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  2. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    As opposed to the dry water?
  3. Various items for sale

    Hello. Starting all over again after taking 28 years off. Are any of these items still up for sale? In particular the shin guards? Thank you Scott Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  4. NFHS Part 2 Exam

    FED rule 8-1-1e 1. Any runner attempting to advance (i.e., steal or squeeze) on a catcher’s obstruction of the batter shall be awarded the base he is attempting. If a runner is not attempting to advance on the catcher’s obstruction, he shall not be entitled to the next base, if not forced to advance because of the batter being awarded first base. If obstruction is enforced, all other runners on the play will return to base occupied at time of the pitch. The batter is awarded first base, if he did not reach base.
  5. Black Jackets Fading

    Doesn't matter. Canadian beer sucks.
  6. Today
  7. Two runners occupying same base

    My mistake, misread the OP, you are correct. My apologies.
  8. NFHS Part 2 Exam

    Option (c) has a typo: it should be "without." That makes (d) correct. Good catch! Why is (b) incorrect? Can you cite the rule/penalty?
  9. Two runners occupying same base

    That was a useless comment. I'm willing to learn. Please explain your scenario.
  10. Two runners occupying same base

    No? Sounds right to me: tag R1 first, then BR/1B, double play. As it happened, F3 tagged BR/1B first, removing the force on R1, so tagging him next did not yield an out.
  11. Black Jackets Fading

    Wash them with woolite by hand (mom’s advice).
  12. First Game this weekend

    A suggestion: if the local chapter provides training and clinics, consider joining now, rather than wait. It's a small investment of time and money for formal training, but you will be better prepared for dealing with problems in those rec league games. And if you attend clinics, bring your son, even if he is too young to get certified (in PA, you must be 18 or older, I think). Good luck to you both!
  13. Spring Training 2018 has produced a nearly unprecedented level of umpire interviews, with Kerwin Danley a featured speaker at MLB's Dream Series, and local profiles of Mike Muchlinski in Arizona and Tim Timmons in Florida. Meanwhile, Ted Barrett sat down for an extended conversation about new rules... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  14. Two runners occupying same base

    F3 has to do something. Neither runner is out for just occupying the same base. If he tags Young, then Bradley (or the base) it's an easy DP.
  15. First Game this weekend

    I am the father of a 15 yo hs catcher. This weekend we will venture out together and call our first game as umpires together (11u A in a rec league). As he is well over half-way through with his playing days, I decided I needed to prepare to do something to fill the void of watching him play and he figured out that being around the sport he loves as a job can be rewarding and pays a teenager pretty well. My plan is to get my feet wet with the local rec league to make sure I am capable then get involved in a local chapter ASAP, hopefully moving up to more serious games as he goes to college. We don't have a lot of formal training yet, but have both been avid readers of the site for 4-5 years now. At this point I'm more worried about mechanics than rules so I'm sure we will get a head scratcher right out of the gate. He wants the plate off the bat, so I'm happy to let him have it.
  16. Honigs PolyWools $60

    I am interested in the Honigs Poly Wools. If you can send any info over to geraldjklein1908@gmail.com
  17. Two runners occupying same base

    It was either '16 or '17 season I saw this strange play on TV - The Red Sox were batting and Jackie Bradley Jr. was up. There were less than 2 outs as the lone base runner Chris Young was taking his lead off 1st base. A sharp grounder by Bradley Jr. was fielded cleanly by the 1st baseman ( name escapes me?/ the Team too?) Now, surely if he had fired it to 2nd base , this would have begun a double play ; however, Young did something so unusual that the 1st baseman just froze.Since Young was forced to second, you would assume that he ran there as typically done - but No!- he ran back to 1st base. The incredulous 1st baseman finally ran over and toed the 1st base bag ( while Young had already returned but before Bradley Jr. arrived ) I think the ump only called Bradley Jr. out (?) Later, I wondered to myself, 'What if the 1st baseman had simply done NOTHING-would they have BOTH been called out for 'occupying the same base?' ( Something tells me NO - but thought I would ask you anyway?) In closing - This may have been an intelligent strategy by Chris Young, since otherwise, a double play was almost inevitable.
  18. NFHS Part 2 Exam

    Currently taking Part 2 Test and have ran into a few questions (surprisingly both involving obstruction) that I am not certain what they are looking for. Which of the following statements on obstruction is correct: a. The ball is delayed dead. b. Obstruction is declared when a fielder without the ball simulates a tag on a runner. c. Obstruction occurs when a fielder with possession of the ball denies access to the base the runner is attempting to achieve. d. All the above. So A is right as we wait for playing action to end resulting in a delayed dead ball the majority of the time. B is true for sure. C is incorrect as the fielder has possession of the ball. Based off of this, I have both A and B as correct answers, so which answer choice are they looking for? If the penalty for catcher's obstruction on a batter is enforced: a. The batter shall be awarded first base. b. Runners attempting to advance shall be awarded the base attempted. c. Runners not attempting to advance will be returned to the base occupied at the time of pitch, unless forced to advance because of the batter's award of first base. d. All of the above. A is correct, B is incorrect, and C is correct. I feel like they are looking for the answer here to be C.
  19. Coaches jawing at each other

    Not sure, but if this is a debate, I feel like one of us is arguing for gun control, while the other is arguing for health care reform.
  20. Black Jackets Fading

    Get a garment bag to cover your uniforms while sitting in the car. We are our own worst enemy in regards of uniforms fading. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  21. Black Jackets Fading

    Isn't Labatt's made by Coors now?
  22. Left hander pick at 1st base

    I would add that in one of the codes (I think OBR, through MLBUM, but it might be NCAA), the interp is that F3 must be moving toward the runner before the throw.
  23. Homer or not?

    Look at a). It's a one-base award. A home run is a four-base award. I don't think it's a stretch to assume that the two should be handled the same.
  24. Black Jackets Fading

    Wash less frequently. I know, I know, I know... that's gross. I used to be one of those guys that washed everything every time I wore it... but then my stuff started fading!
  25. Back at it

    Have fun! I don't know where Shillington is, but in where I'm at we're about to get hammered with more snow, so it may be a while!?
  26. Coaches jawing at each other

    Your "reasonable effort" is useless. There's a reason we don't stop what's going on inside a club when we remove someone. There's a reason you have authority in one place and not another. Stop trying to make this a moral issue, because it's not--what you purport you would do would make the situation worse.
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