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    Randy Marsh is a good friend of mine. 1) As the Ebay site reads, these were "given" to an umpire to have & use. 2) I'm having a hard time with someone SELLING these pants to make a profit. Especially for $80 & going on 10 years old. These pants were given away to HELP another umpire. Randy's trying to "give back" and help out umpires. If you give up the profession, then PAY IT FORWARD & GIVE these to ANOTHER umpire that could benefit from it!!
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    Would that be the same different ruling, or a different different ruling? If the latter, then I'm no different.
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    Everyone should have a different ruling on this.
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    Tomorrow @JimKirk will be running the Jos A Bank/ Ump-Attire Sale... my 1 Wilson Ti Mask at regular price and get 2 more masks FREE!!! Of coarse the new retail price on the Ti is $699!!!! LOL
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    Under FED rules, yes -- I have a different ruling. Under NCAA and OBR -- I also have a different ruling.
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    No tag being made on the R2 so the 'out of baseline' rule isn't applicable. One COULD get 'abandoning effort to run the bases' but I wouldn't see it. Once all runners advanced safely, the game would be over for me. I'm not bailing out the defense on this one. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    I believe the same in all codes. Rule of thumb for me, if F3 is moving toward R1 and has a legitimate play on R1, we're OK. If F3 is off the bag, and looks stunned when F1 steps and throws him the ball off the base, chances are we've got a balk.
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    Alright, time for me to chime in here... Yeah, I'm a big fan of the Force3 UnEqual, and possibly the most rabid apologist for Schutt here on U-E, but this thing worries even me. I like the ambition in the concept, but the execution is very much lacking. The use of TPU-EVA foam (Schutt is calling it D3O) is brilliant. Because of D3O's structure, it is exceptionally light, resilient, and well-ventilated. Encasing it in a 4-way stretch fabric wearable shirt removes alot of the bulk and the chance of the protection slipping and shifting on you while in use. But if you tell me that there isn't a sliver of hard plastic in it, acting as a blast plate, I'm going to hand it right back to you and tell you to rework it and come back when you've got actual blast plates in it. Otherwise, I'm looking at this in terms of who Dick's Sporting Goods may be targeting – softball umpires. This may be suited for softball, as a good number of top-tier hardshell units are overkill for softball, not terribly well ventilated (standard Wilsons), and usually scare off alot of softball umpires who don't like how bulky and bulge-y they make you look. Look, Honig's makes this for softball: ... so I don't see much difference between it and this here Schutt ShirtCP, in softball context. Baseball, though? Not happening. I would probably draw the line at 9U. And that's 2.5 games of 9U, _solo_, to comfortably afford it. No wonder the junior umpires use their ol' catcher's CP or a bargain-basement Diamond CP for little kid games.
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    What I'm actually seeing / reading is 2 separate listings for 2 pairs of pants each. Each listing represents a set – plate pants and base pants. The seller is just doing a crap job of presenting them and explaining this. I would need clarification before even considering placing a bid. We've got a 2007 set (2 ct.) priced at $80 + S&H ($15??!! Yeow! That's where he's gettin' ya), and a 2008 set (2 ct.) priced at $90 + S&H. My brand-new Davis-by-Fechheimer PolyWools cost $70 ea., so getting them for $40 and $45 ea. is not too bad of a cost savings. That stated S&H cost gives me pause, though. Do they come with Marsh's noteworthy strike zone? We might be able to say the 2007's saw some post-season action, as Mr. Marsh was in the 2007 American League Championship Series. "Pay It Forward" concept aside, I wouldn't be able to buy these anyway, because Mr. Marsh was only 6'0" tall, and (obviously) had a 30" inseam. I need more like a 34" inseam. The seller is 6'3" and wore these "fine"? Yeah, the highwater look is realllll becoming on ya', there. I can understand getting a few bucks on 'em, but even half is a bit steep. This should be a beer-as-barter transaction.
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    We worked this system on the Cape this summer. Starting in deep B, it is easy to slide into the dirt to get a good angle for the play at 1B. I was told - be in position for the actual play as a priority and if the "what if" play happens do what you can to see it. Basically concentrate on the play and worry about the odd plays as they come up. Like he said above, the speed of the game is so fast, you need to be out of the way of the throw, and the runner will be hustling down the line. I had a few chances to do this, and it does make it much easier to see the play at 1st. Think about it, if the ball moves the fielders towards 2B, it will hold the runner until after the throw. That is a great scenario for the defense. If he does go after the throw then U3 is in a good spot to call it. You really need to read the 1st baseman to get to 2B for an angle.
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    Who'd phone in the decision from the parking lot............since the game is over??
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    Spoke to a AAA umpire this year (who has worked 100+ regular season MLB games). When U1 is in "B", with an R2 only and a ground ball is hit to the left (F5 or F6) they do not want the base umpire crossing out onto the infield dirt to get an angle for the play at first. They feel it takes him out of position for a second play at second base...which is the exact opposite of what you guys are saying. I think they feel that at that level, the game is too fast and that the umpire could get in the way of a throw from F3 to F4/F6 on a throw behind at second base against R2. Either that, or they feel that U1's angle for the play at second just won't be that good if he has obtained a proper angle for a play at first. Not saying that I agree or disagree. Just thought I'd throw in what MiLBUD is teaching: U1 takes the play at first on the infield grass (just like in a 2-man) and then busts toward the second base cutout if there is a throw behind R2 at second base.
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    And of course, this is only possible on ground balls hit to the left side (such as your example of the ball hit to F6) where U1 is already working his angle on the outside for the play at first. Anything hit to the right forces U1 to move in to get the angle and stay out of the way.
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    yes this is the same.. but in the last play you talked about.. U1 has to get a good angle for the play at 1st.. Be careful to not leave to early for the play at 1st.. if they throw back at 2nd, you'll be out of position cause you over committed to the play at 1st... does that make sense?
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    If we're talking about kids, I like to keep the game moving. Baseball is boring enough, and if it gets too slow kids and parents will quit. For LL, I'm a volunteer and league official, and I want kids coming back to the program. One minute, in and out. If this is travel, where teams pay to play, and I'm getting my cut, I couldn't care less how they choose to waste their time/$. Three minute change overs are two minutes I'm not getting my gear tested by awful pitching and catching.
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    Ok.. Look.. U3 is already indide in the "C" position, U1 is on the 1st baseline. so as U1 you have 3 choices 1. Go to the coaches box on the 1st base side. 2. Go out 3. Go inside and take BR these are your only choices.. So if we pregames and were going to as U1 take Br into 2nd base, no i have 2 choices .. GO OUT, OR GO IN... it is that simple.
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    Hey, that works, too! What @MadMax said. Forget what I said. "Why buy 1 when you can buy 2."
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    Pros'... It puts a umpire at Home, 3rd and 2nd... it keeps R2 boxed in, just in case that 1 in 100 play where he gets about 3/4's of the way home and decide to turn around and head back towards 3rd, we now have a umpire at 3rd. Con's.. you have to read this as a true double, if not the 2 base umpires can get confused as to who's call on the BR and sandwich in the middle of the infield and possibility have 2 calls at 2nd base. The key is Read( your partner and the fielders), Pause (to see if the other umpire is gonna go out), and react.. then see what the BR is going to do. and mostly ( i communicate verbally pretty loud) to my partner.. "Slide, Slide, I'm coming in" just so he knows I am now responsible for BR at 1st and 2nd.
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    Anytime you are in a toss-up situation on any protective gear after weighing ALL options, the answer is simple... ...GO with the one that costs less!
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    Yeh. Hosted by one if Umpire-Empire's newest members, Ump-Attire's own @Scott Kennedy. Check it out. There is a three part video talking about masks and concussions. Spotlighting the Force3 v2.
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    UA Youtube? man I missed a couple things since i've been off. Thanks for the tip BT
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    You can find a video on the UA YouTube channel talking about the F3v2 and it's 3 spring benefits. It is about 5 to 8 ounces lighter than the v1.
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    Legality aside, why would a pitcher want to demonstrate his move?