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  2. I believe this is a judgement call, at least in OBR. The fact that no other fielder had a play on it doesn't really matter. The judgement is whether the ball went through or by (within a dive) a fielder and the runner had a reasonable expectation of that fielder making a play. This is why it's a judgement call. In OBR a runner hit by a batted ball is expected to be called OUT, unless the ball went immediately through or by a fielder, and even then he might be out of another fielder had a play on the ball.
  3. In an 18U softball game I called IF when the shortstop went about 10 feet into the outfield to catch a routine fly ball. The coach went crazy, shouting, "How can you call Infield Fly when she was in the outfield!!!" Then he went on to say in very sarcastic manner, " Infield fly, Blue. Infield fly!!! Get it?? She has to be in the infield!!!" I tried not to but I could not help chuckling out loud before telling him that it was time to move on.
  4. Legion uses modified OBR, not FED. NCAA FPSR and Collision rules, BBCOR non-wood bats, double ear flap batter's helmets, pitching limits, to name the basic mods.
  5. There has to be more to this then what we are seeing. Do we judge this as an attempt to hit that pitch? Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  6. Another wow.
  7. Dang! Sorry -- I didn't see the previous post.
  8. Wow, and cross out some numbers I guess? Have they ever been exposed to an OBR or NCAA lineup with a DH?
  9. Something I'm OK with. Never saw the sense in listing the fielder at the bottom. Made for a very confusing lineup card when the there was subs or elimination of the DH.
  10. Plate umpire was in my high school association.
  11. Also here
  12. Well, see... there you go. Knowledge: It's the gift that keeps giving.
  13. And 15 is my limit on schnitzengruben.
  14. I have a hard time believing I would make this same call.
  15. Agreed. 3 is usually my max. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. This is a good reminder why six games in one day should be avoided. You can't help but get worn down.
  17. The OC didn't say anything, he just sent his kid on and told him to be more aware. If he had even acted like he was going to go out on BU I would have probably held him off and went out and got it right, but with him not even saying anything, I figured just leave well enough alone and get the out. Like I said it was a crazy blow out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Yea, we talked about it during a pitcher switch. It was the sixth game of the day, 6 crappy games at that. He apologized and said he just got lazy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Today I learned that when a batter swings, batters interference cannot happen. I wish I was making this up,alas I am not. From a coach who has been involved in baseball for 30 years. He requested a tournament director, who told him that once games begin, the umpires are in charge. Coach said,"He doesn't know the rules." TD shook his head and walked away.
  20. It was a rule question. Ball went by an infielder and no other infielder had a play on the ball so no interference. Unless you are sure best not to get involved unless asked.
  21. Not in NJ. As per the baseball intelligentsia in the NJSIAA, the DH should be listed above the player being batted for and the fielder in the spot below.
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