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    It's an out even if he steps on the plate accidentally (with secure possession of the ball, of course).
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    Right, with less than 2 outs and (at least) first base occupied, the batter is out even if the third strike is uncaught. Yes, it's a force. Yes, at every base. Yes, the batter becomes a runner and the other runners are forced. TLDR; You've got it.
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    Since your good buddy to the North, 'Matlock', has passed away as the official interpreter, who the heck is on site as an interpreter when you start talking all that legal mumbo jumbo, like all those in your chosen profession do, that doesn't make sense worth a hill of beans. Who is the 'umpire jargon for dummies specialist' at this event. And, do we get to check out how hot it is in Death Valley, since you mention the suburbs.
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    @Thunderheads lock it up got it
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    Baseball association president rounds up parents and says "yeah, we haven't found a coach yet for your team - we're going to need one of you to step up or your kids will not be able to play this year." All parents but one take a step back. Todd, who is looking at his phone, looks up "oh, man".
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    I think you have some typos (or the test does) but with the changes above it should be easy to tell whether the pitcher is in the windup, the set, or a hybrid of each.
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    its not a unicorn if you own 3 and got them all for free.... To me its a matter of taste. I got a 90+ rebound in the throat last year in a D1 series and wasn't happy. So I played around with a few variations and landed on this and it for me and my chest protector gives me the most protection which is what matters to me. It doesn't flop around and/or clang since its secured with silicone straps crossed and tightened down. It is an SSK spyder but its not powder coated. Its just been stripped of its covering and given a coke bath to eat away all of the access glue. This helps match the color of the bars. If you don't like it then you don't have to wear it. For me I'm happy and if I'm not I can always go back to my other standard unicorn Nike in the bag!
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    Good luck to all of you attending Umpire school this coming season! Don't suck!
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    Here's my two cents. Mind you this is from someone who has not attended either, but I have great respect for both. Getting a job is more dependent on what you bring to the table than what school you go to. I feel this is even more the case now that there is a new level of cooperation between the schools and more parity with their instruction People will have strong opinions of either school, and that's good for them and I don't think anyone should spend too much effort trying to sway someone with a different opinion. While I've only met @Haid D' Salaami once in person, but over the years I've felt like I've gotten to know him and to understand where he is coming from in his stance. And honestly the Wendelstedt school has had a huge impact on his umpiring career. I do see the upside in mentors and it makes me curious that while MiLBUA may not have graduates in the MLB ranks yet, if they have something similar. - What I can say with confidence is that every MLB umpire I met has been very positive and encouraging of other umpires and I would think that while there may not be an official mentor program they could develop a relationship and form an unofficial mentor relationship, so it's not a barrier that is not able to be overcome. @tpatience All kidding aside I think everybody here honestly wishes you the best of luck. Just remember nobody owes you anything and you are the greatest factor of your own success. As for the over 50 or not going for a job once again I doubt you'd regret either, but I loved the insight from JonnyCat.
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    Survey says... Decaf.
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    Some for easy reading are the Carl Childress Books; not incredibly rules oriented, but I liked "151 ways to Ruin a Baseball game." He's got a handful on Amazon, I haven't read them all. The first 'umpire' book I read was "As They See 'Em" by Bruce Weber. Basically a sports journalist goes to umpire school and shares anecdotes and bits of umpire history he picks up along the way. Again, not rules oriented, but a really great book.