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  2. From the 2014 PBUC (section 8.5, p. 90): “There is no violation if a pitcher attempts a pickoff at second base and seeing no fielder covering the bag, throws to the shortstop or second baseman, neither of whom is in the vicinity of the bag nor is making an actual attempt to retire the runner.” The identical text is also in the 2015 MLBUM (p. 65). You can also find the same interpretation in the Jaksa/Roder manual. And here is how it is explained in the 2013 WRIM: “Once the pitcher steps toward second base, he has fulfilled all of his requirements as a pitcher. He may then throw the ball to anywhere on the field without taking another step, except to another base…”
  3. Seems like a rotten deal for the defense; you go and tell the umpire what you want to do, and because the umpire misunderstands or incorrectly writes down your substitution, your bullpen and outfield are blown up for the rest of the game? Hard to believe that you could apparently get "Belisle for Rosario" when Molitor wanted "Pressly for Polanco." Bizarre situation...
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  5. NJSIAA (NJ High School)
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  7. It was true in 1999 when Jim Evans addressed it in his balk video. Probably true in 1971 when Jim Evans started in MLB.
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  9. Just curious - is this "new" or has this been a rule for as long as you can remember, as far as second base is concerned? I ask because playing a game 25 years ago, likely under OBR, F1 threw to F6 who was about 15-20 feet from second (if I remember correctly F6 was faking out runner, but pitcher thought F6 was going to bag - when pitcher realized F6 wasn't he completed the throw to where F6 was standing). Ump called balk, F6 argued he only has to be somewhere reasonably close to bag, ump argued he had to be "at" the bag. I never knew if it should have been a balk or not. I understand today it's not, but wondering if it would be true 25 years ago.
  10. When is college at Texas A&M several of the guys that called college baseball had this type of thing done to +POS and Honigs plate shoes.
  11. This casebook play should appear in the 2018 casebook since this exact situation resulted in three different states calling Indianapolis for an interpretation in 2017. Also, note that if S1 is NOT replaced by the re-entering F2, then the team cannot use a CR.
  12. I have a pair of these shoes, just without the Nike logo. I believe my pair are +POS. Mine are in slightly better shape. Someone gave them to me to pass along to someone that can use them. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  13. Struck in the foot by a line drive while umpiring at second base, Ed Hickox was out of the lineup Wednesday in San Francisco. Ed Hickox calls umpire interference.With two out and two on (R2, R3) during Tuesday night's Pirates-Giants game, Giants batter Buster Posey hit a line drive up the middle... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  14. I wouldn't last 25 minutes umpiring in the National League, let alone 25 years as he did. RIP Big Guy. Speaking of which, I'm going to put this thread to rest on my end. Nothing I can say or do will change our opinions of Barksdale's call.
  15. 8-4-2c only mentions " the immediate act of making a play on him; or" as a cause for an out. I usually just run the player for the "chicken wing", that way nobody feels they have to retaliate.
  16. When they're complaining about a pulled foot ? Oh - that was rhetorical, wasn't it? (But reminiscent of my games on Monday). I had to hide a laugh when Coach Whiner decided to get strategic and ended up with zero runs after having the bases jammed with nobody out. The ball never left the infield.
  17. when aren't they!!!! LOL!
  18. Kent Murphy umpiring words of wisdom: It's important to learn how to effectively call the game, otherwise you're just gonna be out here fighting parents all night long, because they can't understand that their kid just sucks at baseball, and most likely life.
  19. Were they complaining about your zone? And more important, did they give your mask back ?
  20. Would you be willing to do all three for $40 including shipping to VA
  21. 2005 Interps: SITUATION 2: In the home half of the third inning, Team A’s catcher is legally pinch-hit for by S1. S1 draws a walk, and the coach legally re-enters the catcher. Now, with the catcher on first base, the home team’s coach requests and uses a courtesy runner for the catcher. RULING: This is a legal use of the courtesy runner. (Speed-Up Rules)
  22. Ain't that the truth. For some reason this year, I've been assigned mostly Men's games. The 18 year old division has some excellent pitching and I get spoiled because it's so easy to call their games.
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