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    Don't buy from plus pos unless you want to wait 1-2 months for your stuff
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    I was blessed to experience college baseball for the first time as an actual umpire yesterday, as opposed to a candidate, working a D2 intersquad with 2 other brothers. I was also blessed to have 2 experienced and willing teachers. I've got a ton to learn, but it sure was good to get out there! I only wish I had seen some pitches prior to yesterday, I gotta be more diligent to find some cage work before these opportunities present themselves. I've had better days on the dish, but it was the first of the year.
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    Well they do. Just ask them.
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    It almost looks like titanium without the vinyl
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    Not the thread for posting about frustrations w/ mediocre officiating. The reality is that in our area, there is such a shortage of officials that one can go an entire career being average to below average and still get a full schedule including post season. There's little extrinsic incentive to improve. I've been doing it long enough now where the energy that was once there for this stuff is waning at a very fast pace, I care a lot less about that stuff now than I used to. I go out and work my game, if people ask for feedback they will get it or calls/emails wanting advice, I will help them until the end. Forums like this allow me to keep my energy because generally speaking we are like-minded people here who actually give a crap about doing something properly and at a high level. Places like this allow me to direct my energy where it's desired. I'm not saying I'm more right than you...just where I'm at in my career.
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    You have new games from 'X' .... Hooray 2017! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    To be clear, this is a North Carolina drafted and enacted rule. It applies to them, only. It is not a FED rule. Having said that, I umpired in North Carolina for two years. Neil Buie is a fantastic assignor! I also umpired about 20-25 games with this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brad_Allen when he was still just working high school football (and baseball) games. Goes to show, you never know where your partner may be in 15 years! LOL.
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    Ok... the other one must be in the Transaction Thread since it was for the pads and TG I purchased/traded for.
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    Thanks. There, I think, is two versions of my mask. One with a Spyder tg a day TW pads. And one with a Zett tg and Wilson Memory foam pads.
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    And I see yours. But in this instance I would prefer to penalize what he is doing (pitching illegally) than what he isn't doing (pitching without delay).
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    well done rehab on the mask !!........looks amazing.....and it would be great if it is a +POS prototype. we have such great resources available here on this site.
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    @BT_Blue I think I tracked your rig down in the mask porn thread.. Thats a sweet looking mask! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Ahh, the only ones we regret are the ones we didn't get!
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    Personally, I think it's NJ twisting the case play to make it unlike their example that they want called INT. This play is wide open to interpretation with no real authoritative answer. NJ is saying in the case play, the throw goes to 2nd in spite of BR continuing to run. The throw is going there to stop R1 from advancing, so no INT. In their test play, the play by the defense is altered because of the retired runner running the bases Simply continuing to run the bases after being retired in and of itself is not INT. When then, does that retired runner interfere? When he reverses direction on the base path? When the defense alters their play to make a play on said retired runner who continues to run? Never? According to our state, it looks like they're saying it's INT when the defense alters their pattern of play to make a play on the retired runner. Do I agree? I'm not sure, but I do understand their reasoning. Be it right or wrong..I'm not sure.....Not sure anyone is sure. What I do know for sure is, if I'm on the bases and I see a retired runner continue to run, I'm pointing at him and reiterating "He's out! He's out" , hopefully avoiding the crazy aftermath of the defense trying to play on him again while other runners are advancing.
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    The restriction on throwing to an unoccupied base applies only when F1 is engaged.
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    It does for sure! It took like 2.5/3 ounces off the weight. (I don't have the best scale)
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    Before: After: Matte Black - Mask It WV logo on Team Wendy pads WV harness SSK Spyder TG Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey @BobUmp... last things first, your work on that mask looks stupendous. What a way to rehab a beaten-up "old" mask. Your removal of the vinyl lightens it considerably. The mask is likely from the 90's, when powdercoating was a treatment reserved for industries that could financially justify the volume and expense. Masks, with their low profit margins, were (and still are, in low-tier catchers masks) vinyl dipped in a limited range of colors. The mask is most likely hollow steel, and we can tell this from the two splice ferrels you uncovered. If it was solid steel wire, the two ends of that loop of wire would have been butted and welded at a joint. Because it is in-line, you'll notice they chose a non-critical location and used that ferrel as a sleeve so as to join the two ends. So too, they have to leave that joint for last because the gases from welding have to exhaust out the tube somewhere. All other tubes on the mask have exposed endpoints to them. Being flat doesn't necessarily imply being aluminum. The All-Star FM25 and FM4000 are both hollow steel with All-Star's "I-Bar" construction, featuring flattened tubes of steel around the eyeport. True, Diamond went "all aluminum" in their iX3 line (of which the DFM-iX3-UMP is one), using cast aluminum for their masks. The silver ones are "naked" (which Diamond marketed as "titanium color", thereby suckering confusing a whole portion of the buying public) with a clear coat, while the black ones are using a special paint or are truly anodized black. Anodizing is best for aluminum and titanium, but is affordable only in large batches because of the amount of chemicals involved (acid baths). An aluminum mask may be vinyl-dipped to make it black "on the cheap", but those two splice ferrels indicate it isn't aluminum. Hollow steel makes sense, as you would need to paint or dip it so as to keep it from corroding. The welds are pretty ugly, too, and likely done by hand, in a hurry. These fabricators were told that this mask was destined to be vinyl dipped anyway, and the finish quality of the welds themselves were not important. The mask's planform is really appealing, though. It's got crimps and bends in it in places that you don't expect them to be. It lacks ear guard struts, and you'll notice that the geometry of the tubes is fairly strategic... someone thought this one out when designing it. The bullring and the wicket are both squared as opposed to arcs. This re-appears in a Japanese mask, and also (and this is an important part of figuring this out) in a magnesium alloy mask by +POS and Champro around 5-6 years ago. If I would venture a guess, this is indeed a limited run +POS mask, likely designed by Dan's father himself (who founded +POS), and commissioned to be built here or in China.
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    Very nice. Looks just like how I had my Diamond. But with a Mizuno tg rather than a SSK Spyder that I had on mine. Something to remember though.... the sun visor on the mask does nothing for us umpires since our hats block any shading properties the shield gives us. I wear mine because I like that it keeps the heat off the bill of my cap. But more so because when it rains I hate having water drip off the side of my bill of my hat.
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    The finished product. Chose dark charcoal, in honor of pluspos... Here it is next to my all black FM25, to see the color difference And here it is, rigged up for warm weather, sun facing fields, and maximum protection with tan TWs from@Stk004, +POS harness and visor. Added a Mizuno TG, since its Mizuno-like It is unbelievably light. I will weigh it at work on Tuesday. I hope it survives! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Is it bad that I actually get enjoyment out of umpiring in those situations?
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    Then change it. Don't accept it.
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    I'll add a mechanics note for this thread. When the BR rounds 1B and makes what we judge to be incidental contact with F3 (either advancing or retreating), we should signal "safe" and verbalize "that's nothing!" By ruling the contact incidental, we have after all made a call, and in general we should communicate our calls. Doing so tells all concerned that (a) we saw the contact and (b) have ruled on it. Whichever umpire has the BR into 1B should ALWAYS see this incidental contact, BTW, staying with the BR a few steps after he touches (or misses) 1B.
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    "So guys Last Time By says 'that last touch corrects any previous baserunning infraction.' Does it apply to a gross miss?" "Hmmm, good point Bob, it doesn't. We should fix this." "I agree Jim, let's leave the rule alone and write a contradictory case play."
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    Umm... That whole 45 degree line for the set position was for when the pitcher actually comes set. Common sense prevails here. The problem was pitchers looking like they were in the set position then making a wind-up delivery... It's not difficult Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    I just saw the real Jenny Baker!!!!
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    I would have bought one myself. But I like the black on black look for thrthr Force3. So I am going to hold out and pay the extra $50 for mine. Also, after over two years of meaning to put a photo of my Diamond I sent to Tony with my SSK throat guard and TW pads. Here it is: