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  2. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    Just so you guys don't feel that I save all of my sarcasm for this site, you should meet my SWMBO. @maineump can vouch for our friendly banter taken to another level. A couple of years back, when doing a "self assessment" for my annual performance review at work........ My Director laughed so hard, that he forwarded it (without editing my input) to the VP. Under Languages spoken I listed "Fluent in Sarcasm & Tounge Fu". Yes, I received an increase. It WOULD appear that honesty is the best policy!
  3. NAIA Hats

    Thank you Jim... I was looking on your site as well. Was hoping that you guys had them. You are my go to place to purchase.
  4. Umpire available weeks 1, 2, 4, 10

    All weeks are booked. Thanks!
  5. NAIA Hats

    Yes, only place. Contract goes back several years through this year.
  6. New Wilson helmet

    No longer making. The Pro Stock is new but there are current stock issues from Wilson until April on those. So for all practical purposes, the ShockFX is still current for customer purposes ad we have around 40 steel and 10 titanium. The HELMET20 code is still active as of writing if anyone wants a ShockFX or other helmet now.
  7. Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    Good video - even found something I really need to work on (preparedness in the pre-game meeting). Thanks!
  8. I was recently notified that - I was selected to work the 2018 Little League World Series in Williamsport Pa. I have set up a personal blog to show my 'journey' throughout the year. Got to: http://www.easternmaineumpires.org/troylare.html

  9. Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    I hate when my partner wants to talk forever at a pre-game. Meanwhile, I'm there like "dude, I stopped listening 5 minutes ago!"
  10. Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    oh ..absolutely!! I think we're in VIOLENT agreement!
  11. Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    @Thunderheads Agreed. The pleasantries at the beginning and end and if the plate guy invites them as you suggest. My intent was not to interject or try to run the plate meeting.
  12. NAIA Hats

    It looks like I'll be doing some NON-CON NAIA ball this season. Is Honigs the only place to get the hats? They of course don't have my size in black.
  13. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    I'm guessing you have judgment to determine if F2 had a play on R1 at first base? As worded, the rule doesn't say anything about stealing, only about hindering a catcher's attempt on a runner. In practice, you probably want to see the catcher do something to show he wanted to make a play on the runner returning to first before ruling the batter interfered with anything (when a runner is stealing, an attempt by the catcher is (usually) implied...a backdoor pickoff on a runner returning to an already occupied base is a greyer area, based on experience, and past habits of the catcher, to determine if there could/would have been a play) However, think of it this way...in your scenario the runner was never going, and even after the ball dropped in front of the catcher, had no designs to go. But let's say as a result of the batter bumping the catcher the ball rolled away 15 feet. As a result of that, the runner advanced...you would call the batter out and return the runner, right? However, if the runner stayed put (because he was sleeping, or slow, or had a bum ankle), you wouldn't call anything? This would mean BI is now determined by the runner's reaction to the play?
  14. Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    great tips and video ... However, I have one small comment (it's my personal opinion) ... Having the base umpire stand there like a statue I feel is a little silly (not directed at Warren as I've heard this before). I personally like to finish my meeting by saying right before "Ok John, can you walk us around for the ground rules"? ... is this: "Mike, am I missing anything?" It allows just a touch of banter, and will appear that we're a 'team' working together, making sure we've covered everything Just my .02
  15. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    Be careful with di-hydrogen monoxide. I hear it is a major component in acid rain, can scald you severely in its' gaseous form and if inhaled can drown you.
  16. Quick Tip Videos

    I'm pretty excited because I got some new equipment in last night which (I hope) will help me make better quality videos. Especially in the audio and lighting areas. Plus I'm not going to be using my webcam so I will be able to escape from my computer to make them. I have a couple already done and scheduled to be released through YouTube. I'm debating re-doing those before moving forward with new ones. And I hate to beg but here it is straight forward. One of my goals with the YouTube Channel is to monetize for income. That said Tuesday (1/16/18) YouTube changed it's monetization structure (the snowflakes in the YouTube community are going Ape$h1+). Now to even be considered for monetization you must have: 1000 Subscribers 240,000 minutes of viewed content I'm just starting out so I'm NOWHERE near those stats, and I was nowhere near the previous requirements but here's how you can help: Subscribe (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0vV4nQjnhngh6dXcMQol_w) - And if you have multiple gmail accounts subscribe through all Watch all the videos in their entirety - Even if you just go to the channel and select videos --> Play all and just let them run in the background. Like the videos if you find them useful. Share (as long as you think they are worthy). Finally - Give your input and feedback especially on topics you'd like to see. Do I actually think I'm going to be the next PewDiePie or Smosh or anybody else - No, not at all. But I do believe I can produce some videos which have solid value to the umpiring community. So your help and support is greatly appreciated.
  17. They're brand-new in the box. But... they're too large for me. I normally wear an 11, but these things feel way larger on my feet. I checked the tags and they're only 11.5 D but I don't think I can keep these and wear them without looking like a clown, so my loss is your gain. I bought these last week and they were the last ones the guy had left in this size. I'm looking to break even and not gouge anyone. Asking $125 shipped within CONUSA. Thanks. NOTE: I always post items for sale on here and the Umpire Gear FaceBook selling wall. Whichever works best for you is fine by me. I'll close both posts once the item sells. Payment is expected day of purchase via PayPal Friends and Family.
  18. New Wilson helmet

    This is from the email that UA sent out about Wilson's new helmet, so it does appear that the ShockFX is being discontinued.
  19. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    For my patent leather shoes I use a mixture of 65% dihydrogen monoxide & 35% water.
  20. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    I use palmolive and a nylon scrub brush.
  21. New Wilson helmet

    Is Wilson no longer offering a ShockFX or similar model?
  22. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    Scrub n bubbles and a hot rag. Apply bubbles, use a nail soft bristle cleaning brush to get dirt out from sides- hot rag. Good as new.
  23. Cleaning New Balance Plate Shoe

    V3? Honestly I just keep a spray bottle of water in my car. I haven't had a problem getting dirt off so far. Maybe I'll try hand soap to see if it's easier, but typically I don't need anything other than water, a brush and a rag.
  24. Passing of Doug Harvey

    It would be redundant, not rhetorical, according to Mr. Harvey
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