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    I'm confused about this NCAA Arbiter Video: http://ncaabaseball.arbitersports.com/front/105039/Video/player/13863/16784 They seem to think that the violation was an intentional hand up, which it could have been, but implied that a legal popup slide that results in contact could be a no call which would be correct. But are they thinking that other than the intentional hand this slide would be legal? I have an illegal slide to the OF side of the bag with contact with the fielder.
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    The CCA manual is the best resource for three man mechanics that I know of.
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    Just trying to demonstrate that there is time to go 5-2-3 and get the batter-runner without the runner being at fault.
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    Ok. Thanks. I don't like the CP that low on my torso so I think either the 13" Douglas or 13.5" platinum will be just fine.
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    This was great Scott. Really looking forward to getting a pair of my own.
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    The way I understand it, the Douglas actually gets wider as it gets longer. If you currently wear a L/XL Gold, it is just a half inch shorter. Personally, it just barely misses covering the bottom rib on me. A 14" CP would work best for me. And I stand a great big 5'9.5" so take that as you will. I recommend talking to someone like @Thunderheads. He as an original Douglas WV. But the prinicle would still be the same. He had Jeff Cook at Douglas shorten the padding on his CP to 13.5" from 15. But he needed to get the 15 to get coverage width wise. I plan on doing the same with mine when I get it. I want it shortened to around that 14" mark. And since I am doing that. I might as well change the color of the pad... Cause I can. New pads run around $30 and you have a nice choice of colors (I am thinking of going with Orange padding and Black lining). The gap plates and T-hooks will run you another $45-50 combined. Also... Keep in mind that Douglas will charge you sales tax if you live in a state that has that. For me, it is 8.84% here in Washington because they have distributors here in the state. Hope this helps.
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    If I heard right, the announcer says this appears to be a violation of rule 8-5b. I don't get any connection to that rule. Then goes on to imput that the popup was not a violation. Very strange if they are trying to educate.
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    WEEKLY REPLAY: Veteran's Day promotion & New Balance V3 MLB Umpire Plate shoe
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    I agree as well. I'd hang my hat on the more black-and-white violation of contacting the fielder off the side of the base rather than the more arguable raised hand.
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    @BT_Blue If I can offer some insight on some gear and apparel, I'm more than happy to help. As you can see, I like the indicator that also happens to be less cost to the umpire. However, my "insight" tells you that a lot of MiLB guys that come into the store like the indicator that is higher priced. I'm here to help.....not sell. Thanks for allowing me to join the group.
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    Why chop??? No real purpose for that.