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    Until 1965, umpires called "Stop." Then because of cultural events, they had to change it to "Time" as the Supremes became more popular.
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    Working an Intermediate (50/70) LL State Tournament last week w/6 umpire crew. Had a great week getting to know players and coaches from across the state. R1, R2, 1 out. F9 was playing a little deep and had to run and dive for a fly ball. I'm U1. Apparently, when the runners (and BR) saw that F9 had made a miraculous catch and had the ball in his glove, I watch R2 tag to advance to 3B, R1 retreated to 1B, BR retreated to get his bat and headed for the dugout. THEN......F9 hits the ground and RF umpire (U6?) comes up with "no catch!". It would appear that the impact of hitting the ground had dislodged the ball from his glove. I hear him and give a quick glance to see the mechanic as well. F9 gathers himself and throws the ball in to F4. This particular F4, realized what had just happened. He stepped on 2nd for the force and U2 declared R1 out. He then jogged over to 1B and stepped on it, I called BR out. He tosses the ball towards the mound and heads for his dugout with the rest of the team. AC (at 1B) says to me very politely "Blue, do you mind if I ask you a question?". I replied, "absolutely not coach". He then asks "what just happened?" I offered up a quick "after 3 outs, you switch sides"...........and with the deer in the headlights look, I knew I had to explain the whole situation.
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    Why? Would he umpire "better"? Differently? Maybe cleaned his shoes? Sorry but statements like that bother me. It's right up there with guys who's #1 concern is how quick the game was. Give your best effort every game, every level you accept to umpire. Any less is cheating the game. And yourself.
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    Inspired by all of the great ideas on this board, as well as that hideous American flag mask, I decided to try something unique. The funny thing is, while I waited for my mask to get done over the past several weeks, some of you all started sharing chest protectors that you vinyl wrapped with a carbon fiber print. I don't like to talk about something until I have it in hand. I guess I don't want to jinx it or something. So, I looked around locally for someone that could do this for me, and found a shop that did. For those that have never heard of it, it's a fairly recent method of coating a metal surface using film and actuator chemicals that forms a bond that is very durable. It's become very popular in the automotive (rims, engine parts, trim) as well as the firearms industry. My first thought was that I wanted to do a carbon fiber print. These guys did an amazing job. The pictures look pretty good, but they don't do it justice. It is an amazing looking mask, in my opinion. Anyway, I wanted to share it with you all, and see what you think. For those that are curious about the price, I'm sure it varies by the area you live, but I paid $100. I know, it was spendy, but I look at it as less than a doubleheader.
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    I purchased a mask from in March. Wore it maybe 25 times they spring/summer. Without going into the specs of the mask (though will say it was $100+), I recently noticed it had a 2 cracks after a game in which I did not take a direct hit. I was puzzled how it could have happened. I loved the mask and had taken several direct hits before with no apparent damage! So, I reached out to's customer service and asked how strong they were about their 100% satisfaction guarantee on the site and further explained the issue with the mask. By the next business day I received a response that I could send the mask in for inspection and if it was deemed defective they would contact me with further instructions. I sent the mask in and received another email simply asking me if I'd like a replacement or another product free of charge. Within minutes and a few more exchanges, no questions asked, a replacement was ordered and on its way priority mail free of charge! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE fulfilled by! Thank You x a million!
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    With the season winding down, I thought I'd post the TOP THREE DUMBEST ARGUEMENTS I have heard this year (NOT including the usual suspects...hands are part of bat, etc) 3. DC: "But an infield fly is automatically a dead ball." 2. OC: "If a players requests TIME you MUST grant his request." 1. OC: Hey, Blue; Courtesy runner for my catcher. ME: But there's nobody on base. OC: That's my catcher batting. Can't I run for him? ME: Sure you can, AFTER he gets on base. OC; So I can't sub him out NOW? ME: If you had an available sub (which I knew he did NOT) you could pinch-hit for him. OC; No, you don't understand. I want HIM to hit, but someone ELSE to run. ME; Come on, Skip. Certainly you know you can't do that. OC; But once he reaches, then I CAN run for him? ME: Yes. Batter hits one to gap in RC. As he's turning the corner at first, OC start's shouting "TIME. TIME. Courtesy runner for my catcher!" ME; (sigh)
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    Could we please do two things to improve the Ask the Umpire segment? Request Moderators to re-title questions that are "Mr." or "Ms." or "Mrs." (or "Dr.", I suppose) to more relevant descriptions ("Interference at 2nd Base in a LL game?")? Could we change the default field format of the Ask the Umpire form to read "Question Title" or "Title of Article" or "Subject"? People are thinking that "Title" means "Mister" or "Miss"...
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    The comments were limited to mild protest like "C'mon"...suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure they were.
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    I have been thinking about your post. I think it hints at an even bigger issue. Too many of us umpires feel the need to "talk" during an the point where we start arguing/discussing/talking before the coach even opens his mouth. That is, we don't wait to hear what the coach has to say before we feel compelled to open our mouths and start talking. Hell, some of us start talking/yelling while the coach is still walking/jogging toward us. We don't even wait for him to arrive at our location. Those of us that do this (and I used to be one of them) really need to stop doing this. We need to hear what the coach says/argues before we even open our mouth. When we feel the need to be the first one to start talking/yelling we are doing so only after having made an assumption that we know what the coach is going to say...and we all know what happens when we ass-u-me. On more than one occasion I have been on the field when a head coach came out to "argue" (either with me or a partner) and the first words out of his mouth were, "I know you got the call right, we're just playing like crap so I'm out here to show my team that I'm fighting for them," (or something similar) (I'm not making that up...this has happened multiple times in my career). If my partner or I had started yelling/talking to/at the coach before listening to the coach, we wouldn't have had the chance to realize that the coach wasn't even coming out to argue! Additionally, there have been other times when I was 100% sure I knew why the coach was coming out to argue...only to find out that I was wrong. For instance, I once had the Vanderbilt head coach come out and I was sure he was going to argue that the second baseman had come off the bag too quickly in turning a 6-4-3 double-play. I wasn't feeling great about my call. However, lo and behold, his argument was that the batted ball had hit R2...which I knew was not even a remote possibility. If I had opened my mouth first instead of waiting to hear what he had to say...I would have just given the head coach another thing to argue! Anyways (now that I'm off my soap box), if the coach comes out to a standard safe/out play at first base, I'll listen to them. I'll tell them, "I had the ball just beating the runner," or "the runner just beat the throw." I'll let them reply and then I'll say "We'll have to agree to disagree. Now, we need to get the game going." They'll usually give a parting shot (coaches love to have the last word.) Then we go on. I have never had this happen, but if a coach told me, "Well, we saw it differently," then I would probably reply with, "Okay, then we'll have to agree to disagree. Now, Its time to get the game going."
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    #1 isn't a mechanics issue, it's a rules issue. And he's wrong. #2 is a mechanics issue, and he's still wrong. He also sounds like an arrogant, ignorant jackass.
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    I was actually quite surprised to find so many umpires on here that don't care to know the potential importance of a ball game. Knowing the status of the game or the team participants/history is valuable information for managing the game. This isn't to say that you treat a championship game any differently from a regular season game, but you'd be hard pressed to find any higher level umpire that just 'goes and umpires' the game. Case in point, a partner and I this year had a big rivalry series between two JUCOs this past season... Winner of the series won the division and the teams had a history. You don't just show up and umpire. A few potential game issues were recognized early by us because we knew the ramifications of the game and how the teams were. Knowledge is power and having the knowledge of the meaning of a game may allow us to stay ahead of potential issues and actually more effectively manage the game. Yes, every game is important, but I'm not buying into living in a complete bubble. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    My experience was just slightly the opposite of yours last weekend... I am the plate guy for the RBI Juniors Championship game being played at Santa Ana Valley High School in, you guessed it: Santa Ana. 4 man, 7 inning 9:30am start. Game is moving along ok... 2 hour mark and we are hitting the 7th with the visiting LA Dodgers trailing the AZ team 3-4. Bases loaded and the home team walks in the tying run but the Dodgers can't get over the hump to take the lead... Home team goes down in the 7th and we move on to extra innings... Pretty exciting for a Championship so far. Bottom of 10 and we are still going and getting close to hitting the 3 hour mark. U2 has to leave due to being the plate guy on another field for a 1pm game start so we go to 3 man. Seniors game on the adjacent field ends and now we have a BIG crowd... both of the other teams have moved over to watch plus the majority of their fans as well... that game ended in a 1-0 score in an hour 15-30 so not a lot of drama. Other than getting noisy the fans are actually being supportive of both teams which was refreshing. 12th inning my buddy who worked the Seniors game jumps into our game as U2 (pretty senior Varsity guy in our HS association) so we are back to 4 man. He makes the most brilliant suggestion that if we end the 12th with no winner we take a 5 minute siesta (got to go man!) Home team gets bases loaded with no outs in the bottom of 12... All I am thinking is... hit the ball! Batter hits an amazing dribbler to F1 who throws home for out 1. F2 then fires to F3 for out two... not looking good here! Batter comes to the plate I ring him up for strike 3 on nice breaking ball over the inner half of the plate. Time for the 13th! Come back to the field after a 5 minute restroom break... start the 13th... nothing. 14th inning and we are at the 3:45 mark... visitors go down 1/2/3. Home team gets up... first batter gets out. Batter 2 is HBP. R1 steals 2nd. Batter drills one to left center... watch R2 round 3rd... here he comes. Here comes the ball. There goes the ball up the line. R2 touches home. 14 full innings... 4 hours. Damn... that was a Championship game. Nice part was a couple days later we received an email from the Angels RBI organization who hosted the tournament... they offered 2 tickets to all of the umpires who worked games... the wife and I took the seats and got to watch Trout hit one out on Wednesday against the Nationals.
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    This past weekend, I was acting as onsite UIC, and as I was rolling the cooler full of ice, water, and towels from one field to another, replenishing the guys between innings, one of my crews had a situation happen right in front of me which I was very proud of how they handled it... without botching it or consulting me or the TD. R1, R2, 2 outs, X-2 count (balls not relevant). Swinging strike, pitch makes contact with the bat, and ends up... in the F2's armpit, trapped there. F2 gets up, flips the ball towards the mound, and starts trotting towards his dugout while the DT fans applaud his outstanding catch... ... but was it a catch? The 3BC (OTHC) starts bellowing, "That's not a catch! That's not a catch! Get the rule right!" while the PU steps back, and instead of making an Out mechanic, motions and calls, "Time!". I refrained from saying anything, as much as my younger umpire-self would have liked to, instead leaving it to this crew to determine. The PU motioned in the BU, and they met just in front of the mound. At this point, both the OTHC and the DTHC are on the field, and the PU has to signal to both of them to back off and return to their dugout areas, before he resumes discussing with the BU. Of course, the DT parents are, to a person, clamoring, "But it didn't hit the ground! He caught it!" I'm standing right next to the Field Marshal (FM, an employee of the TD), telling him, "It has to be the glove first for a foul tip. If it hits anywhere else on the catcher's body, like his mask or CP, it's a foul ball." At that moment, the PU disengages from the BU, heads back towards the plate, and announces, "Foul ball." DTHC approaches PU while his players resume their positions, and PU gives him a brief explanation, ending with, "My UIC is standing right there (points at me), he'll tell you the same thing." "Play!" Next pitch is a line-out to F5. Oh well. Nicely handled, Blue!
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    Good day, Ken. Please give us a little more context. Is this baseball? Softball? Both bat sports? What level of play does this entail? Little League only? Travel / Academy ball? Are you drawing your umpires from an association, or are you the coordinator for umpires-as-independent-contractors? There is certainly more advice to give you, based on your answers, but some immediate, general points come to mind: Know your ruleset(s) backwards and forwards. You will not only be counseled by League Directors, Tournament Directors and coaches, but by your contracted umpires. And yes, working a game for you is a contract. Suffer naivety, but never suffer ignorance. There is a difference. Never assign a game to an umpire that you yourself are unwilling to do. In the same vein, you will likely have a value system based on skill sets, personalities (works well with certain partners, works well with certain coaches), and experience. However, don't assign games based on favoritism, as you will culture grudges. Don't give a championship game to an umpire simply because he's your nephew. By all means, support and defend your umpires to the Nth degree. However, when at a game venue, never step on the field to give your resolution, insight, or judgement on a play uninvited. If your umpires (for that game) are unclear about a Rule interpretation, and seek you out to get it right, then that is acceptable, and you should advise them based on the Rules. Judgement calls are non-Negotiable. In fact, if you are called in by your umpires to consult, you should let them describe the situation to you as if the fences were opaque walls and you saw nothing, even if you "saw the whole thing". Remember, you are just referencing Rules knowledge, not judgement. You may have to step in (or summon another stand-by umpire to do so) if one of your umpires gets injured, isn't feeling well, or his/her attention is impaired by a personal issue (divorce, death in the family, car accident notification during game, etc). Never dock the umpire in this situation – give him the full game fee. Resist the temptation to remove an umpire if he's "blowing calls". You may need to remove him from further games for the day (LDs & TDs should discuss this with you), but do not remove him from that game underway. Do not dock his pay, and do not let a TD or LD dock his pay. Even if you have an umpire storm off the field in disgust and abandon the game, and you're now in a pinch to find a replacement, make sure you pay him for that game. It covers your butt. Set up an evaluation system, a feedback and accolades structure, and some sort of instructional or training system, no matter how basic or advanced you're able to implement. Umpires rarely get recognition or accolades, and as such, some seek appreciation by direct coach feedback, or lingering around to shake/slap hands with the game participants. Don't foster this mentality! Encourage them to get off the field and get among other umpires (yourself included) to review the game and identify points of praise and opportunities to improve.
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    Mizuno mask with TW and the shovel. I also have the spyder throat guard.
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    Well here is my initial response to the +POS COBRA CP First thing I can say was the communication was first class and I picked up the box 3 days after ordering. The box was very light..hope the cp was in After inspecting the rig I was pleasantly surprised how much thought and design went into the product. Very low profile Protective fit was ok "13 Harness is a good idea but in its current format it is gimmicky and could be improved or buy a after market product that will work. I really liked the breast plate and clavicle protection. When first tried on I noticed that the clavicle plastic was sitting to square at the top. I thought I would need to use the heat gun to form the curve better. I added a UL harness and it did the trick. The cp comes with 2 side wings and a neck pad...side wings work well but no need for the neck pad. Same thing on the Force 3 The Skeleton separates from the back pad so it can be washed. Padding Not sure what is used but my only concern is not enough or what are the properties of the foam used. I guess I am willing to try it in a game to know because overall this is a decent product. Shoulder caps Well made and better than the F3 which I own V1 Gap Protection Excellent Breast Plate Excellent What would I change I would add a "1/4 foam (Memory) Think blue camping mat roll encased in micro mesh nylon or polyester. Why? Just to give you that extra feeling you are protected more. Harness The UL harness transformed the fit and feel of the rig and that is what it is about...rig stays where it is supposed to be Last Thought +pos made a very interesting CP and as a customer I am overall happy with my purchase. I am not into endorsing but this unit has a chance if customers/umpires can over look some of the past mistakes + pos made in dealing with us I score this CP 8/10 on fit protection and design I give 10/10 on customer service Ray Umplife
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    Got my riddell!!.......stickers!! Can't afford the CP so I got some decals! $10 each. shipping $2. PayPal or venmo.
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    You know me not...
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    I don't know Darrin, so I can't comment on him or his issue specifically. Does it surprise me that something like this happened? Hell No. It happens all the time. For instance, it is estimated that for every 30 guys who claim to be an ex-SEAL, only one actually is. (And, in fact, you usually have to pester the "one" to death to get him to admit it.) It is really not hard; speaking the truth, that is. For instance, I have been to many, many American Legion tournaments. At each one I am asked repeatedly by Legionnaire after Legionnaire, "did you serve?" My answer each time is, "no sir, but I'm proud as hell to be here to honor you and your fellow veterans for what you have done for all of us!" God Bless all of our veterans!
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    Just out of curiosity, do you go to the groundskeeper on a check swing? Asking for a friend...
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    The entire industry and market for HSMs is oriented the wrong "direction" in regards to umpires specifically. The driving force behind HSM production is to satisfy NOCSAE, the NFHS board, and the insurance underwriters for amateur athletics. Secondary to that, acting as the driving influence to HSM development is the set of requirements and traits that constitute a top-notch catching helmet. Last, but not least, there are factors regarding costs that have to be negotiated and woven into the process. Often, imitation is not born out of flattery, but out of necessity – it is less costly to utilize an existing, approved planform than it is to engineer a new, unique one. So with all that said, the Force3 Defender HSM attempts to address both catcher and umpire roles, and in doing so doesn't stand out in either one. One of the critical problems is its use and dependence upon an existing HSM planform – one that several companies utilize for their "common", stock-standard HSMs. Then, the trademark spring-and-shock assemblies are bolted on it, and further reinforced inside the HSM shell. This adds considerable weight. Because it uses a catcher's HSM planform, there is a heavy dependence on chin contact, and the shell is styled to allow the wearer (catcher) to drop his chin. Furthermore, the cage is projected in a way to deflect an impacting force, but still allow for sightlines when the chin is dropped. The shell planform is a "universal" one-size-fits-most approach, and since Force3 cannot afford (right now) to make differing-sized molds, it relies on generous space inside for sizing contact pads, and one rather tenacious back plate, which, if you get the elastic straps twisted around, becomes a rather painful experience, like having your head in a vice (ask @KenBAZ). In order to give a firm foundation and allow the springs and shocks to do their job, the forehead pad is really stiff and follows the shape of that common shell... which we've already identified is, again, for catchers. In one fellow umpire's Defender HSM, I've taken that pad out and really worked it by using a technical soap, working and rinsing it, repeatedly, until it's softer and springy-er. Between the two – the Wilson Shock FX and the current Force3 Defender HSM – the Wilson is actually better suited for umpires. The sole reason Wilson ceased production of the Shock FX is because it is a cost-and-profit liability for them for catchers. It would just take a bit of tweaking and design progression to make it into a market-leader for umpires, but Wilson isn't interested in umpires – they are interested in maximizing corporate profits, and they're losing market share every day they don't have a HSM out on the shelves that catchers are purchasing. By contrast, I would suggest to Force3 to focus on umpire needs for a HSM first and foremost, leave catchers to be covered by existing HSM -producing companies (such as All-Star and Easton), and design and build a full-coverage hel-mask system that is built around, and optimizes, their spring-and-shock mechanicals. Parallel this thought process to the A-10 Warthog GSA. Instead of trying to fit the largest gun possible onto a hardpoint of an existing airplane, and causing all sorts of problems with flight performance and characteristics of that aircraft, you take the meanest, nastiest, most devastating gatling gun ever produced and design and build an aircraft around it.
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    Guys, I'm resurrecting an old thread for a reason... One of our rookie umpires selected a +POS ZRO-G Chest Protector at the refurb price and has recently received it and we'll be fitting it to him this week. I'd like to give you a report on what this CP is like. First off, I think we're out of the woods on +POS's order fulfillment woes. Mario (the new umpire) ordered the CP and received it four days later. What surprised me was his ready trust in a +POS over a Wilson. He did note that while the Gold is out there at $120 – $200 (retail store), the ZRO-G is, in brand-new condition (manufacturer refurb) at $69. The two look similar, carapace-wise, and Mario did favor what looks to be better ventilation on the ZRO-G. He's right, it does. The ZRO-G achieves its marked lightness by doing three things very well. First, the carapace plates are not thick, dense ABS plastic. Instead, they are (likely) a PVC plastic, akin to molded fenders on modern cars and lite vehicles. The plates are there for structure, not for energy dissipation, because of the presence of the second thing – closed-cell foam laminated to open-cell "sizing" foam. The closed cell foam is doing the bulk of the work on energy absorption, while the sizing foam creates that standoff "contact zone" between your body and the closed-cell foam. The foam sandwich is then encased in an open-lattice wicking mesh that promotes airflow. The third feature is the "focused, tactical layout" of the foam vest's segments. Instead of employing one unilateral, blanketing foam section – like our friends at Wilson lazily do – the ZRO-G arranges its foam into segments, with channeled joints and seams, which again promote airflow and ventilation. It isn't to the same engineered extreme as an All-Star System 7 CPU, which features a heat chimney cut right down the center of the chest plate, but the ZRO-G has an impressive degree of thought put into these pad-pod placements. The fasteners are formidable 1.5" side release buckles (same as All-Star and Force3), there are removable / repositionable pectoral wings, and robust shoulder ailettes and pauldrons. The harness is a bit fussy, being a simple T-harness, but it would be able to take a Flex harness (a RayFlex, to be sure) with no problem. +POS has addressed this in their latest CP design, the Cobra, which utilizes an X-style four-point harness. So in the next few days, we'll get this dialed in for Mario specifically, and he'll have one impressive CP to not only start the fall tournament season with, but to have for Umpire School this winter.
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    The following is for learning purposes only: 1. Remove your mask with your left hand. 2. When BU is inside, he has all fly balls in the outfield until PU calls him off. Did PU communicate anything to BU on the fly ball? I would think not, since PU came up the 3B line to take the play at third. If he was taking the fly ball, then he should say, "I'm on the line" to indicate that BU has the play at third. I would not have called BU of on this fly ball since it wasn't threatening fair/foul. 3. If PU didn't call BU off on the fly ball, then after seeing catch/no catch, BU should glance over his shoulder to see if PU is coming up the line for the play at third. If PU is coming up, then BU should move to cover the BR. BU should watch the touches at 2nd by R1 and at 1st by the BR (PU can also help with touches as he comes up the line). 4. PU should verbal to his partner, "I've got third if he comes" while running up to the library. When he sees ball, runner and fielder (a play), he should verbal, "I've got third" and come inside and be taking the play from the cutout. Be prepared to bust home in fair territory if there's an overthrow at third. 5. BE SET for the call. Neither umpire was properly set. 6. The safe mechanic is sloppy.
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    Needs fixing, but it was definitely an "I can live with it" project. I want to get a Wilson decal preferably sky blue to put on the chest but haven't decided yet
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    I'm surprised by how many umpires (a/k/a posters) in this thread have thrown Davis under the bus on this one. NONE of us have any idea what the context is in this situation. To ASSUME that a 30-year MLB veteran, who has worked more MLB playoff games than any umpire in history and does not have a reputation as a "red ass" or "hot head", is suddenly going to become a "smitty" and enforce some obscure rule/policy without something else going on is a pretty poor assumption on these posters' part. There are a lot of reasons that could have caused Mr. Davis to interject himself into this situation. I'll suggest a few: (1) it was a blowout. Professional ballplayers tend to get ornery during a blowout. A lot of brawls and "non-routine" situations happen during a blowout. (i.e. see last night's Kansas City game.) Maybe, just maybe, the other team was complaining to the point that Gerry felt he needed to address it to head of a non-routine situation. (2) Maybe some type of memo from New York (MLB/umpire operations) was sent telling either him or maybe all umpires that this was becoming a "safety" issue and that it needed to be addressed should it occur. Those are just two possibilities. There are more (see @maven's post.) All of these are pure speculation on my part. But, my point is that I think it is highly unfair that we (fellow umpires) immediately come to the conclusion (and post our conclusion on-line) that Davis was in the wrong without knowing anything about this situation beyond what was broadcast. Is it possible that Davis suddenly and temporarily devolved into a Smitty or an OOO? Sure, anything is possible. But, to paraphrase from Sherlock Holmes, I wouldd have to eliminate every other possibility before I would conclude that Davis turned into a temporary Smitty and/or that is so improbable and unlikely. I certainly, as an umpire, would not post on a thread that Davis acted ridiculously or was wrong until I had, in fact, eliminated every other explanation.
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    Here's my mask again, this time with grey pads Nike pads. I painted them with counsel from @HCueds, and they turned out alright. I wanted to do something different and I think I accomplished that. Thoughts?
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    All I kept thinking while watching that video was: "Those light blue pads actually look pretty damn good in that black mask."
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    If you have a legitimate umpiring question, feel free to post it. Arguing about cheating umpires is not appropriate for this site. There are plenty of other places on the internet where people will engage with your apparent desire to be right about how bad umpires are.
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    I believe the standard @MadMax answer to your problem is "kill the rivet, reposition fabric/padding to your liking, insert Chicago screw."
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    So first game out last week and I take a pretty common foul ball to the face. A few innings later I notice a break around the ear area. Looks like the mask had just snapped at the weld. Wilson dyna lite. Not sure if its because I kept it in a cold place over the winter or what. Anyway, I have to brag on AGAIN! I emailed them and explained situation. Im not sure when I bought the mask, sometime last season I was thinking. I wake up the next morning and I have a new make en route. 2 days later its here. No questions asked, no pics, no hassle. Just great customer service as usual from the umpattire crew! I showed my appreciation by ordering the new poly spandex and a few other items.
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    Here's my $.02 worth. The run scored as a result of a wild pitch, and has nothing to do with the base on balls....therefore I could not care less what the batter does. Game over.
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    I like it like that because then I don't have to figure out where to stand.
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    Gentlemen (and Ladies) of Baseball... If you have a favored team, and are actively following them through the course of a Major-league season, setting your hopes of a post-season appearance upon their able shoulders... ... and you hear that @Stk004 is going to be attending one of their games... Be afraid. Be very afraid. Fear the worst for your team. Spence just attended eight games in the Northeast corner of the USA, four of them involving my beloved Milwaukee Brewers... ... and the Brewers went 0-4 for Spencer-attended games. And, to add road salt to an open wound, likely boosted the Wellbeing Index of Washington DC by several percentage points by losing in colossal fashion to the Nationals, who belted out 8 Home Runs, with 5 coming in one inning. And, to make matters worse, each of the other three losses by the Brewers were CFB wins by the host teams. Spencer is obviously putting that Brewers Bobblehead Voodoo Doll to good use. I give you, the albatross!
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    It's very possible that they had a very thorough pregame, but made one critical mistake. I know some guys out there still use "When inside, BU has "the cone" and PU has the lines" for their fly ball coverages. This play is a PERFECT example of why that's a horrible idea. This ball was hit in somewhat of a gray area - RF is coming in and towards the line, but the ball never threatened fair/foul. If this crew pregamed "the cone," then it's quite possible that BU thought PU was taking the fly ball and was on the line, while PU thought that BU was taking it which allowed PU to rotate. If you are using "the cone" or "the V" or whatever you want to call it, I recommend that you stop using it. The superior mechanic when BU is inside is for BU to take ALL fly balls in the outfield until PU calls him off. PU should only call him off when PU is straddling the line for a possible fair/foul call. I would much rather have BU take a short fly ball that takes F9 in and toward the line (where no fair/foul call will be needed) because he is much closer and has a great angle. This also ensures that the crew is effectively communicating which helps prevent disasters like we see in the video.
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    Never could do the (sunflower) seeds thing, neither while playing nor umpiring. Nowadays, I'm watchin' 12-to-14-year old kids at bat, catapulting seeds across the plate between pitches. Heck, I've even seen catchers propel shells out their masks while between batters! Then, I've got BU partners wolfing down whole bags of seeds during a 7-inning game. I notice their hands move, thinking they're giving me some advanced signal, but instead it's them shoving a handful more of seeds in their mouth like loading a cordite bale into a cannon. With some of these snoozers games, I can see why you'd want something to pass the time, to get your mind off the misery monotony of station-to-station walks. Occasionally, as BU, I'll rope me a bag of pistachios. Get crackin'.
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    @VolUmp finally tells an upbeat, lighthearted and even cute story and still people have to criticize... Maybe he went back for a personal hard shell drink cooler. Who cares? And I bet all of us get close to the fence when leaving... normally you have to go to the fence to get through the opening to leave. Have to give props to the woman telling the old bitty to basically cram it.
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    +100 points for the stealth black powdercoating of a Nike Ti. +777 points for leaving the unicorn its horn. +1000 points for actively removing that stupid "W", but leaving the MLB logo. –500 points for getting our hopes up, but denying us even "work in progress" photos of the Diamond-Spyder project. –19 points for sending the wrong mask to Tony.
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    Chicago Screws (Bindery Posts) are sold locally in Ace Hardware stores. John Madden's favorite. You don't need them as long as you might think... 3/8" or 1/2" will do it. And if you can get the aluminum ones – won't corrode – do it.
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    Do remember this is a four or five week job interview. Can you handle yourself if they put you on the road with a partner or will you be waking up drunk in the hotel bushes when the sprinklers come on? True tales from pro school
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    "What's the most important game you've ever worked?" "The one I'm working right now."
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    Thanks for alll the ideas. I will share them.
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    1) Look to your left. If the base is empty, run toward it. 2) If you go out, stay out 3) If you partner goes out, revert to two man (I will add, that if you are new to 3-person, you should be working the plate, not U3. PU's responsibilities are nearly the same, and you can watch and learn from the other umpires.)
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    An option to purchase just the lower profile replacement padding to replace the padding in our current protectors would be tremendous. *the statement above was provided by The Department of Redundancy Department.
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    Good question. We will soon be meeting with their new person in charge of the team gear line that includes umpire gear. Our suggestions we will be emphasizing are harness improvement, a lower profile memory foam padding and longer chest protector options. These will most likely not happen for spring 2018 inventory but we are hopeful for fall 2019 for at least the first 2 suggestions. Any other suggestions, do not hesitate and will pass them along.
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    at home, on my sofa. Locally, our coach pitch is instructional. We do not officiate this level.
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    I don't think that box was calibrated properly to that batter. People don't like the human element in umpiring? Enjoy the human element of the intern in the truck setting the calibration.