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    it's pretty cool actually, switching it up I guess ........ my only issue with that (personally) is that I'd put the lighter pads on the top ...darker on the bottom ..... because the bottoms will get more dirty with your hands
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    If you see it in the warmups, address it then (if you choose to address it) -- something like "do me a favor and be sure I get a good look at control before you flip the ball up"
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    And absolutely, unequivocally do not let the catcher chase after foul balls to the backstop. In my 1:35 game this week, in the first inning the catcher started after a foul ball back at the backstop. (Mind you this was a varsity playoff game.) I grabbed him by the shoulder and said quietly to him, "son, you work hard enough running your team as the catcher. Why don't we let the scrubs on the bench get a little work in and get us the foul balls?" He laughed and said, "thanks, blue."
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    There appears to be a pattern. This from the umpire gear for sale FB page, in the last 24 hours. Even though the real names are there, I thought it more appropriate to leave the seller's name out, and post the board name for the individual who who stiffed Stk: hoggie: how are you doing? Would you have a Wilson Mask with Tan Pads by any chance? XXX: Nope, when you're promised check never came, I sold it elsewhere hoggie:Can you inbox me please? XXX:No hoggie: I don't know why you never got that for cause the check never came back to me or the bank never showed it was cashed! I know I sent it out shortly after we talked about it! XXX: I would have expected you to follow up. This is why I don't deal in checks, ever. There are a number of masks here, I'm sure you can find one to your liking. Sorry to hear he got you, Stk. At least it was for shirts and stuff you weren't using, and not a set of gear or something more substantial. I do appreciate you letting us know!
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    Impossible. You've heard of "Liquid Courage"? Facebook has its own version of false courage and bravado. You could present an (otherwise) undisputed fact on Facebook, and you'll still have someone post something trying to refute it, just to get noticed or stir up an argument.
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    Waiting to be shipped.
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    PSA: A while back I sold @Hoggie some shirts and jackets. I wasn’t going to use them anyway, but nonetheless I sold them to him. After countless complications, phone calls, and now plenty of unreturned calls and texts, I still haven’t been paid. I would not recommend dealing with Michael, seeing as he can’t be trusted. At first, communication was fine. Now all my calls and texts have been ignored. He lied about sending a check to me via the mail, only admitting to it when I told him I hadn’t received it. Numerous times he claimed he would be getting paid in a couple days and would then have the money for me, and every time the money “disappeared.” To any of you who have already dealt with Michael, hopefully all went well. Any of you who were considering it, I would strongly advise you not to. And, to all of you considering him for a CDP umpire, I’d look for someone more reliable.
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    That works also. If I do lob it, my story is the lob is so as not to hurt the pitcher's hand.
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    Especially before the game, it's a good way to get your eyes and ears warmed up -- much like PU seeing a few pitches.
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    This week on the plate, so far, I have had a 6 1/2 inning game that took 1:35 and a full 7 inning game that took 1:40. In one of those games, when I turned to the on-deck batter before each half inning and said, "one more!", I had most batters nod their head at me and immediately start walking toward the plate. By the time I got my mask on (after brushing off the plate after the catcher threw down to second), everyone (battery, batter and base coaches) were waiting on me, it seemed. It was GREAT!
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    At the High School or College Levels? Never. That's coaching. Don't go looking for trouble, but for God's sake, don't lose sleep over what was described in the OP. It's not much different than an outfielder making a diving catch and then not "showing the ball." Or a catcher catching a very low foul tip for strike 3 (where you hear his mitt hit the ground), then he doesn't immediately show you the ball. If you're gonna make me guess, I may guess wrong, and it's your fault.
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    Proud to call Emma my classmate and friend from the UTA. She is a solid umpire and will do great.
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    The phrase is "The rules are written by gentlemen, for gentlemen; not by lawyers, for lawyers."
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    I think it looks kinda cool. I know Jerry Layne did it for years
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    If it's intentional to interfere with a throw or fielder, it most certainly is. With the bases loaded, B4 hits a ground ball to F3 who is left-handed. The ball is just inside the foul line. F3 throws to F2, but hits B4 who is on his way to first base. B4 is in fair territory, but has not reached the 45-foot running lane. RULING: There is no violation, unless the batter-runner intentionally interfered with F3’s throw. (8-4-2a) ART. 2 . . . Any runner is out when he: a. runs more than three feet away from a direct line between bases to avoid being tagged or to hinder a fielder while the runner is advancing or ­returning to a base;
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    I thought this was a pretty cool historical piece on the umpires' room at Fenway Park.
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    Didn't Dale Scott do this too but with a tan pad on the bottom and a two tone on the top?
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    PU still has to pick this up. R2 starts cutting halfway to 3B, so there are several seconds when it's visible. Instead of chasing the ball up the 1BL, PU can back up to 1BLX and get a wider view to pick up R2's action. We have several teams in the area that run this play (which IIRC the video comments call the "Mississippi Power Play"). I have one in a playoff game tomorrow.
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    Wow..you guys are harsh. I grew up playing 1B. Any play @1B that wasn't close with the bases empty, I'd catch the ball, flip the ball up, catch it in my bare hand, and crow hop off the bag to start the throw around the horn. In all my years playing I only had one OOO call a runner safe. The most obvious FYC I was ever part of. No, it didn't teach me anything and I only stopped doing it in that game. Rest of that game, every put out, I held the ball in the glove, foot on the base and showed the BU the glove, like a fielder would do after making a tag play. My little FU back at him the rest of the night. Yeah, I was a cocky little bastard...but a damn good F3.
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    Or he deviated to screen a throw from behind him. Normally he would start foul. And now the rest of the story.....
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    Great Brian, glad it worked!! Let me expound on #1 ..... what is mean by "absorbent boxer briefs" is .... the "athletic/sport/moisture wicking boxer brief" ...for me it's a longer leg version.... maybe something like this...... https://www.amazon.com/Adidas-Climalite-Performance-Underwear-3-Pack/dp/B01AX7N8MG
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    I've been a convert since I first saw their demo videos, so you don't have to convince me! I once took a shot on a bouncer to the plate. The ball hit so hard people in the stands gasped. I didn't even flinch! THAT'S SOME CLASS-A PROTECTION, RIGHT THERE.
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    In our state, if they're slow, I give a reminder to the coach, if they're still slow, I pull warm-up pitches. Essentially, I enforce the rule only when necessary. Typically I put the onus on the plate umpire to keep the game moving. Count pitches, remind them to get a catcher out here to warm up F1, thank them for hustling. "Hey Billy, thanks for hustling out" In my games, that goes a long way.
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    Had the bases on a 10 year old championship game a couple weeks ago. Team had fallen apart and all of a sudden it was our fault. Past ball and the winning team is trying to steal home, pitcher gets the toss in time but puts down a high tag and my partner calls him safe. I'm in C, and as the pitcher is walking towards me, I notice one fan in particular is yelling at my partner about the call. I shrug it off until I see the ten year old pitcher who's halfway back to the mound stop in his tracks, turn and yell "Mom, shut up. " It took everything I had to keep from laughing. He took the words right out of my mind.
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    1) IMO, an official can improve by working more than one sport. And, an official who works one sport can be better when starting a second sport than someone new to officiating all together. And, most sports need more officials. So, you can help yourself and help sports in general by picking up a second (or third) sport. 2) Not (exactly) true, at least in FED and NCAAW (I don't know about USA or NCAAM). #10 can only "reenter" in that spot, but if #5 has entered for #7, #10 can come in for #5. It's in this regard) just like the batting order and re-entry for FED baseball.
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    That kid should get a "Sportsmanship Award." Maybe there is hope...
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    Mid 60's in Alaska. Climate change is real and the lizard people know it.
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    I do this as well. Never an issue.
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    @stk004 just has a big heart and wants everyone to be as honest as he is. - Seriously though, it's an unfortunate time in human history where a mans word isn't enough. We thank@Stk004 for trying and wish him luck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had one player on my team had one - no, the rattle isn't normal. They also don't help your hitting, and just make a fundamentally poor hitter worse. Also really suck if you're the type of batter who hangs his bottom finger or two off the knob, because the knob doesn't rotate.
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    Don't forget the 2006 NLDS... I miss Shea!
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    You mean something like this ? I grew up in NY and actually saw this play happen Live
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    10u tournament last weekend, did 11 games in three days with three different partners. OBR with the typical youth exceptions, re-entry, etc. Nice weather, surprisingly good baseball and no noteworthy issues, except for ONE coach. He was a real pleasant guy, but with ZERO knowledge of the game. His team had enough talent to make it to the semi-finals, so I had them five times...here's the highlights: 1. (pre-game #1) I ask the obligatory question "coaches, can you assure me all your boys are legally, safely and properly equipped?" Other coach; "Yes, sir." Idiot; "So far as I know," Me; "Wrong answer, Todd. I'll be happy to give you some time to check." 2. He and all three of his assistants have lined up buckets in front of the dugout, and are obviously planning to stay there during play. Me; "Todd, we covered this at pre-game. Equipment and furniture need to be out of live ball territory. If ONE of you wants to STAND there just outside the dugout to direct the defense, I'm OK with that." Todd; "Oh, yeah. Sure. I'll take care of it." One version of another of this conversation repeated itself ALL weekend, 3. Starting pitcher comes out to warm up wearing white long sleeves. Me; "Sorry, Todd. Pitcher can't wear white sleeves below the elbow." Todd; "Since when?" Me; "since forever." 4. His team is at bat, bases loaded 0 out. Batter hits pop fly to F6. As soon as I announce infield fly, I hear him shouting and waving his runners to go. F6 catches ball, steps on 2nd then throws to F5 for triple play. Todd is stunned. He thought the infield fly rule meant the runners didn't have to tag up. 5. His team is in the field. He comes to me to tell me he's moving F7 to F5, F5 to F2 and F2 to F7. Me; "you don't need to report DEFENSIVE changes unless they involve the pitcher" (umpires were keeping track of innings pitched). 6. His team has just completed their at bat. He comes to me and says "next inning #12 is going to hit for #3." Me; "Is #12 playing on defense this inning?" Todd; "no." Me; "I can't make record of that change till it is happening. Be sure to tell me again as he comes to bat." (NOTE: umpires were NOT given lineups cards by either team). Next half inning...Todd comes to me and says "NOW #12 is subbing for #3." Me; "Thanks, Todd." I then turn to other bench and say "#12 entering for #3". They respond "#12 is already in the game, has been from the start." Me (to Todd) "They show #12 is already in the game." Todd; "Yes, but he was playing 1st base. I want to move him to 3rd base, put the 3rd baseman (#3) on the bench, and bring my bench guy (#17) in to catch, and move my catcher (#4) to first base." Me "Again, Todd...I don't care who is going where defensively. Who are you bringing in from the bench?" Todd; "#12". Me; "No, he's already in the game." Todd "Oh yeah, I guess it's #17." Me; "OK, then...what we have is #17 entering for #3, right?" (PAUSE) "well not REALLY, cause he'll be catching instead of playing 3rd." Me: "The only change to your BATTING ORDER is #17 for #3...CORRECT?" (LONGER PAUSE) Todd "yes." I turn to other bench and say "#17 for #3." 7. Two innings later, #17 has just been walked, and #3 is stepping in the box. Other team's scorekeeper shouts "I thought this kid was subbed out?". Me (to Todd); "isn't this the guy you subbed out earlier?" Todd; "Yes, but that was just for defense, he's still hitting." Me; "No, Todd. "#17 was a SUB for #3, they can't BOTH be in the game at the same time." Todd; "You mean I can't re-enter him?" Me; "Sure, he can re-enter, but he has to go back in the same spot he originally had in the batting order." Todd; "Yes, and this IS the spot he was in." Me; "No, #17 is in that spot, and he just walked." Todd; "OK, I want to re-enter #3." Me; "Fine, then we send him to first base and #17 goes back to the bench." Todd; "Then can I re-enter #17 next inning on defense?" Me; "No, Todd. Starters can re-enter once, subs can't return. Once they're removed, they're done." Todd; "But I want to keep #17 in the game for defense. He's my best catcher." Me; "you choose, Todd. Simple as this #3 and #17 can't both be in the lineup." 8. Next half inning #17 is still catching, and guess who's warming up to pitch. That's right #3. Me (to Todd) "This is getting old, Todd. #3 and #17 can't BOTH be in the game." Todd; "I thought you said you didn't care who went where defensively." Me (wondering if he's trying to pull something, or if he's really this stupid) "If somebody's in the lineup, then I don't care where they play on defense...but #3 is NOT in the lineup, and the only way he CAN be put back IN the lineup is if he replaces #17." #3 went back to the bench. 9. Todd's team is batting, 2out, full count, runner on 2nd. Todd shouts to R2 "full count, 2 out...you know what that means" and makes winding motion with his hand. Pitch is ball 4, F2 throws to F5, R2 is out by two steps. 10. Todd's team on defense. A runner just crossed home plate without a play (ball was still in the outfield, and F2 was two steps out front of plate) "He's GOT to slide at home plate!" 11. Todd's team on defense. Batter has just fit sac fly to LF, R3 tags and scores easily while R1 moves up to 2nd. Todd asks for time and approaches me. "I think that guy on 3rd left too early." Me (definitely irritated with this guy's ignorance) "Well, what are you supposed to do about that?" (BLANK STARE/Deer in headlights). Todd: "I want to appeal." Me: "pro rules, Todd. You've got to appeal with live ball." (EVEN BLANKER STARE) "Can I have time to go talk with my defense." "Sure, time is out." (I'm actually feeling sorry for him, as he's trying to teach 10 year olds how to do a live ball appeal...especially since I know his appeal will be no good). Conference over, F1 (RH) engages in set position, batter in box, I announce PLAY. F1 without disengaging steps toward 3rd, but is distracted by R2 who is acting like he's running. F1 stops his throw (partner and I both yell BALK), F1 then runs at R2 chases him nearly back to 2nd, then throws ball into center field. Runner scores. Once the dust settles, we're ready for the next hitter. F1 disengages, tosses to F5 who steps on bag and says "that guy left early on the fly ball." I just hung my head, made no call. Todd says "well, what's the call." I answer there is NO call, because that appeal was not legal." "WHY?" "It has to be done before the next pitch or play." Now he wants to talk some more..."why do I lose my right to appeal? What did my pitcher do to get balked? If there was a balk, why did the play stay alive?" I answered his questions, but am quite certain he didn't GET any of it. Pitcher looks dazed and confused. Todd asks to go talk with him..."Sure, you can go, but you know you'll have to replace the pitcher." "What, why?" "Because you've already had one conference this inning." "But I don't have anybody left on the bench" (they were roster batting this game). "It doesn't have to be somebody from the bench, just swap defensive positions." He decided he didn't really need to go out. Right then the game timer went off (no new inning after 1:45). As the home team was leading, (8-5 I think) I declared the game over. Todd is confused again "you mean we don't get our last at bat? That can't be right." ARRRRG!
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    LL rules are designed to protect kids' arms. Seems like an awfully good idea to me in a world that is too focussed on the here-and-now and adults caring more than the kids. Pitch count rules more squarely address the actual issue than innings limits. Medical guidance also suggests that there is an issue with kids pitching and catching. http://www.asmi.org/research.php?page=research&section=positionStatement LL has tried to create rules that will provide protetion for kids, but still me manageable. They are far from perfect. But I think we should applauld LL for trying to find ways to do this, rather than simply callnig the rules stupid.
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    F24: I like it and I may send mine back to Douglas after the season for this modification. I could probably do without the double logos on the shoulders. One conveys the message. The second makes it look like NASCAR.