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  4. Those look like a pair of worn out old bowling shoes. Your feet are too important to put on a tired pair of shoes. If you invest good money into anything, put it into a good pair of new kicks. They're worth the money.
  5. You MUST think about your responsibilities before the ball is hit. If you try to stop and think about where you have to go (or what your responsibilities are) after the ball is hit...then you are screwed. So, EACH AND EVERY time a new batter gets in the box OR the location of the runner(s) change (i.e. on a steal, pass ball, wild pitch, balk, etc.) you must...before the ball is pitched...mentally review in your head what your responsibilities are should the ball be put in play. If you try to review your responsibilities once the ball is put in play, you will have no chance. By way of example, if the game begins with a 4-pitch walk...before the first pitch the second batter is delivered, I am mentally telling myself, "I have any fly ball that takes F8 toward LF all the way to F7. I have any fly ball to RCF or RF that U1 doesn't go out on. I'm rotating on a clean base hit to the outfield. Revert to two man if U1 goes out." Furthermore, as I am reviewing this in my head, I am going to signal to my partners (by pointing to first base) that we are rotating on a clean base hit to the OF where no umpires goes out. If you do this every time, your odds of having an "oh, sh!t, where do I go," moment significantly decreases.
  6. This is a PHOTOSHOP job done by our own gear resident gear pimp Fittske_24's a Nike football shoe from a few years ago w/ a Reebok Met plate on it ....
  7. They do look the like +POS shoes I've seen on eBay and FB.
  8. It always works, even at the MLB level. I think we should encourage all umpires to use the silencer for a called third strike, because it's clearly the best of the three options.
  9. The metatarsal guard on there is definitely Reebok. Can't say for sure about the rest of the shoe.
  10. Pink Floyd fans? Chambers Brothers fans (they say/sing "Time!" the way it should be said)? Hootie & the Blowfish fans? The Pink Floyd rendition of "Time" is a bit too progressive and abstract for baseball, but surely reminds you of another Pink Floyd hit, especially appropriate at the close of our baseball game(s)...
  11. Why do umpires say "safe"? Nobody's in danger. Everybody's safe. And if the runner isn't safe there's a good chance that everyone around him isn't safe if there's a cougar on the field (either kind).
  12. I used to teach my outfielders the "Janitor Throw"
  13. Guy now told me they are plus pos.
  14. To find out whether play of another inning is necessary or if we can all go home.
  15. There are some NIKE prototypes out there, But those aren't them............. If you ever come across a guy named Tim Christensen (Tim C.) ask him...................he may still have a pair.
  16. In my area of Washington we have what I think is a very reasonable deal. Games not canceled 2 hours prior to first pitch are assumed to be on. Umpires are paid full fee (plus travel for HS games), even if the teams are not there. I ended up getting game fees on back to back days due to games being called and neither team showing up, but no one canceled the umpires. If I start going to a game I have blocked out the time to do so, and for some of us that means we have passed on other ways of making money, be it passing on working overtime, taking a double shift, working on a day off or even taking time off work. All of those scenarios cost the official money. The game fee is a reimbursement of your time. I can honestly say that if I was told that I would get nothing for a rain out, I would tell my assignor to not bother giving me games in advance. I'll call him and tell him the day of the game if I want one. And if that sounds ridiculous to you, that is exactly what teams are doing to you by not paying IN FULL for your time in showing up to a game on time. For an average game of 2.25 hours it actually takes me 4-5 hours of my time to work, once driving to the site, getting dressed, pre-game with my partner(s) and changing afterwards. I have blocked out 4-5 hours of my day to work a game, it costs me a heck of a lot more then that $50-60 game fee to miss 4-5 hours at my job. So full fee is the only thing that is acceptable to me in this case. EDIT: Forgot to mention, on a DH we are to be paid for the next game if we leave the field to get changed and are not canceled before we leave. I go a game fee this year at a tournament that re-bracketed without telling the umpires and ended up not needing the 2nd crew at my site. It was going to be my 3rd game of the day, so I didn't mind leaving, but the organization was billed for the full fee anyway. This prevents TDs from being able to pull shenanigans like "pre-scheduling" their makeup games and then deciding that they don't want to make them up at the last minute. I will say that if we had been told that the 3rd game had been canceled as we were leaving the field (rather then 30 minutes later with my partner putting on his gear) they wouldn't have been billed for the extra game.
  17. Under "pure" OBR, play never stops for an injury. At the levels most of us do, we would stop it only when the player is in imminent danger of further harm -- that almost never in baseball, even at the lower levels. Here's what JEA has on this (emphasis added): Historical Notes: The Official Playing Rules of 1877 admonished the umpire to suspend play "...only for a valid reason and not trivial causes at the request of any player." By 1879 the umpire was instructed to suspend play "...only for an accident or injury to himself or a player or on account of rain." For a short period beginning in 1884, play could not be suspended because of an injury until the ball had been returned to the pitcher standing in his position. The basic interpretation used today was instituted in 1920. It affirmed that the umpire should not call "Time" until, in the judgment of the umpire, no further play was possible. The 1955 amendment added the proviso which allows a substitute to complete an award of one or more bases for a player incapacitated in a dead ball situation. Professional Interpretation: Regardless of the extent of an injury, time shall not be called unless the ball has been returned to the infield and no runners are in jeopardy of being put out.
  18. Yeah, that sucks... especially when they do bids versus Buy It Now or Make Offer.
  19. double throat punch
  20. Oh my, and here I thought it was to compliment 3 man mechanics with the Rolling Stones version of "time" in 1964.
  21. Based on what you have posted, As coach Ives routinely says "play the bounce".
  22. baseball runner is attempting to score from third to home. As runner is attempting to touch home plate a player throws ball towards home in an attempt to make a play. The ball strikes the runner and he falls to ground with injury (never touching home plate). The ball goes off of the runners leg. Is this ball still a live ball and can the catcher field this ball and tag the runner out? Does this ball remain live?
  23. Those are Honigs low cut with a swoosh put on them ......
  24. Look like Gerry Davis with Nike swooshes sewn on.
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