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  2. New Wilson helmet

    A kid from my local Little League is the Rockies backup catcher, Tony Wolters. He got cracked in the skull cap last season, and switched to an All Star bucket when returned a few weeks later. He's a Nike guy, but maybe he can sneak in an unmarked Wilson bucket. I'll probably see him next week, and recommend he takes a look at it Jim.
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  4. Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting View the full article
  5. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    I see that @humanbackstop19 has given me a like today on this post. Which must mean that he has viewed slide #8 in the NCAA online clinic where they allow the catcher to block the plate "in this manner" when in the act of fielding the ball.
  6. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    Here are AA replacement pads and leg straps are included, so I'm thinking they did... but I am unable to locate any photos. They evidently do still make masks as they're still selling AA masks. http://www.allamericansportsshop.net/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=Replacement_Parts
  7. Experienced CDP umpire. Week#12 Aug 2018 ( 8/18/2018 - 8/23/2018 ) This will be my 9th year at CDP. I will help acquaint you with their rules and will take time to speak to the players about CDP games, rules, procedures etc... Things are different from Little League and Cal Ripen for baseball and equipment rules. I'll give you some info you need before packing to come and for your practice preparing to come to CDP. For the Parents, I know the the best places to go for food and drink in the area when you are not on-site. Will come to terms with you quickly and you will be all set for the week. Get this part of the requirements over way ahead of time. Can provide past years' teams contact for a reference. Reply by PM or send an email: Click HERE to send me an email Thanks, Bob Recommendation from previous year's team (email me for Kit's contact info if you wish): My name is Kit McCalla. I was the manager of the Manhattan Beach Heaters. We used Bob Levine as our umpire last year for CDP. He was great. He showed us around. Made sure we knew where all the fields were and helped us with logistics. He also gave great recommendations for restaurants in the area. His rates are very reasonable and you don't have to fly an umpire out from your area. I cannot recommend him enough. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Best, Kit
  8. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    On All-American, can anyone verify if they made shin guards? If so- PIX!!!! Would love a pair.
  9. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    The fabric on the CP is not loose. It is stretched, and stitched very tight. It is almost how the spandex cover was originally. The should cap is impossible (at least on thsi run) to be completely tight. Getting the should padding out was not an option, as I was unsure if it would be damaged by attempting. She did a phenomenal job securing material to it. It rests normal when put on the shoulders.
  10. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    In the play, the pitch was in the dirt. In general, yes, a foul tip would be a live ball, and batter INT would still be a possibility.
  11. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    @jwclubbie After looking at the spandex covering the foam on the shoulder cap, the fabric looks loose. I wonder if there is a way to bond that fabric to the foam a little better, like using spray adhesive when placing the spandex over the foam? Did you discuss that with them at all?
  12. Umpire as a translator for another umpire

    This is inappropriate regardless of any other factor.
  13. Masks

  14. Masks

    YEAH! physicsological @Thunderheads I don't know, maybe it's just me because of my build, but I've never "thought" about the difference in weight or "couldn't get used to" whatever. Go with what you prefer. Just like I used to tell people who asked what kind of motorcycle helmet they should buy. I told them if they wanted to buy a $25 helmet, consider that it's $25 that is protecting their head versus a $300 helmet. To each their own, as they say.
  15. Hi all ... just wanted to know if anyone else aside from me, @UmpJeff and @Jeff C. are going to the Bruce Doane Camp in Grand Rapids, Feb 2nd and 3rd? If so, we should meet after the Friday evening session!
  16. Your Umpiring New Years Resolutions

    Pause Read React - Concur! Timing - Again, ....I concur w/ Warren! BALANCE! THIS IS HUGE! I started doing this last year by taking an additional day off during the week. This will be my second year doing so, and it DOES HELP tremendously! I have Tuesday, and Friday's off during HS season (of course no games on Sunday). I actually believe that the balance makes you a better umpire! Improve - Attending a different camp this year in Grand Rapids, MI
  17. Masks

    psychological effect? No .... one mask is light, the other is considerably heavier. That's 'physics'
  18. Help getting to a camp

    We’re still looking for a ride if anyone has decided to go since I last posted.
  19. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    However, after further review, if this is indeed what FED was trying to say, why didn't they just make THIS the case play??
  20. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    In 7.3.5 SIT F I think all they are trying to tell us is, if this happens, and for example, F2 retrieves the ball and throws out BR at 1B, meanwhile, R3 runs home on the throw and is safe, it would not be allowed because the ball is dead immediately. Not your "run of the mill" BI where if F2 records an out on the first throw we ignore the BI. I think I have a fairly decent grasp of how to rule on these in FED. The situation I'd like to see an official interp on would be a situation such as this... R1. Count irrelevant.. Batter swings and misses. His follow through hits F2 pretty hard on the shoulder, but F2 remains in control of the baseball, or it falls right in front of him. R1 took a normal lead, and normal secondary lead on the pitch, and after the pitch, doing nothing more than leading off 1B or maybe even walking back towards the bag.. R1 never attempts to steal, never tried running after the batter's follow trough hit F2....... Does FED want a BI call here? I don't think so, since he didn't hinder any play. But now I'm not sure..
  21. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    If I could only find a pair of all American 17” or 18” shin guards.
  22. Umpire as a translator for another umpire

    The big issue here is the umpire who threw his partner sous le bus in a language his partner didn't speak. Geez. But no, were I able to translate and doing so, I would not volunteer anything unless asked specifically as an umpire by my partner. The tricky part would be resisting the urge to add on to the translation. "He said there was no way that was interference, and that your mother is a favorite of the sailors."
  23. Umpire as a translator for another umpire

    Did he yell out "mise en garde!" before shoving his partner under the bus?
  24. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    Now you need to buy these pads and harness. https://m.ebay.com/itm/NEW-ALL-AMERICAN-Umpire-Catchers-Facemask-AA-13-V/182958968434?hash=item2a99344e72:g:QGgAAOSwsFpaGJpn
  25. Online Clinic

    I did not. I was responding to @Umpire in Chief and his cautions on the browser one may be using.
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  27. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    It will be getting a lot of work this summer and many years to come.
  28. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    Just for clarity, those statements were being made by the coaches (and fans, of course). My responses to the head coach were brief, using rule book terminology.
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