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  2. You do know if the umpire discovers an illegal bat they don't have to wait for the defensive team to say something right? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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  4. "Do you need to be ejected?" I think you could say "coach, I understand you're frustrated, but we've got a game to play"
  5. I will be eagerly anticipating your reception and review. I have a hunch that the Cobra is a top-notch unit, and should be in any discussion regarding what CP to buy.
  6. Or just leave the horse to die in the field. Even a dead horse will feed the birds.
  7. It seems to me that by exercising better game management, you could have kept this apparently one-sided conversation pretty short. You didn't have to oblige the coach at all. Why not just wave him off? Seeing as how he came over to you to ask what you had during an at-bat, you've got to take control of the game at that point and let him know what he's doing is unacceptable. If he wanted to vent to you that bad, maybe he could have come to you between innings.
  8. D2 game, under 500 club. I'm newer to the NCAA and have never had this happen before Home coach goes to my partner on a safe/out play at first base. He gets the official warning after going into proper first base positioning with my partner, I was there ready to play rodeo clown when it happened, but it didn't. It lasted long but not long enough to prolong the game A couple innings later his 3 hole leans in and I keep him in the box. He comes down and asks what I had, I obliged, he told me he disagreed, gave me a SH*# eating grin and turned to walk away. Instead of walking away, he casually says, "can i tell you something man to man right quick." I thought oh SH*#, here we go, I had it cocked and locked because of the warning, but instead of yelling at me, he proceeds to tell me how frustrated he is that his team sucks, and that the ball isn't going the right way for him. He was cursing, not at me, and not loud enough for anybody else to hear. He never went into you this or you that, just that its frustrating because his team isn't good enough to be getting the calls. This goes on long enough for fans and the opposing teams head coach to start chirping about getting the game going. The opposing HC even called my partner over to ask why we haven't ejected him. I finally said [Joe] I'm going back to the dish," and I walked away. The first time I had him this year, I ejected an opposing coach and handed out a couple warnings of my own, I know he remembered it. It was the first ejection in our conference of the season. Do I eject this guy for prolonging the game, even through he isn't being unsportsmanlike because of the prior warning? He didn't say SH*# the rest of the weekend, but it felt like a ticking time bomb that maybe could have been avoided if I ejected him earlier. I know you all weren't there, but have you ever had anything like this and what did you do. This one stumped me.
  9. As many have said above, this will happen a couple times a season. Sadly, in high school and below, some of these dudes may even be crotchety assigners who take games just to make more money and have absolutely no respect for the game or its players. They will show up with their navy or powder blue shirt with ketchup and grease stains, faded pink flat front heather grey paints, met guards hanging off their shins over no plate shoes. It won't happen every game, but they will drag you into SH*#, miss rotations, and walk out with copenhagen snuff slobbered all over their face. Best thing to do is umpire your game and read your manuals. If they try to teach you, say ok and leave it there.
  10. I know about all the issues and problems with +POS people have commented on about there lack of service and support. I ordered from Dan in 2015 and had to dispute the charges to get a refund myself. I am hoping he may have turned things around this time. I ordered a mask last week and got it in 3 days. I decided to take a shot an order the +POS Cobra CP 16". I ordered it yesterday 3/23 at 9:00 PM. Today I got an email that it shipped with a tracking number. As of right now the Post Office has it in their system and will be delivered on Monday 3/27. I will follow up on Monday with some pics and first impressions.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I'd guess it's the fact that the play was allowed to progress "backwards" as far as it did.
  12. They just came in the mail when I got home today. Will use them on Tues. Got a nice field and a big game. Seems like a good time. I can tell you they are light, comfortable and feel like gym shoes. All those are a winner in my book before the first game. Will report back next week.
  13. I did just such a thing today. One of the guys had a set of Shins that were too long for him. Since I just got the F3s, I sold him my old Honigs that were just right for him. There is a Facebook group called Umpire Waffles that raffles off gear. I just won a West Vest for $30. I borough three slots in the raffle. This gives me an opportunity to sell my backup CP to someone. Keep an eye out for discounted gear. You never know who might have gear stolen, or car wreck, house fire etc. Just my $.02 worth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Just ordered at 3pm - already have a tracking number!
  15. Hijack complete
  16. Has this been filled?
  17. Has the position been filled?
  18. I had to get the powder blue for a random variety state softball game even though I've probably worked about 8 JV and F softball games in 3 years (only took the classes to fill out my schedule a bit). Go figure. I think I wore black for HS about 3 times last year. As for other ball outside of HS, I wore black almost exclusively.
  19. We have a new patch that is put on the jackets and pullovers so I'd have to buy new ones too at a steep mark up.
  20. Bought the "new" navy shirt last year for state playoffs. State tourney is still navy only Bought the long sleeve black and navy, and a SS black this year, so I'm set no matter what my partner has. We'll see how many times I get to wear black...We did wear black jackets yesterday.
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  22. What was "said" to cause you to bang your head? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. That would be assuming that it was just one batter missed, and that the same batter would come up next, still with the illegal bat. Not a bad assumption, but also not a given.
  24. On 90 foot bases B and C are on the infield grass (ie. inside the baselines)? On 60 foot bases B and C are behind the infielders? Correct? So I'm assuming some of the philosophy changes in LL Minor?
  25. Several different mechanics philosophies: a) BU in C when R2 or R3; otherwise B (with a subset that moves BU to B with two outs) b) BU in C when a steal of third is possible; otherwise B c) BU in B when a steal of second is possible; otherwise C All have advantages and disadvantages, and it might depend on how well those in charge think the umpires as a whole can move once a play develops.
  26. We are being taught anytime
  27. Right -- and in FED, the new pitcher gets one fewer warm-ups (or the current F1 cannot return to pitch for the rest of the game =-- which might not be that severe of a penalty).
  28. Some of it might depend on which play we are discussing, but BU can back up a bit to get a better angle (say, behind the 2b-3b baseline). If (in one of the plays) the ball is fair and dropped, he'll need to bust in in case there's a throw to first behind BR. And, even if BU doesn't have a good angle, he can move his view from the ball to the runner as soon as the ball is touched. PU can't do that. BU will have a better view of R3 leaving, say, a step early. It's an advanced mechanic -- if you've "never had the opportunity to work a true 2 man system" then just work the system and accept the holes in the coverage.
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