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    The fielder was attempting to field a batted ball. A fielder has an absolute right to field a batted ball. A runner must avoid interfering. Interference.
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    Yup, use a disinfectant spray to kill the living organisms on your gear. Purfumy sprays will cover up the stink for a while, but not kill the little bastards living in your hat ( and c/p, and shoes and Nuttybuddy, and .......................).
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    Has to be appealed.
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    Why do I even watch these anymore? I know what they're going to say and I know it's going to make my head explode so why oh why do I continue to watch?
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    "Joey Votto, who knows the strike zone more than any human on the planet..." Yeah it just sucks that they choose these random guys off the street to call balls and strikes at the MLB level. OH WAIT
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    That was a horrible segment. Why would anyone listen to these guys that know literally NOTHING about umpiring? It's good to know that if you put Joey Votto or Barry Bonds behind the plate that EVEN THEY would miss calls. Are we honestly supposed to believe that either of those guys, because they are good hitters, would be better at calling balls and strikes than even ONE MLB umpire? And let's put the best balls and strikes guys behind the plate more often - like splitting the game and having the best 2 guys do half the game each? For the love of God, where do they get this stuff? And Mike Everitt "lost his mind?" Can I just punch Brian Kenney in the face right now? Everitt was absolutely professional in his actions and demeanor, and had an excellent game calling balls and strikes according to Pitch f/x. It was the Detroit Tigers that "lost their minds." Go F*#K yourselves, you talentless hacks.