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    Wait until @BRUMP finds out I only have navy or softball blue shirts.
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    well the picture says it all me and @‌‌LMSANS will be hitting the field together for the first time on sunday. wanted to give you all a heads up when larry posts on monday about his terrible partner over the weekend you know who it was!! should be a fun game!! EDIT- how do you tag someone?
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    did you play baseball? If you did, ....then you know
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    Just a reminder, registration is open for the Mid-American Umpire Clinic, Sept. 10-13 in Springfield, MO. If you are planning on signing up I would suggest doing so soon as we usually sell out by the 2nd week in August. Remember U-E Premium Members receive a $25 discount. http://www.midamericanumpireclinic.com/home.html
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    Umpire Carlos Torres made his MLB debut during the Indians-Reds game on July 17 in Cincinnati. Torres joined chief Jeff Kellogg's crew, serving as the second base umpire alongside Brian O'Nora and Cory Blaser. Torres is on the International League roster for the 2015 season, which is his third... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    I worked with @Umpirechick1 at CDP and then down here as soon as she came back. I believe that is the only UE peep I have worked with.
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    Couldn't agree more. I want to learn and grow; and JV and 16U, while very good baseball here, doesn't offer much in the area of accountability. I can definitely see how this league can stretch me a bit more.
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    If you don't know why a balk was called, call time and ask the umpire for an explanation. After I call a balk, I usually tell either the pitcher or the coach, but it's certainly not required to do so (and somebody here will likely tell me I'm wrong for providing an explanation without being asked).
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    Careful there TKS. I am getting ready to patent the UmpTrooper-Stormtrooper suit. For umpires only.
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    I think he (JonnyCat) might be related to his groupies by blood or marriage (or if he was in Kentucky he could be by both---I am killing myself here.)!
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    I'd be curious to hear what your partner saw: the hindrance happened right in front of him on a batted ball. Was he winding his watch and didn't see anything, or did he see the action and judge that there was no hindrance? If the former, I'd tell him to watch the fracking ball, then call the INT and deal with coaches. If he thought it was not INT, we'd have to hash it out: the guy who gets the call/no-call gets to explain it to coaches. Don't beat yourself up over this no-call. Ruling correctly on INT and OBS requires time and experience. We have to train up our brains to recognize illegal patterns of play, and so many different things can happen, it takes time. Until they can upload experience directly into our brains à la The Matrix, we have to do it the old-fashioned way, and practice.
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    @kylehutson I completely agree with you all. looked at that load of crap on Amazon several times that day what a waste of time. I tried to find a clip from Dazed and confused of Matthew McConnaughey as Wooderson talking about going to buy Aerosmith tickets but failed. I saw Aerosmith live in Rupp Arena back in the 70's. They were all high and drunk and sounded terrible. They only played about 50 minutes. I was disappointed in the real Aerosmith back then. Still was better than the Amazon prime trick though. Hahaha!
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    With the hand or glove holding the ball. Sorry, I had to...........
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    Oh good grief, both "Michigan Jeffs" on the same diamond??! Your plate meeting will blow... the coaches'... minds. In keeping with Lewis Black, it will be the end of the universe. The pitcher will be standing on the mound, looking in at Umpire Jeff and his catcher, and will say to himself, "If I turn around, I'm likely to see my infielders, and another umpire. This umpire would probably be a Bill, or Stan, perhaps a Steve... But it's another Jeff!!!!!" I'm jealous... I've worked with several other U-E members at CDP, but none here close to home. Still have yet to work with @Matthew Turner...
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    I'll be hitting the diamond this weekend with @Thunderheads! Looking forward to 7 tournament games with Jeff!!!!
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    I can't believe that OBR went to all that trouble and rearranged the whole book and never said anything about those compression sleeves. Half the kids anymore go onto the field with them on, sometimes two. Then they have their evo shield wrist guards on, batting gloves, evo shield elbow guards, evo shield ankle guards and now even those cooling towels around their necks. These kids might as well be wearing storm trooper outfits out there. I don't say anything about them unless they're affecting how I track the pitch or the other coach raises a stink.
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    I wasn't given a tracking number or anything so I had no idea what was going on, but tofay in my mailbox was the manual. I guess I should just be patient -__-. I heard it was really good, so I went ahead and got one.
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    I have been a prime member for several years also (being a computer guy, their computer parts are pretty competitive and free 2-day or $4 1-day shipping pays for itself quickly). A friend of mine said it was like waiting in line to get into an Aerosmith concert only to find that it was a teenage cover band, instead.
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    I bought a Force3 HSM and it arrived today. Just like you @RingEmUp I am trying to figure out how to make it fit. I have used a TM, never an HSM. Those of you out there, how do you fit an HSM to your head? How is it supposed to fit? I wear my TM loose. Should an HSM be snug? Should the forehead padding touch the forehead? To adjust the Force3 HSM snugly enough so the forehead padding touches my forehead, either the mask tilts upward instead of facing straight out from my face, or the chin pad is so tight on my jaw, it's painful (and it feels like a shot to the jaw would break my jaw!). Where does the chin pad ride on the chin? On the tip, above (perhaps covering some of the mouth), or what? I must be doing something wrong. Or does it just take time to "break in the chin padding"? Any comments would be helpful.
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    My wife was highly disappointed as well. She was looking for a specfic Air Pad 2 accessory, and they didn't even have it. Several other things that she wanted wern't even on sale.
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    How about copying play 1 from that page.
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    Got a pair of Oakley Prism. They are the best ever!!!
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    We just had a very long argument about this in another thread............. BRD does not agree with PBUC. PBUC does not allow throws from Any dead-ball territory or out of play area. (There is no distinction). Sorry Carl, I use PBUC. Some may disagree, but that is how I will call it until/if it is changed. FED isn't an issue as no catch and carry. As long as he has one foot in.
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    If it was camo, how did you see it?
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    In OBR, you're only going to get one out, since the INT could NOT have been for "willfully preventing a double play" (or whatever the language is). In FED, I don't think this violates any of the SLIDE provisions (where the FPSR comes into play), so it's the same answer.
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    When the batter can safely see what is coming and be able to react.
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    As long as the sleeve is neither white, nor gray, who gives a $#!+? I have to agree with umpstu. Sometimes you just need to leave the boogers in the nose (or in the book, in this case...)
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    His ribs are currently getting retrofitted...should get them back in a couple of weeks.
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    Fed requires HC because he has to certify legal equipment.
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    Had that happen this past weekend. Plate for State LL Big League tourney game. Punched a guy out on Strike 2. Batter turned, looked at me funny, and that's when it hit me that I had F---ed up. Everyone on the field, including myself got a nice laugh out of it. But the best came from the announcer at the end of the inning; No runs, no hits, nobody left on, and 1 error, on the HPU.
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    Coach Lou would be cringing for 7 or 8 balls missing up at CDP. But the kid could be a lock for getting the pins for returning foul balls to Opps.
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    Car was totaled but thank god for insurance. A little update- my nose was surgically put back together and the fracture has healed and the stitches are out of my hand. No concussion symptoms for around 3 weeks now. I've been doing a few on the bases over the past week or so and I'm scheduled to be behind the dish for the first time on Saturday. It's a big game (winner onto District 19 championship) so hopefully I don't suck too badly. Thanks for the support fam!
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    ​He was hit in the head with a pitch. That's enough to warrant a closer look prior to the next pitch (which, for all I know, did happen).
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    You know I'm just jealous. Umpire any day you wish to. Great weather 99% of the year (so long as you don't mind heat), surrounded by great mountain biking and hiking terrain, thousands of beautiful women all over AND two pairs of Force3 shin guards. You're THE man Ken.