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  2. Not calculus. Can't be calculus. Geometry, maybe and likely. But I was a really good catcher, and quite an adept outfielder. I was also an all-conference wide receiver and punt/kick returner for football. I sucked at Calculus. Ruined most of my collegiate academic prospects.
  3. I'm heavily encouraged by this... I'm actually considering taking a shot at the +POS Cobra and ordering one in, if for anything to evaluate it. I certainly don't want to replace my Schutt XV, but I have a hunch that the Cobra is a top-notch CP, designed and produced so as to give an All-Star or an UnEqual a run for their money. Perhaps if he gets more consistent and reliable in his order fulfillment, he could be approached and convinced by guys like @kylejt (and myself) to re-introduce the MAG magnesium mask he had on the market a few years ago. All-Star has their money behind the FM4000Mag for catchers, I'd love to see the +POS MAG, for umpires, back on the diamonds alongside it.
  4. Sounds like he's really trying to get back in the game. Good for him
  5. Ah, thank you. Makes sense
  6. Another technique is to use the umpire clock in your head (developed with experience). Back up to lessen the angle between where the ball is and 3B. The umpire clock in your head knows when the ball is going to reach the ground/fielder. Glance back/forth, then watch R3 until right before the clock says the ball will arrive, then turn to watch (and stay with) the catch/no-catch. If R3 hadn't left before you turn your attention to the ball, then he hadn't left early enough to uphold a tag-up appeal. I wouldn't suggest using this technique if F/F is in question because you may need to see the ball longer to decide F/F. You don't want to miss the critical time when the ball reaches the field(ers). With 2-man, this situation is tough on the crew. It is a topic in my pre-game. Whichever way you want to cover it, talk about it pregame (refer to my signature line).
  7. I pregame this and have the BU stay with the catch/no-catch while the PU looks for the tag-up. BU doesn't have much to do and staying with the trouble ball and freeing up PU to take a peak at 3B makes sense to me.
  8. How is this handled as it unfolds? R3 leaves early, R2 doesn't. Both cross the plate. R3 returns to third base. Defense throws the ball in, sees R3 standing on third, throws the ball back to the pitcher. I assume you instruct R3 to return to the dugout, and then instruct the score keeper that both runs score? Then if DT makes proper appeal you call R3 out and instruct score keeper to remove that run (or both runs if it's the third out)? If DT says "but he missed third base, and then went back, why does he get to score now?" in FED does that constitute a legal appeal? In OBR is your response something like "a retired or legally scored runner can't return to third base", or some other kind of response that doesn't coach them on how to complete the appeal?
  9. Looks like Matt Wieters is wearing the V2 Force3 Defender mask. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  10. IF the umpire determined that the collision could have been avoided, THEN lowering the shoulder would support that determination. The play to imagine there is one where the runner is gunning for F2 all along and has time to line him up and knock him down A runner lowering the shoulder does not REQUIRE the umpire to rule that the collision is avoidable. Given the timing on this play, ruling the collision avoidable is a stretch. Watch how fast it blows up in real time when F2 steps into the runner's path, and imagine the runner went in standing up.
  11. As you've observed, A, B, and C are all true. That makes them all equally good responses. D is better, as it includes 2 true responses. No available response is better than D. Choose D.
  12. Returning CDP Umpire looking for team sponsor for weeks 4,5 & 8 please contact Steve Deveau at (978)478-7959 thanks
  13. The rules have already been posted. The difference is captured in our terminology: returning to 2B from 3B is something a runner does. Once a runner legally scores, he is no longer a runner, he's a retired/scored runner. By rule, only runners run the bases.
  14. No. He takes fly balls in that area ONLY when he goes out, and he goes out only on trouble balls (4 kinds). Otherwise, BU will come into the infield, pivot, and take the BR. In that case, PU has fly balls to RF. BU should watch the ball until his other responsibility (seeing the action around 1B when the BR arrives) takes him off it. Watch the ball, glance at runners.
  15. BU has all touches at tag ups at 1B and 2B, PU has all touches and tags at thirds. Even with R1 R3 1 out ball down the right field line, by the book, BU has tag up at 1B and PU has tag up at 3B.
  16. BU oes out (and has the ball) only on TROUBLE BALLS that are also IN HIS AREA. Both conditions must be true.
  17. Legit Ejection... Hor$e$h+ Announcers. When Cabrera turns to say something to Angel Hernandez it definitely wasn't "You're the best"
  18. Good thing I have enough masks that I don't need to take the +POS bait.
  19. When in A, the base umpire has the CF straight in, straight back, and anything else to his left all the way to the right fielder moving to his left. If it's a can of corn, without a F/F decision needed, the BU comes in and pivots to take the BR while the PU assumes responsibility of the catch. That said, the BU should know where the ball is at all times.
  20. Ordered my ZeroG mask on Thursday 3/16. It was at my front door on Monday 3/20. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Black and Navy
  22. I've heard when the BU is in A position, he takes any fly balls from the CF to the right field line. Is this right? In the case of a can of corn (i.e. not a trouble ball) what should the BU do? Pivot in and keep watching F9 and PU take the B/R touch of 1B or the opposite?
  23. Color?
  24. The ump-attire ball bags are now being sold on amazon. I stumbled across them and order some. In the package I received a letter from Bueller Hester explaining the situation.
  25. Bump. Make me an offer for the shins or mask pads
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