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  2. Qualifications

    Many collegiate assignors have try out camps where you can go to and they will get a look at you. It is a win - win even if you don't get picked up by the conference you get some excellent training.
  3. Out or lodged ball?

    Though it was not lodged, he did indeed use his uniform to assist in catching the ball, meaning it is not a catch, by definition. It was inadvertent, but the ball entered the jersey - in theory the play should be dead immediately...no consideration is given to the player being able to immediately retrieve and control the ball. I wonder if this would be reviewable if someone on the offense noticed it. In real time, I highly doubt anyway would ever notice this, and most observers would think he simply trapped the ball against his body.
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  5. Out or lodged ball?

  6. A batted ball lined into a pitcher's jersey during Monday night's Dodgers-Phillies game, ruled a catch and out by HP Umpire Brian O'Nora proved most impressive, yet left one key question: what is the difference between a ball in the uniform and a legal catch? Pivetta's shirt catches Barnes' line... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  7. Out or lodged ball?

    You are correct -- if it had been accurately judged. Award the "value" of the hit, but no outs -- so here, BR to first (and any other runners advance if forced).
  8. Out or lodged ball?

    Being that he immediately removed it I'd rule catch. If he fumbled around for it I'd have to rule lodged ball.
  9. Ebay finds

    I'll be heading up to Seattle this weekend or next if anyone wants me to pick this up for them.
  10. Out or lodged ball?

    if you had what would you rule?
  11. When is it time to hang it up?

    This is such a shame... I've seen it posted here any number of times and in person that the politics drives out good umpires. Unfortunately in many instances Umpire Associations are political beasts. For me the day will come when I no longer enjoy umpiring. Umpiring is fun, it often serves as an escape for me from work, family or other stresses in my life. I have a couple of hours where it is just me , my partners and baseball and the rest of the world doesn't exist. When it feels like a job to me I'll need to re-evaluate why I'm doing it. I have a very good friend who is "very seasoned" and previously worked D-I and would occasionally get called to fill in at the local MiLB park if they needed an ump quickly. Now that he's beyond retirement age and has two new knees, he cant work the same level of baseball, but he is still umpiring. Primarily coach/ machine pitch but loves every minute of it and he'll be doing it as long as he's physically able.
  12. Out or lodged ball?

    I don't think in real time I would have caught that as being in his jersey.
  13. Out or lodged ball?

    Thanks @maven
  14. Out or lodged ball?

    The rule book does not interpret itself, especially when borderline cases arise. If a fielder can immediately retrieve a ball just inside his jersey, then it is not lodged. It remains live; when he holds it securely in hand or glove it's a catch. That play happened so fast, the umpires might not have seen the ball go into the jersey. If they thought he trapped it, then held it in his hand, they'd also rule it a catch.
  15. When is it time to hang it up?

    Brian ...... Asking the question could be -in and of itself- an answer somewhere in your mind
  16. When is it time to hang it up?

    My goal for the past decade was to do "better" baseball and not just "more" baseball. There was a time prior to that when I umpired any game that was played with a white ball and red stitches......Pretty much I've been able to do that. I was attending a Sunday double-header as a fan when I noticed the crew contained Umpires that I knew well. Both umpires were senior citizens and had retired years ago from any competitive baseball. I spoke to them pre-game asked them how they were doing. It was great to see them. I learned a great deal from them back in my early HS career. Both of them said they were "working their way down the ladder and out"....meaning umpiring younger baseball on smaller fields.......I wished them good luck. I then witnessed the saddest 2 games I can remember. Age and infirmity had robbed these two war horses of everything. And the coaches and parents were brutal to them. Between games another umpire from my association and I went to them to check up on them. We asked them if we could do a little free 4 man with them for old times sake.....NO, NO, they had it...... piece of cake..... We left them with a couple extra water bottles and went back to the stands. My association mate said " those guys used to be really good umpires" Right then I knew when I was going to call it quits......I will not "work my way down and out"..........
  17. Which, ironically, puts the amateur ump in the position to make the more difficult call, because now he has to determine whether or not the glove caused the ball to go over the fence, or that the ball would have gone over anyway - in your example, if the fielder's glove is on the other side of the wall when the ball bounces off the top of the fence then makes contact with the glove. Easy to see contact with the glove...much harder to determine cause and effect for a two man crew. The MLB ump doesn't have to make that determination, though he is likely more able to do so for a number of reasons.
  18. Out or lodged ball?

    I cannot find a reference in OBR other than a catcher on a third strike (6.05(b) and 5.09(a) I thought I recalled the rule would dictate this not being a legal catch. https://www.mlb.com/video/must-c-pivettas-jersey-catch/c-1839492983
  19. I can buy that reasoning.
  20. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

  21. Sweet cards!

    this is really cool information and I'm glad you added it but why is it so large that's what she said
  22. Sweet cards!

    The top two cards (the ones using italic font) were printed in 1989. The bottom two cards using roman font (the upright font) were printed in 1988 by T&M Sports (complete set of 63 cards). I believe T&M also printed a set of umpire cards in 1990. Your 2004 cards were printed by Topps and they called the set Bowman Heritage. That’s because the cards are using the same design as the 1955 Bowman cards which was the last year Bowman was in business. They were bought out by Topps after the 1955 print run. The 1955 Bowman set (which your 2004 cards are based on) had 320 cards of which 30 cards were of umpires. The umpire subset of cards was a complete failure. They were the first cards kids would throw away thus making a complete set of 1955 Bowmans a rarity (and worth about $8500).
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  24. Sweet cards!

    Well, these are hardly updated. I have a sneaking suspicion that Reagan is not still Dave Pallone's hero, and Brian Gorman is rather babyfaced. Unfortunately these don't have a publish date on them like normal baseball cards and I can't track down the receipt. edit: omg I need to update my lens prescription the first four do (2004) but the last four don't.
  25. When is it time to hang it up?

    Then some should of quit along time ago. Some learned that one time and feel they don't need to learn anything new!
  26. You would have to read some things into the FED caseplay which would make it the same as the OP. I picture a fielder jumping to catch the fly ball which goes over his glove and hits the top of the fence (chain link with or without padding or solid surface with or without padding) and rebounds toward the field while the airborne fielder still has his glove outstretched inside live ball territory. The ball hits the glove and then goes over the fence due to the geometry of where it hit or due to movement of the fielder's glove. In FED I have a book rule double. In OBR I believe they want it called a HR.
  27. When is it time to hang it up?

    When you stop learning.
  28. Wilson Masks, CP, Shins

    Last bump before I leave Wednesday morning, I promise
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