 2.0 oz Rawlings LWMXTI (upper) - 1.8 oz, (Lower) - 2.1 oz Wilson Amara Suede (upper) - 1.9, (lower) - 2.6 oz Wilson Black Leather Wrap-around (upper) - 2.6 oz, (lower) - 3.9 oz Harness (es) (Harnessi?!) Rawlings Ti - 1.2 oz All-Star Delta - 1.3 oz +POS lite - 1.3 oz Nike - 1.5 oz Wilson - 1.6oz
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    Once upon a time the Seattle Mariners had a lead in the 9th inning. The bullpen in Seattle is comparable to any sub varsity nightmare we encounter during the season, except this bullpen makes you wish you were in the middle of a 3 hour C team demolition instead of watching the game. Edwin Diaz was removed as closer so that Scott Servais' angel child, Steve Cishek, could play villain once again. Whether the lead is 2 runs or 6 runs, it doesn't matter. The Mariners bullpen can always be counted on to lose the day in Seattle. The end. #16YearsAndCounting
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    There's the reason why - they do have an authorized Douglas dealer in the state, ergo they have to pay sales tax there.
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    5.09(a)(1) Comment: A fielder, in order to make a catch on a foul ball nearing a dugout or other out-of-play area (such as the stands), must have one or both feet on or over the playing surface (including the lip of the dugout) and neither foot on the ground inside the dugout or in any other out-of-play area. There's more to this comment but here is the relevant portion. I believe the top of the wall there was determined to be in play.
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    1) There may be more specific rulesets and adherences to them, but 12U league baseball usually indicates OBR with pitch count restrictions, continuous batting order and free defensive position exchanges. Some allow for courtesy runners, some don't. With this said, even in tournament ball, most of these rules are for the purposes of Participation over Penalty. So, if a player in a continuous batting order is injured such that he cannot continue to play on defense, just simply exchange him off the bench with someone else. If he cannot report to his at bat, then we declare an Injury Withdrawal, his name is struck from the lineup, and he no longer participates in this game in any capacity (if during a tournament, then it's up to the TD regarding eligibility for later games). There is no penalty provided this action leaves the team with no less than 9. If less than 9 (most tournaments I've worked allow for 8, but no less than that), then an out is recorded when that position comes up to bat in the lineup. If we're running a continuous batting order (with or without CR's for catcher and/or pitcher), and an injury occurs during the at-bat, such that the player cannot touch 1B unaided, we'll allow a One-Time Special Courtesy Runner. If the DT squawks about it, they can even pick the Runner for all we care. The majority of the time, there is no argument because everyone understands that we're here for fun and participation, not to incur injury and penalty. This is especially poignant when its a HBP headshot. There's no "walk that one off", or "let's get you down to first base to see how you feel". I am not going to be the umpire who has a kid pass out on the bases all because I couldn't mitigate a situation like this, and I had to be a hardass enforcer of "No substitutions! No courtesy runners!" in amateur baseball. People – players, coaches, parents, fans and umpires – have to start understanding the context of these situations. So, if the kid takes a whallop in the head, we are going to do a Special One-Time Courtesy Runner, no questions asked. If a medical consult / coach / parent (gosh I hope so) examines him, on the bench, and clears him to play further, then he can rejoin the game. If its prudent or necessary to perform an Injury Withdrawal, then we do so. As to the situation the OP presented, I would have been proactive in that, if he had rolled his ankle at the previous at-bat, but continued to participate, then he is able-bodied to continue to participate under the standard Rules – which means, no courtesy runner just for him should he get on base. You can't have both, Coach – either he participates, or he's withdrawn as an Injury Withdrawal. Either/Or. 2) Oh man, I love these. Because a Walk is a live-ball event, R1 (now standing on R2) does not or should not be sent back to 1B; however, he's under no protection, either, so with the ball still live, if he's tagged off the base, he's Out. Tough cookies, but the DT should have known what the count was and (re)acted accordingly. These sort of situations are where PUs who don't call "Ball"s, or audibly declare "Ball four" get themselves in a bind. There's no need to audibly call every pitch that is a ball a "Ball!", but surely, on Ball Four, have some way of differentiating. Reading this OP and the various answers, I've been struck with a point-to-ponder to run by @maven, @noumpere, and the rest of the "Rule'rs" (I say that friendly and kindly)... The ball remains Live the entire time. R1 trots over to 2B because his Batter mistakenly believes it to be Ball Four (it's only ball Three) and is trotting up 1BL to 1B. R1 arrives and touches 2B. Everyone makes a big ta-doo about how it's only Ball Three, and how Batter is a big doofus and goes back to pick up his bat and get back in the box. Either at the coach's (mistaken) prompting, or filled with a sense of "doing the right thing" or whatever, R1 leaves 2B and comes back to stand on 1B, with the DT watching all these proceedings, with the ball still Live, in a stupor. R1 re-arrives and stands on 1B. What do we have? I ask, because isn't there the "anti-Ricky Henderson Rule", wherein a Runner cannot go back to a base for the purposes of trying to re-steal an advance base? R1 did obtain 2B – everyone watched it happen – during a Live Ball and now he's standing on 1B again?
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    As you well know, it all starts at the top. The game is only as good as the way those at the top back the officials when they make those difficult calls concerning sportsmanship and deportment, up to and including the possibility of ejections, and even game suspensions or forfeiture as the case may be. And this goes for any sport.
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    It's not what we don't know that gets us in trouble. It's what we know for sure that just isn't true.
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    I have only vocalized the end of a game once; and I did not say "ballgame" or make an "X". I had a college coach pull a team off the field. I warned him once that if he didn't put his team back on the field I was going to declare a forfeit. He said, "go ahead," and refused to put his team back on the field. I banged the game (I believe my exact words were, "fine, I get paid a full game fee either way! We're done!" (I couldn't help being sarcastic.) I then turned to the press box and made the no run signal and walked off the field.) All of this was over a check swing "ball" call (he believed the batter swung) on a 1-1 pitch to the lead-off batter in the sixth inning. (I was the plate umpire. F1 threw a fastball that F2 never got a glove on (he called for a curveball) and hit me flush in the mask. Of course, being the upstanding group of people that this team was...they started yelling "check, check, check" and could give two f*cks that I had just taken a pitch flush to the mask. Anyways, my partner (a former AAA umpire) ruled that he did not swing.) Up to that point, the game had been like being in church...not a peep from anyone about anything. This team was winning by several runs, too. Anyways, he had a long suspension as a result of his actions. Only forfeit I have ever had at any level. (P.S. I had absolutely no negative consequences to my career as a result of declaring a forfeit.)
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    Well there's actually few more: 7 wonders of the ancient world 7 wonders of the world 7 wonders of the new world 7 natural wonders of the world I guess I could still squeeze some umpiry things in though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Before the top of the first I normally run a couple of sprints down right field line and do some slight stretching. Gets my blood pumping and get a little extra cardio in for the day.
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    Me too. "Do me a favor and be sure I get a good look at control before you flip the ball up" — during warmups — does NOT tell him how to play or give him any kind of tactical advantage unavailable to the other team. It's not coaching. It DOES remind him what we're looking for and point up a risk he's taking in that regard. That's preventive officiating. And, when he decides to showboat in a way that takes away an obvious out, and coach comes out fuming, we can report our earlier conversation with F3. Coach's attention should then immediately turn to F3 for being an idiot. And that's game management.
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    At the High School or College Levels? Never. That's coaching. Don't go looking for trouble, but for God's sake, don't lose sleep over what was described in the OP. It's not much different than an outfielder making a diving catch and then not "showing the ball." Or a catcher catching a very low foul tip for strike 3 (where you hear his mitt hit the ground), then he doesn't immediately show you the ball. If you're gonna make me guess, I may guess wrong, and it's your fault.
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    dude wants to play with fire by hotdogging like this, dude gonna get burned....you did him a favor, but only time will tell if he embraces the lesson
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    Max, With all due respect, Smitty is not changing their name. I've said it before. The name Smitty came from an actual person's nickname that started the company. His last name was Smith. Who else knows a guy named Smith they nicknamed Smitty? I do. He's a friend in high school who's now a doctor. I will add that Smitty has worked very hard to improve the quality of products since their inception about 9 years ago or so. Everyone knows that. Is everything perfect? Of course not. If you look at our website reviews, there are many products with many great reviews and several with some not-so-good. Each year, the positives go up and negatives go down (the new poly spandex and poly wool pants are evidence of better products in the marketplace as well as their commitment to it). The ideal brand name? Probably not. Smitty has also added many products compared to their competitors in the market. For us, I count we have 164 total Smitty products. I know how much work and investment that amounts to. Besides, they have nearly 20 hard-working staff in Canton, Ohio. Plus they are owned by a retired NBA basketball official. I estimate we, alone, have over 50,000 customers who wear and/or use Smitty products. I know you mean well. Feel free to suggest actual golf pants for use on the bases if that helps anyone, but I think your comments are off-base and not a reflection of the overwhelming majority of umpires out there.
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    and if I come out, it goes something like this................look bud, you can either pitch, or umpire. However, we have the umpiring covered today, so if the drama continues, you won't be pitching or playing anymore either.
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    First, if he's missing an inch off the plate, call that strike, (unless you're in the MLB)! I don't get too worked up over what he says to the other players but when he throws his hands in the air after a call that's toward me and I'll send the catcher out to stop it right then. If he does it again..gone. All of the other antics were directed elsewhere but will lead to him doing it to you so be ready when he does.